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Power Systems Aix

Panchkula, Haryana, India
March 18, 2022

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Virender Kumar

Plat No. *3, Sector D, Defence Colony, Ambala Cantt 133001, HR, India


Sex Male Date of birth 15/03/1987 Nationality Indian



Linux Technical Lead

Unix/Linux System Engineer/Specialist/Architect


I have 11 years of corporate work experience primarily in large-scale Azure Cloud and system administration on Red Hat Linux,AIX,HP-UX,Solaris, VMware Unix/Linux-based environments. Currently working as transition and transformation consultant for Managing the IT Infrastructure Requirements.Besides that having very good exposure on server hardware (IBM Power,HP,DELL,IBM-X,SUN) storage devices, networking concepts, IT infrastructure, on call client system resolutions, rich experience in handling technical problems and good exposure in managing and leading the team.

ITIL/ITSM and Project Management knowledge and Mission Critical Mindset. An Redhat Linux,AIX, HP-Ux,Linux experienced Professional in the IT industry with around 10 years of experience in administration, installation and support of different flavours of Unix Operating systems in Physical and Virtual Environments, backup solution, enterprise storage systems with more than 10 years of managing the Unix Infrastructure Setup, Migration, Consolidation, Relocation, monitoring, upgradation, Disaster recovery projects in datacentres.

Overview of the technologies and tools

Operating Systems: Linux/REDHAT-4,5,6,7,8 IBM-AIX 5.3, 6.1, 7.1,7.2, /CentOS/Solaris, hp-ux11.31,10

Hardware: IBM – p770, 780, p880, p890, Power 8 & power9, HMC6, 7,8, HP-PRO, HP-ILO, DELL, Oracle SPARK, ESXI

Ticketing Tools knowledge: Service Now, HPSM9, HPSM7, Remedy, IPcenter, Remedy GSM, Snow

Monitoring Tools Knowledge: NAGIOS/HPOV/Ganglia

Cluster: GPFS/IBM Spectrum Scale, PowerHA, PACEMAKER, HP-Service Guard, ASM, Redhat Cluster

Virtualization: IBM Power VM/VIOS, VMWARE, OracleVM, HMC, KVM

Backup Tools: NETBACKUP, TSM, Snapshot Backups Solution, AMWAR


Clouds: AWS, VMware, IBM, V cloud

Docker, OpenShift, Container, Kubernetes

Automation: Ansible, YAMAL & Python

Patching Tool: Redhat Satellite, Yum, IBM NIM


IBM Power Systems Administration-AIX7.2

ITIL V3 Foundation, certificate in IT service management

Azure AZ104, 303

AWS Training and certification for AWS Associate Solution Architect


Present Employer: HCL Technologies

Location: Noida

Duration: 12 Feb 2021 to present

Designation: Associate Consultant (Transition & Transformation)

Project: T & T for many American & Canadian customers

Roles & Responsibilities:

Part of MSI transition and transformation team in HCL and working for American and Canadian regions.

Working with Pre-sales teams and understand the new deals and offerings.

Hire new candidates for the new projects/deals.

Transitions/Taking KT of the new projects. And deliver the KT to the new hired teams.

Transformation: data centre migration from one location to another.

L&s of the Physical machines from one DC to another dc.

Working and following UP with the Network and storage teams for VLAN configuration and San joining.

Creating Docs related to the DC cabinets, network, san, and hardware

Plan and execution of the sop's.

Create transition runbooks and taking approvals and final signoff from the track managers and higher-level management.

Scheduling daily KT meetings with onsite teams and offshore teams.

Shadowing offshore teams till the time they start working.

AZURE Migration:

Migration of the Linux and Window server using Azure Migrate and AVs (Azure VMware Migration solution

Creation of the new Nsg's

Create & update the new inbound and outbound rules.

Fix and troubleshoot of the network related issues.

Work with Network Firewall and security teams and fix the ports and security related issues.

Create new Azure VM's as per customer requirements.

