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Enterprise Architect Chief

Manassas, VA
July 29, 2021

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Don S. Hutcheson

Professional Profile

Mr. Hutcheson is a subject matter expert in Enterprise Architecture, IT Infrastructure, Portals, Accounting, Human Resource, Banking and Supply Systems. Mr. Hutcheson has over 30 years experience adapting client’s functional business strategy, and business processes into solutions of seamless working systems.

Mr. Hutcheson was IBM’s Chief Architect for the IRS Portals. Demonstrating 100% availability for 10 years.

Mr. Hutcheson has demonstrated experience in complex environments as a technical architect, an application architect, a project manager and a business transformation consultant. Mr. Hutcheson is a recognized worldwide leader in Enterprise Architecture speaking, writing and demonstrating around the globe. Mr. Hutcheson was a member of IBM’s 35 member Worldwide Enterprise Architecture Community of Excellence and the community leader for the Worldwide Public Sector Enterprise Architecture Community.

Recently, Mr. Hutcheson has turned his database and enterprise architecture expertise towards using big data techniques including natural language processing to identify and reduce complexity within an organizations business and technical architectures. This work includes business glossary, taxonomy and ontology development.

Mr. Hutcheson has used most all the enterprise architecture tools including: QualiWare, Visual Paradigm, Mega, Orbus, Sparx, Unicom Systems. Etc.

Mr. Hutcheson is fluent in Structured Query Language (SQL) and Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN).

Mr. Hutcheson is a certified Zachman Enterprise Architect and a certified Open Group Enterprise Architect.

Mr. Hutcheson is a certified scrum master.

Employment History

WingD Corporation, Severna Park, Maryland, January 2017 to Present.

Liftoph Inc, Severna Park, Maryland, October 2009 to Present.

Rolston Information Systems Assurance, LLC, Land O Lakes, Florida December 2017 to September 2018.

MITRE Corporation, McLean, Virginia, August 2010 to October 2014.

IBM Corporation, Bethesda, Maryland, March 2001 to March 2010.

Include Publishing Network, Inc., Severna Park, Maryland, July 2000 to March 2001.

Comtex News Network, Inc. Alexandria, Virginia, February 2000 to July 2000

SAIC Corporation, McLean, Virginia, May 1999 to February 2000.

Financial Insight Systems, Rockville, Maryland, January 1999 to May 1999.

Include Publishing Network, Inc., Severna Park, Maryland, January 1996 to January 1999.

XDB Systems, Inc., Columbia, Maryland, January 1990 to January 1996.

Naval Ordnance Station, Indian Head, Maryland, October 1988 to January 1990.

Training Dynamics Group, Benicia, California, June 1987 to June 1988.

Solution Associates, Inc., Monterey, California, February 1984 to June 1987.

Epoch Engineering, Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland, February 1983 to February 1984.

Naval Surface Weapons Center, Silver Spring, Maryland, September 1980 to February 1983.

Naval Ordnance Station, Indian Head, Maryland, May 1978 to September 1980.

Professional Experience

WingD Corporation, Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Hutcheson leads a team of contractors building and hosting a cloud capable, non-domain specific database (Data as a Service DaaS) based upon the principles of service oriented architecture and language semantics. The architecture is ReSTful. Several graphical user interface products are also being developed.

Liftoph Inc, Senior Enterprise Architect, Department of Defense, (DoD), Air Force, Mr. Hutcheson expanded the use of primitives theory and petite models to automatically determine business process and systems overlaps within the Air Force CIO for Acquisition’s (procurement) portfolio of Information Technology (IT) systems. Results are stored in Integrated Business Framework-Data Alignment Portal (IBF-DAP), an InQuisient implementation (formerly Enterprise Elements), for retrieval for analysis and integration with Defense Business Systems (DBS) budget certification process.

RISA, Senior Enterprise Architect, National Background Investigation Bureau (NBIB), Mr. Hutcheson is advising NBIB on ISO 20000, business process re-engineering, and data migration. NBIB is transitioning a mainframe system containing 1 billion investigation records for the entire Federal Government run by the Office of Personnel Management to a new system that will be built and operated by the Defense Information Systems Agency. Mr. Hutcheson is the lead architect for the transition team coordinating NBIB requirements and transition planning.

