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Miramar, Florida, United States
January 09, 2017

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Geraldine Oliver

Miami, FL *****

Cell- (240)***-****


Work Experience:

Purchasing Agent Supervisor

Supervisor: Mary Hart (904)***-**** / Rebecca Washington (904)***-****

NAVSUP Fleets Logistics Command Jax / Detachment - Pensacola, FL.

From 01/13/2013 until 12/31/2015



As the Purchasing supervisor I direct’ my duties were to coordinate, distribute and oversees the workload of my staff, this included my office, and two other detached sites under my supervision.

Pensacola, FL. Biloxi, Ms., and Corpus Cristi, TX. Naval Air Stations Fleet logistics command centers.

I Served as a Warranted Contracting Officer with a signature authority to purchase supplies and procure service’s up to the maximum SAP threshold, $150.000.00.

The subject matter expert/ Liaison for work involving the evaluation of contract price proposals, advertising, negotiating, monitoring, administrating and/or terminating of contracts for the procurement of supplies, and service in support the mission of the Navy Fleet Logistic Command Department.

Supervisory duties and administrative:

Planned and scheduled ongoing production of work, and assign work evenly throughout all three locations according to the priority, and urgency.

Overseen the development of technical data, estimates, and statistics.

Responsible for improving ways to eliminate bottlenecks and barriers to production.

Managed planned leave for staff, work schedules and approved leave.

Resolve work issues and problems with staff, vendors and customers.

Planned and coordinated conferences, and in-services, with or without travel itinerary.

Analyzed relayed, and resolved recurring reports, policies and changes.

Managed funding agreements, and indefinite delivery /indefinite quantity contracts for supplies, services, and construction.)

Reviewed and prepare written documentation of all annual option year contracts to be exercised in a timely manner, review grants, and processed annual agreements.

Provided technical assistance to the customers on developing legible efficient Statements of work, Performance work statements, Plan of action, to include the required specifications.

Reviewed, developed and prepared justifications for sole source, Urgent requirements, 2579 documentation for Small businesses, clearances, and waivers.

Analyzed all bids / proposals, and prepared technical evaluations to the customers.

Performed price/cost analysis, by reviewing past history, and market research.

Managed scope, schedule and budget for assigned projects.

Conducted on-site inspections of contractor's work to assure contract compliance.

Reviewed, and resolved progress payments, Net 30, and past due invoices.

Maintained tracking system for contracts and all contractual agreements.

Researched publications to determine if items are available through preferred supply sources such as Federal Supply Schedules (FSS), Federal Prison Industries, Blind and Severely Handicapped, small business set-aside or other specified sources of supply.

Timekeeping management, inputting time and attendance in ERP system on a daily basis, and approved leave.

Received workload from the Funding Document Manager on a daily basis, and distributed it evenly throughout each facility.

Maintained employee’s training folders to insure annual training needs and requirements of employees were met. Worked with customers, schedule visits to allow them to introduce their products, for (product knowledge.

Approved purchase orders, Award contracts, using the and Simplified Acquisition Process (SAP). Checked procurement packages for accuracy, notify customers, verify documents, and manage Excel spreadsheet for all workload reports assigned / and received.

Worked with vendors, Small business administration, research SAM registry for each vendor information, and documentation. Developed and submit official reports to my supervisor on a weekly basis.


Southern Regional Contracting Office

Southern -E Regional Contracting Office, SRCO -E

Augusta, GA 30905

Purchasing Agent - GS - 9/7

Supervisor: Carolyn Lovett

Duties: This position was located in the Base Contracting Office of the Resource Management Branch. Its purpose is to serve as a Purchasing Agent I received purchase request from Eisenhower Army Medical center, Fort Stewart, Fort Benning, Fort Jackson, and Fort Rucker Army medical center.

Procure purchase request orders from start to finish, reviewing and analyzing the request package, to determine how each requirement will be procured, making purchases for a broad range of equipment, commodities and services through a variety of methods.

Using the proper channels- utilizing all of the mandatory sources, Federal Supply Schedules (FSS), General Service Administration (GSA), (CHESS – for established BPA’s), FEDBID, and ASFI open market. Conduct market research for all requirements, a written statement on the procedures taken, and findings of each products / service.

Select which method of purchase payment will be made (e.g. Imprest Fund Transaction, Credit Card Transaction, Blanket Purchase Agreement, Call, or Purchase Order). Applies Buy America Act evaluation criteria to small purchases. Issues delivery orders against FSSs and indefinite delivery orders. Utilize FAR and DFAR clauses when processing awards and Purchase request.