Employer: Wipro Limited

Location: Gurgaon

Duration: 18 June 2018 to 20 Jan 2021

Designation: Project Lead (Cloud Infrastructure Services)

Project: Airtel Africa (Supporting 17 African Countries)

Server Count: 5000K (Linux & AIX)

Roles & Responsibilities:

Managing and working with build team, installation of the Linux RHEL 7.6/7.4/6.10 & AIX 7.1/7.2 servers.

Migration A to L (Aix to Linux) and working with application and project managers to prepare and execute the plans.

Working with transformation team and help them while migrating the Linux servers from old DC to new DC.

Configuration of the oracle DB and DB2 servers according to requirements and plans.

Installation and configuration of the IBM Spectrum Scale/GPFS and Pacemaker/GFS2 clusters.

Update and validate/harden the VM template (Linux Gold Image Servers).

Configuration and upgrade of the YUM and NIM servers.

Patching/upgrade of the LINUX/AIX/CLUSTERS nodes.

Commission and decommission of the Linux/AIX servers.

Working on the Pri1 and Pri2 tickets and provide RCA on the same.

Working on SR and incidents and changes

Attending and scheduling the meetings regarding trend analysis (incident trends) with applications and DB’s teams.

Creating shift roasters and updating the same time to time. Creating and updating the SOP time to time

Working on performance issue and fix the same.

Update and installation of the VIOS and clusters and fix the related issues.

Updating CMDB, Creating Ansible Playbook for automation

Monitoring setup for servers and hardware devices.

Replacement of the hardware devices.

Disaster recovery in case of frame down and hardware or network failure.

Follow-up, schedule/attend meetings with customer, vender, transformation, app/db teams.

Creating low- and high-level plans for server migration including (application and db server) from old DC to new DC or AIX to Linux.

Previous Employer:

DXC Technologies formally known as (CSC Technologies India Pvt Ltd)

Location: Noida India

Duration: 19 April 2017 to 14 June 2018

Designation: System Administrator 2, Level-4 (SME-Role)

Roles & Responsibilities:

Installation and configuration of operating systems and other software’s, managing kernel tuning of operating systems parameters according to applications requirements.

Upgrade/install of the Unix/Linux operating systems, and other co-related software’s as per requirements.

Monitoring of the system performance, investigation into H/W and system S/W ensuring that in case of H/W or system S/W failures involve hardware team and fix the issue.

Installation/configuration of the backup tools including NetBackup/tsm & snapshot based backup. Restore the backup whenever require via tools or locally.

Administration of user accounts; creation/delete, adding and managing of the sudo permissions of the accounts.

Provide support to application and database team whenever require at OS level.

update of technical documentation at central location wiki which is accessible to all teams

Unix & Linux package management (APT / RPM / DEB).

Provision of stand-by/on-call support and involve and fix all pri1 and pri2 tickets.

Migration/Upgrade of AIX/Linux operating systems and PowerHA, GPFS and IBM Spectrum scale clusters

Knowledge of shell scripts

Support local and remote engineering design teams with UNIX related issues & escalations

Support multiple remote data centres with daily operations support and future planning and upgrades

Install, upgrade, maintain and troubleshoot Linux (RedHat, CentOS) and AIX based servers

Install, maintain, upgrade and expand VMWare infrastructure

Experience with managing Subversion, Perforce and GIT and revision control tools

Troubleshoot NIS, DNS, SMTP, FTP, NFS, AUTOFS, Users, as needed

Setup and maintain monitoring software Nagios & Ganglia

Participate in organizational initiatives and contribute in automation efforts

Document solutions, exchange knowledge and work daily with a geographically diverse team

Printer and Apache server configuration.

Compose, edit and maintain internal documentation with knowledge base articles for IT team

Incident, Change, Problem Process via HP-SM 9.

H/W issue management via HP ILO, SUN ALOM console.

Proactive monitoring including a daily/weekly review of log files, events, etc. to determine the health and performance of the servers and security appliances.

Routine Incident Analysis to identify possible problems.

SAN Configuration migration on Unix Servers (Multipath/EMC Power path).

NetBackup/TSM client installation/Upgrade and troubleshooting.

