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DevOps Engineer

Littleton, CO
June 11, 2021

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Uchenna Akaluso

DevOps Engineer


14+ years’ experience as an IT Professional and 10+ years Cloud - DevOps Engineering in production-grade environments. I am a highly dedicated, enthusiastic, and versatile DevOps Engineer experienced in designing, developing, implementing, and containing software applications according to clients' requirements. With my extensive deployment and management experience on CI/CD pipeline, I am positioned to apply leading technologies to address real business problems and collaborate globally to deliver high- quality, robust, and scalable software systems while learning and growing as an individual in the CI/CD pipeline space.


Cloud Services

AWS, Azure, GCP, Databricks, OpenStack

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows Server (2008-2016, 2019 base), VMware, vSphere, Virtual box

IDE Development Tools

Juptter Notbook, Eclipse, CA-API Gateway, VS Code, PyCharm, IntelliJ


Python, Java, Bash, PowerShell, Scala, Spark, Spark Streaming Java, PL/SQL, C#, JavaScript, YAML

Scripting Languages

Hive, JavaScript, jQuery, Bash, Python scripting

DevOps and Container

Jenkins, Docker, CI/CD, Ansible, Kubernetes, git, AWS CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodeBuild. EKS, AKS, ECR, ECS, Azure DevOps pipeline


SQL Server, Oracle 9i/10i/10g, MySQL, PostgresDB, AWS RDS, Dynamodb, Mariadb, Amazon Arrora


API Gateway, Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, HTML5/CSS, Servlets, JSP, XML, JSON, CSV, JSTL, Soap, Web Services, WSDL, React

QA and Monitoring

Sellenium, TestNG, Postman, JUnit, Cucumber, Protractor, Jasmine, CloudWatch, Nagios, Prometheus, Splunk, ELK

Work History

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Liberty Media, Englewood, Colorado

Jan 2020 - Current

Design a complete automation system for the data pipeline, from source to storage, implementing schedulers for automation.

Set up the CI/CD pipeline using GitHub and Jenkins.

Responsible for managing cloud computing services in Amazon Web Services; specifically, VPC, EC2, S3, EBS, IAM, ELB, Autoscaling, Cloud Formation, and Cloud Watch using the AWS console and AWS CLI.

Create and configure AWS CloudFormation templates to create custom-sized VPC, subnets, EC2 instances, ELB, and Security Groups.

Manage AWS S3 buckets and object policies using IAM and S3 bucket policies and create MFA for accidental deletion.

Implement and maintain the branches and build/release strategies utilizing Git.

Utilize IAM service to create new users, groups, roles, and policies.

Work with Terraform to create AWS components like EC2, IAM, VPC, ELB, Security groups.

Configure EC2, S3, Elastic Load Balancer, Autoscaling, IAM, and Security Groups in public and private subnets in VPC and other services in AWS.

Work on container-based deployments using Docker, Docker images, Docker file, Docker Hub, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, and Docker registries.

Implement cluster services using Docker and Kubernetes to manage local deployments in Kubernetes by building a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster using Terraform and Ansible and deploying application containers.

Monitor automated build and continuous software integration process

with CloudWatch, Prometheus and Grafana to drive build/release failure resolution.

Prepare development server on EC2 for developers, enabled with Docker, Docker-Compose, Java 11, and Git.

Prepare base branches; namely master, dev, release for DevOps cycle.

Configure, manage, and build platforms with Ansible.

Prepare Shell scripts to package the application with Maven.

Create clusters using Kubernetes and work on creating pods, services, and deployments by writing YAML files.

Research and identify new technologies and tools to grow the Agile development environment.

Work with Docker to pull images, run containers, create Dockerfiles, expose containers with port redirects, configure volume management and Docker inspect to capture file changes/settings into a new image, and push the images to DockerHub.

Hands-on experience with Jenkins - CI/CD concepts, jobs, builds, pipelines, triggering, plugins, etc.

Design highly available, cost-effective, and fault-tolerant systems using multiple EC2 instances, Auto-Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancer.

Create tagging standards for proper identification and ownership of EC2 instances and other AWS resources.

Create Ansible playbook to install and configure tools (Docker, Docker-Compose, AWS CLI V2, ECR Credential Helper) needed for all Docker Swarm nodes.

Implement a serverless architecture using API Gateways, Lambda and DynamoDB, and deploy AWS Lambda Code from AWS S3 buckets.

Create and manage Docker deployment pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins.

Use Kubernetes to deploy scale, load balance, scale and manage Docker containers with multiple namespace versions.

Hands-on experience writing SQL using MySQL.

Prepare and configure the Jenkins Server with Git, Docker, and Docker Compose,

AWS CLI v2, ECR Credential Helper, Python3, Ansible, and Boto3.

Write producer /consumer scripts to process JSON response in Python.

DevOps Engineer

Traveler's Insurance, Hartford, CT

Sep 2016 – Dec 2019

Wrote shell scripts for automating the process of data loading.

