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Manager Six Sigma

New Delhi, Delhi, India
January 31, 2017

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Designation: Asst. Manager- Industrial Engineering Phone: +919*********

Experience: 5 Years E-Mail: PROFILE SUMMARY

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Over 5 years of experience in conducting assignments on Industrial Engineering/ Process Improvement/ Simulation/ Capacity & Resource Planning/ Lean / Six Sigma / Cost Reduction across all the Units

(Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Oman) of Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. Group. 2007-2011 - Graduated from National Institute of Technology (NIT-Kurukshetra) with CGPA of 8.9

- Internship at Indian Institute of Management (IIM – Ahmedabad) in Supply chain Management Upto-2007 - Ranked top 1% of all students appearing for AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination)

- Awarded by CBSE in 10th Board for being amongst the 0.1% of the most successful candidates PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE SUMMARY

Conducting studies & providing recommendations across Manufacturing Units, Iron making units, Mining Units, Fabrication units and Services Departments such as Airport, Hospital etc.

Conducting analysis for Process Improvement, Mobile Equipment fleet size Planning, Work content Estimation, Work force Planning, Cycle time calculation, Turnaround time reduction, Line Balancing, Lean Manufacturing, Capacity Assessment etc.

Analysing Processes, Identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement by use of Lean/ Six Sigma/ Simulation/ SMED/Operations research / IE concepts as per requirement

Carrying out study of service contracts and/ or computation of service rate by First principle/ Zero based costing and suggest alternatives for cost reduction

Applying statistical methods, developing excel models and performing mathematical calculations to determine fleet size of mobile equipment, staffing requirements, capacity assessment, production standards etc.

Improving work flow by studying process flowcharts and recommending modifications in work flow/procedures.

Programing and conducting computer simulations of processes to identify bottlenecks, ensure proper resource utilization, increase productivity, line balancing, operations sequencing etc.

Rightsizing manpower with an objective to improve overall productivity and profitability

Carry out Capital Investment Assessment studies and Explore the possibility of eliminating the new facility i.e saving of capital cost, Propose alternatives to the existing capital investment plan

Incentive Designing, defining KPIs and operational metrics, calculating incentive & reporting COMPETENCIES & SKILLS

Industrial Engineering Excel Modeling Lean Manufacturing Discrete Event Simulation Operations Management Data Analysis Six Sigma Methodology Capacity Assessment CERTIFICATION & TRAINING

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt- Certified by KPMG

Training on Six Sigma-Black Belt - Certified by IACT Global

MOOCs on: Introductions to Operations Management, Data Analysis, R Programming, Descriptive Statistics

Process Modelling & Pro-Model Simulation Software Training Course ACHIEVEMENTS

Second Prize in National Productivity Competition-2014, for presenting paper on “Productivity Improvement through Line Balancing using Simulation: a case study” conducted by Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai

First prize in Process Improvement project on “Formulation of Reward scheme to achieve daily production targets”

(Refer to Annexure for other details)


Designation: Asst. Manager- Industrial Engineering Phone: +919********* Experience: 5 Years E-Mail: ANNEXURE-1 (Some Projects/ Assignments at JSPL)

Optimum Resource Allocation to Improve the Efficiency of Truck-Excavator System Excavator-truck allocation calculation is formulated using parameters such as production requirement, truckload, cycle time and Lead. The results of this study were used to optimize the cost of Haulage operations. Reducing in-plant Turnaround time of Trucks

The operational practices had several bottlenecks in dispatch and movement of trucks due to which the actual truck turnaround time (TAT) was significantly higher than the target turnaround time. The results of the study bring forward suggestions to reduce the turn-around time. Implementation of the suggestions reduced overall TAT by 30%. Cost Reduction through Efficient Outsourcing Strategies (Raigarh, Angul and Oman) Detailed study is conducted with the objective of reducing outsourcing cost by Identification Contracts having overlapping activities, Reviewing rates/ Value of contracts, Explore possibility of converting outsourced Contracts into In-house etc. On implementation of the findings brought forward by this Study, saving of around Rs 8 Cr/ year is achieved. Optimizing Fleet size of Mobile Equipments

