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Engineer Project

Bengaluru, India
4lacs -5lacs per annum
March 12, 2011

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Testing Engineer RF


Phone : + 91 (0-888*******

+ 91 (0-893*******

E-Mail :

Objective: To achieve a challenging position in a result oriented company with acquired skills and education will be utilized towards continued growth and advancement.

Experience : 5+ yrs as a Testing Engineer in RF & Microwave industries.


1. BROADCOM INDIA PVT. LTD, Bangalore Dec’ 2010 to Till date

Designation : Test Engineer (contract)

2. SDP TELECOM INDIA LTD, Chennai Sep’ 2010 to Dec’2010

3. ASTRA MICROWAVE PRODUCTS LTD (AMPL), Hyderabad. Apr’2005 to Aug’2010

Designation : Sr. Lead Associate

AMPL is a leading company in RF industry designs and develops software and hardware for defense companies like BEL, DRDO, RCI, LRDE, BDL etc.

4. AVENIR POWER TECHNOLOGIES, Hyderabad in consolidation Jan’2004 to Jan’2005

5. BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD (BEL), Machilipatnam Sep 2001 to Dec’2003


Have good working expertise in VCOs, LNAs, Receivers, PLLs, Transmitters, Mixers,

Filters, couplers and power dividers.

Have experience in testing and troubleshooting of RF&MW based products.

Have the working experience on almost all RF&MW measurement equipment

Testing the functionality of devices according to specifications.

Matching the filters for specified band of frequencies.

Improving the receiver quality by reducing inter modulation effects and noises.

Adjusting the gain and phases for different stages.

Preparing test formats according to the specifications given.

Unit level testing and trouble shooting.


RF Simulators : MW office

Operating Systems : Windows’98, 2000.

Programming languages : C

Soft Skills:

Strong oral and written communication skills, effectively conveys complex concepts to individuals at all levels and differing backgrounds.

Excellent analytical & interpersonal skills, easily develops good rapport with both colleagues and clients.

Excellent leadership qualities as well as good team player.


Various Network Analyzer (300 KHz to 20 GHz).

Spectrum Analyzer (with noise figure & phase noise facility).

C.R.O , function generator.

Power Meter. Distortion meter.

Frequency Counter.

Signal Generator and Various RF Equipment.


Transmitter power output

Gain , VSWR


1db compression point

I/P & O/P impedance matching

Receiver sensitivity

Dynamic range

Noise Figure

Phase Noise


Spurious & Harmonics


Insertion & Return Loss


Group Delay

Phase Delay

All environmental tests


Project # 1

Title : S-BAND TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER (transponder)

Client : DRDL, Hyderabad

Frequency of operation : S-Band

Brief Description: The s-band transponder consists of 10 watt s-band transmitter, diplexer and s-band receiver. The diplexer basically consists of two narrowband band pass filters designed for Tx and Rx frequencies .The two bpf’s are connected to provide the common antenna port. The s-band transmitter consists of phase locked source at 2860 MHz followed by isolator and PIN diode modulator. The pulsed modulated signal is amplified by four stage amplifier to +40dBm level. Three isolators are used in between the power stages so as to provide good match between the stages. The first two stages of amplification are class-A and the two power stages are class-C type. Class-C stage has been selected for better efficiency and less heat dissipation. A 30dB coupled output of the transmitter is detected and converted into dc voltage using low pass filter. The detected voltage is proportional to PRF of the Tx-pulse and transmitter power. The transmitter is connected to the antenna through the diplexer .The s-band receiver consists of front end low noise amplifier followed by detect log video amplifier. The LNA can be blanked by Tx-cover pulse. The video output is compared with an adjustable threshold to give a TTL output.The threshold is adjusted for -70dBm input signal level. The decoder portion consists of a digital circuit to distinguish two pulses of separation 3.53μsec and 5.85 μsec. The coded pulse train is identified and a corresponding Tx-pulse is generated for a fixed known delay.

Project # 2


Client : NARL, Tirupathi

Frequency of operation : L-Band

Brief Description: Wind profile radar will operate at about 1280MHz with a total peak power of 2.5KW.Each element in the antenna array is fed by a dedicated 10-Watt TR module.It consists of a transmit (TX) and receive (RX) sections connected to a common antenna element through a circulator.The TX and RX sections are separated by a low power (T/R)switch at the input port.In the transmit mode,the TX RFpulse with 0 dBm level is fed at the input port, which amplified to 12.5 watts and delivered to the antenna element via the circulator and bi-directional coupler.During the transmit time the RX section is disconnected by the blanking switch.In the receive mode the antenna output is delivered to the LNA via the bi-directional coupler and circulator, which is then delivered to the butler matrix for beam forming.

Project # 3


Client : ASL, Hyderabad

Frequency of operation : 434MHz

Brief Description : Telecommand Receiver is a single conversion FM receiver operating at 434MHz center frequency. It accepts FM signals modulated by any two telecommand tones at a time and gives out demodulated video. The UHF telecommand receiver mainly consists of pre-filter, LNA and Phase Locked Oscillators. The pre-filter and LNA provides a noise figure of 5dB. The filters will provide adequate isolation for LO, image and IF frequencies. The phase locked oscillator consists of UHF, VCO and digital PLL configuration with a specific crystal frequency for a given signal frequency. The output of the VCO is given to the mixer through a buffer amplifier, which minimizes the frequency pushing. The RF signal is down converted to IF frequency 70MHz. The 70MHz IF frequency is amplified by a pre-IF amplifier and passed to a narrow band saw filter. The saw filter output is amplified by a high gain two stage limiting amplifier. The IF frequency signal detected by a quadrature FM discriminator. The discriminator output is fed to the video amplifier through a buffer.

Project # 4


Client : ASL, Hyderabad

Frequency of operation : 20KHz

Brief Description : There is requirement for incorporation of a Telecommand Destruct system on board flight vehicles for range safety. The vehicles will be terminated by the range safety officer if it deviates from normal flight path, by switching on the transmitting command signals generated by ground command destruct system at the test range.

The uplink command signal is UHF RF carrier, FSK modulated with a set of digital commands. The combination of digital bit sequence determines the command to be issued. Three commands are used for the purpose of flight termination namely Safe, Arm and Destruct.


B.TECH (PURSUING) from JNTUniversity.

Diploma: D.E.C.E (Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engg) from SBTE&T, Andhra Pradesh with 69.45%.

SSC: Matriculation from BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, Andhra Pradesh with 73%.



Father’s Name : U. Krishna Kutty

Date of birth : 28th May 1983

Sex : male

Marital Status : Unmarried

Languages known : English, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam

Permanent Address : C/o K. Kesavan, H. No. 21-550-1,

Paraspeta, Kennedy Road,

Chilakalapudi (PO), Krishna (Dist)

Machilipatnam, 521002

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