Contract maintenance, process contract modifications, close outs, transferring all workloads into the Paperless contracting folders (PCF).

Other duties: Alternate timekeeper, and mail responsibility - FEDEX /UPS, USPS shipping of all office mail, and packages, and sign on to Sametime each morning.

Department of the Army

Fort Bragg, NC

Purchasing Agent

Supervisor: Kim Kilpatrick

From 04/2011 until 06/2012

(BRAC-KED to NC from Fort McPherson) Base Re-alignment, Fort McPherson Base closed.

Duties: Performs pre-award duties to secure contracts for the acquisition of goods and services.

Ensures that procurement is obtained from responsible sources at fair and reasonable prices.

Reviews, interprets, and input contract provisions, and clause mandated by the FAR / DFARS for contractors and Agency management, and to provides appropriate advice and guidance to the customers.

Prepares project status briefings, management reviews, management reports, and conference materials. Used SHAREPOINT for documenting and as our tracking system for updates, and reports to the supervisor.

Conduct Pre-award briefings, pre-work conferences with the awardees.

Process pre- and post award Construction contracts, Multiple Award, ID/IQ contracts.

Submit Request for quotes (RFQ) /and Proposals, through the Federal supply systems, GSA, Ability one, DLA, CHESS, ASFI, and open market FED BID.

Trained field and office employees in the operation and maintenance of system equipment. Develops and maintains a variety of user training information such as step-by-step procedures for use in new programs, patterns control operator manual, system recovery manual, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and updates as required.

Purchases a wide variety of the most complex and highly specialized services, supplies and equipment to meet the unique requirements of the organization serviced.

Market research duties: develop market research strategies for all purchase requests. to locate sources for products or services to determine availability of items or services with special or unique requirements that are in compliance with the FAR, and meeting the needs of the request.

Performs various contract administration functions, including monitoring canceled funds, performing reconciliation, and verifying evidence of contractor progress.

Monitors contractor performance for compliance with applicable laws, delivery schedules, payment provisions, contract data reporting requirements, and other contractual requirements.

Communicate with other buyers about customers’ requests, requirements, and follow-on contracts, period of performance issues, waivers, and deviations from contract terms.

Resolves delivery schedule problems with contractor and buying activity, and negotiates delivery schedule changes.

Coordinate workload with other small purchase sites to help ensure equitable distribution of workload.

Establish a line of communication with the customers, contractors, vendors, and other staff members of the acquisition team.

Arrange site visits and inspections with the clients and contractors, coordinate pre-site conference’s before the site visit.

Process various types of modifications to contract, de-obligate funds, change Line of accounting (LOA), change pay stations, and perform close-outs.

Worked with PD2 database system, Share point, Citrix, Sametime, and (PCF) Paperless Contract Files, and an in-house database tracking system that's updated daily, and weekly.

Department of the Army (DOD)

Fort McPherson, GA (Contracting Dept) / Mission Installation Command Center (MICC)

Purchasing Agent GS1105-9/6

Supervisor: Sharon Carson

From 9/2009 – 4/2011


Performs contractual duties and responsibilities on a daily basis, following standard policies and procedures of the FAR, and DOD.

Performs pre-award work to secure contracts for the acquisition of goods and services, and ensures that procurement is obtained from responsible sources at fair and reasonable prices.

Performs post-award duties on a daily basis, after the contract has been awarded.

Examines all incoming purchase requests to determine that all obligations are properly documented, accurate and reflects the correct Line of accounting, (payment station).

Reviews and interprets contract provisions for contractors, agency managers, and staff.

Provides advice and guidance concerning choosing the appropriate vendor, based on the needs and requirements of the customer.

Conducts market research, locate source for products or services to determine the best value, quality, and availability of items or services submit request for quotes.

Developed, and maintains vendors contact list with all legible information which includes point of contact, phone numbers, email addresses and company address. Evaluates vendors progress towards meeting small purchase delivery and performance requirements. Identifies failures in compliance with contract provisions in small purchase. Notifies small purchase vendors of delinquencies or quality deficiencies.

Monitored work in progress, maintained surveillance on the status of work, made day-to-day adjustments to work assignments in accordance with priorities, coordinates on special program requirements, and advised supervisor as to the status of assigned work. Communicated on a daily basis with vendors, receive and resolve customer’s complaints, wrote daily reports, and Memorandum for file / and for record.

