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Software Engineer Development

Palm Bay, FL, 32907
March 15, 2018

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William G. Peloquin

Palm Bay, FL



Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience in C++, Java, Python and Linux. Relevant accomplishments include full lifecycle software development and troubleshooting skills, embedded systems development, leadership and mentoring others in the development of net-centric, complex software systems, and participating as a team member in an atmosphere where quality and customer satisfaction are prime motivations.





●Agile Scrum



●mySQL, Oracle, Sybase

●Full Lifecycle Project Management and Development


Aerotek (FAAC Inc contract) Ann Arbor, MI

Senior Software Engineer May 2017 – Present

●Created a suite of Python tools to process the resulting data from air to air missile simulations. The tool suite generates test report tables and missile trajectory visualizations.

●Tested and resolved issues with the missile simulator software. Provided engineering services for military simulation software. C++ software development, full life cycle documentation, testing and validation.

●Visual C++, Linux.

Precision Resources (Orbital ATK contract) Chandler, AZ

Senior Software Engineer January 2016 – November 2016

●Provided utilities and performed modifications to Intercontinental and Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Repository Configuration files (XML and Java).

●Updated the Flight Systems Group Common Software Component.

●Developed test procedures and documents.

●Utilized Java, Clover, IBM Change and Synergy as development tools.

Insight Global (GE Aviation contract) Clearwater, FL

Senior Software Engineer June 2015 – September 2015

●Merged current code base with legacy product versions for Radar Display System used in Military Jets.

●Upgraded requirements, design and testing documents.

●Utilized Doors and Dimension CM tool for configuration management.

●Utilized Code Warrior, MatLab, and Symlink as a cross development system.

Tsunami Tsolutions Melbourne, FL

Senior Software Engineer October 2014 – February 2015

●Development and maintenance of a metrics system for the F-135 jet engines for F-35 Joint Service Fighters.

●Back end Java development utilizing Spring and Eclipse.

●Utilized SQL under Oracle.

●Developed Software Life Cycle documentation, i.e. SRS, SDD, STD, RVTM.

Ettain Group (Bank of America) Charlotte, NC

Senior Software Engineer May 2014 – October 2014

●Development and maintenance of a multiple workflow online e-commerce subsystem for online account applications.

●Performed full lifecycle development in Java. Utilized ZK Framework to deploy a MVVM, Model-View-View Model, web application.

●Developed using Spring, Maven, and Eclipse as a development environment.

●JUnit framework and SourceCube are utilized to provide code review, testing, code metrics generation, and evaluation.

●Experience with Rally and other tools in an Agile Scrum environment.

Object Communications Melbourne, FL

Senior Software Engineer September 2013 – May 2014

●Developing a Java / Web Based Electronic Medical Records system for use by the National Health System in the United Kingdom.

●Investigated uses for Hadoop and Pseudonymization of protected personal patient data and medical records.

●Utilized SQL in a MySQL environment.

●Developed server side system for analysis of voter information for National Campaign Coach, Inc.

BlueWare, Inc. Melbourne, FL

Vice President Development December 2012 – Sept 2013

●Supervised and participated in developing a Java / Web Based Electronic Medical Records system.

●Implemented Scrum Agile Development methodology and formalized testing department and procedures.

●Utilized Apache Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate as architectural modules on a Linux platform.

●Responsible for updating the architecture and implementing configuration management, maintenance and deployment of system software and data. Involved in internal software process control and the implementation of a software engineering paradigm.

●Acted as a subject matter expert and mentor to junior developers.

●Participated in customer support and travel

●Utilized Python to migrate medical record information and telemetry into the EMR, Electronic Medical Record, database.

●Utilized SQL in a MySQL and DBII environment.

●Followed the requirements for HIPAA-compliant development.

●Implementing Scrum as an Agile development management practice.

●Implemented requirements, design, development and testing practices.

●Responsible for software development cycle, testing department and IT Services department.

●Functioned as a technical representative on sales calls.

DRS Tactical Systems Melbourne, FL

Senior Software Engineer May 2012 – November 2012

●Developed DoD networking solutions.

●Full life-cycle development on C++ and Java projects.

●Utilized Linux, embedded systems solutions and Web Services.

●Performed hardware integration and testing.

●Followed MIL-STD-498 for software development.