WingD Corporation, Technical Architect, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Mr. Hutcheson is examining the performance and capacity of the tax and information returns systems.

WingD Corporation, Technical Architect, Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation (FDIC), Mr. Hutcheson lead technical efforts to transition FDIC legacy systems to modernized service oriented architectures, modern programming languages and techniques and modern cloud services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS). Mr. Hutcheson’s team included experts in SAS, Business Objects, WebFocus, InfoSphere (Extract Transform Load) and Tableau.

MITRE Corporation, Senior Enterprise Architect, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Mr. Hutcheson introduced a conceptual architecture framework for the VistA Evolution Roadmap. This is the same conceptual architecture framework used for IRS, DHS and DoD. By using common standards in architecture development, it is possible to compare architectures across Government agencies and commercial entities. Mr. Hutcheson also completed the first draft of the Operations Plan for the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014.

MITRE Corporation, Senior Enterprise Architect, Department of Defense, (DoD) Mr. Hutcheson, aided the CIO’s Office in completion of DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) artifacts for the new Information Enterprise Architecture (IEA) including Joint Information Environment (JIE) concepts. Mr. Hutcheson developed new methods using primitive taxonomies and ontologies to extend conventional affinity analysis and provide better quality, more accurate results, decrease inconsistencies brought about by human error and reduced time for artifact delivery.

MITRE Corporation, Senior Enterprise Architect, US Internal Revenue Service, (IRS) Mr. Hutcheson advised director of IRS of Portal Transition Project on best practices for portal transition to new contractor and portal transformation that will take advantage of more standard and flexible architectures (e.g. Cloud, Services).

MITRE Corporation, Senior Enterprise Architect, US Internal Revenue Service, (IRS) Mr. Hutcheson wrote white paper advising Integrated Financial System (IFS) project on best ways to fit with enterprise architecture standards while upgrading to new SAP components and technologies.

MITRE Corporation, Senior Enterprise Architect, US Internal Revenue Service, (IRS) Mr. Hutcheson led team assessing technology transition of a financial application from business ownership to CIO ownership. Assessment included: infrastructure, enterprise architecture, systems architecture, contracts, code, data architecture and security reviews.

MITRE Corporation, Chief Architect, US Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Description: Threat Assessment and Credentialing (TTAC) Infrastructure,

For this $750 million credentialing transformation project, Mr. Hutcheson led a team of architects, engineers and business process experts using BPMN. His team was responsible for the final architecture and architecture recommendations prior to RFP. His architecture was key foundation in the following deliverables: Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE), Final Target Conceptual and Logical Architectures and Statement of Work (SOW) within Performance Work Statement (PWS) of Request for Proposal (RFP).

IBM Corporation, Chief Architect, On Demand Healthcare Portal, Mr. Hutcheson led the technical strategy for the IBM Global Healthcare practice to provide reusable HL7 portal assets to create highly flexible patient centered care portals.

IBM Corporation, Senior Enterprise Architect, Huawei Corporation Shenzhen China, Mr. Hutcheson translated Internal IBM best Enterprise Architecture practices into a practical Enterprise Architecture Framework for the client.

IBM Corporation, Chief Architect, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Departmental Offices (DO), IT IMS Proposal, Mr. Hutcheson led the technical team assembling the bid for managed outsourcing of the IT Infrastructure including security, data, and network operations. It also includes managing the test environment and providing a centralized help desk.

IBM Corporation, Chief Strategist, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Enterprise Data Management Office, Mr. Hutcheson wrote the IRS’s Metadata Strategy closely linking the Data Strategy. His metadata strategy work significantly altered aspects of the data strategy and how the data strategy could be accomplished faster by concentrating on metadata first.

