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SAP APO Functional consultant

Chicago, IL, 60070
September 22, 2008

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APARNA RANGANATHAN Contact number : 281-***-****

SAP APO/PP/PP-PI Consultant Mail : ******.******@*****.***


• More than 6 years of experience as an APO/PP/PP-PI functional consultant.

• Involved in three full cycle implementations and well versed in various aspects of the system

• Performed a variety of tasks such as analysing and studying the as-is condition of the client’s system, carrying out the to-be analysis and contributing in various phases of the project such as business blue printing, gap analysis , go live and post go live process.

• Have a good understanding and working experience in various aspects of APO demand planning module such as the administrator workbench, different forecasting techniques, macros, alerts and transferring data to SNP.

• Worked on various areas of APO Supply network planning, such as configuration of planning areas, planning books and data views. Was also involved in activating and monitoring the CIF integration models for transferring of master and transaction data. Worked on SNP Heuristics, optimizer and capable to match techniques.

• Worked on various aspects of Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PPDS) such as DS planning board, production planning table, propagation range and strategy profile.

• Have working experience in SAP Production planning (PP) and process industries (PP-PI) and worked on various methodologies such as discrete manufacturing, repetitive manufacturing.

• Worked on BOM’s , routings, recipes , resources , production orders , process orders and Material requirements planning .

• Was involved in providing post go live support to the client and solving problems in a very short span of time.

• Experienced in debugging problems and also providing training and support to end users.

• Experienced in using SolMan (Solution Manager) for configuration and HPQC for defect logging and tracking

• Theoretically strong in several areas of Enterprise Resource planning such as Just in Time – Kanban Methodology (JIT), Total Quality Control (TQC), Manufacturing Resource Planning MRP II).

• Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) by American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS).


Programming Languages : C, C ++ , Visual Basic , Java.

SAP Versions : SAP SCM 4 , 4.1, 5.0 / APO 3.1 / SAP R/3 4.6C / ECC 5.0 , 6.0

SAP Tools : Solution Manager (SolMan 4.0)

Defect tracking tools : HPQC

Databases : MS Access, Progress 4GL

Operating Systems : Windows XP / 2000 , Windows NT , Unix

Bose Corporation , Stow MA Nov ’07 – till date

APO (DP/ SNP) / PP Consultant

Environment: SAP SCM 5.0 / ECC 6.0

Industry Sector : Manufacturing

Company profile:

Bose Corporation has repute worldwide for its high-performing audio products. It manufactures a range of products such as Wave systems, stereo systems , home theatere systems, stereo speakers , computer speakers , sound doc systems for ipod , outdoor and marine speakers and life style systems. It has a huge network and has offices worldwide.


Demand Planning (DP)

• Was involved in gap analysis , implementation and post – implementation support phases of the project.

• Analysed the business requirements and documented the gaps and related configuration using Solution Manager

• Created integration models for transferring data such as materials , work centers , production version to APO and also performed activation of the integration models .

• Created and activated integration models for transferring transaction data such as PIR’s, PR’s and PO’s , planned orders and production orders .

• Maintaned publication settings in APO for transferring transaction data from APO to ECC and verified the process of “key completion”

• Set up change pointers to review the planning results before transferring the same to ECC .

• Created Characteristic value combinations for the Home entertainment and automotive divisions.

• Loaded the requirements to Demand Management based on user input , for the automotive divison.

• Executed the forecast explosion macro and exploded the system demand to generate the requirements for the components and transferred the same from time series live cache to order live cache .

• Loaded the data from flat file to info cube and from the info cube to planning area for the home entertainment division .

• Created the forecast master profile and univariate forecast profile.

Supply Network Planning (SNP)

• Created the variant for SNP heuristics for the home entertainment division and also created supply and demand profiles.

• Executed SNP heuristic and verified creation of planned orders and purchase requisitions.

• Created CTM profile and dynamic selection for the location products and assigned it to the CTM profile for the automotive division.

• Executed CTM and verified the creation of planned orders and purchase requisitions , and the transfer of the same to ECC for execution.

• Created deployment profile and executed deployment run and verified the creation of distribution demand and receipt elements.

• Executed TLB run and verified the creation of Stock transport orders and reflection of the same in ECC.

• Performed deployment of service parts by using fair share distribution methodology .

• Set up the batch jobs for the various integration models , SNP, CTM , deployment and TLB runs and tested them extensively.

• Formulated the design ad developed the functional specification for the user exit to block the stock in certain storage locations.

Production planning (PP)

• Configured the MRP controllers and special procurement keys as required by business using SolMan

• Created the rate routing in ECC as required by business

• Performed unit and integration testing extensively and used HPQC for defect logging and defect tracking.

• Trained the end user extensively on DP and SNP concepts.

Stellar Industries Inc , Garner IA Sep ’06 – Oct ‘07

APO (DP/ SNP) / PP Consultant

Environment: SAP SCM 5.0 / ECC 6.0

Industry Sector : Manufacturing

Company profile:

Stellar Industries is a premier manufacturer of tire service cranes, tire trucks, hydraulic hook lift loaders, telescopic cranes, mechanic trucks, air compressors and heavy-duty drawer systems. It has grown to become a respected supplier of high quality truck mounted equipment.