Provisioning and de-commissioning of DBA/APP servers as per Customer demand

1 March 2016 to 16 April 2017

Designation: Technical Services Professional

Duration: 1st March 2016 to 16 March 2017

IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

A45, Ground Floor,

Industrial Area Quark City Mohali, Punjab

Chandigarh India. Pin-160071 Tel : 91-80-430*****, Fax: 91-80-491*****

Projects/Clients: Evry Norge As, Posten Norge As, DNB bank, Hydro gas& oil, ISS, SAPA, STB, Toyota Etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Managing Installation, Configuration and administration of AIX/Linux and HP-UX servers.

Performing AIX migration like 6.1 to 7.1 using migration installation.

Installing various fixes, TL and add on software, patches & Upgrades of Aix/Linux server on latest level.

Administration and installation of the GPFS Cluster

Creating/extending/mounting/Unmounting GPFS filesystems on all cluster nodes.

SAN migration from lower end to higher end in GPFS and LVM on Linux and AIX nodes.

Security management like setting permissions, changing owner and group of files, directors and file systems

Performing LVM activities like creation of Volume Groups, Logical Volumes, and File Systems on AIX/LINUX and HP-UX OS.

Mirroring and unmirroring of rootvg.

Export and Import non rootvg volume groups across p-series servers and superdome server in AIX and HP-UX OS.

Exporting file systems across the network using NFS.

Linux Tasks:

System administration, performance tuning and OS up-gradations using live upgrade.

Network installation Kickstart.

Project design, Implementation and execution.

Dealing with auto-mount and troubleshooting the related issues.

Analyse the performance and taking action accordingly to memory, page/swap space, CPU and Disk utilization statistics.

Managing disk usages and implementing quota for Linux servers.

Linux File system LVM and RAID creation and maintaining on regular Basis.

Implementation and troubleshooting of NFS, DNS, Samba, Apache on Linux Servers.

Troubleshooting of Linux OS in system crashes and application failures.

Managing file system that includes growing /reducing the file system as per the requirement.

Following change management process to do any changes in the systems.

Managing file systems that includes growing /reducing the file systems as per the requirement.

Managing printers on Linux/AIX environments adding/removing enable/disable printers and print queues

Providing On-call support & following change management process for all implementation.

Pace maker and HP MC service guard cluster knowledge

Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Red hat Enterprise Linux 5,6 & 7

Implementation and troubleshooting of NFS, DNS, Samba, FTP, Send mail, Printers on Linux Servers.

Implementation and Management of RAID Software for levels 0, 1 & 5

Troubleshooting of Linux OS in system crashes and application failures.

Administration and Management of ESX/ESXi Hosts...

Administration and Management of VCenter Server

Experience in Redhat Satellite Server and Python


VMware Administration:

Administration and Management of ESX/ESXi Hosts.

Administration and Management of VCenter Server

Installation of vSphere Client.

Creating Datacenter, Adding Host and VMs.

Creation of Virtual Switches and managing networking.

Creating Cluster and Adding host to Cluster in VCenter.

Creating Virtual Machines & Installing VMware Tools into VMs.

Managing templates and creating of VM clones.

VM Snapshot management.

Configuration and Management HA & DRS.

Worked on P2V, V2V migration project. Used virtual converter.

Patch up gradation to datacenter

AIX Tasks:

Device management like configuring devices, changing characteristics of devices.

Knowledge of TCP/IP

Taking OS backup through mksysb of all servers every week.

User account creation, administration, authentication and deletion.

Scheduling various jobs through Crontab.

Performance monitoring and reporting using native tools like sar, vmstat, iostat, svmon, nmon, topas etc.

Print server implementation including remote print server and queue administration.

Managing paging space like increase/create paging space if required.

Hardware / OS error monitoring on daily basis, registering service calls and coordination with IBM till resolution.

Creation of LPARs & allocation, movement of resources in between LPARs as per requirement using HMC.

Restoring LPAR using mksysb backup through NIM in case require.

File system management in GPFS and HACMP.

Monitoring error log of GPFS and HACMP.

Performing VIO activities like VIO LPAR creation, installation, creating virtual SCSI controller, virtual Ethernet card, Mapping the disk and logical volume to virtual SCSI controller on VIO server to make visible to client LPAR.

SEA Configuration on VIO Server.