IBM Corporation, Strategy Leader and Evangelist, IBM Corporation Cross Brand Initiative: The On Demand CIO, Mr. Hutcheson identified opportunities for cross IBM brand cooperation in product development, marketing and branding. His initiative connected multiple IBM executives, distinguished engineers, strategists and product managers across IBM software group and consulting group brands toward a common goal.

IBM Corporation, Senior Enterprise Architect, Victorian Government of Australia, Shared Services Centre (SSC), Mr. Hutcheson, as a subject matter expert in the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), determined to what extent the FEA could be used as a solution architecture classification framework for SSC. By presenting materials to educate, elicit discussion and bring to resolution, Mr. Hutcheson gained executive buy-in in the determination that the FEA was not suitable to for the task and worked to examine taxonomies that were suitable for the task.

IBM Corporation, Senior Solution Architect, U.S. Forest Service, Content Management Proposal, Mr. Hutcheson, in collaboration with subject matter experts, designed a solution and then articulated the technical approach throughout the various elements of a very broad technical team consisting of software group and consulting group resources. He then drove the technical teams to conclude their work in a timely fashion. His strategic thinking and written skills added significant depth to IBM’s proposal.

IBM Corporation, Chief Architect, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Web Hosting Project, Mr. Hutcheson worked closely with the IRS Modernization & Information Technology Services (MITS) organization helping to resolve technical issues regarding the infrastructure transformation necessary for various IRS projects and issues regarding the infrastructure’s operations and maintenance. Mr. Hutcheson reviewed technology and security documentation, and worked on future vision and strategies.

IBM Corporation, Chief Architect, U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Integrated Wireless Network (IWIN) Procurement, Mr. Hutcheson lead the technical team on an approximately $15 billion proposal for a nationwide common wireless infrastructure.

IBM Corporation, Instructor, 4-day Enterprise Architecture Classroom Instruction, Mr. Hutcheson taught the IBM Enterprise Architecture Method in support of the IBM Enterprise Architecture competency. He coordinated the work of many subject matter experts to for a “U.S. Federal” variation of this educational offering including sections on the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and U.S. Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF).

IBM Corporation, Chief Architect, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) Project, Mr. Hutcheson served as technical lead and enterprise architecture subject matter expert to consolidate and simplify the human resource systems across all of the U.S. Federal Government. Mr. Hutcheson was key in developing a mapping between business services requirements and the IT services that would need to be consumed by the business services.

IBM Corporation, Project Manager and Senior Enterprise Architect, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), Enterprise Architecture Project, Mr. Hutcheson managed a team of manufacturing and supply chain subject matter experts teamed with enterprise, data and security architects to document shop floor processes and assess the BEP Enterprise Architecture. Recommendations and initiatives were presented to the Director of the BEP and his executive committee for adoption. Some initiatives were adopted. Additional work was acquired to revise the target architecture, create a transition plan and assist in the RFP process. Mr. Hutcheson is a trained Metis practitioner.

IBM Corporation, Application Architect, U.S. Department of the Treasury, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Technology Model View Consolidation Project, Mr. Hutcheson coordinated a team of documentation specialists, web designers, database architects, design committee and business process subject matter experts to create a web based portal capable of documenting the IRS Modernized Infrastructure from conceptual to the physical level. Agile and eXtreme programming techniques were used. The project is expected to decrease documentation costs by 30%.

IBM Corporation, Chief Engineer, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) for U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Development Integration and Test Environment (DITE) Build-Out Project, Mr. Hutcheson managed a team of architects/engineers working toward creation and operation of new environment for testing IRS Modernized Infrastructure and Projects. Over 160 new machine and mainframe regions were added to current environment to produce five new testing environments resulting in eliminating project contention for resources. The release process was standardized including Tivoli packaging of applications, configurations and data from one environment to the next.

IBM Corporation, Chief Engineer, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) for U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Integrated Financial Systems Project, Mr. Hutcheson managed a team of architects/engineers working toward release of SAP suite of financial applications. In addition to SAP infrastructure, a new Citrix infrastructure was designed, secured, integrated and built as a front-end.

