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Customer Service Manager

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
September 18, 2018

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Build on the four levels of management excellence, strategic, operational, leadership and networking, thus, also to enhance management and leadership skills.

Be pro-active in seeking out better ways of doing things with continuous improvement.

Understand the core themes of leadership and values within the company and devise strategies and plans for implementation.

Develop skills and personal effectiveness to enable jobs more effectively and take on more demanding and challenging roles in the future.

Outstanding communication skills with demonstrated capability to create a wide range of policies, plans, and procedures. Proven leader and manager of people and processes. A logical, self-motivated decision-maker who works well under stress and strives for continuous growth and improvement in all endeavors’.

Looking forward for better career opportunities, technology exposure and challenges.

Personal Particulars

Full Name : Siti Rashimah Bt Sheikh Rasul Bux

NRIC : 800***-**-****

Age : 36Years old

Date of Birth : September 21, 1980

Place of Birth : HUKM

Sex : Female

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Malaysian

Race : Malay

Health : Excellent

Language Spoken : English and Bahasa Malaysia

Language Written : English and Bahasa Malaysia

Current Salary : As Per attached

Expected Salary : MYR (Negotiable)

Availability : Immediately after notice period of 3 month


Educational Background

1993 - 1997 Sekolah Menengah (P) St. Mary

Kuala Lumpur

SPM 1 (Account)

1997 -1999 Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) - Serdang

Diploma in Computer Science Serdang

2.75 CGPA

Extra Curricular Activities

1993 – 1995 Secretary of Kelab Bimbingan & Kerjaya

Secretary of Persatuan Perdagangan

Treasury of Kelab Olahraga

Secretary of Netball club

2004 – 2005 Project Leader for E-learning PLB team, HK Trade Dept.

SCOPE International, Kuala Lumpur

Project coordinators Ideal and ISO Certification for PLB team, HK Trade Dept. SCOPE International, Kuala Lumpur

2006 Project Leader of IDEAL Project for PLB Team, HK Trade Dept.

2010 – 2012 ISO Committee for Certification of ISO 1900_2005 & MS ISO 9001 2008 (2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013)

Skills Acquired

Skillful and dedicated with experience in the coordination, planning, and support of daily operational and administrative functions

Demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive support

Adept at developing and maintaining detailed administrative and procedural processes that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives

Proficient in Microsoft Office System, Microsoft Windows® operating system

Personal Strength

A balanced personality on knowledge, abilities, opportunity to use skills, to perform and be recognized.

Goal achievement and task oriented emphasize on management skills in planning, organizing and controlling.

Interpersonal, initiative and adaptability. Self-motivated with driving ambition and intense will to succeed.

Able to adapt and respond effectively to a dynamic working environment. Active and committed, easy going and friendly

Have working experience more than 8 years in bank operations

Strong analytical and problem solving skills with a logical mindset

Good working knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel and MS Access (MS Office)

Pleasant personality with good interpersonal skills

Possess good organisational and interpersonal with good customer service skills

Working Experience

Professional experienced in working in fast-paced environment demanding strong organizational, technical and interpersonal skills. Trustworthy, ethical and discreet, committed to superior customer service. Confident and poised in interactions with individual at all level. Detail-oriented and resourceful in completing projects, able to multitask effectively. Focused and determined, meet challenges head on and remain level headed under stressful situations.

Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation (M) Bhd

(Since 15th June 2006 )

Assistant Vice President System Development, Security & Safety and Administration- Operations Department

System Development & Admin

Creates and executes project work plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.

Monitoring of Operation Change Request, UAT stages & Pre prod testing & CR migration to production approval.

Monitoring of Operation BAU defect and updates HOD & COO.

Monitor /oversee annual expenses budget and monitor actual expenses against budget

Monitor /oversee Operations monthly Expenses (Actual Budget) against Approved budget on monthly basis per Cost Centre.

Monitor /oversee Division’s purchases are in line with the bank procurement standard and procedures.

Monitor /oversee purchase within Division and approved and record Invoices for Payment (PRCS) and requisitions of Purchase (PR) for all Operations transactions.

Authorized process of claims, general expenses and invoices for operation division (iprocurement).

Review / Monitor and control Division purchases, ensuring expenditure are within Operations approved Capex & Opex Budget.

Monitoring Suspense Account Surprise Check- Once every month, perform a surprise check on the Suspense Accounts of every Cost Centre within Operations. Act as an independent party to avoid findings by internal & external auditor.

Monitoring (as 3rd party checking) of report for Operations Suspense Account Reconciliation inclusive of the aging and ensure there are no irregularity.

As a COD (Control Of Document) & QDC (Quality Document Controller) for ARBMY.

To provide administration assistance, document controlling to Head of Department.

(ISO 1900_2005 & MS ISO 9001 2008 (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014). Ensure the establishment of documents maintains and implemented quality assurance SOP's and practices.

To establish and monitor policies and procedures that will help the company meet its sales and risk management goals, and Consolidate Operations SLA (both internal & external). To ensure all SLA's are still valid and renew any expired one.