Analyse the performance and taking action accordingly to memory, page/swap space, CPU and Disk utilization statistics

SPAN InfoTech (India) Pvt. Ltd. (Now known as Evry India)

Brigade Software Park,

Tower B, Ground, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th Floor,

No.42, 27th Cross, Banashankari 2nd Stage

Bangalore, 560070, India

Phone: +91-80-673*-**** / +91-80-673*-****

Designation: System Engineer

Duration: 05 NOV 2012 to 29th FEB 2016 (Transferred to IBM from SPAN)

Project: Posten Norge, HSO, Hydro Gas & Oil, Rec, ISS, SAPA

Accountability: Unix/Linux Open System NORDIC PROJECT

Aix Tasks:

Installation and configuration of the AIX and Linux servers as per customer requirements.

Creation of LPARs & allocation, movement of resources in between LPARs as per requirement using HMC.

Restoring LPAR using Mksysb backup through NIM and virtual OPT device in case require.

Knowledge of HACMP 6.1 two node cluster environment.

File system management in GPFS and HACMP.

Monitoring error log of GPFS and HACMP.

Performing VIO activities like VIO LPAR creation, installation, creating virtual SCSI controller, virtual Ethernet card, Mapping the disk and logical volume to virtual SCSI controller on VIO server to make visible to client LPAR.

SEA Configuration on VIO Server.

GPFS cluster configuration /installation and upgradation

Mirroring VIO rootvg using mirrorios command.

Take the backup of VIO server using backupios command and OS backup with Mksysb on TSM and NetBackup.

TL upgrade for AIX version 6.1, 7.1 and 5.3

OS migration from AIX 6.1 to 7.1

Linux Tasks:

Installation/Patching of Linux servers.

Manage the LVM part, including creation of the filesystems, vgs, lvs, pvs.

Storage SAN/NAS Concepts migration of the storage from lower end storage to higher end storage.

Configure Multipath on standalone machine and cluster on Linux hosts.

User Management, including creation, removing, managing accesses of the users.

Patch Management, including installing, removing, upgrading of the RPMS.

Device Management, adding, replacing of the devices.

Nagios Monitoring Tool, monitoring of the servers setting down time configure monitoring of the servers.

Networking Management, managing network issue adding routes, assigning IP and up down of the network interfaces.

Semantic NetBackup/TSM backup installation, configuration of the NetBackup and TSM clients,

Disk space managements, adding disks increasing/decreasing of the filesystem size.

Performance issues, fix performance issue of the servers including memory, I/O, load, CPU issues.

ILO Management and Vcenter management for GUI and other task.

Knowledge of Pacemaker Cluster

Company: IBM GPS:

Designation: SR. Practitioner

Project: Yahoo!

Duration: 24th March 2010 to 10th OCT 2012


MBA-IT from MD University Rohtak in 2012

BA Graduate from All India JAT H.M College Rohtak in 2009

Senior secondary from HBSE Bhiwani in 2006

Matriculation from HBSE Bhiwani in 2003

Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)






Spoken interaction

Spoken production


C1/2 Proficient user

C1/2 Proficient user

C1/2 Proficient user

C1/2 Proficient user

C1/2 Proficient user


C1/2 Proficient user

C1/2 Proficient user

C1/2 Proficient user

C1/2 Proficient user

C1/2 Proficient user

Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Communication skills

Good communication skills gained through my experience as System Engineer to work with worldwide customers & projects.

Organisational / managerial skills

Having good responsibilities and leadership qualities.

Job-related skills

Having good knowledge of ITIL process working with change, request, incidents & problems provide technical solution on the same on daily basis.

Computer skills

Azure cloud, Redhat Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Power VM, Clusters, DB, Apps, word, excel

Driving licence

Light B


Publications/Technical Docs:



Writing SOP and other technical documents.

Hydro Gas & Oil, Toyota, Posten Norge As, SAPA, Ergo group, Evry Norge, Storebrand, Telenor,UTC

Daily hurdle meeting and other day to day meetings with customers and venders.


I hereby undertake the Responsibility that the above-mentioned information is correct to the best of my Knowledge.

Date: 14/03/2022 Place: Ambala Cantt,HR, India

Virender Kumar

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