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Durban, KZN, South Africa
10 000 - 15 000
October 26, 2016

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Curriculum Vitae


Muziwandile Zwane

I am an interesting person who has a passion for life and people. I am very sociable and enjoy interaction with people of all races, gender and age. My communication skills are exceptionally good and this attribute has been developed due to that, I have been fortunate enough to have been friends with a wide group of people. We have shared many positive learning experiences in the past.

I am an honest and outspoken person that is respectful of my family, peers, my elders and the environment. I want to be the best that I can be and seek opportunities in life to constantly improve myself and my education.

My experiences in college have been invaluable as I am able to solve computer problems at hand and have the initiative to make relevant decisions when necessary.

Personal Details

Surname : Zwane

Name : Muziwandile

Date of Birth : 26-09-1988

I.D Number : 880-***-**** 085

Residential Address : 12 Claveshay Green

Lynroy Avenue Cleland


Nationality : South African

Marital Status : Single

Gender : Male

Language : isiZulu (speak, read, and write)

English (speak, read and write)

Health : Excellent

Interests : music, socialising, volunteering

Contact Details : 073-***-****

Email :


High school : Mziwethu High School

Certificate : Grade 12

Year : 2008

Subjects : English

: IsiZulu

: Afrikaans

: Mathematics

: Life Sciences

: Life Orientation

: Physical Sciences

Tertiary Education

Name of Institution : National Computer College

Course being studied : A+ Software, A+ Hardware and

PC Engineering

Year : 2009-2010

Year Graduated : 2010

Name of Institution : Axis Communications Academy

Course being studied : CCTV Course

Year : 2016

Year Graduated : 2016

Employment history

Name of Company : Bayisa Cleaning Services

Position : Cleaner

Work Duration : December 2010 – March 2012

Duties : Everything that is based on cleaning

Reason for leaving : I got an internship

Name of Company : Department of Health Madadeni Hospital

Position : Intern/Learner (IT Technician)

Work Duration : April 2012 – Dec 2015

Responsibilities : Provide client support and technical issue Configure software

Provide training to clients in the use of systems and applications

Obtain general understanding of OS and application operations related to company offered services

Perform regular updates of servers

Research and learn about new software in the market that relates to the organization’s functions

Configure client’s equipment

Identify and solve various IT related problems

Installed HP network printers for the following Hospitals and District offices

(Madadeni Provincial Hospital, Newcastle Provincial Hospital, Neiymere Hospital, Amajuba District Office, Newcastle PHC, Edumbe Hospital, Madadeni EMRS,

Name of Company : SimplyIT and Accounting Solutions CC

Position : IT Technician and Technical Sales

Work Duration : 2016- To current

Duties : IT Technical Duties, Remote User Assistance Server Maintenance, All IT Support

Networking, Fibre Optic Cable Splicing.

Technical Sales, Sage Pastel Accounting

CCTV Installation and Maintenance.

General office duties.


Installing, configuring and troubleshooting exchange server computers

Managing, monitoring and troubleshooting the exchange organization

Managing and monitoring and troubleshooting the exchange environment

Managing security in the exchange environment

Managing recipient objects and address list

Managing and monitoring technologies that supports exchange server 2003

Installing windows (os)

Implementing and conducting administration of resources

Implementing, managing, monitoring and troubleshooting hardware devices and drivers

Monitoring and optimizing system performance and reliability

Configuring and troubleshooting the desktop environment

Implementing, managing and troubleshooting network protocols and services

Configuring, managing and troubleshooting security

Plan and implement server roles and server security

Plan, implement and maintain a network infrastructure

Plan, implement and maintain routing and remote access

Plan, implement and maintain server availability

Plan, implement and maintain user, computer and network security

Plan, implement and maintain security infrastructure

Creating the conceptual design by gathering and analysing business and technical requirements

Creating logical design for an active directory infrastructure

Creating the logical design for an network services infrastructure

Creating the physical design for an active directory and network infrastructure


Name and Surname : H. Zwane

Company : Bayisa Cleaning Services

Position : Owner (CEO)

Contact Details : 061-***-****

Name and Surname : TD. Shabangu

Company : Madadeni Hospital

Position : Facility Information Officer

Contact Details : 071-***-****

Name and Surname : Adhish Ramdeen

Company : Gijima Technology People

Position : IT Technician

Contact Details : 082-***-****

Name and Surname : Veeshal Annathour

Company : SimplyIT and Accounting Solutions CC

Position : Technical Director

Contact Details : 031-***-****

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