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Cisco IP Network Engineer

United States
September 20, 2008

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Schonique E. Howard * **** S Graham St * Seattle, WA 98018 * *********@*****.*** 248-***-**** cell

Objective: The Cisco Voice Installation & Maintenance Technician position with my knowledge & experience.

Summary of qualifications: Network infrastructure migration support and systems maintenance installation.

Employment History

07-08-Present Zolon: Verizon Business / Network Engineer Federal Way, WA

Support Weyerhaeuser change management to International Paper migration $6 Billion turn over.

Prepared capacity needs for break fix activities managed services from NOC to the field technicians.

Design, analyze & modify Visio components supporting customer communication implementation to network

Switching, routing transmission and signaling develop alternative routing scenarios and changes.

Conduct network architecture design in sequence of network activities through router/switch configurations.

Conduct economic and population growth to determine impact on network capacity and develop plan projections.

Standard manage network operation for configured LAN interface, filters/access-list, static route, sub interface & request copy of router configurations by on-site or Nortel Client VPN for Verizon Business Network.

Resolve Remedy Tickets outages to network / reset SSID on Radius IP reset for wireless and VP.

Cisco Routers: 7576, 7304, 1712, 1812 2851, 3700, 3825, Cisco ASR 1006: 6 RU series

Cisco Switches 1712, 6509 Cisco Router / 2811, 2821 Terminal Servers / CSU/DSU / ISP Linksys Wireless

05-07-05-08 Contract | RHT: Consolidated Resorts IP Telephony Engineer Las Vegas, NV

Provided technical support, reset accounts, passwords, create / disable profiles to UC.

Set Call Center in / outbound operations, voice-mail, AA, DN & Extension Mobility.

Answered Help Desk inquiries: resolve, document & track end-user incidents.

Build / tested sophisticated IP telephony network template for deployment, Dial plans & COS

NANP dial plans including-E-911, 3-4 digit service codes:7 & 10 digit local; 11-digit long DN

Modified Cisco 7941 / 61G IP Phones, SoftPhones, and Catalyst switches with (MWI’s).

Set Blackberrys, PDA & Window Mobile devices for E-mail, GPRS/EDGE & active sync.

Configured Cisco's Unity Express integrating voice mail, e-mail, fax & text in message store.

Modify, add and change IP telephony, troubleshooting devices for out calling PSTN & branch offices.

Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation, Installing and Optimization of IPCC, Cisco CallManager 4.x, 5-6 & Unity voicemail 4.0-5.2 menu system, auto attendant, & set up outcall notifications through Microsoft Exchange 2000, Active Directory / Lotus Notes 7 for operation & communication in daily tasks. - Integrated servers domains with deployment (3 clusters Cisco MCS 7830 servers), add and delete subscribers, outcall notifications profiles

05/06-04/07 Contract | Subsidium: Cisco / COMCAST, Implementation Engineer East Coast

Plan Network Staging, Cisco Product Document through MS Visio drawings & word document reports.

Implemented architecture service orders, installing, rearranging, removing equipment and wiring to CO’s DWDM for Broadband High Speed, On Demand & Voice IP Telephony at customer’s location.

Set 28 port Patch Panels, QAM Modulator D9482 / D9476, Motorola BSR 6400 Radio Frequencies (RF)

Upgraded ADC Telecommunications RF WORX, DOCSIS 2.0 modems Gigabit Ethernet Fiber 1000 OC 192.

Enter UNIX commands for FTP of sensitive material through secured connection from DIR to file server.

Install Fiber Optic Single / Multi Mode, Pull Crimp CAT 5E / 6 straight through / crossover cable, racks & shelf.

Installed, Configured Cisco ONS 15216 / 15454 Optical Networking System, 2811 Terminal Server, 7609 Cisco Router & Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) modulate / demodulate and powered AC / DC connections.

Followed power, configuration & testing for Cisco Router equipment, stayed / set grounds & safety procedures.

