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United States
April 10, 2012

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• Over * plus years of professional IT experience including SAP Basis Administration providing an interface between the business and IT that can assess business needs and accelerate the implementation of technical solutions and also to secure a rewarding position where my education, knowledge, experience and skills could be put to the best of application and which offers a mutually beneficial association for the organization and self

• Extensive experience in installing and configuring of SAP products such as Netweaver 04/04s, ECC6.0, R/3 implementations on various OS (HP-UX, AIX, Linux and Windows) and Database (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL) platforms.

• Extensive experience in installation of SAP Netweaver 04s, ECC 6.0, MDM 5.5, EP 7.0, BI 7.0, PI 7.0, CRM 6.0, SRM 5.0, SCM 5.0 & 5.1 and Solution Manager 7.0 with EHP1 on various platforms and applying support packs.

• Experienced and well-versed in setting up E2E monitoring, Change Request Management, and Business Process Monitoring using Solution Manager.

• Worked extensively in implementation and support of CRM 6.0. Worked on upgrading CRM to higher patch levels.

• Involved in Up-gradation from 4.6C to ECC 6.0 and Post upgrade activities.

• Assisted team in migration of systems in R/3 Landscape from Non-Unicode to Unicode systems.

• Extensively used pre-conversion and post-conversion tools for Unicode Conversion projects.

• Designed, implemented, and managed Change and Transport Management systems over complex landscapes with multiple applications.

• Configured CTS+/Enhanced CTS and Created NWDI tracks for JAVA based change migrations for EP and XI/PI.

• Proficient in J2EE Administration, system copies, system refreshes, RFC connections and trouble shooting.

• Performed User Administration (Creating & maintaining SAP users) and assigning authorizations to users, lock /unlock users.

• Client Administration like creating Clients, Client copy (Local and Remote), deleting clients and assigning logical systems to clients.

• Experienced in Oracle and SQL database administration.

• Scheduling database backups using utility for online, offline & archive log backups and performing system disaster recovery (HA & DR) using BR* Tools/ SAPDBA / Veritas or performing System Cloning.

• Experience with designing and implementing SAP disaster Recovery solutions with SAN solution.

• SAP Security Administration and Authorization including activity groups using profile generator (PFCG) and Central User Administration (CUA).

• Performed the Landscape Design to support Performance Optimization, system monitoring, scheduling and monitoring data base backups during go live phase.

• Monitored System Health Check like Background Job scheduling and checking them for errors, Printer & spool administration in SAP, defining operation modes, daily system check for ABAP dump analysis, Alert monitor/checking and analyzing system alerts and its possible causes and solutions.

• Experience in applying Support Packages SPAM/SAINT, Upgrade of kernel patches, applying add-ons and Conflict Resolutions Transports (CRT) in an Industry Solution (IS) Environment.

• License management, Installation and configuring SAP Router.

• Performed IQ and OQ documentation for implementation of new instance, upgrade of versions, kernel upgrades, support packs and ccms monitoring.

• Experience with SAP Portals (EP 5.0/ 6.0/7.0), Single Sign On (SSO), IViews, ESS, MSS and Business Warehouse (BW) Administration.


St Jude Medical, Minneapolis, MN July 2011 to till date

SAP Basis/Redwood Admin

• Implementation of SAP Netweaver Web-AS Java 7.3 and deployed the SAP REDWOOD CPS package.

• Designed and architect the SAP Redwood Landscape to integrate into SAP solution for an efficient SAP Back ground jobs administration and Monitoring,

• Integrated and closely coupled SAP Redwood CPS with SAP Solman to have an optimized solution for batch processing.

• Experienced in BPM configuration in SAP Solution Manage.

• Provide 24x7 production support for SAP applications.

Kiewit, Omaha, NE October 2010 to July 2011

SAP Net weaver Portal Admin

• Configured CRM Middleware between the source ECC and CRM system and maintained the Inbound and Outbound Queues.

