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Electrical Engineer Project

Doha, Doha, Qatar
November 21, 2018

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EElleeccttrriiccaall EEnnggiinneeeerr AAssaadd AAmmiinn

Qatar Phone: +974-******** E-mail/Skype: Career Objective:

To be able to utilize the knowledge already gained, in a responsible and proper manner resulting in a value add to the organization and to reach the apex of my career in the process. Projects:


USAID Power Distribution Project RFP 126

USAID Power Distribution Project RFP 125

Japan Embassy, Doha, Qatar

Hamad Metro Stations, Doha, Qatar

Al Messila Metro Station, Doha, Qatar

36 KM Tunnel MEP Work, Doha, Qatar


White Palce, Doha, Qatar

Al Qadeem, Doha, Qatar

QNL, Doha, Qatar


Over 7 Years in Construction Industry as Electrical Engineer. Skills

Self-starter with exceptional organization and interpersonal skills

Working knowledge of the specific trade of discipline as assigned, with associated special processes, inspection and testing

Experience in site execution and preparation of all the phases document for construction, commissioning and closeouts.

Comprehensive knowledge of electrical testing workflow, process and standards

Advance skills for managing overall requirements for controlling the execution and commissioning works, monitoring the progress of the work, evaluating the results with respect to planning & scheduling basis while maintaining the quality of work for full filling the project requirements.

Proficient in the use MS Project

Proficient in the use of MS Office

Proficient in the preparation of project


Proficient in Revit and CAD design 2D/3D

Proficient in ElectricalOM BS7671

Proficient in the preparation of project

work flow for execution and Commissioning

Time management skills and ability to adapt to

changeability to interpret electrical drawings

and schematic diagrams, industry/regulatory

codes and standards (NEC, BS, CIBSE, NFPA,


Development of Training Materials

Creative Team Leadership

Good planning and organizational skills.

Hand on Experience

Electrical Test:

Continuity test

Insulation resistance test

Earth Resistance test

Di-electric Test

Phase sequence test

Voltage Measurement

Earth fault loop impedance test

Prospective fault current test

Prospective short current test

RCD/RCBO trip test

LUX test

Power quality analysis test

Thermographic test

Electrical Equipment:

• Fluke 1663 Multifunctioning Meter

• Fluke 376 Clamp Meter

• Fluke 1630 Earth Resistance Meter

• Fluke 1625-2 Earth Ground Tester

• Fluke 1621 Earth Ground Tester

• Megger MIT 515 Di-Electric Tester

• Megger LTW 425 ELI, PFC, PFC

• Fluke 789 Process Meter

• Fluke TiS10 Thermal Imagers

• Fluke 941 Light Micrometer

• Fluke 438 Power Quality Meter

• Fluke T5 Handheld Electrical Tester

• FLK2AC/200-1000VC ACV Detector

Method Statement

Installation method Statement

SMDB, DB, MCC, ATS, Fire Alarm Panel and

Accessories, Cable Tray/Trunk, Earthing

Bonding, Lightning Protection and Small Power

Testing and Commissioning

• Continuity, Insulation Resistance Test, Earth

Resistance Test, ELI, PSC, PFC, SMDB, DB, MCC

Professional Experience

Redco International Wll Doha, Qatar

Electrical Engineer, 9/2016 to Present

Redco International Wll is responsible for the design verification, construction, and commissioning of Qatar Rail Station “Al Messila, Hamad White Palace, Al Shaqab, QNL, Al Qadeem and 36 km Tunnel with 6 Evacuations Shaft.


Responsible for all electrical inspections related to installations, testing, commissioning etc. for the involved project.

Act as the main technical adviser on a construction site for subcontractors and operatives

Set out, level and survey the site

Check plans, drawings and quantities for accuracy of calculations

Ensure that all materials used and work performed are in accordance with the specifications

Oversee the selection and requisition of materials

Manage, monitor and interpret the contract design documents supplied by the client or architect

Liaise with consultants, subcontractors, supervisors, planners, quantity surveyors and the general workforce involved in the project

Liaise with the local authority (where appropriate to the project) to ensure compliance with local construction regulations and by-laws

Communicate with clients and their representatives (architects, engineers and surveyors), including attending regular meetings to keep them informed of progress

Day-to-day management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labor force and the work of any subcontractors

Plan the work and efficiently organize the site facilities in order to meet agreed deadlines

Oversee quality control and health and safety matters on site

Prepare reports as required

Resolve any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems that may arise.

Testing and Commissioning Activities

Developing testing and commissioning documentation, procedures in configuration with the application configuration.

Developing of test schedule and tool adaptation for the variants.

Manage and development of all necessary tool required for the test execution and test management.

Ensure the timely deployment of the test procedure, tools.

Define clear and exhaustive acceptance criteria for all tests.

Responsible for implementation of validation and certification of tests.

Responsible for producing testing and commissioning documentation (test program, test description, delivery planning, acceptance criteria, tools record)

Ensure that all testing and commissioning activities are considered as per project and local specification.



Main Contractor

Sub-Contractor for

Construction and Testing


Redco International Wll, DOHA, Qatar

Electrical Engineer, 4/2013 to 9/2016

Redco International Wll is responsible for the construction and commissioning of Embassy Japan Qatar. Responsibilities/Assignment:

Assist the Engineering Manager/Lead Electrical Engineer with the delivery of project requirements as they relate to scope, cost, and schedule.