CollabraSpace, Inc. Annapolis, MD

Senior Software Engineer August 1, 2009 – December 2011

●Developed government information systems jobs at the National Security Agency and air traffic control / communications software with ARINC.

●Full life-cycle development work on server based projects utilizing J2EE.

●Utilization of Eclipse, and Subversion.

●Deployment to WebLogic application server on VMware virtual machines.

●Experience with C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, JavaServerPages (JSP), Linux (Ubuntu & Red Hat).

●Implemented enterprise server monitoring with IDS solution utilizing Snort and Nagios for network monitoring.

●Supported ATC, Air Traffic Control, and deployment with international customers.

●Utilized Python as a scripting language to process metrics data from diverse sources.

●Utilized Rational Suite and Doors, MySQL and Oracle.

Object Communications Boston, MA and Camden, NJ

Embedded Software Engineer August 1, 2008 – June 2009

General Dynamics C4S

L-3 Communications Systems

●Developed object oriented, real time, embedded software for HAIPE network cryptographic equipment.

●Utilizing Rational Clear Case, Doors, Green Hills Integrity and Telelogic Rhapsody as a development environment in a DoD closed area.

●Lack of funding caused program to be put on hold until the next fiscal year.

The Boeing Company Anaheim, CA

Embedded Software Engineer – P5 March 2003 – July 25, 2008

●Software team leader on embedded real time projects.

●Managed the complete software design cycle of a large scale distributed information processing system.

●Utilizing VxWorks, Linux, Solaris, C++, Python, UML, OOD/OOP Techniques and Sybase DBMS.

●Promoted and mentored the use of Rational development tools.

●Utilized Rational Suite and Doors.

●Followed MIL-STD-498 for software development.

●Lead development, documentation and maintenance for several STE, Special Test Equipment, and software products for use in integration.

●Performed hardware integration and testing.

●Utilized Python to abstract the interfaces of a selection of lab equipment, provide command and control, and collect test equipment findings.

●Served as a subject matter expert in distributed communications, network centric problem solving, the Linux operating system and network communication diagnostics.

●Lead the creation of testing procedures and tracing to ensure software system requirements are met.

●Contributed as a team member towards on time and on budget project completion and a 100% award fee.

●Fostered the use of COTS, Commercial Off the Shelf, products as alternatives to reinventing the wheel.

●Addressed specific program needs with product vendors.

●Championed the use of Linux as the platform of choice for STE equipment.

●Acted as a strong advocate to utilizing object oriented design and programming techniques to facilitate reuse and reduce complexity, reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction.

●Encouraged and mentored other engineers in using the tools available to the program.

●Motivated others to develop graphical user interfaces which are designed with the end user in mind.

●Participated in a ten month off site test effort of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV).

●Implemented software configuration management.

●Performed all system administration requirements for the test team.

●Implemented software in Python and MatLab to reduce sonar and Kalman Filter navigation data and provide it in a meaningful format to data analysts.

●Developed procedures and data to enhance customer satisfaction.

●Operated the UUV during customer sell off testing.

●Advanced to serve as test conductor.

●Acted as a strong advocate for Agile and Rapid development techniques, configuration management and development of a reliable codebase.

●Followed MIL-STD-498 for software development.

BAE Systems, Mission Solutions San Diego, CA

Senior Software Engineer October 2000 - November 2002

●Developed full software life cycle on a large scale distributed information processing system in a secure classified facility.

●Utilized Solaris, C++, UML and OOD/OOP techniques to satisfy software requirements, reliability and a robust product.

●Utilized Rational Tool Suite and Solaris.

●Followed MIL-STD-498 for software development.


Colorado Technical University

●MSM: Master of Science in Management, 2010

Concentration: Information Systems Security

●BSSE: Bachelor of Science Software Engineering, 2006


●Unix Network Administration Certificate, CTU

●Fiber Optics Network Communications, UCLA Extension

●Toastmasters International – CTM

●Computer Technology Certification – WAVTF

●Private Pilot – 250+ hours

●Extra Class FCC Amateur Radio Licensee


●State of California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

oAuxiliary Communications Service, Radio officer in charge of the ACS radio room at the OES Southern Region REOC located in the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base.

oDeployed and provided field support and maintenance for satellite communications during the 2007 California Firestorm maintaining the only source of Internet and VOIP connectivity to the command and control area.

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