Demand Planning (DP)

• Involved in a full life cycle implementation with the client.

• Was involved in analysing the business requirements and mapping it to DP/SNP modules.

• Was involved in the creation of master planning object structures, planning area, characteristic value combinations, storage buckets profile and planning bucket profile.

• Loaded data from BW info cube to planning area and intialised planning area and performed consistency check .

• Maintained statistical forecast profiles and data views as required by the user.

• Assigned the univariate forecast profile to the forecast master profile , assigned forecast profile to the selection and performed statistical forecasting

• Defined macros using macro builder and also created alerts.

• Maintained the Bill of Distribution to perform service parts planning.

• Maintained forecast profile for service parts planning and performed forecasting for service parts .

• Was involved in maintaining CIF integration models for data transfer between R/3 and APO.

Supply Network Planning (SNP)

• Was involved in setting up the SNP master data locations, product masters, resource and PDS .

• Was involved in creation of supply chain model to represent the supply chain network with all relevant locations (suppliers, distribution centers and customers), resources (storage, handling resources) and relationships (transportation lanes).

• Was involved in defining shipping and receiving calanders for each location .

• Performed SNP runs using SNP Heuristics and verified if transaction data is getting transferred to ECC and “key completion” is happening.

• Maintained the master data such as deployment indicators , restricted the number of outbound stock transport orders for deployment of service parts

• Defined priority tiers and sequence rules required for deployement of service parts .

• Was involved in developing user training documents and training the users extensively on the new functionality

• Provided production support and solved issues in a short span of time.

Production Planning (PP)

• Was involved in creating the material master MRP, Work Scheduling views.

• Created BOM’s , routings as per the business requirements.

• Created scheduling margin keys and defined floats for the various assemblies.

• Was involved in customizing MRP controller and scheduler.

• Defined formula parameters, standard value key formulas to create custom formula definitions for work centres.

Trimedica International , Tempe AZ Jan ’06 – Aug ’06

APO DP / PP-PI Consultant

Environment: SAP SCM 4.1 / ECC 5.0

Industry Sector : Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Trimedica International is a unique natural supplement manufacturer that focuses on producing extraordinary, high quality health and pharmaceutical products. The company offers products that are in the form of easily assimable liquid or capsules.Its product line has products for bones , skin, hormonal balance , blood pressure etc.


Demand Planning

• Was involved in studying and analysing the business process.

• Was involved in setting up the publication settings for the various location – order type combinations and also performed initial activation of the integration models .

• Was involved in defining alerts and used alert monitor to monitor exceptional and critical situations.

• Was involved in setting up info objects, info sources, source systems and data sources as required by the business.

• Was involved in setting up the info cube and defining the planning books and macros for interactive planning.

• Was involved in settting up the collect changes “change pointer” for certain users so that results can be monitored before transferring the transaction data to ECC .

• Was involved in gathering forecast inputs from business process owners, performing the historical data load and creating the forecast profile .

• Was involved in generating statistical forecasts based on the business requirement.


• Setup the status profile and task list usage as per business requirements.

• Customised the info structures and key figures as part of SOP configuration.

• Customized scheduling type, scheduling parameters and reduction strategies ,reduction levels as per user requirements.

• Created recipes and resources as per user requirements .

• Defined formula’s and formula parameters for resources.

• Defined calculation base and explosion scope for formulae.

• Defined number ranges for recipes and configured the recipe stages and actions.

Jamestown Chemicals Ltd , West Haven CT Nov ’04 – Dec ’05

SAP DP/ SNP Consultant

Environment: SAP SCM 4.0

Industry Sector : Chemical

Company Profile:

Jamestown is an innovative company specializing in the evaluation, design, installation, and maintenance of water treatment programs used by industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. The company has provided customers with viable solutions to performance, costs, and environmental problems encountered in various water dependent problems.


Demand Planning

• Was involved in the end to end implementation of the project

• Was involved in studying and analyzing the business requirements , did gap analysis and was involved in creating the business blueprint.

• Was involved in setting up planning area for DP and structured the info cube as per the format required by the business , to load data from flat file .

• Was involved in setting up the DP master data and designing the planning book.

• Was involved in assigning the user to the planning book .

• Was involved in maintaining product parameters for individual and mass produced products.

• Maintained resources , handling units and assigned the same to the various locations .

• Was involved in defining the forecast master profile and univariate forecast profile .

• Was involved in creating a forecast of market demand using top-down, middle-out or bottom-up approach.

• Worked on phase-in , phase-out modeling.

• Find tuned the demand plan based on management requirements .

Supply Network Planning

• Was involved in setting up the master data for supply network planning and was also involved in creation of planning book.

• Assigned the master data relevant to SNP to the supply chain model .

• Worked on setting up the master data for standard safety stock planning.

• Performed mass maintenance of supply and demand profiles and assigned them to the products

• Set up the TLB profile

• Was involved in setting up the optimization profile and performing the optimization run.

• Was part of setting up the CIF model and performed reconciliation of data between ECC and APO by running CCR .