As a safety custody for Bankwide policy, guidelines and working instruction. (Lodgement & Withdrawal)

Security & Safety

Oversees security operations

Ensuring high standard of physical security provided to the bank at all branches,

Develop and enforce security and safety policies to ensure safe environment to staff and customers,

Providing leadership, advice and counsel to others on security policy and practices. Identifies exposures and to recommend and develop corrective plans as appropriate.

To ensure all security integrated systems are operational.

To ensure security vendor to conduct training 2 times annually to improve service standards and quality and ensure no major complaint on security issue at branch and OPA lobby.

To provide training and awareness to branch on the security and safety measure, also understand bank requirements. (Flood, earthquake, robbery prevention, fire safety OSHA and etc)

Reviewing and ensuring all fire prevention system and equipment are in operational,

Administer the access card for the entire bank including branches.

Attending other relevant meetings with other departments.

Responsible to advice branches on security and safety situation arise.

To advice CMS on activation of alarm after midnight hours.

Ensuring compliance with local, state and federal guidelines regarding emergency, safety and security.

Writing security & safety audit/review reports

Risk management assessments on the existing branches and operation.

Coordinate the Evacuation Drill for the entire bank.

Update Occupational Safety report.

Coordinate inspection of fire safety equipment together with Property Department.

Monitors and evaluates security performance on key security issues and programs, recommends corrective action programs that are appropriate.

Establishes/maintains relationship with local authorities.

Preparing, updating and getting approval for Working Instruction.

Maintains knowledge of criminal trends, current security issues and security technology and update management on risk and threat that could impact company business.

Manager – Corporate Credit Administration (SME Disbursement) – 2010 – End of March 2011

Basic Salary : MYR3,782.00

Manages day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope.

Take Lead on Corporate Credit Admin business projects within the organization and responsible for quality of project deliverables and realization of benefits as projected in the Business case

Evaluate credit applications submitted by business units

Proactively highlight key and inherent risks in a credit application.

Critically review (moderate) credit risk grades to reflect the loan quality and Consistence vis-à-vis other loan assets.

Ensure credit applications submitted are of good quality and are in compliance with the Bank’s credit policies and guidelines.

Promote continuous development of tools and methodologies to focus on risk and return.

Monitoring and evaluating active accounts to reduce or prevent bad debt losses.

Verify and ensure all the transaction – Disbursement, Payment (early settlement & full settlement) as per request by customer and Override Posting in RBS and AMS System

Entertained relevant customers and branch request via phone or emails.

Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing measurement data and trends; conveying findings to immediate superior:

a.Collection Report

b.DPD, MIA and Due Report

c.Sinking Funds, Collateral & Fixed Deposit Report

d.CF-I and SCF-i (Installment)Report

Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project team and manage project dependencies and critical path.

Monitoring and performed reconciliation of Intersystem account and

Creates and executes project work plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements inclusive of UAT – AMS System, RBS, CTF, IG LINK, CCRIS, CLEARING CHEQUES, CARDS, CASH MANAGEMENT, SWIFT, RENTAS and others.

Performed EOD Daily balancing

Executive – Payment & Inward Clearing Department – 2006 – 2007

Basic Salary : MYR2,600.00

Assistant Manager – Payment & Inward Clearing Department – March 2007 – 2008

Basic Salary : MYR2,756.00

Manager – Payment & Inward Clearing Department – 2009 – End Of January2010

Basic Salary : MYR3,576.00

To manage the overall day to day operations of the department in the following areas

Payment - Remittances

Cash Management Operations

e-SPICK - Inward Clearing Cheque, CTCS – Image Based

To manage the department performance including operations, while maintaining the high standard of service and customer satisfactions

To provide full support to operations staff in operations activities

To ensure that the department complies with the policies, procedures and guidelines as set by the Bank and the relevant authorities in order to achieve the objectives and goals of the Bank

To coordinate with management on issues affecting the operations and make recommendation for improvements

To build and reinforce service culture to improve quality assets through development of staff, recommend process, re-engineering, realignment of resources and exploitation of IT system

To deliver business plan growth and income objectives; develop and implement short- and long-term objectives align with Bank objectives and goals

Coach and motivate team in maximizing performance, effective cost management and exercising sound risk management. To build up a motivated team in achieving the Bank’s objectives and goals, and to deliver excellent service to customers

Oversee and participate in developing, expanding and managing consumer and business account relationships, ensuring that targets are met while customers continue to enjoy the high standards of service

Special Task

Involved and take part as a team to Setting Up the Bank’s Operations in 2006

Preparing of Bank manual, userguide & flowchart

Conducting a training for branches and new joining of staffs

Automation of Remittances - completed

Automation of eSPICK – CTCS - completed

Involved in Bank’s Project

E-Remittances – in progress

Internet Banking – in progress

Cheque Truncation & Conversion System (CTCS)

Phase 1

Phase 2 & 3

2004 – 2006 SCOPE International (M) Sdn Bhd [GSSCKL]

(Apr. – June.) Subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) PLC, UK

L-2-E, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur &

Level 1, Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya, Selangor (International Trade dept)

2 years working experience in banking operations specifically in International Banking Trade Services with hands on experience in Private Labeling (in-sourcing) and Agency Letter of credit (out-sourcing) bills checking and processing as

Basic Salary : MYR1800.00

Global Operation Officer (2 years)

-Key Responsibilities

All round banking knowledge with good understanding of credit control principles and comprehensive knowledge of trade documentation and trade products.

