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Aerospace Engineer

Coppell, TX
$15 per hour
December 19, 2020

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Ashutosh Mishra, B.S, Aerospace Engineering

Texas A&M, College Station · · 501-***-**** · Education

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering - May 2022

3.20 GPA, United States Citizen

Key electives: Aero-Thermodynamics, Aero-Computation, Aero-Mechanics, Theoretical Aerodynamics, Material Science, Principles of Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Dynamics, Structural Analysis, High Speed Aerodynamics, Dynamics of Aerospace Vehicles, Aerothermodynamics and Propulsion, Aerospace Engineering Laboratory Academic Projects

Designed ISR system for surveillance operations - drafted a SDR and PDR for a new Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance system (ISR) which improves upon current ISR systems in the military.

Analysis of Pratt & Whitney F-100 turbojet engine – applied thermodynamic analysis to increase efficiency of the engine with the addition of an afterburner for supersonic military aircrafts

Designed custom augmented reality (AR) visor display – (a) to assist human spaceflight operations with EVAs (b) renders floating text checklists, real-time voice transcripts, and waypoint information within the astronaut’s Field of View (FOV). (c) Allows one astronaut to see other astronauts’ FOV and allows him to have a more nuanced view of the situation therefore leading to more mission success.

The paperwork is selected at the IEEE Aerospace Conference on March 7th, 2020 Co-Curriculum Accomplishments

NASA SUITS (Spacesuit User Interface Technology) College Station, TX Integration Team / Finance Lead August 2018 – Present

In partnership with NASA, developed a spacesuit user interface (UI) for communications with EVAs IVAs and mission control through the use of unity spatial mapping

Created a Waypoint Navigation system in order to aid EVA astronauts to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint in lunar surfaces

Used Unity to create a Telepresence system which allows astronauts to communicate with each other by audio and visual. Drastically improves how astronauts communicate with each other, and allows them to see what others astronauts in their mission see. Improves situational awareness and mission success while decreasing fatality rate.

Served as Treasurer where I managed the organization’s budget, managed the purchase of necessary equipment, and raised money through selling merchandise and writing grants AggieSat Lab College Station, TX Payload Engineer

September 2018 – May 2019

Worked on the AGS6 with a team of 40 engineers to make small satellites for the purpose of improving Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and get a better radiation map of our earth.

I worked on the Payload team to improve small satellite SSA by implementing RF tracking through Matlab and applying Fourier Transform

Community Involvement

Microsoft Epic Outreach Event, Texas A&M University

• Collaborated with Houston Microsoft Stores to encourage children to become engineers

• We mentored middle school and high school students, and challenged them to create solutions to real world problems by using Artificial intelligence Envision Conference

● Challenged middle school students to program a Dash robot and navigate through a maze

● The point of the challenge was to teach them how to use creativity to solve real world problems that engineers could face.

Additional Competencies

Technical Training: Proficient in MATLAB, C++, Python, Java, SolidWorks, Unity, Visual Studios, AutoCAD, Multisim, Waveforms, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power-Point, MS Access), STK (Systems Tool Kit)

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