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Engineer Engineering

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
February 22, 2020

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Instrumentation Engineer

E-mail: -

Mobile: -009***********(Saudi Arabia), +91-897******* (India)

Qualification & Credentials

Bachelor of Engineering in ‘Electronics & Instrumentation’

Khaja Banda Nawaz College of Engineering, Gulbarga: - University, India

Saudi council of engineering membership ID:-151990)

Honey well DCS, PLC and SCADA at Tata Honeywell Pune, India

Project Management Training at ANEXAX Consultancy Certificate# PMPYBU110413/050/03

Approved QA/QC Inspector Electrical and Instrumentation by SABIC & Saudi Aramco,

Saudi Aramco SAP NO:-70014208

Career Profile: -

I Posses 16 + years of experience in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power plant, Cement & Fertilizer projects of Saudi Aramco, SABIC & Maaden as an Instrument Construction engineer, Instrument Pre Commissioning & Commissioning engineer, Instrument QA/QC Inspector & Engineer and Instrument Designing.

Strong team leader with project management skills and Skilled in budget management, forecast, Cost estimation

Possessing a proven track record of preparing and executing project plans and programmes, ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with the companies procedures and clients satisfaction.

Posses’ excellent command over verbal and written communications.

Integrating control panels & Performing FAT and SAT of DCS, ESD, VMS, SCADA & RTU control panels jointly with control system vendors and client.

Calibrating and trouble shooting filed instrument like Transmitter, Switches, Gauges and Valves.

Performing loop check, & functional check of instruments and supporting in startup.

In depth knowledge of Instrument index, Instrument Input/output list, Data sheet, Instrument Loop drawing, Cable schedule, Interconnection wiring drawing, Hook up drawing, Instrument lay out, P & ID, Isometric, Process flow diagram, Logic, Cause & Effect.

Familiar with NEC, NEMA, NFPA, ISA, PIP, API, IEEE, Saudi Aramco and SABIC standard.

WORK EXPERIENCE 16 + years:-



Company : WOOD AL HEJAILAN/ Eram Engineering.

Position : Electrical & Instrument QA/QC Engineer

Duration : May 2015 to June 2017

Project : CHEM-111 (EO/ESS, EOD, BGE)

Client : SADARA

Company : Technicas Reunidas Saudi Arabia / Eram Engineering.

Position : Instrumentation QC Inspector

Duration : May 2015 to June 2017

Project : MEG Resin bed vessel & ON/OFF control Valves on nitrogen line

Client : YANPET

Company : MCE Gulf / Eram Engineering.

Position : Instrumentation Engineer

Duration : Sep 2014 to April 2015

Project : Sales gas, Reformate, Toluene, Heavy aromatic, Raffinate &

Naphtha delivery system.


Company : CTCI Arabia ltd / Eram Engineering

Position : Instrumentation QC Inspector

Duration : Dec 2012 to June 2014

Project : Karan Utilities & Co-Generation Project

Client : Saudi Aramco (Khursaniyah)

Company : Petrofac Saudi Arabia Limited / Eram Engineering

Position : Instrumentation QC Inspector

Duration : Dec 2011 to Aug 2012

Project : Maaden DAP/MAP

Client : Maaden Phosphate Project (Ras Al Khair)

Company : Dragados Gulf Construction Co Ltd / Eram Engineering

Position : Instrumentation Engineer

Duration : May 2010 to Oct 2011

Project : HDPE & BBTX


Company : Shaw Stone & Webster’s / Eram Engineering

Position : Instrumentation QC Inspector

Period : Dec 2008 to Jan 2010



Contractor : Technip, Italy

Position : Instrumentation Engineer / Eram Engineering

Period : July 2007 to Dec 2008

Project : 40 Tons Chlorine and Sodium Silicate Expansion project.

Client : Crystal (Yanbu) / Eram Engineering.

Position : Instrumentation Engineer

Period : Sep 2006 to June 2007

Project : DHT Project (Yanbu Refinery)

Client : Saudi Aramco (Yanbu)

Company : Technicas Reunidas gulf / Eram Engineering.