Perform contract maintenance which includes various tasks: Distribution of award actions, award closure, terminate close outs, transfer contracts, de-obligate funds, and process all other types of contract modifications.

National Institute of Health / ORS

Bethesda, MD

Purchasing Agent / Invoice Specialist

Supervisor: Donna Bowe

02/2007 – 09/2009


Worked at the National Institute of Health, for the Office of Research Services, under the (ORD) Office of the Director.

Were responsible for processing purchase orders on a daily to basis under the terms and conditions agreed upon for each vendors Contract, Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), and General Service Administration (GSA) agreement, after first complying and reviewing our entire mandatory source.

Used simplified acquisition procedures for all procurement functions.

Methods of processing procurement orders, Impress funds -Govt. issued credit card.

Received all purchase requests from the technicians and the lab requesters.

Reviewed all Purchase request for accuracy, clarity, and their priority.

Request quotes from vendors for purchase orders that exceeded $3,000, verified pricing, and delivery time frame.

Processed orders purchase request using fax, phone in, and / or by way of (email). Performed my duties using an accounting database system, ORACLE, NBS, PRISM, Envision, Iprocurement, and Maximo.

Minimum single purchase authority of $25,000, and monthly $100,000.with GPC card.

Maintain yearly maintenance agreements, and preventive maintenance documents.

Answer in-coming phone calls, performed market research for all necessary equipment, repairs, maintenance, and preventive maintenance.

Department of Veterans Affairs Miami Health care

Miami, FL United States / Prosthetic’s Dept.

Lead Program Support Assistant (Purchasing Agent)

Supervisor: Janet Bullard

09/2006 – 02/2007


Worked as the Lead Program Support Assistant for the Prosthetics dept. at Miami VA Health care center.

On a daily basis performed various administrative duties, planned, prioritized and coordinated work flow in the office.

I ran delayed and pending reports on a daily basis, and submitted them to my supervisor.

Coordinated the administrative and clerical work for this department. Maintained personnel files, scheduled appointments, meetings, and conferences.

Procured office supplies, rehabilitation equipment, and services. Interacted with all members of the staff throughout the Veterans Administration, and individuals outside of the agency ranging from other government agencies to the general public, of all levels, and cultures.

Received in-coming phone calls and visitors, customers, patients and their families during their visit.

Assisted with the Wheelchair committee, and electronic scooters eligibility committee.

Served as the office liaison for the prosthetics department.

Received and processed orders for the specialty clinics, also from patients primary care physicians, and physical therapist for patients with special disability needs pertaining to custom made prosthesis made to fit, back braces, leg braces, body brace, custom orthotic's, arch supports, and shoes.

Performs administrative utilities management as required to update the database in connection with current vendor information, accounting data, access security, Federal Stock Class (FSC)/buyer and address maintenance.

Examined clinical health records and disability claims to determine eligibility status for clothing allowance and repairs to homes, examine applications and disability claims for customized vehicles, electric wheelchairs, and scooters.

Replaced damaged equipment, assembled, and demonstrated equipment for veterans on a daily basis.

Maintained the stock room inventory for supplies, re-stock and re-ordered all needed supplies, and equipment.

Maintained a file system for all documents and procurement procedures processed.

Back-up time keeper, input time and attendance for employees.

Reconciled all orders.

National Institute of Health (NCI)

Bethesda, MD United States

Technical Assistant (Purchasing Agent) / Microbiology Lab

Supervisor: Todd Danielson

From 6/2004 until 6/2006


This position was located in the Molecular Biology lab department where I performed a variety of purchasing duties using various procurement methods.

Reviewed requests for procurement through prescribed sources to determine the nature of the item or services required and sufficiency of information. Reviewed completed purchase orders, requisitions for adherence to procurement regulations. Policies, and procedures and for use of good judgment in selection of source of supply, and best offers. Assured that procurement regulations, and established office policies and procedures have been compiled with.

Through the Mandatory resources, using vendors on the Federal supply schedules, BPA's, and other Govt. resources.

Scientific / and non- scientific Grants maintenance: Assisted in evaluating the scientific aspects of routine grants or Cooperative Agreement applications; and monitoring grantees' continuing operations to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant award; participating in negotiating, awarding, and obligating grant funds; writing Requests For Applications (RFAs) and Program Announcements (PAs), and reviewing applications submitted under RFAs and Pas.

Participate in the planning and business management of the full range of assigned grants and renewal applications.

Perform post-award monitoring of grants and cooperative agreements similar to those noted above under pre-award activities.