Created Network Implementation Plan, Statement of Work, executing Project Plan, and Site Requirements to Specification Layout to Central Office Main Distribution Facility for the cut over to the Central Office infrastructure.

Connect Online Comcast CDV Certification Specifications acquiring 300 sites, 100% travel / roaming Ability to Lift 250+ lbs. and crawl under desks, contact through Mobile Phone & e-mail.

11/05-03/06 Contract | Silyx: IBM / GM Interactive Voice Response Specialist Southfield, MI

Create Architectural Design – Software / Infrastructure End-to-End & Integration Testing to GM (CARS) IVR Information Systems & Services Implemented IVR to support platforms.

Avaya Interactive Response, verified telephony interface at IBM Data Center connected dual DS3 over MPLS

IBM WebSphere Voice Server checked dedicated Point-To-Point trunk active connections for Call Centers.

Deliver Process / Self-service to enhance reducing Average Handle Time.

Deployed System Integration Testing on 2 DS3’s provisioned 40 T-1’s per call-center with Avaya & SITEL CTI / IVR Switches to ACD in IPCC for GM CARS Team up to 1,800 agents per site and routed appropriately System Test Pass / Fail Criteria through the Automatic Route Select features on Nortel PBX using IBM Tivoli Netview.

Depict the system design replacing the Physical & Logical Architecture - Voice 2.0.

Test structure assessment, architecture design, Call routing via toll free number (TFN), IVR applications in both speech recognition and dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) Configuring Architectural call center switch or “line-side digital” for the IVR emulating a POTS connection.

Set-up 800 TFN’s to identify the purpose and provide information that enables call through series of Media Gateways / Servers, MLPS, PSTN, ISDN, VoIP linked WAN connection Avaya CMS through SITEL Web Reporting, NICE, Performix, Digital Think & IEX.

Develop Avaya IP Telephony design and implementation projects, analytical reports & issues based on consulting for the Voice & Data Network Architecture Design; Avaya IP Telephony solutions; Avaya Communications Manager; Avaya IPT applications; Business Development Avantail, Visio, Clear Quest/Case with legacy.

09/04-10/05 Contract | I-Gate: Sprint-Nextel Voice Engineer / Retail Engineering Overland Park, KS

Provision SS7 connections, VLAN – 2 IP address for implementing VoIP connectivity to SIP endpoints.

Insert Route Plans, MAC addresses on IP phones, IP security via remote site implementing CTI ES 3G Networks.

Verified QoS, CoS, CSS, Codec: G.711 Administered Voice Path Succession – MGCP-H.323 Gateway & SRST.

Administered Juniper ISG 2000 10/100 GB traffic, call-path, Aironet 1200 basic router & switch, Cisco ICM / IPCC, AVVID & Unity for voice-mail deployment install, support & monitoring Sprint’s network; 10 lines per kiosk store

Migrated Nortel Option 11/81C PBX Avaya to 7961 G series Cisco IP Soft Phones-Cisco Call Manager 4.1 setting VG248 Ports, DNIS VoIP / Fax / CER - E9.11 at Retail Stores on Visionael Studio & 3rd party connectivity testing.

Troubleshooting and resolving software / hardware problems, including diagnostic remote loopback testing DACS, security and connectivity issues with LAN / MAN / WAN bridging end-to-end testing for total VoIP migration removing PSTN lines w CLEC. Support software / hardware.

01/04-07/04 Contract | ARP/ Verizon Online DSL Helpdesk Support Thousand Oaks, CA

Managed DSL, I & R, Troubleshooting WAN Infrastructure, voice & data communication systems.

Responded to ISP, 3rd party vendors, and end-user inquiries requiring Tier technical support services configuring DSLAM / DMARC, Redback / Linksys / Fitjutsu / Westell Routers, ATM / Lucent Avaya Cajun P882 Multi-service Switch Modules Norstar, ATM / Frame Relay and NEC 2400 Switches.