Evaluated Ansible framework and tools to automate the Cloud deployment and operations.

Implemented a production ready, load balanced, highly available, fault tolerant CI/CD pipeline with GIT, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker and Kubernates.

Created private cloud using Kubernetes that supports DEV, TEST, and PROD environments.

Made deployment to ASE implementing WAF mode and ensured high availability.

Managed deployment automation using Terraform to system operations.

Integrated CI pipeline with configuration management tools for continuous deployment.

Built a new CI pipeline. Tested and deployed automation with Docker and Jenkins.

Supported software development and data management projects that prepared large datasets for using Docker in Environment variables, Configuration files, Option types and Strings and integers.

Developed AWS CloudFormation templates to create custom-sized VPC, subnets, NAT, and EC2.

Developed an internal HR management system using C#.

Worked with Agile practices using CI/CD pipelines, with Jenkins (for continuous integration), Nexus for Maven repository, Maven builds, Artifactory, Junit testing and deployments using multiple Jenkins’ plugins.

Created and developed REST-based web services returning JSON type of responses.

Used Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) to automate several applications.

Built CI/CD pipelines in Azure Build and Release and made deployments to Azure services (e.g., App services, IaaS VMs) and workloads using Azure container registry to deploy to AKS and Azure function.

Wrote custom monitoring and integrated monitoring methods into deployment processes to develop self-healing solutions.

Actively involved in a program geared towards migrating existing mission and business applications into a cloud-based environment. Activities required to re-host an application into the cloud may include architecture modifications, database and/or application server re-hosting, and potentially recoding of existing capabilities to take advantage of cloud platform services.

Worked with the architectural lead for the migration of several applications to the cloud.

Proactively developed best practice standards, architectures, and procedures to support the utilization of cloud infrastructure services.

Completed load and performance testing of extremely complex systems.

Optimized several applications for maximum speed and scalability.

Logged the queries of customers and employees.

Analyzed call logs to discover underlying issues or trends.

Diagnosed and solved hardware and software faults.

Tested and evaluated new technology.

Performed electrical safety checks on the company’s computer equipment.

Responded to callouts in a timely fashion.

Worked with instances, ELB, and Security Groups.

Software development with .Net Core.

Wrote Hive Queries for analyzing data in Hive warehouse using Hive Query Language.

AWS Cloud Engineer

NCR, Atlanta, GA

April 2014 – Aug 2016

Worked on Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline for Cloud Services.

Developed CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins.

Designed and deployed a large application utilizing AWS stack (including EC2, VPC, Route53, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, IAM) focusing on high availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling in AWS Clou Formation.

Dockerized applications by creating Docker images from Dockerfile.

Installed Docker and Docker-compose on different servers.

Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test, and deploy.

Created Jenkins pipelines and configured cron job to trigger the pipeline on certain times depending on the pipeline’s branch.

Used Ansible as a configuration management and deployment tool.

Created and configured elastic load balancers and auto scaling groups to distribute the traffic and to have a cost-efficient, fault tolerant and highly available environment.

Worked with the IAM service to create roles, users, and groups and attached policies to provide minimum access to the resources.

Created freestyle projects and fully automated CI/CD build pipelines and processes for multiple projects.

Worked on all major components of Docker, such as Docker Compose, Volume, Network, Hub, Images, and Swarm.

Worked extensively with AWS services like EC2, S3, VPC, ELB, Auto Scaling Groups, Route 53, IAM, CloudFormation, CloudFront, and RDS.

Designed and configured VPC-Internet Gateways, NAT Gateways, Public and Private subnets, Security groups, NACLs, Route Tables, VPC peering.

Deployed web applications on AWS S3, served through CloudFront and Route 53 using AWS CloudFormation Service and Certificate Manager.

Developed web applications and RESTful API services in Python with Flask and deployed to AWS. Used Application Load Balancer with Auto Scaling Group of EC2 Instances and RDS, AWS CloudFormation Service, MySQL, and Docker.

Used Gitflow as workflow strategy and orchestrated test, build, release, and deploy phases through multiple pipelines, and leveraged scripting knowledge in automating the tasks.

AWS Developer

Intuit, Inc., Menlo Park, CA

June 2012 – March 2014

Programmed Python scripts to convert source files into custom flat-file layouts.

Wrote and coded generic Python framework for data integration of load- ready files into AWS platform.

Wrote and unit tested ETL programs into a deployable production module.

Built and wrote scheduling jobs on AWS using Celery workflow.

Responsible for scheduling jobs in AutoSys and creating tasks in MOVE IT.

Designed and built PostgreSQL queries for loading data into AWS database.

Facilitated Python testing in QA and PROD regions.

Responsible for SCM, including concepts like branch management and merging. Also responsible for automating release notes after deployment to different environments.

Wrote Puppet manifests and modules to deploy, configure, and manage servers.

Automated build and deployment using Jenkins to reduce human error and speed up production processes.