Position : Instrument Engineer

Period : Jan 2006 to August 2006

Project : Qurayya Ain Dar & Shedgam Sea water conversion project

Client : Saudi Aramco

Company : National Contracting Company/ Eram Engineering.

Position : Instrument Engineer

Period : Dec 2004 to Oct 2005

Project : Integrating of Yokogawa, Honeywell, Siemens, VMS control panels

Company : ISA Mannai Technical Services (CPIC) / Eram Engineering.

Position : Instrument Engineer

Period : June 2004 to Nov 2005

Project : GOSP 1 Gas and oil separation plant-1

Client : Saudi Aramco (QATIF)

Company : CCC / Eram Engineering.

Position : Instrument Supervisor

Period : Dec2003 to June 2004

Company : A.C.C Cement Plant, Wadi, India.

Position : Assistant Instrument Engineer

Duration : Sep 2002 to Sep 2003

Responsibilities: - As an “Instrumentation Engineer”

Reviewing the scope of work, contractual documents and coordinating with the management about the requirement of manpower. Planning and organizing the schedule of the project optimally.

Detail reviewing of instrument documents of the project and vendors before the execution of project and taking necessary corrective action to meet the project standards.

Assisting the contractors in preparation and implementation of Project Execution Plan (PEP).

Monitoring and enforce to adhere to the site standards, rules and regulations.

Identifying the long lead items of project and coordination with vendors.

Participating in site safety audits regarding work execution, permits, work site standards and workforce knowledge of the work.

Ensure all preparatory work is completed prior to commencement of work

Detailing the work progress, number of contractor personnel and equipment available on site and other related items identified in the scope of work of the EPC Contractor

Closely coordinating/interface with other Technical Departments, Operations, and contractors /consultants to resolve technical issues and ensure quality Engineering execution and integrity.

Supervision and coordinating discipline engineer’s participation in layout reviews, design reviews, and technical workshops.

Coordinating technical reviews and analyzing during vendor prequalification, bid evaluation, and performance evaluation.

Coordinating and reviewing of technical bid submissions and perform technical bid analysis.

Ensuring all procedures and calculations are submitted to the client for review and approval.

Communicating the Project safety standards, site rules and regulations as captured in the PMC and EPC Contractor’s HSE plans to all personnel.

Reviewing the specifications, plot plans, general arrangement (GA) drawings, layout drawings, instrument index, interconnection, JB installation input, impulse, pneumatic tubing, panel layout, Cable trench, conduit, and duckt bank, tray installation & output list and engineering calculations.

Direct monitoring material takes off (MTO) activities identifying irregularities and shortfalls and taking corrective action.

Coordinating and supporting the vendors on site and resolving site technical issues.

Coordinates materials and assists in the logistics, its shipment and receipt at construction site.

Coordinates with all projects related personnel (onshore) on day-today progress of work activities, procurement and operations to ensure timely completion of the project.

Verifying and optimizing the construction work front in order to maximize production.

Supervision and monitoring overall construction activities are executed in accordance within applicable specifications, drawings, codes and standards and to the requirements of the Contract.

Carry out inspection, surveillance witnessing of contractor activities, ensuring records are maintained, including as-built data

Ensure work and quality related inspections are carried out in accordance with approved Inspection and Test Plans

Attends the Weekly Progress Meetings (Internal as well as with Client) and assist in preparation of Minutes of Meetings.

Monitors work in progress and prepares weekly report of the status of each assignment.

Attending the daily and weekly meetings with higher management, Sub contractor, other disciplines Engineers for discussing constrains and resolving it.

Preparing the field change request (FCR) and getting the approval from the client prior to site Construction activities.

Coordinating and providing clarification and technical support to construction supervisors.

Coordinating and supporting the other disciplines Engineers of Piping, Electrical during construction stage to resolve the site technical issues and constrains.

Preparing daily progress report and updating the higher management.

Resolving the site technical issues arise during the project execution.

