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PostJobFree started in 2007 by allowing recruiters posting their jobs for free. Since then we help job seekers and employers find each other.

PostJobFree is based in sunny Florida and serves jobs all over the world, with primary focus on the United States.


PostJobFree has both free and premium services (such as advertising your jobs on other job boards and accessing contact details for resumes you found in our resume database).

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Job boards and recruiting agencies

Do you have multiple job postings in your applicant tracking system (ATS) or a job board?

To post your jobs automatically - please send us your XML job feed.

Publishers and affiliates

If you have a large audience of job seekers (especially if you are a job board) - please contact us and get paid for showing our jobs to your audience.

See: How to download PostJobFree XML job feed?

Job seekers

Please search for jobs, create job search alerts and post your resume to help recruiters find you.

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