Process a full range of grant/agreement applications used to determine the selection of grant/agreement awards. Review grant/agreement applications for clarity and completeness.

Participate in the negotiation of the budget, award period, and terms and conditions for grant awards.

While working for (National Cancer Institute).

Prepared many requisitions for the Molecular Biology Research labs, using various payment methods, such as Govt' credit card, impress funds, (ROC) Record of call, (PSC) Professional service orders, and (RQM’s) Issuing Purchase order numbers to some orders.

Assisted lab staff with Statement of work (SOW) orders for vendors, amendments, justifications, and processed yearly maintenance agreements.

Reconciled all orders and submitted for approval.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Miami, FL United States / (Prosthetics Dept.)

Program Support Assistant (Purchasing Agent)

Supervisor: Janet Bullard

From 03/2001 until 06/2004


Worked in the Prosthetics department processing Procurement orders using the simplified acquisition method.

On a daily basis I receive and process orders on a National Prosthetic's database system (NPPD) and in VISTA,

These orders were processed through DHCP and saved electronically on each patient’s medical record. Develop and submit daily reports, and correspondence to my supervisor.

Assembled wheel chairs, 4 and 2 wheel walkers gave demonstrations on BP monitors, canes, electrodes, minor equipment and supplies.

Ordered supplies and inventory to re-stock the inventory at Miami VA, Prosthetics department.

Timekeeper, assigned as a Mock surveyor, getting various departments prepared for a visit from JACHO, also assigned ADPAC duties.

Reconciled all orders at the end of each month, submitted to my A/O for approval.

Provided a multitude of customer assistance in procurement matters to veteran’s co-workers and staff from other departments / clinicians, and vendors.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Miami, FL United States

Program Clerk / Nursing service

Supervisor: Gaye Belgrave

From 04/1999 until 03/2001


Performed various administrative duties for the Adult Day Health care and the employee educational program.

Served as the secretary to the Head Nurse for these depts.

Typed all technical and non technical documents, compose and compile information.

Typed routine letters, minutes of weekly or monthly committee, and staff meetings.

Close out open encounters, initiates (ICD) codes used for billing information.

Set up in-services, reserve rooms, auditorium space for meetings and conferences, recorded, and distributed minutes of meetings.

Coordinates personnel actions and maintains records such as performance ratings, position descriptions, and award nominations. Provides human resource advisory services to managers and performs related functions.

Receive in-coming and outgoing phone calls and messages.

Responsible for daily timekeeping duties, inputting employee’s time and attendance into the (TEMPO) employee database system, informing staff of following the rules and policy regulations of the established guidelines set in place through the hospital policies and procedures.

Assisted with processing and maintaining employee’s personal, information into office files, disciplinary action, competency folders, CEU’s training certificates, Professional license information

Supervisor's (Adult Day Care) Name: Gaye Belgrave, Supervisor's Phone: 305 ***-****) / Rebecca Pleasant Associate Chief Nurse for employee educational service.

From July 15, 1992 until April 1999 I worked for the Nursing service as a CNA, Geriatric nursing, Spinal cord, and Psych departments with disabled veterans before receiving a transfer, and promotion to the Nursing Education Dept.


Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Credits Earned: 101 hrs. Of continued learning job related education / current - through FY 2014, 80hrs. renewed as required ever 2years

Miami Dade Community College Miami, FL United States

Technical or Occupational Certificate 05/2000

Major: Social work Minor: Psychology

Miami Dade Medical Center, Miami, FL United States

Associates of Science Degree 01/1999

Credits Earned: 66 Continuing Education Unit

Major: Nursing - LPN Minor: Geriatric nursing

Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

LPN Associate Nurse.

Hialeah Sr. High School Hialeah, FL United States

High School or equivalent 06/1988

Job Related Training:

Level II Certification in Purchasing, and Contracting from (Defense Acquisition University)

Procurement Management Review – (PMR)

Source Selection

Federal Acquisition Regulations – (FAR) Boot-camp







Kelly Lennon-Boone

Department of





Sharon Carson Department of the Army

Former Supervisor



Kimberly Rickette

The Church of Christ

Medical Technician

(321) ***-****

Additional Information:

Special Advancement / Performance/ Cash awards:

From 12 -1998 through 01-2013

Level II Certification Purchasing Agent (DAU)

Security Clearance 12/17/ 2010,

Volunteers: The American Red Cross

Emerald coast Hospice.

Types 40wpm

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