• Performed the deployment and TLB runs after SNP optimizer run .

• Was involved in creation of training documents and training the users on the DP & SNP concepts extensively.

• Was involved in providing post implementation support and solved issues that occurred after implementation.

Grippo Foods , Cincinnati OH Feb ’04 – Aug ’04

SAP SNP/ PP-DS Consultant

Environment: SAP APO 3.1

Industry Sector : Food and Beverages

Company Profile:

Grippo foods is committed to making and distributing fresh and high quality potato chips and other snack foods such loop pretzels that are made using pretzel looping machines and rolled sugar cones. It makes a variety of chips such as cheese and jalapeno chips and sweet Bermuda onion chips .


Supply Network Planning

• Gathered requirements from the users, analyzed them and did gap analysis and developed functional specifications as per the requirements.

• Was involved in maintaining the SNP planning calander.

• Was involved in configuring the transfer of orders to the execution system ie., SAP R/3

• Was involved in creating the SNP demand and supply profiles.

• Was involved in setting up the variant for SNP heuristic run and performing the heuristic run.

• Created production version and set up the integration model and activated the same for transferring the production version to APO

• Was involved in the creation of deployment profiles and assignment of the profile to product master.

• Was involved in the creation of TLB profile and assignment of the same to transportation lane.

Production planning and detailed scheduling

• Was involved in implementation of the PPDS module and product master data maintenance.

• Created PPDS product master views, defined lot size, production horizon and fixing horizon.

• Configured various aspects such as propagation range, strategy profile and DS planning board.

• Was involved in maintaining the heuristics and heuristic profile.

• Was involved in maintaining storage resource , transport resources and transportation lanes

• Was involved in conducting production planning runs, backlog removal run and MRP run.

• Was involved in setting up interactive planning in PP/DS.

• Resolved issues that occurred in PP/DS module after implementation of the project.

• Trained the users on various aspects of the module and made them conversant with the system.

Pharmasol Inc , Easton MA Oct ’02 – Dec’ 03

SAP PP Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 Rel 4.6C

Industry Sector : Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Pharmasol has emerged as a leader in the aerosol industry. Since inception, it has specialized in the manufacturing, packaging and warehousing of aerosols, liquids, gels and lotions for prominent customers in the health care and cosmetics industries.


• Was part of the end to end implementation cycle.

• Interacted with the various users gathered the requirements and analyzed the as-is process.

• Developed functional specifications based on business requirements .

• Maintained the MRP,Forecasting and Work scheduling views in the material master.

• Created master data such as bill of materials, routings and work centers based on the business requirements.

• Defined standard value keys and parameters in config as per user requirements.

• Defined PRT control keys in config as part of shop floor control.

• Customized the task list usage keys as required by the user.

• Set up the roll forward period in configuration for certain critical items that were Master Scheduled.

• Set up the selection priority for BOM’s in config as per the business requirements.

• Was involved in customizing SOP functionalities such as product group, planning for material and product group.

• Defined the MRP controllers, missing parts MRP controller

• Defined action keys for planned orders in config as part of customizing MRP.

• Set up the settlement profile as part of order costing.

• Implemented repetitive manufacturing as per the requirements.

• Configured repetitive manufacturing functions such as REM profile, planning table, product cost collectors and back flushing.

• Made settings necessary for repetitive manufacturing in material master MRP views.

• Set up the control data for pull list.

• Used the net requirements planning strategy and transferred data to demand management.

• Was involved in training the users extensively and providing support after implementation of the project.

Featherlite Products Ltd ,India Feb ’02 – Aug ’02

SAP PP Consultant

Environment SAP R/3 Rel 4.6C

Industry Sector : Consumer Products

Company Profile:

Featherlite products located in India is a pioneer in modular furniture manufacturing. Featherlite manufactures office furniture , call center and auditorium furniture . Its single stop solution design studio offers one stop home and office furnitures.


• Was involved in analysing and documenting the as-is business process and finalizing the to-be conditions.

• Gathered the requirements from users, analyzed them and prepared functional specifications for implementing the same.

• Was involved in configuring the make to stock strategy, defining requirements type and allocating the requirements class.

• Worked on scheduling methodologies, configured strategy group and assigning of strategy group to MRP group.

• Created and maintained Bill of Materials and Routings for the semi finished and finished products as per the requirements of the business.

• Was involved in creating inactive versions of the plan using SOP and transferring the active version of the plan to demand management.

• Modified the settings for production scheduling profile, missing parts profile.

• Changed the configuration settings that existed for lot sizing procedure and defined rescheduling check

• Modified the settings for reorder point and time phased procurement of raw material.

• Implemented Variant configuration for make to order products as per the requirements of the business.

• Was involved in making the necessary settings for variant configuration in Material Master MRP views.

• Maintained the configuration profile and made necessary settings in configuration for classification .

• Created super BOM encompassing all variants of the product.

• Was involved in the creation of object dependencies.

Educational Qualification:

• Masters in Computer Science from Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu , India.

• Certified in CPIM (Production and Inventory Management) by American Production and Inventory Control Society.

Academic Achievements:

• University III rank holder in Bachelor's (Physics) degree

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