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Q: How do I delete my resume?

A: Please read: How do I delete my resume from PostJobFree?


Q: Can I post my jobs to automatically?

A: Yes. Please send us your XML job feed to review.

Q: How can I find out what sites will carry my posting?

A: List of websites where your job postings would be distributed to.

Q: How do I get more applications for my job?

A: Think in terms of search keywords that your ideal job candidate would use. Make sure to include these keywords into your job posting.

For example, if you're looking for registered nurse, make sure that your job posting includes: registered nurse and RN.

Q: How do I find out what keywords in my job post attract more job seekers?

A: Open My jobs page and under "Visits" column click one of the links with number of visits to your job post.

You'll see list of web addresses where your visitors came from. Some of these addresses would include search keywords which your visitors used to find your job post.

Q: How do I know if someone has applied to the position I have posted on the site?

A: As soon as job seeker applies to your job, PostJobFree will email their application to you.

You can also see all job applications on My jobs page under "Applications" column.

Q: Why was "MY ALL CAPS TITLE" converted into "My all caps title"?

A: PostJobFree is trying to be nice to readers' eyes, so if you use TOO MANY CAPS in your job title, we convert it to lower case.

Q: How do I update my job postings when they are expiring?

A: Go to My jobs and click "Edit" next to the job you want to update.
Then click [Save Job]. That would refresh Posted Date.

Another option — click "Renew" in My jobs list.

Q: How long do job posts stay active before they need to be refreshed?

A: If your job opening is still active - please update/renew it at least once every 30 days.

At 30 days mark PostJobFree will email you a reminder about it.


Q: I accidentally created another PostJobFree account. How do I merge it with my old account?

A: How to merge postjobfree accounts together?

Q: How does PostJobFree make money?

A: Premium Membership subscription fees from professional recruiters + ads.

Q: I have a question ...

A: Please send your question to Your feedback helps PostJobFree to serve you better.