• Performed the Java Add-On installation on CRM ABAP stack and Configured the JCo connection in IPC/ XCM Administration and activated XCM.

• Performed the administration of JAVA Virtual Machine in SAP CRM though SM52 and administered the IPC application.

• Performed the installation of CPS Redwood scheduler-0_33_7-customer-win.exe on a Netweaver landscape and integrated with ABAP stack by installing the add-on BC-XBP interface.

• Maintained the RFC and proper user authorizations between the CPS redwood and solution manager.

• Performed the job interception to extract the current production jobs form ECC and schedule them in CPS.

• Performed the SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4 Upgrade, Enterprise Portal 7.0 to 7.0 Ehp1 upgrade.

• Installed and configured TREX 7.1 on Linux SUSE platform for BW, CRM systems and performed the administration of TREX using trexadmin transaction.

• Implemented SAP TDMS Classic Three month Time Slice Scenario for SAP ECC 6.0 by deploying the DMIS and DMIS_CNT Add-on Component on the Source, Target and the central systems.

Environment: ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, Solution Manager 7.1EHp1, Net weaver 2004s PI 7.0,SRM 7.0,MDM 7.0, SAP HCM, C-Folders, GRC 5.3, IXOS 9.6.1, CPS redwood, DB2, AIX 5.3, Linux SUSE.

Abott Labs, Chicago IL Feb 2010 – Oct 2010

SAP Lead Netweaver Basis Administrator

Role: Implementation and Production Team

• Responsible for the project “Baccini”, in building a new pipeline by doing a production system copy of the existing landscape .ECC 6.0/ SCM 5.0/ CRM 2007/ PI 7.0/ BI 7.0/ EP 7.0/ Live Cache & Live Cache Client

• Performed the Pre and post Refresh Activities on ABAP and ABAP+JAVA stacks.

• Re-Configured the TMS and CTS+ for the ABAP and JAVA stacks and synchronized it into the existing landscape.

• Configured the Middleware between the Source system ECC and CRM. Deleted the queues from the production copy and maintained the logical Systems(BDLS) and RFC’s Destinations .

• Deployed TDMS add-on's DMIS, DMISCNT on the central, source and target systems and configured the system for best practice by applying the Given SAP Notes.

• Implemented Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) time slice scenario.

• Maintained the Replication Realignment RFCs, Site ID and Subscriptions in CRM (SMOEAC) in CRM and monitored the CRM Middleware cockpit using SMWP.

• Performed the Java Add-On installation on CRM ABAP stack and Configured the JCo connection in IPC/ XCM Administration and activated XCM.

• Performed the administration of JAVA Virtual Machine in SAP CRM though SM52 and administered the IPC application.

• Performed the Delta load and full load administration in SAP BI and Performance analysis with respect to the OLAP cache and BI administration.

• Configured the Middleware-CIF between ECC and SCM systems and installed the live cache server/ Live cache client and maintained the consistency In SCM using LC10, SCMAPO/OM17 transaction.

• Performed the system refresh of SAP GTS system and integrated it with ECC system and maintained the RFC connections.

• Performed the transport requests imports weekly for the synchronization of existing landscape apart from the daily transport imports.

• Experience in configuring the Business Process Hierarchy and setup the repository during the Blue print Analysis.

• Performed the Job Documentation in Solution Manager by importing all the production (1400 critical jobs) jobs and maintained them under Business process Monitoring (BPM) using SOLMAN_WORKCENTER and SOLAR02 transactions

• Primary Focal for Redwood CPS job scheduling for identifying the critical jobs in prod environment and intercepting the job definition in sap and redefining through CPS and performed the workload by distributing the respective jobs to dedicated app servers.

• Performed the SAP application to application interface, database interface, EDI interface documentation in solution manger using SOLAR02 transactions.

• Worked along with the team in Integration of Bnusiness Objects(BOBJ) into sap BW.

