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Sales and Business Development

Boston, MA
October 24, 2019

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Charles J. McCabe, Jr. Sales and Operations Management Executive

774-***-**** P.O. Box 255313 Boston, MA 02125

Accomplished and experienced professional with years of business development experience within logistics, transportation, supply chain, outsourcing and IT. Entrepreneurial professional, expert in sales and sales management, HUNTER & CLOSER, adept at navigating companies towards new business development and revenue growth. Innovative strategist with a proven track record of analyzing business operations, identifying deficiencies, and implementing cost-effective solutions to enhance competitiveness and increase revenue, while eliminating clients liabilities and exposure.

Expertise Includes:

Risk Management

Duties and Liabilities

Forensic Audit

Relationship Development

Regulatory Compliance


Strategic Planning and Plan Execution


Operations Management

Margin Improvement

Account Management

Profit & Loss Management

New Business Development

Sales and Operations Management

Budgeting & Cost Reduction

Global Sales Revenue Growth

Sales Strategy

Experience & Notable Contributions

C. J. McCABE AND ASSOCIATES, INC. Boston, MA 2014 – Present

A logistics, transportation, IT and risk management consulting firm.

Business Development, President and Chief Executive Officer

A strategic firm focused on solving client’s problems and disputes, loss prevention and security through tenacious representation.

Key Accomplishments:

Global Strategies a.k.a. Demo Bags, Increased gross sales, improved efficiencies, and expanded service offerings. Recovered over $380K in erroneous overcharges from two former intermediaries.

Massachusetts Transportation Company, provided strategic planning, sales strategy and execution, margin, expense control, personnel measurement and business discipline creating a new financial debt restructuring banking package.

Massachusetts Company, uncovered a scheme set in motion by intermediary, sales agent, and employee involving, bribes, kickbacks and overcharges amounting to $1.8M+. Case has been referred to the United States Court - District of Massachusetts, October 2016.

California Company, Manufacturer of Commercial and Personal Vaults and Safes, Identified overcharges by intermediary amounting to $3M+. Implemented Safeguards to ensure clients protection and negotiated cost reductions equating to 35%.

Elevate Technology Solutions, An information Technology Consulting firm specializing in delivering leading edge expertise and solutions developed through an emphasis in national security and cutting edge technology. Provided sales and business development, execution, margin, expense control as well as personnel measurement.

Effectively managing clients risk from unexpected and egregious legal consequences.

Comprehensive knowledge of the FMCSA, 3PL bankruptcies, indemnity, transportation models, freight charge and cargo liability – The Carmack Amendment, 49 U.S.C. 14706.

BEDROCK LOGISTICS, LLC Dallas, TX 2010 – 2014

The third party logistics arm of Pavestone LLC. and Veneerstone LP.

Business Development, President, Equity Owner and Board Member of Pavestone llc.

Oversaw all business development, sales and operations. Developed and lead the sales force and independent sales agents. Managed eight offices. Instrumental in the purchase and acquisition of two companies.

Key Accomplishments:

Grew revenue from $7M to over $22M, and increased gross margin from 7% to 19%.

Produced $3.2M gross profit margin within first 14 months, after inheriting a $400K loss.

Improved credit rating and increased the cash flow, receivables, and yield: A/RT Ratio.

Proactively hunted and won new business, maximizing opportunities with new and existing customers, resulting in more than 200% increase in sales revenue.

Accelerated profit by adding services, including highway, freight mix, specialized transportation, less than truckload, intermodal, and air services. Streamlined processes by implementing and integrating more efficient TMS software systems.

Expanded company reach by creating a more dynamic, user-friendly website, business development platforms and business development personnel.

Improved operational efficiency by reorganizing offices, cross-training employees, reducing labor, and improving the quality of personnel.

C.J. McCABE AND ASSOCIATES, INC. Osterville, MA, Beacon Hill, MA • 2004 – 2010 (acquired)

A versatile 3PL sales agency and consulting firm, specializing in all aspects of transportation.

Business Development, President and Chief Executive Officer

Managed all day-to-day business aspects. Hired and trained employees. Developed innovative sales strategies. Reduced client transportation costs and distribution, through costs analysis, contract negotiation, and outsourcing, as well as improving efficiency and productivity.

Key Accomplishments

Improved operational support for clients and increased sales by developing, hunting and implementing practices to drive a high performing sales and marketing organization including effective market segmentation, value proposition development, alignment and growth of sales resources to the market and training and development of sales team members, offering various solutions, exceeding customer expectations and their bottom line.

Yielded significant savings for clients10% to 50% annually.

Created a complete corporate transportation program for Veneerstone LLC, expanding business from “1” Home Depot store to “2,800” nationwide stores.

Enhanced profit by growing revenue to over $9M from a baseline of $0.


A comprehensive logistics and transportation provider offering services by sea, land, and air.

Vice President, Business Development, Northeast Region

Oversaw the business development for a Fortune 500 account client base. Generated new business with the Northeast region of the US. Collaborated with other business development managers worldwide. Directed sales efforts toward owners, corporate executives, directors, and logistics managers.

Key Accomplishments:

Hunted and Generated new sales revenue of $20M from a baseline of $0.

Closed “4” corporate focus accounts within first “4”months: Nestle Waters North America, American Power Conversion, Amtrol, and Haier America.

Gross margin within the Northeast region averaged 15.2%.


An American multinational transportation services and logistics company.

Business Development and Service Center Manager

Oversaw all sales, operations, and logistics within the Northeast Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire area. Managed a facility with an annual budget of $48M. Hired and managed a staff of over 125 employees, including sales, management, and contractual labor. Facilitated staff training, mentoring, and performance reviews.

Key Accomplishments:

Hunted and Secured new, more profitable revenues by $10M within first 15 months while engaged in last position.

Improved employee performance by developing a bonus program with defined goals, objectives, and action plans for all departments.

Created partnerships between management and union executives, leading to stronger customer loyalty.

Increased efficiency by developing a facility business plan identifying core competencies, training and developmental needs, optimal infrastructures, and client services.


Bachelor of Arts, History

BOSTON COLLEGE Boston, MA awarded an United States Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Academic Scholarship

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