Prepare, subject to the approval of the Lead Electrical Engineer, technical documentation required for the execution of the project, including but not limited to general layout drawings, design criteria, design calculations, preliminary studies, value engineering studies, process flow sheets, standard specifications, standard detail drawings, construction and/or fabrication drawings, equipment lists, technical specifications, as-built documentation and data sheets.

Manage and coordinate with the Lead/Senior Electrical Engineers the progress of the engineering work in accordance with the project scope, schedule, and procedures.

Review shop drawings to ensure conformity with engineering designs.

Following the award of contracts and purchase orders as instructed, monitor the fabrication and construction work to ensure that it is executed in accordance with the engineering designs.

Review the design of the supplier solution and check the performance compliance.

Support any technical activity on the complex issue according to the best practice.

Reporting the FRAC to system assurance department.

Analyses the supplier technical offers.

Drive technical relationship with supplier’s management of validation and risk.

Witness Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT).

Assist the Lead Electrical Engineer to measure, on a monthly basis, the progress of the engineering work packages to ensure that project budgets and schedules are being met. Assist the Lead Electrical Engineer in implementing corrective action as required.

Assist the Lead/Senior Electrical Engineers in reviewing the outcome of quality audits of engineering work and perform remedial work in accordance with the project procedures and the quality assurance plan.

Assist the Lead/Senior Electrical Engineers in ensuring that the checking of documentation and interdisciplinary coordination is implemented in accordance with project procedures.

Assist the Lead Electrical Engineer in the preparation of draft monthly engineering progress reports for incorporation into the engineering monthly report.

Assist in the commissioning on site as required.

Coordinating and advancing project tasks

Examine/inspect field conditions and identify problems, inaccuracies, and cost saving measures that arise or that may be encountered. Take corrective actions as needed.



Main Contractor

Taisei – Redco Joint

Venture for Construction

and Testing



Electrical Engineer, 2/2012 to 4/2013

Nariman Construction Company is responsible for the design verification, construction, and commissioning Responsibilities/Assignment:

• Responsible for operating and maintaining power systems, including but not limited to HV and LV, 11 KV/440 V Transformers and O&M activities are including as a minimum:

• Carrying out overall installation activities.

• Carrying out testing including thermal imaging on all HV and LV systems.

• Periodic testing of 11KV systems.

• Periodic SMDB, MDB, ATS, MCC maintenance.

• Periodic maintenance of lighting control systems.

• Checking and operating breakers.

• Ensures engineers and other personnel implements operating procedures to resolve system malfunctions.

• Provides technical information; investigate equipment failures and difficulties to diagnose faulty operation, and to make recommendations to maintenance crew.

• Designs maintenance strategies, procedures, and methods for the Electrical Systems. Organizes, prioritize and assign Work Orders to workforce using computerized maintenance management system.

• Identifies services that are to be outsourced. Recognizes Electrical Services Providers (Sub-contractor) and actively produce the detailed scope of works, specifications, Service Level Agreement (SLA).

• Manages the Electrical Service Providers in accordance with the set SLA. And responsible for the valuation of manufacturers/supplier’s technical documentation and bids.

• Liaises with Line Manager to establish the operational budget and needs for Capex (capital expenditure). In charge of monitoring and controlling maintenance costs for Electrical Systems, responsible for managing the budget and reporting on any monthly variation between actual and budget. Requirements for Capex shall always be backed with valid business cases and/or Safety requirements.

• Liaises with the procurement department, undertake the stock review on a regular basis to ensure adequate stock of vital spares/supplies & consumables.

• Ensures Assets Register is always updated with all relevant information such as As-Built Drawings, O&M manuals readily available.

• Contributes to the creation of Technical Services Department’s Work Procedures by preparing all those related to equipment/systems related to his field based on Health and Safety procedures, good engineering practices, and manufacturer’s O&M manuals.

Team Management:

• Anticipates issues prioritize and plan personal & team efforts to ensure completion within set deadlines.

• Delegates work with clear work instructions; provides performance feedback to team members.

• Conducts performance appraisal for the team members and provides feedback as necessary.


Main Contractor

USAID Project for

Government Electricity



Software: Auto-Cad, Electrical-OM BS7671, Eco-dial Schneider, MS Project, MS Office (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi)

Higher Education


Major: Electrical Power

Graduated with high honors


Short Courses:

Schneider university online courses:

• Building Engineer, Critical Environments (Electrical Lead)

• Commissioning for Energy Efficiency

• Data Center Projects: Commissioning

• Distributed Generation

• Power Distribution I

• Pumping Systems, I: Pump Types and Performance)

Short courses:

• Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment (Cert No:711- 4162123) Alison UK.

• Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems (Cert No:705- 4162123) Alison UK.

• Basic Electricity from International Association of Arson Investigation INC.

• Electrical Safety from International Association of Arson Investigation INC.

• Electrical Measurement Safety Program Fluke (Cert No: C1470)

• Electrical Testing and Commissioning BS 7671, Provided by Fluke Doha, Qatar.

• Electrical Designing Training from ElectricalOM on ElectricalOM BS7671 Software.

• First Aid Certification granted by CIEH UK.

• Health and Safety Level 2 granted by CIEH UK.

• Construction Railway Operation (SW-18013127)

• Construction Commissioning Railway Management (CCRM ID:32889)

• LOCKOUT TAG OUT LOTO (Security Code:5840218A2662)

• Electrical Ariel Bundle Cable training granted by USAID & IRG Electrical software for designing and verification:

• ElectricalOM BS7671 (For Designing, Calculation & Verification)

• ABB Software

• Ecodial Advance Calculation (Schneider Electric)

• DiaLux (Lighting Designing)

Available for Relocation

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