• Re-Configured the CUA in ECC, BI, SCM, CRM, PI, GTS landscape and maintained it through GRC 5.3 by defining the Distribution model (BD64), User Distribution (SCUM) and Central user administration (SCUG).

• Experienced in SAP Enterprise portal(WAS 700) administration.

• Performed the Administration of Xml messages in PI landscape by monitoring the RWB and SXMB_MONI/SXMB_ADM transactions.

• Configured Alerts in SAP PI using ALRTCATDEF transactions and defined the alerts in RWB -> Alert Monitoring and configured the mails.

• Extensively worked on setting up End-to-End monitoring (E2E) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of the SAP landscape through Solution Manager.

• Implemented EHP4 on the ECC Dev\QA landscape.

• Installed Enterprise Manager for Wily Interscope 8.0 on Solman, and the corresponding IS agents on Managed systems for JAVA monitoring.

• Configured the Single Sign On ( SSO) between SAP ECC, BI, SCM, CRM, PI and Enterprise Portal EP 7.0 systems by defining the certificates from the front end portal using Visual admin and transaction STRUSTSSO2 on the backend systems.

• Configured the TREX and performed index administration using SES_ADMIN.

Environment: ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, Solution Manager 7.1EHp1, Net weaver 2004s PI 7.0, SCM 5.0, CRM 7.0, Live Cache, Live Cache Client, GTS 7.1, GRC 5.3, IXOS, CPS redwood, Oracle, HP-UX 11.23.

Aquarion Water Company, Monroe, CT Nov 2009 – Feb 2010

SAP Netweaver Basis Administrator

Role: Production Support

• Installed Enterprise Portal 7.0 SP 9 and Upgraded to SP 14 in Clustered Environment on Windows Server 2003.

• Installed NWDI (NetWeaver Development Infrastructure) and Created Tracks and configured runtime system.

• Configured SLD (System Landscape Directory), Solution optimizer and created JCo Destinations.

• Created and Maintained System for Backend HR system in Portal.

• Supported ESS open enrollment Benefits Go-live and MSS for EP 7.0.

• Created and Maintained JCO connection in Web Dynpro Administration.

• Installed and Configured SAP Web dispatchers for Load balancing for Mobile Communications.

• Implemented System refresh for Quality and assurance system and documented the process.

• Reconfigured Transport structure using STMS, enhanced CTS for Java systems and changed SAPMNT host.

• Troubleshooting authorization issues, identifying and assigning missing authorizations to users and their respective roles.

• Trained and documented Client SAP Security personnel on various topics ranging from standard SAP roles to password rules.

• Strong understanding of the CCS(Utilities) Module functionality and business. Configured the batch processes to support the utilities work processes like dunning bill processing, bill payments, archiving of previous years bills, move outs, move in and Synching processes.

Environment: ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, Solution Manager 4.0, Net weaver MI 2.5, XMAM 2.0, IS-U/CCS, SQL Server 2005, Windows server 2003

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, De April 2008 to Oct 2009

SAP Lead Netweaver Basis Administrator

Role: Performed the implementation of Netweaver 2004’s PI 7.0 Installation for the project “E-Pedigree” and configured Solution Manager in the current landscape and performed the 24x7 production support of SAP modules and the middleware.

SAP PI Responsibilities:

• Performed the implementation of Netweaver2004s PI landscape involving DEV/QA/TST/PRD systems.

• Configured Enhanced CTS for transporting of integration repository, integration directory and SLD objects of the form .TPZ.

• Performed and documented the PI specific post installation steps such as running the Wizard based Basic Configuration, Importing the SAP PI BASIS and SAP PI AUTO-ID Content into the Exchange infrastructure, maintaining the SLD connection parameters and Changing the JVM Max Heap Size using Config Tool, system readiness check and performing SLD Data Supplier Configuration on the source/target systems.

• Performed Component Monitoring, Message Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Communication channel monitoring, cache Monitoring and Alert Monitoring in SAP PI using Runtime Work Bench (RWB) and SXMB_MONI.