IBM Corporation, Chief Engineer, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) for U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Web Hosting Project, Mr. Hutcheson managed a team of architects, engineers and subject matter experts working toward release of an IRS Web Site capable of handling transactional requests from 18 million taxpayers consisting of multiple hosting centers across the U.S. Mr. Hutcheson’s team oversaw operational areas included security (intrusion detection, audit logging, etc.), testing, and integration with customer’s Mainframe, Tivoli Management System, MQSeries, Vignette, Websphere, Peoplesoft and Netegrity. Mr. Hutcheson’s team also oversaw all technical aspects of life-cycle, including planning, building and operating.

Include Publishing Network, Inc., Senior Enterprise Architect, Wachovia (NYSE: WB), Enterprise Architecture Project Management Office, Mr. Hutcheson worked on the CIO’s Staff for the Capital Management Group (Brokerage, Insurance, Trust, Wealth, Etc.). Mr. Hutcheson’s expertise was crucial to development of business strategies and cross-cutting initiatives. Mr. Hutcheson personally oversaw the month-end process modeling initiative, the architecture repository initiative and the project risk analyses initiative.

Comtex News Network, Inc. (NASD: CMTX), Vice President/Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Hutcheson managed all technical activities of 24/7 real-time news aggregation and categorization service, including data center, production, network services and programming. Mr. Hutcheson managed a full-time staff of 20 and various off-site contractors. He managed a total budget of over $4 million plus a capital budget of over $2 million. Mr. Hutcheson managed migration from old infrastructure (VAX Cluster and Informix) to new infrastructure (distributed NT, XML and SQL Server). Under his leadership, his team implemented the architecture necessary for Comtex to become an Application Service Provider (ASP) providing Internet delivery of news. Infrastructure included monitoring, load testing and scalability using Microsoft components.

Include Publishing Network, Inc., Senior Enterprise Architect, Booz Allen & Hamilton, U.S. Department of Labor, CIO Project Management Office, Mr. Hutcheson wrote business architecture section of the Enterprise Architecture. He invented a linguistic model for translating business requirements into business architecture and process models.

Include Publishing Network, Inc., Senior Enterprise Architect, National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), Enterprise Architecture Project Management Office, Mr. Hutcheson led the effort to transform enterprise architecture documentation (some 800 pages) into usable, readable, manageable form. Mr. Hutcheson created Microsoft Access database schema to support an enterprise architecture configurator.

Science Applications International Corporations (SAIC), Chief Architect, Enterprise Architectures and Integration Division, State of Maryland, Human Resources Best Practices/ Future Practices Project, Mr. Hutcheson was lead technical subject matter expert in the areas of distributed computing, Internet infrastructures and enterprise application integration (EAI) for requirements definition phase of human resource system procurement encompassing ERP, benefits, employee self-service, etc. During the project, Mr. Hutcheson invented the "Maturity/Hype/Life-Cycle" Curve to explain and evaluate product positioning and market forces

Science Applications International Corporations (SAIC), Chief Architect, Enterprise Architectures and Integration Division, U.S. Department of the Treasury, The U.S. Mint,, Mr. Hutcheson led scalability, reliability and manageability effort. Major milestones include: scaling from 2 machines to 9 total machines, handling peak loads during a $50 million dollar advertising campaign, spanning a two-week period, releasing two new major sub-sites, which generated $5 million dollars in revenue.

Financial Insight Systems (FIS), Inc., Vice President for Business Development: Mr. Hutcheson led effort to recast the company into an electronic commerce and customer relationship management (CRM) systems integrator. FIS hosts (a web site for NASDAQ Listed Customers).

Include Publishing Network, Inc., Internet Practice Manager, Various Projects, Mr. Hutcheson determined hardware and software requirements for high transaction websites. He consulted and trained organizations in the use of Java and rapid application development (RAD) technology. He aided clients in evaluating web-based alternatives for ERP implementation. He evaluated security products utilizing Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), public key and private key infrastructures. He evaluated object request brokers such as DCOM, CORBA and IIOP. He evaluated “Application Servers” and development tool sets such as NetDynamics, Kiva, WebLogic, HAHT. Customers include USA Today, EDS, Air Force, Johnson & Johnson, Galileo Reservation System and First Data Merchant Services.

