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Employee Relations Human Resources

Lithia, Florida, United States
January 24, 2018

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Sondra Loggins Santiago

Valrico, FL *****



•Successfully teamed with HR Centers of Excellence to provide support for employees, management and third party vendors.

•Strong reporting skills and presentation skills.

•Translated companies’ policy and procedure guidelines to reflect state and federal guidelines while minimizing company need for legal workplace intervention from EEOC, DOL and NLRB.

•Led vendor partnerships and served as company representative for third party vendors. (i.e. vendor types, technology/software; benefits; leave administration and financial)

•Led past organizations in annual merit reviews and trained managers to “own” the process.

•Managed and investigated EEO claims internally for a successful outcome; trained and managed FMLA process to cut down on management involvement and time; streamlined Workers’ Comp Vendor process and reported, attended unemployment hearings for decreased hikes in insurance.

•Oversaw, managed and redesigned several benefit and compensation plans for two different industries, saving over 2.5 million in company expenses.

•Led recruiting initiative for several departments including IT and Engineering, while maintaining daily HR business

•Responsible for the development of processes and metrics that supported the achievement of the organizations’ business goals.

•Handled employee relations issues while providing consultation, guidance and coaching to managers and employees’ in all areas of human resources and vendor services.

•Prepared workforce trend reports for highly matrixed organizations.

•Served as the single point of contact for escalated issues from employees, managers and outside vendors.



•Solid HR strategic/benefits/talent acquisition/employee relations experience handled both in person and telephonically.

•Exceptional versatility and adaptability, working in high pressure environments.

•Dedication and drive as a hard-working individual, delivering excellent customer service to the workforce.

•Superlative communication and team-building skills.

•Ability to manage multiple tasks in a pressured environment.

•Experience working in both for profit, non-profit, union and non-union, corporate and PEO environments.

•Above average computer skills (i.e. HRIS, database, report design, reporting, data collection for employees, graphic design for manuals and presentations)


Employee Relations Advisor,

Tech Data, Largo FL

•Assisted managers and employees with all levels of disciplinary actions for startup centralized employee relations team supporting businesses in Florida, California, Texas, New Jersey and Georgia

•Provided and managed performance management support to management teams

•Conducted unemployment hearings

•Worked with outside vendors and partnered with vendors to negotiate positive outcomes regarding employee and management concerns regarding business requirements.

•Advised managers and employees at all levels information regarding company policy and departmental regulations

•Conducted employee relations investigations, prepare findings, and provide employee and management coaching and counseling while ensuring consistent application and interpretation of company policies, practices and procedures to bring successful resolution.

•Developed, recommended and implemented human resources policies, procedures and employee communications/handbooks to meet organizational needs and provide clarity to employees and management.

•Partnered with internal and external counsel as necessary to effectively manage possible conflicts/issues related to the workplace.

•Developed proactive employee relations program, including through increased employee engagement, employee development, recognition initiatives, and coaching and training of managers.

•Maintained current knowledge of all federal, local and state employment-related legislation to ensure HR policies, procedures and reporting are in compliance. Partner with HR colleagues to provide appropriate documents and forms.

•Ensured mandatory new hire and ongoing compliance training is completed in a timely manner.

•Designed format and conducted exit interviews in order to provide management with reports that identify trends which require action/intervention. Based on the data collected, made recommendations on areas of training and development the company should implement.

Senior HR Operations Coordinator,

Rose International at Coca-Cola, Brandon, FL 08/2015 to 1/2016

•Assisted employees and management with both occupational and non-occupational leaves following company procedures.

•Worked with vendors to ensure all policies and procedures were followed as contractually agreed upon by both parties.

•Assisted employees with returning to work in current or new positions.

•Used HRIS system and Salesforce to record case data and information updating case information.

•Helped managers and employees understand and follow leave procedures.

•Assisted managers in all fifty states and some in international countries understand company’s human resources policy and procedure as it related to their location.

•Prepared reports as requested for individuals on leaves for various managers.

•Developed a proactive employee relations program, including through increased employee engagement, employee development, recognition initiatives, and coaching and training of managers.

Employee Relations Specialist,

ACG, (AAA) Tampa, FL 07/2014 to 07/2015

•Provided up to date advice to management and employees regarding the interpretation and application of policies, work rules and standards of conduct as defined in the employee guidelines handbook.