• Archiving of XML messages in PI using transaction such as XMS_SARA (archive administration Kit), SXMB_Adm, SARA, SPRO and SARI.

SAP Solution Manager Responsibilities:

• Upgraded Solman to 7.0 + EHP1 (upgrading SP stack, deploying Java patches, installing the ABAP patches).

• Participated in SAP provided training and completed setup of E2E diagnostics for Root Cause Analysis, BPM (Business Process Monitoring), and ChaRM (Change Request Management).

• Installed Enterprise Manager for Wily Interscope 8.0 on Solman, and the corresponding IS agents on Managed systems for JAVA monitoring.

• Implemented CRT’s while applying upgrading the support pack stack level from SPS 09 to SPS 14 of Solution Manager.

• Performed configuration of Service Desk for solving problem tickets, configuration of Maintenance Optimizer for downloading Support Packs, Business Process Monitoring, Change Request Management (CHARM), setting up of Satellite system landscapes (SMSY) and generating Solman Keys in SM System

• Configured Solman to be Managing System in the landscape and as the repository for all SLD information. Installed the latest versions of ST-PI and ST-A/PI plug-ins and related OSS notes in all satellite systems so as to maintain SDCCN compatibility with Solman.

SAP Enterprise Portal Responsibilities

• Configured UME to use an LDAP Directory as Data Source using UME LDAP configuration Tool.

• Created java server nodes and performed troubleshooting of J2EE and ABAP stacks for optimization of the system.

• Performed Java stack Administration based on Memory Management and tuning of Java Max Heap Size Parameters and also monitoring Garbage Collector parameters.

• Perform user authorizations and permissions in portal using UME.

• Used Keystore Administration for creating certificates based on backend system and downloaded which are of the form Verfiy.der or verify.pse to the local machine and uploaded in to the back end system using SSTRUSTSSO2 transaction.

• Deployment of ESS Business package and WebDynpro applications and related configurations in Enterprise Portal 7.0 (Maintaining JCO connection, Creating Users, Assigning Roles), and customizing of ESS services in backend ECC 6.0 server.

• Configured SLD (System Landscape Directory), Solution optimizer and Maintained JCO connection in Web Dynpro Administration of EP

• Created users, assigning/creating roles, setting up the page preferences by personalizing the page content.

• Provided production support in resetting user passwords and unlocking users locked due to incorrect logins.

• Troubleshooting authorization issues, identifying and assigning missing authorizations to users and their respective roles.

General Responsibilities:

• Involved in 24x7 Production of Sap LandScapes supporting various functional module users such as FI/CO, MM, PP, SD and HR.

• Administered and configured the ESS and MSS modules in ECC and EP supporting the Human Resource (HR) module in SAP.

• Was responsible for multiple installations of NW04s, ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, SRM 5.0, SCM 5.1, CRM 6.0 during the project phases.. Also installed Solman 7.0 with EHP1.

• Performed SAP TDMS Time slice reduction on the ECC 6.0 system.

• Performed multiple system copies on all applications to prepare landscape for integration and user acceptance test cycles. Including export and import of JAVA stack for dual stack applications.

• Configured middleware for CRM 6.0, and was responsible for initial generation of Bdocs, and connectivity to other systems for implementing Opportunity Management scenario. Also implemented Interactive Reporting for CRM in separate client.

• Experience in applying Support Packages SPAM/SAINT, Upgrade of kernel patches, applying add-ons and Conflict Resolutions Transports (CRT).

• Deployed IXOS LEA 9.6.1 Development, test and production servers on utility box based on UNIX for archiving both SAP Data and images (invoice documents) and create an image which is then replicated and the end users view the documents in SAP using LEA VIEWER.

• Implemented Doculink for archiving FIINVOICE image documents in SAP.

• Worked with Open Text for problem solving tickets with respect to IXOS Archive.