Include Publishing Network, Inc., Chief Technical Officer, Routelink, Inc., Freight Exchange Marketplace, Mr. Hutcheson led development of 3-tier transactional Internet site for matching empty trucks with shipments. Utilized spatial and community matching algorithm embedded in relational database. Site utilizes NetDynamics (Java Application Server) for its middle-tier, SQL Server, MS-IIS and MS-Exchange in a fault tolerant and scalable configuration.

Include Publishing Network, Inc., Architecture Consultant, Angelfire,, Mr. Hutcheson advised client who was on an extremely tight budget constraint on scalability issues as site expanded to nearly 3 million personal web pages. Site utilized Linux operating system, Network Appliance RAID and F5 Labs web server for load balancing.

XDB Systems, Inc., Director of Information Systems, Mr. Hutcheson’s division supported $10 to $15 million revenue growth by creating IT infrastructure in advance of strategic initiatives. Mr. Hutcheson personally architected all aspects of functional and data requirements, using various Integrated Computer Aided Software Engineering (I-CASE) tools, from the ground up a client/server system integrating cross-enterprise accounting, sales contact management, marketing, and technical support incident tracking. Managed six person Visual Basic/ SQL Server (RBMS) development team.

XDB Systems, Inc., Product Manager, Mr. Hutcheson managed life cycle for XDB’s database management systems (RDBMS) products line including XDB's SQL database servers, Windows 3.0 database, and micro-mainframe link. Mr. Hutcheson analyzed market trends to determine product directions. Mr. Hutcheson wrote product specifications and presented at trade shows.

XDB Systems, Inc., Director of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Hutcheson managed all aspects of sales and marketing of SQL serve (RBMS) during $1.5 to $3 million revenue growth.

XDB Systems, Inc., Software Design Consultant, Mr. Hutcheson, using Peachtree Accounting Software as a model, aided in the design of a forms development tool capable of rapidly re-creating the all the functions of the Peachtree software when executed against an SQL (RBMS) database. Mr. Hutcheson invented the first use of form level entry and exit triggers.

U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval Ordnance Station, Information Systems Manager, Mr. Hutcheson implemented a client/server financial decision support system on an SQL server utilizing data downloaded from the mainframe. He received Navy Performance Award July 29, 1989.

Training Dynamics Group, Inc., Vice President, Mr. Hutcheson implemented 2-million piece direct-mail promotions for client. He had direct responsibility for financial reporting, customer service, data management and sales functions. He performed as Corporate Secretary.

Solution Associates, Inc., President, Mr. Hutcheson directed contractors in design and development of a transactional on-line database known as "The Electronic Registrar” to be made available on NewsNet. His company was a member in good standing with Information Industry Association (IIA).

Epoch Engineering, Inc., Systems Engineer, Mr. Hutcheson improved the flow of information among various command and control systems aboard the AEGIS destroyer class. Mr. Hutcheson wrote computer simulations in support of anti-submarine warfare.

U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Systems Engineer, Mr. Hutcheson implemented Torpedo Lethality Database saving over $1 million dollars in post-analysis and computer charges. Mr. Hutcheson designed and tested fuel air explosive dispersal mechanism.

U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval Ordnance Station, Research and Development Engineer, Mr. Hutcheson headed the technical implementations of migratory mine research and tonal generator research.

Education and Certifications

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, 1978.

Government sponsored Masters Software Engineering coursework 1980-1983.

Government sponsored Masters Business Administration coursework 1988-1990.


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Awards and Honors

U.S. Patent US 4493262 A Fuel air explosive device

U.S. Patent US 201******** A1 Method and Apparatus for Sensing Spontaneous Changes in a Localized Electromagnetic Field and Method for Use

Navy Performance Award July 29, 1989.

Navy Superior Achievement Award October 18, 1979.

Security Clearance

Mr. Hutcheson currently holds Top Secret, IRS Minimum Background Investigation and FDIC clearances.

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