To perform specific duties as instructed by the team management in accordance to the relevant procedures, guidelines, instructions and standards set in order to meet the productivity and service standards set.

Perform day-to-day operational tasks of trade finance transactional processing.

Responsible in processing the import and export deal transaction.

(e.g.: Issuing L/C and handle payment/remittance against Letter of Credit.)

Experience in handling Letter of credit for several countries, such as UK, USA, India, Norway, Oman, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Chile, Canada and Pakistan

Well versed in IMEX system.

Processing and approving (where authorized) relevant transaction guided by the operating procedures, guidelines, policies and standard set.

Sound knowledge in SWIFT format.

Familiar with international bank swift address


SCOPE International (M) Sdn Bhd [GSSCKL] :-

Awarded Values Champions, most responsive, most watchful, most knowledgeable

(E-Learning Processing for SCB Hong Kong PLB Trade Import dept) on Quarter 2, 2005 -

Extra Miler Award for Quarter 3 on Sep. 2005

Gold Achiever for Quarter 3 on Sep. 2005

Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation (ARBMY) :-

Awarded for outstanding performance on 2006 – Al Rajhi Bank (Deferred Bonus)

Awarded for outstanding performance on 2007 – Al Rajhi Bank (Deferred Bonus)

Awarded for outstanding performance on 2009 – Al Rajhi Bank (Deferred Bonus)

Awarded for outstanding performance on 2010 – Al Rajhi Bank (Deferred Bonus)

Awarded for outstanding performance on 2012 – Al Rajhi Bank (Deferred Bonus)

Awarded for outstanding performance on 2013 – Al Rajhi Bank (Deferred Bonus)

Awarded for outstanding performance on 2014 – Al Rajhi Bank (Deferred Bonus)

Awarded for outstanding performance on 2016 – Al Rajhi Bank (Deferred Bonus)

Certification of ISO 1900_2005 & MS ISO 9001 2008 (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014)

Computer Skills

IT Skills - Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows XP

- MS Office (Word, Power Point, Access, Excel)

- IMEX-HK finance system.

- Smart Stream Reconciliations (SSR)

- Trade Front-End System (TFS) –banking system

- Account Management System (AMS – Financing)

- Retal Banking System

- Visual Basic Programming Language (VB 6.0)

- HTML, Macromedia Director 8.5, Swish 2.0, SwishMax

- Adobe Photoshop 7.0

- FastPublisher –Web Content Management System

- System Analysis and Design (SSDAM)

Course Attended

2005 – Fish Philosphy (Scope)

2005 – Money Laundering Prevention (Scope)

2005 – IDEAL – Process Improvement (Scope)

2006 - IDEAL – Process Improvement (Scope)

2005 – SAFE course for internet user (Scope E-Learning)

2008 – Mentor & Menthe Program (Scope)

2005 – UCP 500 & URC 522 (Scope)

2006 - UCP 500 & URC 522 (Scope)

2005 – Group Compliance – Managing Risk (Scope)

2006 – Group code of conduct (Scope)

2006 – ECM – Exchange Control Notice Malaysia (BNM)

2006 – ATS – Automatic Teller System (De La Rue)

2006 – QMS – Queue Management System (DTS Semangat)

2006 – ATM & MFM – Automatic Teller Machine & Multi Function Machine (Wincor &


2006 – Introduction Program for New Recruit (Al-Rajhi)

2006 – CITOS (Al-Rajhi)

2006 – DCHEQS – Dishonored Cheque Information System (e-Protea)

2006 - Safety Treat (Al-Rajhi)

2006 – Branch Compliance (Al-Rajhi)

2006 – IT IS Reporting (E-Protea & BNM)

2006 – Cash Management (BNM)

2009 - BITS

2009 – Quality Service

2010 – ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

2010 - BATMAN - Strength Finder

2011 - BATMAN – Crucial Management

2011 – MS ISO 1900:2005 Shariah Principal

2011 – Data Management Control Act - BNM

2012 – Leadership Skill (Al Rajhi)

2015 – OSHA – NIOSH

2015 – Cyber Crime – New Horizon Malaysia


Puan Noor Haini Akmal Abu Bakar

Vice President - Corp. Credit Admin, Operations

Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation (M) Bhd

03-23017239 / 019-*******

Encik Shaifulamri Ibrahim

Vice President & Head – Cards & Alternative Channels

Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation (M) Bhd

03-23017033 / 012-*******

Puan Nooraini Binti Haji Mohd Shariff

Vice President - Branch Operations

Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation (M) Bhd

012-*******/03-2301 7048

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