• Installed IXOS LEA Archive Viewer and LEA Enterprise Scan on the front-end systems for the OTC team for scanning the purchase orders (PO’s) to archive them directly intos SAP and view them in SAP.

• Involved in 24x7 production support of third party tools, which are integrated with SAP such as DAZEL/PLOSSYS/VERTEX and IXOS.

• Performed Homogeneous system copies on Ecc 6.0, BI 7.0 EP 7.0 and PI landscapes.

• Performed CUA administration for transporting of users and profiles from central system to the satellite systems on the ABAP and JAVA front.

SAP Technical Environment: Netweaver 2004’s ECC6.0, SAP BI 7.0, Ariba, Solution Manager 4.0, Netweaver 2004’s PI 7.0, and SAP XMII 11.0, SRM, SCM,Trex 7.0, SAP GRC 5.3, SAP HCM on Hp unix 11.23 and Oracle 10g, Tools: DAZEL, PLOSSYS, IXOS, AutoSYS, GMC, Vertex 3.2, content server, Citrix.

Commercial Metals Company, Dallas, Texas March 2007 till April 2008

SAP Netweaver Basis Administrator

Role: Production Support

General Responsibilities:

• Installation of Solution Manager 4.0, configuring the Satellite systems for different scenarios available in Solution Manager like Service Desk Functionality, Alert Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis, Maintenance optimizer and Early watch.

• Configured MOPZ (maintenance optimizer) for downloading support packs from service market place.

• Generated installation keys for installing and upgrade of new SAP software components using SMSY.

• Installed SMD for central configuration display, Central log file viewer, portal monitoring, software change tracking etc.

• Performed SAP ECC 6.0 upgrade with downtime approach which consists of preparation, blue-print, realization, Go-Live and production support.

• Performed the Unicode migration using MDMP conversion.

• Installed and Configured SAP Content server for archiving inbound and outbound documents.

• Created content repositories based on standard and customizing objects and linked with the external storage devices.

• Responsible to load & apply Support Packages, Add-ons, Kernel Upgrades and Hot Patches using SPAM/SAINT.

• Configure & troubleshoot using J2EE tools like Visual Administrator, Config tool, Log viewers.

• Configured CRM TREX for monitoring the availability of TREX servers and for search index classification.

• Performed Homogeneous System Copies of BI 7.0 based on WAS 6.20 using R3load Installation Service.

• Configured portal security using Single Sign On to the SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0 and BI 7.0 systems for EP 7.0 environment.

• These objects from, OLTP system are administered and viewed from Administrator Workbench using transaction RSA1

• Applied the Java and SAP patches to the Portals, Application servers, and the Database servers.

• Creating users, assigning/creating roles, setting up the page preferences by personalizing the page content.

• Worked on Transports, Applying Support Packs, Administering batch Jobs, updates, locks & Spool.

Technical Environment: Netweaver 04’s, R/3-ECC6.0,PI 7.0, BI 7.0, CRM 4.0/SCM 5.0, SM 4.0 SAP EP 7.0 SP14, SAP TREX, SAP Internet Transaction Server ITS etc on Aix, DB2, Windows 2003 (Three system landscape of DEV, QAS and PROD), sabrix, citrix.

A.M. Castle , Franklin Park, IL June 2006 – Feb 2007

SAP Netweaver Basis Administrator


• Integrated the SAP Enterprise Portal for Single Sign-On (SSO) with enterprise application systems like SAP ECC 5.0, BW 3.5.

• Upgraded from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 which went through prepare phase, upgrade phase and post upgrade activities with Unicode conversion.

• Monitoring users background jobs. Analysis of system short dump & system log. Finding the solutions for overcoming them. Performing workload analysis of SAP servers.

• Monitoring of active users and work processes. Monitoring Log on Load Balancing, batch jobs, spool requests, etc.

• Modification / Creation of various authorization profiles related to various system operations for restricting / facilitating users for smooth and secure system operations.

• Evaluated CUA functionality and feasibility, Configured ALE/CUA and distributed user master records, including migration of existing users.

