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Process Operator / Research Technician

Texas, United States
November 13, 2017

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Joseph Fontenot

**** ** *** *****

Liberty, Texas 77575

Phone: 936-***-****


Process Operator / Research & Quality Lab Technician / Inventory Control


I have over 27 years’ experience in the processing (distillation / reaction), storage and transportation of related components in the chemical and petrochemical fields with the support and utility processes involved. Quality and Research laboratory work with database management. Very knowledgeable of steam and gas turbines, refrigeration compressors, distillation towers, boilers and DI water production, fired furnaces and cooling towers. Proficient with fixed bed (palladium, cobalt, iron, nickel) and fluidized catalytic reaction processes. Familiar with amine acid gas stripping and process de-hydration via mole sieve desiccant or glycol contactor. Other relevant skills include:

DCS graphic design, integration and operation experience with Honeywell, Delta V, Foxboro, ABB and Citect systems.

PLC operation, unit commissioning, procedure writing, P & ID revision, plan drawings, HAZOP, PHA and related fields.

Ethylene and Propylene production with cryogenic (C1, C2=, C3 and C3=) refrigerant systems for liquefaction and component separation.

High pressure steam and natural gas fired turbines. Familiar with Boiler Management and operation with DI water production via Reverse Osmosis or Cation / Anion systems.

Ethylene, Propylene and Butylene Oxide reaction processes for production of resins, polyols, waxes and other materials.

Ten years’ experience with pilot plant, quality and research laboratory facilities. GC and HPLC results testing and database maintenance.

Shipping / receiving, warehouse management, tank farm and inventory control.

Computer Software including MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.), Visio, AutoCAD, LIMS, Ross Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Equipment operation including front-end loader, backhoe, forklift, overhead & mobile cranes, pneumatic & electric hoists, yard mule, man-lift.

Laboratory methods / equipment including, but not limited to, Gas Chromatography, HPLC, Infra-red, Karl Fischer, Colorimeter, Autotitrator, Moisture Analyzer, Density meter, Viscometers, Centrifuge, TOC, Ph, Acid number, Cloud point, LIMS, Atomic Absorption and X-ray.


Indorama Ventures Olefins, LLC Westlake, LA

August, 2016 – April, 2017 DCS Process Operator

Preparation and commissioning for re-start of ethylene production unit and associated equipment.

Provide training and training materials to company operators.

Graphic design, integration and troubleshooting of DCS (ABB) and PLC controls.

Performed Factory Acceptance Testing for DCS, SIS and ESD systems at various vendor locations.

Initially hired as DCS operator and to become SME specific to unit.

SGC Energia, LLC Pasadena,Tx

March, 2014 – December, 2015 Process Operator / Research Technician

Commissioning and start-up of Fischer Tropsch catalytic pilot plant.

HMI and PLC operation of Fischer Tropsch catalytic pilot plant for experimental and research purposes.

Assembly, commissioning and startup of Short Path Distillation Unit for separation of wax product grades.

Writing of procedures and P & ID revision.

Oneok Partners, Inc. Mont Belvieu, TX

August, 2012 – October, 2013 Process Operator

Operation of NGL fractionation unit to split Natural Gas Liquid feed into purity products from C2 to C5+.

Utilized DCS (Foxboro, Delta V) to operate outside equipment including hot oil furnaces, refrigeration compressors (Propane), reboilers, pumps, etc.

Ultimately assigned to team responsible for construction oversight, commissioning and start-up of new NGL unit at separate facility.

TPC Group Inc. Houston, Tx

October, 2010 – January, 2012 Research Technician

Construct and operate experiments designed with, by and for petrochemical research scientists.

Create support platforms and frameworks for said experiments.

Log and compile data for analysis. Build searchable database for location and ordering various products and materials required for specific testing as well as daily lab function.

Operate and maintain testing equipment for quality and experiment progression.

KMCO Inc. Crosby, Tx

November, 1996 – December, 2007 and September, 2009 – August, 2010

Lead Process Operator / Research & Quality Lab Technician / Logistics & Inventory Control

Develop procedures, train and supervise operators in Ethylene, Propylene and Butylene Oxide reaction.

Operation of reactors and related equipment involved in the production of various chemicals products including resins, polyols, gasoline additives, lube oil additives, surfactants waxes, etc.

Worked in Research & Development for product progression from bench scale reaction to production while providing Quality Lab support for Research and production platforms.

Processes involved extensive work with various amines, alcohols, sulphides, solvents and hydrocarbons.

Worked with dry chemicals and catalysts such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, phosphorus pentasulfide, phosphorus pentoxide, paraformaldehyde and phthallic anhydride.

Distillation, Batch and Blending Operations with simple maintenance and repair of units performed.

Loading and unloading of many chemicals (volatile or otherwise) to or from drums, tractor-trailers, rail cars, storage tanks and pressurized vessels.

Developed training manuals and procedures for operations.

Involved in development and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system on site (ROSS).

Developed training and instructional procedures for ERP system.

Worked in Shipping & Receiving, Warehouse, Tank Farm, Logistics and Inventory Control.

Returned to this employer to operate and consult on established and new processes.

Lyondell Petrochemical Channelview, Tx

July, 1990 – June, 1996 Process Operator

Responsible for operation of Ethylene and Propylene production unit with equipment such as high pressure steam turbines, distillation towers, continuous flow reactors, chemical compression refrigerant systems, boilers, fired furnaces, multi-stage compressors, multi-stage pumps with associated instruments and vessels.

Initially utilized Foxboro pneumatic controls to maintain correct process variables, product quality and safe equipment operations.

Member of team to transition from Foxboro pneumatic to Honeywell DCS operational controls with subsequent training and qualification.

Submitted several ideas to improve safety, efficiency and product quality which were implemented as system revisions.


Hull-Daisetta High School, Daisetta, Tx. - High School Diploma.

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