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Software Engineer Technical Support

Huntsville, Alabama, United States
August 28, 2017

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Carle Eric Giannelli

Mount Hope, AL *****


Lead/Senior Software Engineer

Offers 15+ years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting innovative software products. Confidently identifies the requirements of the user base and develops goal-driven applications with superb functionality and versatility. Develops solutions in a variety of industries and maintains a strong consulting background in managing specific initiatives to meet company needs.

Operating Systems: Linux; Android; IOS; UNIX; VMS; Windows 95,98, NT, CE, 2000, XP, 7 and 8

Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual C++; Visual Basic; FORTRAN; Pascal; Modula 2; PL/1; PowerBuilder; COM, DCOM, COM+; ATL; STL; RPC; Java; ASP; Prolog; Lisp; Visual Studio.NET; Delphi 6 Enterprise; WebSphere Studio Developer, Dreamweaver, SQL Server 2005-2010, Visual Studio ASP.NET 2005- 2010, ASP Server Pages, Adobe Creative Suite CS2 and CS3, Toad

Software Applications: JD Edwards Enterprise One (E1), LEXX, YACC, and various UNIX tools; Dbase I, II, III, and IV; Coherent, Photoshop, XMPie uPlan, Adobe Creative Suite Web Development, Oracle Apex, XM Pie, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012


New York Institute of Technology, School of Engineering and Computer Sciences NY, NY

Computer Science, M.S.; B.S.

Key Accomplishments

Designed, implemented, and administered a technology upgrade for an email application. Effectively downgraded same application using T-SQL coding scheme to support email reporting system currently implemented.

Designed, implemented and administered email application rewrite for several national campaigns. Provided support and maintenance on these email applications.

Designed, implemented, and administered a company’s inventory tracking product. Improved the coding style by designing and implementing changes in the modules for all required languages. Trained end users to efficiently use the application, conducted demonstrations, and provided technical support.

Developed a web-enabled demonstration version of major offerings, driving positive exposure for prospective customers.

Recruited as a system consultant to ensure functionality for software products across a variety of operating systems. Developed conditional, compiled versions and implemented different installation scripts, which managed the required libraries for each operating environment.

Provided consulting services for the E2C aircraft radar application software engineering group. Managed software efforts regarding a major hardware shift, including modifying the application to support this change. Improved graphic user interfaces to improve end-user efficiency.

Software Development

Responsible for fulfillment of national email campaigns to provide business unit with emails designed specifically for these dealership consortium.

Responsible for production of customized mail pieces in which the content and appearance had to identically match their email counterparts.

Assisted a bank’s financial control group by developing software for financial batch processing applications for banks across New Jersey, which utilized template data files to ensure functionality despite irregular file placement.

Designed and implemented proprietary PC applications for internal, commercial credit, and ATM groups. Wrote a commercial credit program allowing real-time access to mainframe data from individual workstations.

Developed Windows NT-based service system applications to operate on the Reuters news network, which is comprised of several thousand nodes across North America and Western Europe. Improved the Proxy NRM management system, which ensured high-speed and secure data transmission network-wide.

Improved version compatibility for a key UNIX executable, porting it to be compatible with SCO UNIX and other UNIX variants.

Audited and optimized functionality for a RAPID system barometric identification system. Developed testing applications. Increased efficiency and reduced storage requirements for the program.

Project Management

Directed a team of programmers in developing D.B. Express-A-Bill and the Visual Bill Billing Operating System, both being relational database management systems. Implemented change to enhance functionality and maximize efficiency in the development process.

Managed client projects from planning through follow up. Diagnosed technical problems, documented resolution strategies, and developed comprehensive statements of work for clients.

Evaluated a customer’s technical environment and recommended the upgrading of their personal planning system’s back-end database to a system that enhanced functionality and flexibility for all users.

Technical/Customer Support

Ensured 24/7 on-call technical support for the Power-Link software suite of applications.

Assisted third-party systems companies in utilizing programs and implemented changes to products to ensure functionality.

Optimized the code for all product lines and implemented an improvement that increased user ease and improved documentation efforts.

Aided internal customers in utilizing full product capabilities and answered all product queries. Managed software applications for deployment demonstrations.

Worked with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and 365 for the past 6 years at JP Morgan Chase developing technology proposal preparations.

Provided continual on-call technical support for customers.

Served on a company’s requirement team to support the terminal design for the PPT 8800, which offered superior data capturing and wireless communication capabilities in a small, durable computer.

Created wrapper classes for Crystal Reports’ Dynamic Link Libraries, increasing product data for all company applications.

Served as a wireless technology expert to manage all of a client’s wireless networking efforts. Set up workstations for wireless functionality to ensure efficient communication.

Responsible for database administration tasks such as disaster recovery, SAN administration and end-user deployments for a 50,000 user SQL Server RDBMS

Risk Mitigation

Created and integrated access applications utilizing Visual Basic to manage customizable queries required in auditing database integrity. Managed and responded to error tracking logs.

Designed an error tracking system with an e-mail notification component, which apprised management of database problems.

Developed canned testing programs to audit and mitigate the product technical problems.

Career Summary

J.P. Morgan Chase 2009 to Jul 2017

Senior/Lead Software Engineer

Direct Mail Express 2007-2009

Web Programmer/Analyst, Software Engineer

Special Security Incorporated 2004-2007

Senior Software Engineering Consultant

Power-Link Software 2000-2004


Symbol Technologies Incorporated 1998-2000

Senior Programmer/Analyst

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