Updating instrumentation documents as per the field change request.

Preparing the instrument index, cable schedule and input/output list of missing instruments.

Preparing the mark up drawings of data sheet, instrument loop drawings, JB interconnection, instrument installation, impulse line, pneumatic line and panel installation.

Generating the impulse hookup and pneumatic hook up for new added instruments and valves.

Preparing the mark up drawing of instrument cable routings, Duct bank, Cable tray.

Coordinating and supporting designers to prepare final as built drawing for system turnover to client.

Responsible for instrument installation & commissioning of equipments like Furnace, Boilers, Extruder, Pumps, Compressors, Strippers, Ship loader, Reactors, Vessels, Tanks, Elevators, Silos, Kiln, ESP, Flares, Dust collectors, and Weigh feeders.

Supervising and monitoring the installation of process Instruments, Cable tray, JB’s, Conduits, jb rack, Impulse tubing, Pneumatic tubing, Glanding and termination and Panel installations.

Raising the technical queries to get the approval from the client during construction phase.

Organizing the calibration shop with a skilled supervisor and technicians to carry out calibration of instrument on schedule and as per ISS.

Inspection and testing of fiber optic cable and data cable as per the standard

Performing the site acceptance test (SAT) of DCS, ESD F & G Systems with vendors and client to ensure construction work is completed as per the standards for system turn over.

Work on instrument of various equipments like Compressor, Turbines, Generators, Pumps, Extruders, Reactors, Columns, Flare, Exchangers, Weigh feeders, Boilers, Conveyors, Heaters and Ship loader.

Preparing the functional test package to perform functional test.

Coordinating and supporting the pre commissioning team to carry out loop check effectively.

Actively participating in the pre commissioning and commissioning activity for final start up.

Coordinating and supporting to the site vendors in resolving the technical site issues.

Coordinating and commissioning with vendor of Door access and safety video camera system.

Clearing the PMCC Punches initiated by QC and client during walk down and inspection.

Preparing completion Dossiers’ as work is completed.

Responsibilities: - As an “Instrument Engineer in Turn Around”

Working with a team of engineers, planners, and schedulers to achieve the turnaround objectives.

Coordinate and follow-up with a multidisciplinary team of operation, maintenance, engineering, inspection, project, shops, contracts and support services, etc., to achieve the milestones for the turnaround planning and execution phases.

Planning the process by requesting scope input from the operation, inspection, engineering and maintenance.

Develop, challenge and finalize the approved scope of work.

Creating BOM for all TA jobs, identify and order the materials.

Working with the team of material planners /buyers to ensure that all the resources/materials are available on or before time.

Challenge and optimize the schedule submitted by the contractors.

Co-ordinate for JSA

Oversee the field preparations by the leads for pre-turnaround activities.

Perform assigned duties and responsibilities as part of the approved turnaround execution chart.

Monitor and track the deviation between the plan and actual.

Communicating with clients, suppliers, contractors and relevant authorities project management within cost and time constrained environments.

Responsibilities: - As “Instrumentation QC Inspector”

Preparing the ITP’s/QCP/Method Statement Prior for project plan preparation.

Review plans and drawings in accordance with specifications, codes and standards.

Familiar with international industry codes and standard relevant to instrumentation and electrical systems, such as NEMA-250, NEMA VE1/VE2, NFPA 70/NEC, UL94, IEC 60529, IEEE 18/1100, ISA, API RP-551 and PIP.

Organizing, implementing, conducting and managing the QA/QC Programs as per the

Company’s Quality Policy.

Coordinating the document controls of technical submittals, drawings, etc with the Project Team and to ensuring that the QA/QC validation has been done, to ensure their issue, amendments and recall of controlled documents.

Coordinating all inspections, monitoring the required tests and record inspections and tests made as per the Contract Plan and Contract Specifications.

Liaise with the Client's representatives for the conduct of day-to-day quality related project activities.

Coordinating with the Project Manager regarding work performance and hold authority for stopping work in any area where discrepancies remain uncorrected and/or cancel the stop work order upon satisfactory correction of noted deficiencies.