•Worked closely with talent acquisitions to determine if employees were eligible for rehire.

•Effectively work with management and employees to respond to, investigate and resolve disputes.

•Solved problems and close out investigations in a timely manner with a positive outcome.

•Worked with managers and employees in administering policy and procedures in accordance with company policy.

•Maintained internal reporting for workforce and newly hired employees.

•Provided human resources generalist and managerial guidance to all level of employees.

•Explained and oversaw leaves and provide guidance in accordance with FMLA, STD and LTD.

•Prepared presentations for both internal and external management and executive teams.

•Worked successfully in a highly matrixed and collaborative environment to ensure company-wide consistent application of HR policies and legally compliant employment-related practices.

•Assisted managers in the development of job descriptions and assess and assign FLSA status.

•Performed EEO, Affirmative Action and other employment-related reporting.

•Functioned as SME (Subject Matter Expert) and Team Lead for the potential implementation of a Performance Management functionality within the HRIS system.

•Interfaced with vendors to ensure proper implementation of agreed upon standards were met in the area of leave management, risk, etc.

Senior Employee Relations, Generalist, Interim HR Manager and Consultant,

(W2 Consultant Aetna, WellCare, Coca Cola, CRT, Circor International) 07/2009-06/2014

•Handled employee relations and HR generalist work for Insurance call center employees.

•Handled a wide range of employee complaints, and provided conflict resolution for employees and management in both non-union and union environments.

•Worked with employees and management to resolve internal issues telephonically.

•Managed FMLA, Unemployment, EEO claims, workers’ compensation, leaves, ADA and any issues that could potentially garner legal action.

•Provided business metrics and workforce forecasting.

•Administered policy and procedures for compliance with state and federal laws. Managed performance planning, effectively communicated changes and spearheaded compensation planning.

•Conducted employee relations investigations, prepare findings, and provide employee and management coaching and counseling while ensuring consistent application and interpretation of company policies, practices and procedures to bring successful resolution.

•Partnered with internal and external counsel as necessary to effectively manage possible conflicts/issues related to the workplace and vendor management.

•Developed and oversee performance management/appraisal process.

•Influenced and coached leaders/managers to take performance management action, including coaching and development of employees to improve company performance.

•Identified and assessed future and current training needs through job analysis, career paths, annual performance appraisals and consultation with managers.

•Designed, recommended and implemented manager and employee training and development program.

•Worked with talent acquisitions to determine if employees met hiring qualifications.

•Provided written reports for executive team members outlining HR information.

•Developed training and managed onboarding process.

•Led FMLA department, WC and oversaw unemployment claims and hearings.

•Communicated and administered human resources policy and procedure, while providing conflict resolution for world-wide employee base using DOE, EEOC, DOL, NLRB guidelines and mandates.

•Prepared monthly ad hoc reporting as requested by executive team for workforce trending, development and turnover.

Human Resources Manager/Strategic Business Partner,

Speedling, Inc. a division of Wearnes International, Singapore, Japan/Sun City, FL 10/2008 - 06/2009

•Provided strategic HR business support for businesses in CA, FL, TX and GA.

•Managed employee relations, talent acquisitions and management, training, onboarding, and benefits while overseeing day to day human resource functions.

•Handled on-boarding for all level of employees.

•Served as vendor manager for all human resources services; negotiated benefits, leave management and 401(k) contracts and led implementation of new HRIS software contract.

•Managed performance planning and compensation.

•Managed leave of absence, which included vacation accrual and PTO balances.

•Maintained employee benefits programs and informed employees of benefits

•Studied and assessed benefit trends; recommended benefit programs to management and directed the processing of benefit claims.

•Obtained and evaluated benefit contract bids; awarded benefit contracts; designed and conducted educational programs on benefit programs.

•Prepared weekly reports for CEO, COO and overseas executive team and presented human resources information via PowerPoint presentations in person, telephonically and via Skype.

Human Capital Consultant/FMLA Advisor,

Advantec, Tampa, FL 09/2005 - 10/2008

•Communicated and administered HR policy, recruiting, employee relations, payroll and leave plans for various companies in PEO/HRO environment for companies with over 1000 work site employees, telephonically.

•Provided Payroll support for leaves of absences; paid time off via reports.