Installed and configured Nagios to constantly monitor network bandwidth, memory usage, and hard-drive status.

Managed GitHub repositories and permissions, including branching and tagging.

Implemented CI/CD process using TeamCity for global development team, allowing for dozens of code updates per hour with zero downtime.

Automated build and deployment process with Jenkins and Maven, eliminating 80% of manual work.

Drove strategy for migrating from Perforce to GitHub, including branching, merging, and tagging.

Designed, rolled out, and managed hosts with Puppet Enterprise infrastructure.

Rewrote shell deploy scripts, reducing deployment times from 5+ hours to less than 2 minutes.

Wrote and tested Chef cookbooks with Ruby and Vagrant to configure and perform tasks on remote nodes.

Worked within the Cloud for integration processes.

Performed DevOps for Linux Mac and Windows platforms.

Focused on automation and integration.

Monitored developed applications and fixed bugs.

Wrote code and designed continual updates.

Completed load and performance testing of extremely complex systems.

Participated in all the stages of software development lifecycle (SDLC) like design, testing, development, and implementation.

Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework by implementing MVC architecture.

Developed the tools using Python Django and used MongoDB for databases. Parsers written in Python for extracting useful data from the design data base. Used Parse kit ( framework for writing Parsers for ETL extraction.

Implemented responsive user interface and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery.

Extensively worked with spark Data frames for ingesting data from flat files into RDD's to transform unstructured data and structured data.

Worked on MongoDB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, Sharding, replication, schema design.

Experience creating Docker containers leveraging existing Linux Containers and AMI's in addition to creating Docker containers from scratch.

Set up Docker on Linux and configured Jenkins to run under Docker host.

Developed various APIs for Django applications using Django-tasty pie.

Used JIRA to build an environment for development.

Developed Wrapper in Python for instantiating multi-threaded application.

Deployed and monitored scalable infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Implemented monitoring and established best practices around using Elasticsearch and used AWS Lambda to run code without managing servers.

Software Developer

Verizon, Plano, TX

May 2009 – June 2012

Developed Python scripts to convert source files into custom flat-file layouts.

Designed and implemented the User Interface using JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JSP, and AJAX.

Used Spring JDBC to execute database queries. Created row mappers and query classes for DB operations.

Used Spring framework for Dependency Injection and JDBC connectivity.

Developed RESTful Web Services client to consume JSON messages using Spring JMS configuration. Developed the message listener code.

Designed HTML prototypes, visual interfaces, and interaction of web-based design.

Involved in development of custom Servlet handling HTTP request and response objects.

Used Spring config server for centralized configuration and Splunk for centralized logging.

Used Concourse and Jenkins for Micro Services deployment.

Worked Extensively with Angular CLI for creating components and Services.

Created reusable templates using Angular directives and worked with NPM package manager tools (Node JS).

Network Developer

Cisco, Boxborough, MA

March 2006 – May 2009

Actively involved in code review, performance tuning and bug fixing phases.

Good team player with ability to solve complex issues. Initiated team discussions to improved efficiency of the system.

Used Maven as the build tool and Tortoise SVN as the source version controller.

Involved in the deployment of the application in Integration and Implementation environment.

Involved working on implementing CURD operations using Mark logic NoSQL REST API Services

Used Subversion (SVN) as the configuration management tool to manage the code repository.

Develop Rest Service Calls to receive the Data from Soap Services (Main Frame, et.) and Other Data Bases.

Developed custom UI using Sencha Ext.JS, CSS, HTML, XML, XSLT, JSON and JavaScript and used RESTful Web Services exclusively for returning connection objects in JSON from host machine.

Communicate and interact with users and other teams as needed to meet the project deliverables.

Used JSon to transfer the request from the web page to the server.

Helped the testing team to write manual test cases for Business requirement and updated HP ALM.

Maintained constant communication with Business Analyst and Business Users to identify the user stories and the technical feasibility.

Used spring as middle tier application framework and persistence strategy using Spring support for Hibernate and declarative transaction management.

Exposed all logic via interfaces and practices of Test-Driven Development followed consistently.

Implemented the Spring Model View Controller (MVC) framework

Designed and developed the UI using spring standard tag libraries, JSP, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Used Spring validator framework for client side and server-side validation and implemented dynamic loading of JSP’s using AJAX.

Utilized Hibernate for Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) purposes for persistence onto the DB2 database.

Responsible for writing Hibernate Criteria and HQL queries.

Used Java Messaging Services (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous communication

Tested Service and data access tier using JUnit in TDD methodology.

RAD as IDE for the application development and integration of the frameworks.

Deployed the applications on IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Used RTC for version management between various integration and development streams.

Worked with production support team in debugging and fixing various production issues.

Prepared high and low-level design documents for the business modules for future references and updates.


Master's in Business Administration

Keller Graduate School - Houston, TX


AWS Certified Solution Architect

Linux Certified

Cyber Security Certified on VM


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