Providing technical support to the Project Manager and guiding to site staff in submission of materials for approval, request for inspection, shop drawings, As-built drawings, and O & M manual.

Assisting QA/QC Manager in conducting internal quality audits.

Coordinating with the project staff to compile and maintain pertinent records of inspection and testing until end of the contract and all pertinent records for retention on completion of the project.

Attending Monthly Project Review Meetings (PRM) and alert the project team of any potential problems.

Carry out continuous inspection of site and raise (SSR & NCR) report if there is any deviation from project standard and approved drawings.

Coordinating the contractors & sub contractors for the work activities to be carried out as per priority of the projects.

Performing instrument material receiving inspection as per ISS, Approved vendor & standard.

Carry out inspection of instruments storage, preservation & handling in warehouse as per Std.

Ensured Instruments, Equipments at works complied with project Specification.

Inspection of vendor metering skids before final acceptance by client.

Reviewing instruments calibration procedures given by calibration vendor and verifying site calibration shop is matching to project standard, prior to calibration of instruments.

Supervised and monitoring the flow of inspection on site and calibration prior to meet the project deadline.

Carry out inspection of Valve seat leak test at vendor calibration shop as per API 598 for the valves above class III.

Carry out inspection for calibration & leak test of PSV & PRV as per Data sheet in approved third party calibration shop.

Carry out inspection for calibration of various instruments like, flow transmitter, pressure transmitter, level transmitter, temperature transmitter, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, level gauge, temperature gauge and various switches & instruments as per data sheet.

Carry out inspection for calibration of ON/OFF & Control valve as per data sheet.

Carry out inspection of instrument installation as per AFC or IFC drawing and standard.

Carry out inspection of Cable tray, Cable trenches, Conduit, Duct bank, Instrument support, JB’s, & Panel’s installation as per standards and AFC drawings.

Carry out inspection of instrument cable installation & glanding termination as per standard.

Inspection and testing of instrument cables IR test and Continuity test as per the standard

Carry out inspection installation of DCS, ESD; VMS control panels and marshalling cabinet.

Performing SAT of DCS & ESD control panels and marshalling cabinet with vendors.

Carry out inspection of instrument tubing installation as per Impulse and Pneumatic hook up.

Carry out pre commissioning activities like leak test of Impulse and Pneumatic tubing.

Carry out inspection of Instrument safety grounding & AC safety grounding installation and testing as per Std.

Performing Final Inspection of instrument loop package as per pre commissioning activity.

Reviewing the instrument loop folders and witnessing the loop check.

Co-coordinating with vendors in solving the instrumentation issues.

Inspection of instrumentation associated with Analyzer, HVAC and F&G system.

Carry out inspection of installation, termination & testing of LV/MV Cables.

Carry out inspection of installation, termination & testing of lighting.

Carry out inspection of installation, termination & testing dry type transformers 480 VAC.

Carry out inspection of installation, termination & testing of lighting power distribution board and lighting control panel.

Carry out inspection of installation, termination & testing of UPS.

Carry out inspection of installation, termination & testing of LV/MV Motors.

Carry out inspection of installation, termination & testing of breakers & contactors.

Performing pre commissioning inspection of LV/MV cable meggering & Hi potential test.

Performing pre commissioning and inspecting of motor testing and solo run test (no load).

Performing pre commissioning inspecting of breaker and contactor testing.

Carry out inspection of illumination testing of normal & emergency lighting.

Attending walk downs of process system and subsystem and punching if it is not as per Std.

Closing E & I punches with client in order to turnover sub systems and systems for mechanical completion of project.

Frequent visit and liaise with the contractor personnel on site to keep the QA/QC manger informed with all the ongoing and forecasted activities related to the work

Monitoring the progress of the Quality control departments & solving the issues related to inspection of the instruments.

Clearing the critical punch items through solutions and interaction with the contractors.

Preparing the QA/QC dossiers for final submission to client as per quality procedure

Project : DHT Project (Yanbu)

Responsibilities: - As an “Instrumentation Commissioning Engineer”.