•Developed internal policy and procedure manuals for employees in various states, as well as employee handbooks and oversaw roll-out of new policy to employees in various states, international countries as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

•Interpreted federal and state employee laws for management when needed, including benefits for expats.

•Worked with all types of companies to determine hiring needs in all departments for various businesses.

•Served as project team lead for new businesses, post contract.

Skills Assessment Coordinator, HR Generalist, Human Resources Manager, Employee Relations Manager,

TSI/Verizon/Syniverse Technologies, Tampa, FL 03/1998 – 04/2004

•Managed HR function and Employee Relations function while working with management and employees to transition from three separate companies while adjusting to new policy and procedures.

•Worked with internal and external vendors, managing 3rd party vendor relationships to ensure timely implementations while staying within budget.

•Maintained pay plans by conducting periodic pay surveys; scheduling and conducting job evaluations.

•Prepared reports for management and complied data using Access data base information for skills assessment and employee training to maintain workforce in certain areas of the business.

•Worked closely with project management teams to ensure smooth transitions in various areas of the business and led several implementation teams, (i.e., HRIS implementation, new pay ranges, orientation and new on-boarding process and contract employee head count adjustments, etc.)

•Prepared budgets and reports; recommended and implemented pay structure revisions.

•Ensured legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource federal and state requirements; conducted investigations; maintained records; represented the organization at unemployment hearings.

•Wrote new policy and procedure for new company and prepared transition guidelines for managers.

•Worked with vendors and other business leaders for smooth transition into new company environments, while maintaining daily HR functions.

•Ensured planning, monitoring, and work performance results by training managers to coach and discipline employees.

•Heard and resolved employee/management issues and provided counseling for employees and managers and supervisors.




•Entrusted to process confidential employee records for all HR business and changes, vacation/absenteeism reports, and performance appraisals for all level of employees including executive branch.

•Developed working relationships with vendors and outside recruiting agents, Workers’ Compensation, STD and LTD.

•Interacted with a wide variety of personalities while handling recruiting, open enrollments, benefits, orientation, training and HR meetings for various company locations as well as handled employee questions pertaining to on-boarding, benefit packages, leaves (STD, Personal, LTD and Military) standard company information.

•Provided excellent internal and external customer understanding by interpreting benefit leave plans, benefit plan summaries, reporting for executive team members and delivering information to employees during employee meetings in both union and non-union environments.

•Handled investigations for internal employee relations issues.


•Interacted with all level of employees and utilized excellent organizational skills to lead meetings and training classes for other human resources members and benefit administers, while answering questions related to all employee programs.

•Led safety team meetings that reduced workers’ compensation claims and increased safety knowledge.

•Selected and conducted leadership training classes for supervisors, managers and members of the executive team that increased understanding of both fringe benefits and leave plans for increased manager and supervisor involvement for general employment questions from employees.

•Maintained an open door policy in the human resources department that encouraged the management team members to involve the HR department in employee relations issues which saved the company possible litigation.

•Delivered excellent reports and reporting tools that cut down on department’s need to produce time consuming reports and corrections in duplication for outside vendors and administrators.

•Oversaw daily operations in human resources, while managing FMLA, unemployment claims/hearings, ADA, short and long term disability leaves and coordination with medical review and health vendors.

•Worked with union officials, labor specialists and participated in writing collective bargaining agreements to ensure proper benefit packages for different employment categories.

•Decreased open enrollment errors to lowest in one company’s open enrollment history.

•Liaison for employee and medical review officer in order to get employees back to work as soon as possible and review MMI results.


•Proved multi-tasking abilities by scheduling, training and managing staff, consisting of human resources generalist, payroll assistant/vendor, benefits administrator, receptionist and talent acquisition group.

•Supported HR team and management, while collaborating with Shared Services and other business.

•Served as human resources/benefits/recruiting/employee relations subject matter expert to team leads, supervisors, managers and executive team for decision making.

•Five direct-reports


•Proficient in using personal computer skills in such programs as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes and Visio; Taleo, Worksource and KeneXa. Additionally, use Ulti-Pro, PeopleSoft, SAP, ADP, Oracle, KRONOS, JDEdwards and hybrid HRIS systems. Excellent writing, typing skills including internal/external correspondence, reports, procedure manuals, and presentations.

•Created and distributed a variety of reports using Crystal Reports, Access and Excel.


Austin College, Sherman, TX

East Texas State University, Commerce, TX (BSBA)

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