The existing deployment of all the mobile equipments/ Heavy Earth moving equipments are mapped along with activities performed. Cycle time, work load and utilization are computed by time study/ data analysis. Taking into consideration the system constraints cost effective actions are recommended. Savings of approx. 2 Cr/ year are achieved. Productivity Improvement through Line Balancing using Simulation: a case study The underlying problems and bottlenecks are identified using data analysis and line balancing techniques. Discrete event simulation is used to model different alternatives and the results are then evaluated to reach optimal solution. Increasing Production of Welded Long Rails

Using Lean & IE fundamentals, bottlenecks and NVAs are identified. Implementation of the findings increased Production from 5-6 pcs/day to 12-13 pcs/ day.

Capital Investment required for increasing production of Rolling Mill Lean Manufacturing principles were used to eliminate Non-Value Added (NVAs) activities. Further excel based mathematical model is formulated to analyse the Capacity of the system and provide an outlook so that optimal capital investment decision may be taken.

Improving Inbound & Outbound Logistics at Port in Oman Operation Research model has been developed using Excel based Solver for allocating the resources in Complex In-bound, Out- bound logistics scenarios at port for ship loading/ un-loading. The Objective of the model is to minimize the Ship Lay-time in such a way that all the constraints are satisfied. Several other improvement suggestions were provided to reduce the loading/ unloading process time. Highest dispatch was achieved after the implementation of suggestions. Penalty charges/ Demurrages are significantly reduced.

Resource planning of assessing number of TLCs required using Simulation In this project, discrete event Simulation Modelling is used for assessing the Optimum number of Torpedo Ladle Cars (TLC) required for shifting Hot Metal from Blast Furnace to Steel Melting Shop. The simulation model is developed by considering the various parameters such as production level, different activity timings, availability of resources, and provision of standby TLCs during operation.

Green Belt Six Sigma Projects successfully completed

- Increasing acceptance of Rails from 63% to 80%

- Reducing return fines from 20% to less than 18%


Designation: Asst. Manager- Industrial Engineering Phone: +919********* Experience: 5 Years E-Mail: ANNEXURE-2 (Industrial Training, Internship, Academic Project and extracurricular engagements) INDUSTRIAL TRAINING

Title: “Study of Galvanization Process and Optimization of Product Changeover Time” Organization: Jindal South West (JSW), Mumbai

Period: Jun’09-Jul’09

Role: Summer Trainee (Under the guidance of Manager-Operations) Description:

The project involved study of the steel coating process, time study of various activities and identification of bottlenecks. The product changeover time was optimized using PERT/ CPM techniques INTERNSHIP

Title: Supply Chain Management and Operations Research Organization: IIM – Ahmedabad

Period: Jun’10-Jul’10

Role: Intern (under the guidance of Prof. G Raghuram) Description:

As a part of the internship was involved in developing business case studies, providing data in a concise manner, formulate and developed an approach towards supply chain issues. ACADEMIC PROJECT

Title : Statistical Analysis of Energy Consumption in a Cluster of Small Scale Industries Period : May’10-Apr’11


The project involved analysis of the various technology and non-technology factors affecting energy efficiency in energy intensive industries cluster located in Haryana, by making use of empirical data pertaining to them EDUCATION

Bachelor of Technology (Industrial Engineering & Management) from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, Haryana in 2011

12th Augrah Narayan College, Patna, Bihar

10th Bal Vikas Vidyalaya, Sasaram, Bihar

Schooling till 6th class in Milagres Junior College, Mangalore EXTRAMURAL ENAGAGEMENTS

- Served as a member of the Organizing Committee of “Confluence” ‘08 and’10 a National Level Cultural Fest

- Functioned as a member of the organizing committee of “Literati” ’09 a National Level Technical and Management Symposium of NIT, Kurukshetra

- Efficiently managed and organized “Talent Show” in NIT, Kurukshetra

- Actively participated in “Tejas” organized by Aero Modelling Club, NIT Kurukshetra

- Participated in Working Model Competition “Ingenuity” organized by Literati ‘08& ’09, the technical fest of the college

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