Responsible of overall pre loop check, loop check and functional check of DHT project.

Reviewing the loop packages before releasing for final loop check with client.

Organization the pre loop check, final loop check and Trouble shooting team.

Coordinating and supporting with various control systems vendors to carry out pre commissioning activity effectively.

Integrating the hard wired system of DCS, ESD, VMS and BMS system.

Organizing and scheduling with client (Proponent) to carry out daily loop check effectively.

Witnessing the loop check activities with client.

Preparing the functional test packages and performing the functional test

Performing the cause and effect test effectively.

Dealing with operation department in resolving the punch initiated during loop check.

Familiar with DCS, ESD, VMS and BMS system and sub systems.

Coordinating with HSE department in order to complete Pre commissioning safely.

Coordinating and explaining precommissining activities to permit receivers and client in advance in order to perform ProComm activities safely.

Well familiar with Honey well DCS, Point building and Graphic display building.

Performing a DCS, ESD SAT with vendor.

Precommissioning & commissioning of fire alarm, combustible gas and gas HVAC system.

Updating the daily progress report and forwarding the status to higher management.

Clearing the Punch’s of loop package and taking final sign off to system turn over.

Preparing tools list and quantities of consumables necessary for Pre commissioning & commissioning activities.

Preparing completion Dossiers’ as work is completed.

Project : 40 Tons Chlorine and Sodium Silicate Expansion project.

Responsibilities: - As an “Instrument Engineer”

Responsible in designing of 40 Tons Chlorine and Sodium silicate expansion project

Reviewing the specifications, plot plans, general arrangement (GA) drawings, layout drawings, instrument index, input & output list and engineering calculations.

Preparing the Instrument Index, cable schedule and JB interconnection drawings.

Preparing the Input and output list of DCS and ESD systems

Designing the JB installation, Instrument and Panel Installation as per area classifications.

Designing the instrument cable routing of cable trays base on instrument signal

Selecting and procuring the instrument low voltage cables base on signal and area classification.

Procuring the various instruments as per the ISS.

Aware of Instrucal software for calculating and selecting instruments.

Coordinating and supporting with the process engineer for selection of instruments as per process service and standard.

Company : A.C.C Cement Plant, Wadi, India.

Position : Assistant Instrument Engineer

Duration : Sep 2002 to Sep 2003


Maintaining the records of daily routine work and instrument documents.

Maintaining the good workmanship with management, Subordinates and technicians.

Conducting the meeting with shift supervisor and technicians to carry out the work productivity without break down.

Maintenance, trouble shooting and calibration of process instruments.

Maintenance and calibration of weigh feeders and rotapackers.

Maintenance and trouble shooting of ESP, Dust collectors, conveyor and elevator instrument.

Designing and commissioning of gear box temperature monitoring control logic.

Designing and commissioning of water spray logic.

Designing and commissioning of metal detector and Bin level monitoring control logic.

Calibration and troubleshooting of weigh feeders, belt weigher, and solid flow meter

Maintenance, troubleshooting and calibration of gas analyzers (CO & Oxygen analyzers, switches, valves and dampers.


Good Supervisory skills

Hands-on experience and safe handling practice with SMART instruments

Experience with analog & digital electronic instruments

Experience in problem solving, Documentation, Testing, & trouble shooting of complex electronic and mechanical system

Understanding user manuals,

Basic & detail configuration of instrumentation

Installation / mounting of instruments

Calibration / Re ranging of analog & SMART instruments

Loop testing / Panel testing / Functional testing & Logic testing

Commissioning of filed instruments

PLC & DCS Programming & testing

Ablity to work indepently as part of team

Strong orgizational and communication skills

Ability to write effective documents like Method of statement, QCP & etc

Familiar with computer hardware & software system

Personal Detail

Passport NO:-K5734370

Martial Status: - Married

Driving License: - Valid Saudi Driving License.

I do hereby declare that the above information given by me is true to my knowledge.

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