01/00- 05/03 AT&T Network Support Specialist Manager Dearborn, MI

Managed Help desk Network Operations Infrastructure for voice / data & Virtual communication systems.

Supervised Pre-Service, Provisioning, Translations & and Test & Turn-Up Helpdesk x DSL Departments.

Develop requirements for workgroups prioritizing project cases coordinating multiple department procedures.

Assist Internet Service Providers, 3rd party vendors & Operational Support Services.

Virtual Remote Troubleshooting x DSL / DSLAM Infrastructure from Central Office –Customer Premise Equipment level carrier switches and communication systems for Helpdesk Support on Installation & Maintenance of

Set Broadband Infrastructure, voice & data communication systems lines for NOC identifying technical changes.

Test & Turn-Up

Testing Telecommunication hardware / software: Alcatel, Lucent, Avaya Switches, CISCO, Redback Routers, PSTN / P.O.T.S. DS1 / T1-DS3-T-3 / DSLAM / DMARC, ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, ISDN, SONET technical support issues rebuilding cross-connects & MLT testing jumpers, balance loading coils, telnet / traceroute / ipconfig 100 % ping for authentication on ISDN BRI / PRI channels verify ADSL services operational before accepting circuit; perform re-shaping the router interface with the ISP helpdesk to resolve End User issues for Voice / Data & turning up.

Maintenance / Installation

Technical maintenance recovery support; Alcatel ASAM 1000 Standard Density DS3 Footprint, 7300 High Density DS3 / OC3 Footprint & CISCO 6160 DSLAM. Electronic Components / Transmission Principles / POTS line circuit battery source -48 Volts (E) / Resistance (RT) 1200 ohms integrating DC converters & network regulators.

Checked Avaya DSLAM / DSX inside wiring, CO / NID, Monitored Nortel DMS 250 Switches (Nodes), Alcatel 1630 CSU / DSU & performed MLT at local loop diagnosed problems on Acterna T-BERD 209A DS1 Test cross connects multi-platform network Line Sharing PSTN / P.O.T.S. splitter / inline filter / Unbundled Loops, pair / jack.

Resolve order rejections generated by system for network interfaced obtaining service orders completions prior to service turn-up availability for End-users Transporting LD circuits over all-optical - voice, video, data over IP.


Set Transmission Facility to transmit-receive Analog / Digital signals to Main Distribution Frame terminating Local Loops: Central Office-CPE & modified voice frequencies over 18,000 ft w / Load Coils / Bridge Taps for DSL.

Verified feeder / distribution cable pairs & cross-connects isolating circuit trouble on Twisted Copper Pair / Fiber Optic data transmission on Channel Banks, updated Logical Locations VPI / VCI, DLCI, City / State, Circuit ID, Redback & ATM Switch


Configured red-back routers; build Switch Inventory records in Remedy to set work on P.O.T.S lines.

Troubleshooting Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line Network Infrastructure & performing remote testing on Digital Cross Connect machine with Alcatel Workstations on Digital Subscriber Line Multiplexer Trunking PVC / PVI Switch names, Line Cards, Rack, Ports & Shelf on REACT 2001 & AWS verifying network circuits.

Support voice and data: Circuit/Packet switches, DSL, X.25, Cell / Frame Relay, ISDN, ATM, LAN / WAN.


Tools Used: MS Office Suite / Outlook / Excel / Word, REACT 2001, Telnet, Alcatel Workstation, Remedy ARS & Vendor Meets for additional technical support through 3rd party: Local Operation Center & Field Engineers.

Transcribed 3rd party installer pre-test results & updated Remedy schemas, work logs & status Checked Telephony infrastructure, network facilities, voice mailboxes containing Vendor messages on AWS acquiring actual bit rate speeds, update & document the installer's pre-testing results & performed sync test continuity.

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