• Responsible to load & apply Support Packages, Add-ons, Kernel Upgrades and Hot patches using SPAM/SAINT.

• Daily Monitoring of SM21, ST22, SM12, SM13, DB12, DB13, SM50, SM51.

Environment: ECC 5.0/ SAP R/3 4.7E, BW 3.5, CRM 5.0, EP 6.0, XI 3.0 on Windows 2003, SQL Server 2005 on cluster environment of three system landscape (DEV, QAS, PROD), Ixos e-conserver, HP-UX, ISU/CSS.

HAPAG-LLOYD (AMERICA) INC, Tampa, FL Nov 2005 - May 2006

SAP-Basis & Security Consultant

R/3 Activities:

• Participated in Installation/Configuration & setting up the landscape using ASAP

• Done Homogeneous System Copy of R/3 4.7E using Backup(R3copy) procedure (Database Specific Procedure).

• Management of User master, Authorizations and Authorization traces.

• Worked in the upgrade of Sap 4.7 version to ECC 5.0.

• Roles Creation/Modification & Converted Manual Profiles to Roles using SU25.

• Reviewed Critical/Sensitive Authorizations, Implemented improvements to meet Audit Requirements.

• Done Client Admin including Local/Remote copy & Exp/Imp.

• Done Security admin including BW authorizations

• Created source systems, Extracted data from Source systems and Installed

• Business Content, Scheduled and monitored periodic Data loads from R/3 to BW.

• Used Open Hub functionality by creating Info spokes to distribute data from an SAP BW system into external data marts & analytical applications.

• Installed/Configured SCM components SAP APO, liveCache and Optimizer

• Modules & Integration of APO 3.0A, LiveCache 7.2 and Optimizer 3.0A

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7E, ECC5.0, BW 3.5 and APO 3.0A, LC7.2, Optimizer 3.0A, WAS 6.20 & SAP DB Manager 7.3/DB SQL Studio 7.3, Sun Solaris 7, Oracle

Carrier Aircon Ltd, India July 2003 – Oct 2004

SAP R/3 Basis Administrator,

• Setup R/3 role-based security using R/3 profile generator PFCG

• Maintained Security profiles for HR, SD, MM, FI, CO, PP

• Troubleshooting User Authorization problems using SU53 and ST01

• Setup and refined CCMS thresholds and parameters for system performance and resources

• Managed spool queue and TemSe.

• Management of Users, Authorizations, and Profiles

• Performed User Mapping for Single Sign On (SSO)

• Edited Default Logon screen and Portal display

• Maintained security procedure documentation, existing roles and role-mappings.

• Implemented and modified existing HR, FI and CO structural authorizations including composite roles

• Used Profile Generator for creation, modifying roles, composite roles, global roles, derived roles.

• Created Transaction codes for the programs and ran the transactions.

• Educated client personnel in R/3 Security and general Basis knowledge

• Secured roles by Company Code, Plant, Cost Center, Profit Center, and Purchasing Organization etc

• Analyzed all customer programs and transaction codes for authority checks

• Improved security configuration to reflect best practices and to prepare for system audits.

• Educated testing team about how to test security profiles.

• Provided knowledge transfer for SAP R/3 security environment

• Documented the procedure for all SAP tasks process and controls.

• Performed trouble shooting on R/3 security problems by using system traces.

• Performed Client copies/deletes in Sandbox, Development and Training.

• Extensively worked on Authorization objects, fields, authorizations, authorization profiles.

• Performed transports and mass transports of roles.

• Created users and maintained user master and established security policies and procedures.

• User and client security for a productive HR environment.

• System tuning and design, including backup and recovery strategies

• Basis Problem resolution by analyzing System logs, ABAP dumps etc.

• Maintained Users, Authorizations and Transport Management System

• Performed spool/print administration

• Applied Support Packs, Add-ons and OSS Notes


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

• Master’s degree in Business Administration.

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