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Software Engineer Project Manager

Milpitas, California, 95035, United States
January 26, 2018

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Edward T. Stanley

Milpitas California 408-***-**** esta712299@sbcglobal .net

Professional Summary Project Manager, Designer, Architect, Team Leader

As Project Manager my responsibilities include everything: scope, time, cost, quality, risk and procurement. Managed projects from Concept to End of Life, using PMI, Agile, Scrum, SDLC.

PMI CAPM certification (current)

CSM Certified ScrumMaster (current)

MS Project, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Visio


Founder, Technical Manager, Mousetrap, Milpitas, CA 12/02 to Present

Leadership: Founded and financed company, determined markets, invented products.

Technical: Idea man. Generated product design & requirements. Patent searches.

Managerial: Generated scope, schedule, and budget.

Negotiated and let contracts.

Controlled cost, risk, budget, schedule and scope.

Supervisory: BOM creation & review, procurement, production.

Weekly meetings for design and production status, backlog review.

Generating (and Seizing) Opportunities (aka Marketing):

I, after the company logo intro, am The Big Finish for the "San Jose 2008 Business Matchmaking" video on The Video MC specifically pulled me out of line for an interview.

Major Projects/Products

-ATX-sized Bed-of-nails fixture design V.1 (product).

-Non-Magnetic ATX-sized fixture and High Voltage ATX-sized fixture (options).

-2'x2' Bed-of-nails fixture (product).

-Mass-Connection fixture V.1 (product).

-Instrument and Multiplexer control software with Learn mode (product).

-32/64 channel Signal Multiplexer Card and control software (concept, layout & fab product).

-32 8-pole Relay Card (Multiplexer Card derivative: concept, layout; fab on hold).

-RF Multiplexer (Multiplexer Card derivative: concept, layout; fab on hold).

-Rack-mount Mass-Connection fixture.

-Flying Prober (design).

Software Engineer, Efficient Networks, Los Gatos, CA 5/00 to 11/02

-Architect and Developer: UI, test functions and maintained fleet of 10 Automated Functional Testers.

-Software Release control to Contract Manufacturer(s) (US and offshore in Europe, Mexico & Asia).

-Product Build software configuration and verification, for production, via Agile database.

-Designed and installed 2 LANs, for support ATE development, lab ATE use and on-site ATE farm.

-ATE System delivery & installation; (US, UK, Belgium and Mexico).

-Support (remote and on-site) of End-of-Quarter (EOQ) operations (US, UK, Belgium and Mexico).

-BOM Reviews: completeness, rework notes, sources, vendors, notes on vendors, availability, acceptable substitutions, etc.

-Local End-Of-Quarter manufacturing operations on two occasions.

-On-site supervision of manufacturing NPI/LPR in Mexico (twice): Timing of each operation, initial line yield rate, failures noted, corrections, part substitutions, production time required, final yield rate, overall acceptability.

Software Engineer and Technical Manager, TESystems, Milpitas, CA 4/95 to 5/00

-Supervised software effort for ATE (Automated Test Equipment) projects. The results were delivery of ATE produced to meet the customer’s specifications and delivery date. This involved up to 3 projects at a time, 1-3 teams, and spanned the complete SDLC lifecycle: initial customer interface, SW & UI architecture and design, scheduling and implementation, and final sell-off and support.

-Developed and maintained structure for code development: UI, with basic control functions and hooks for custom tests. This code was distributed to teams when starting new projects, to speed development and to facilitate adding new team members and long term support.

-System delivery & installation; Local and Overseas.

-Offline discussion with Lifescan reps to retain the contract (a contract “save”). The problem was miscommunications between our upper management & the representatives.

-Offline discussion with PE/Applied Biosystems customer reps to clarify contract (save #2). Again, a miscommunication problem; we seemed to not say the correct words, and not correctly.

Notable Clients (I wrote the software, and conducted integration, sell-off and support):

-Lifescan – Board & product ATEs for Blood Glucose Meter Tester (FDA-regulated medical device): Test SW &UI, plus documentation.

-Lam Research –Multiple channel A/D and D/A board. ATE (SW, UI & VME interface).

-Ciena – ATE for testing 32 GBICs at a time: UI, environmental chamber control for cold & hot testing. Tests: Bit error rate (BERT), jitter and eye diagram measurements.

-PE/Applied Biosystems – DNA camera (FDA-regulated medical device) ATE (SW & UI) for all 3 sub-systems, plus documentation.

- Continuing support (5/00 to 8/00) for PE/Applied Biosystems tester (after leaving TESystems).

-Aura – Tester SW for automotive16kW inverter (designed as an option for full size & larger trucks. The Aura product was featured on an episode of “Dateline”.

-Gadzoox – Multiple testers (SW, UI, hardware and application SW) for 1 copper & 2 fiber channel Storage Area Network (SAN) devices. Tests: BERT, jitter, eye diagram and RF tests..

-Diva – Tester SW for RF telephony local-loop replacement. I&Q calibration SW.

Past Experience

Software Engineer, National Nuclear Corp, Sunnyvale, CA 7/94 to 4/95

Software Engineer, Omnipoint Corp, Colorado Springs, CO 10/93 to 2/94

Software Engineer, Comtech Labs, Palo Alto, CA 5/93 to 7/93

Software Engineer, Loral WDL, San Jose, CA 1/89 to 2/93

Software Engineer, Planning Research Corp, Ft. Hunter-Leggitt, CA 11/87 to 12/88

Officer, U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command, Warren MI 9/83 to 9/86

Education B.A., Computer Science, The University of Texas

Project Management Certificate, DeAnza College

Patents Patent 4,655,514

Patent 4,702,207

Skills Languages: C, C++, Java, C#, VB.Net, SQL, LabWindows/CVI, LabVIEW

Scrum, Agile (Methodology), Agile (SW build/CM, BOM & bug tracking),

Other tools: MS Project, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Visio,

NX, MasterCam, Creo/Pro-E, GD&T Y14.5, some AutoCad & Fusion-360

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