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financial and operations management

Raleigh, NC
October 16, 2019

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Larry C. Burgess Growth and Profit TRANSFORMATION Leadership

Multi-industry experienced COO / CFO to bring about rapid performance improvement / MBA and CPA Credentials

Curious, Innovative, Focused, Goal-Oriented, Inspiring, Value-Based, Decisive, Effective, Team Builder

Raleigh, North Carolina 248-***-**** in/larryburgess

Skills Keyword List

General Management – Leadership I Coaching I Judgement I Risk-Reward Analysis I Organizational Design I Business Process Mapping I Strategic Planning I Continuous Improvement I Vision I Values I Inspiring I Communication I

Financial Management –Budgeting I Forecasting I Management Reporting I Financial Reporting I Variance Analysis I KPI I Process Costing I Standard Costing I Direct Costing I Job Costing I Percentage of Completion Costing I Management Reporting I Financial Reporting I Compliance Testing and Reporting I GL Design I KPI I Capital Asset Pricing I Debt Negotiation I Capital Budgeting Analysis I Lease Negotiation I Fund Raising I SaaS I ERP process design and implementation leadership I Outsourcing I Shared Services I

Treasury and Risk Management – Insurance Management I Risk Analysis I Risk Assessment I SOX I Debt Negotiation I Capital Management I Investor Communications I Government Grant Arrangement I Banking System Design I Foreign Currency Management I Credit Management I Investment Management I Cash Forecasting I Disbursement Control I Internal Control I

Project Management / Transformation Leadership – Waterfall I Gantt I Agile I Scrum I RPA I Kanban I Kaizen I Continuous Improvement I Risk Assessment I Internal Control I NIST Security Control I

Purchasing / Product Line Management – Negotiation I Contract Design I Contract Administration I Compliance Monitoring I Performance Incentives I Co-advertising I Capital Amortization Programs I Target Cost Analysis I Supply Chain Management I process improvement I Quality Assurance program direction I QA I SQF I Co-Packing I

Business Development – Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy I Pipeline Process Design I Realization Rate Maximization I Objection Analysis I Ad Word identification I Scripting I Marketing Mix Management I Product Line Management I Pricing Optimization Data Strategy I M&A I Sales Management I Contract Development and Negotiation I Private Labeling I Brand Management I

Business Performance Improvement – Critical Path Analysis I KPI I Lean I Six Sigma I Root Cause Analysis I Capacity Utilization I Scrap Analysis I Total Delivered Cost Analysis I Logistics Cost Analysis I Supply Chain Management I

Modeling and Analytics – Deterministic and Stochastic Modeling I Proscriptive I Predictive I Diagnostic I Descriptive Analysis I Dynamic Modeling I Sensitivity Analysis I Risk Factor Identification I Velocity Factoring I Optimization I

IT / ERP System – SaaS I P2P I O2C I Specification Analysis I Configuration I Business Process Management I QAD Enterprise ERP I Workday Enterprise ERP I Financial Functional Implementation Leader I Data Migration I Set-Up I Testing I Go Live I Project Management I Virtual I

Career Chronology

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

The third largest “Blues” organization in the U.S. Recently aligning with Cambia Health Solutions to pursue innovative new insurance plan structures and joint-risk initiatives with service providers.

Treasury Operations Management 2019

Hired to help optimize integration of Workday ERP for Procurement to Payment (P2P) Processes. Seizing the opportunity to learn about the industry’s strategic and operational challenges.

Developed methods to improve invoice processing capture from approximately 70% to over 98%, increase process efficiency by >50%, and improve control reporting.

Provide multi-functional training and documentation aides to enhance P2P processes and procedures throughout the organization.

Coordinating with the Project Management Office to improve project time and expense capture systems.

Coordinating with Financial Accounting to improve accrual calculations.

Coordinating with Financial Risk Management and Internal Audit to identify and correct internal control deficiencies.

Longitude 80 Dairies, Inc. / Origin Food Group, LLC / Mooresville Ice Cream Co, LLC –

A private holding company with wholly-owned operating subsidiaries providing co-pack production services as well as branded yogurt and ice cream products in conjunction with distribution and retail businesses. Co-Pack and Private Label customers are national while brand offerings are available only in North and South Carolina.

Chief Operating Officer 2017-2018

Hired to lead a turnaround of organization that has struggled for 7 years. Operating losses have steadily increased to reach $2.9M prior to my arrival.

Re-focused marketing and sales efforts to develop service co-pack relationships – margin on services approach to quoting averaged >30%, while margin on full responsibility for produced product was <10%.

Identified processing capability limitations to improve production efficiency from 34 units per minute to >107.

Improved costing analysis and developed new quoting algorithms to improve product category pricing to achieve up to significant gross margin expansion.

Identified and divested under-utilized assets totaling $3.4M.

Redesigned financial reporting and integrated KPI metrics to reduce scrap by > 70%, improve inventory management by >60%, and identify overhead cost reductions of > $1.3M.

18 new customer relationships were developed for potential revenue growth of >350%.

Enhanced customer contract documents and negotiation processes to facilitate focusing on delivering services; this was the primary driver of increased operating gross margins.

Applied for and negotiated to obtain government grants of $1.5M for facilities modification.

NutriNutz LLC – NutriNutz

Private label product design and marketing business. A virtual business model utilizing co-pack manufacturing and outsourced order fulfillment. Product lines include dental hygiene, pet health supplements, and nutritional supplements formulated and marketed B2B. Future B2C E-Commerce is envisaged.

Co-founder / Chief Operating Officer 2014-Current

Partnered to launch new business to establish business structure, supplier resources, and develop customer base.

Identified and negotiated raw material supplier and co-pack manufacturing agreements.

Developed customer relationships and negotiated sales agreements.

Developed financial control and reporting systems integrated with strategic plan modeling.

QAD, Inc. –

International Enterprise SaaS ERP software developer and integration service provider. Corporate offices are located in Mount Laurel, NJ, and Santa Barbara, CA.

Financial Systems Senior Implementation Consultant 2013-2014

Hired to evaluate the configuration requirements of corporations as well as to test and specify new features and process requirements of the new enterprise SaaS financial management modules.

Specify client requirements and lead implementation of financial control and management systems.

Designed inventory planning and control management modules.

Tested and specified improvements in procurement through payment systems.

Galco Industrial Electronics –

A national B2B industrial electronics distributor with engineering and repair service divisions serving over 16,000 U.S. manufacturing customers via E-commerce and Call-Center Sales. Operating from facilities located in Madison Heights, MI.

Director – Board of Directors 2012-2014

Hired to review business strategies and evaluate options with respect to selling the business or pursuing investment to expand the business. Extensive industry knowledge and background from past service as president of this company from 1992 to 1997.

Sabbatical to examine and contemplate future career options –

Explored several career paths I thought might be appealing, and took time to learn about emerging technologies, consumer and industrial market trends, and assess potential investment and new business development opportunities.

College Professor / Guest Lecturer 2012-2014

Retail / Restaurant / Hospitality Services Performance Auditor

Executive Leadership Coaching

Investment Management

Energy Services LLC – Energy Services LLC

National oil exploration and field production support services were augmented by the manufacturing and distribution of fluid handling and support systems produced in Grand Junction, CO.

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer 2010-2011

Hired to improve strategic planning processes and develop capital resources to finance new product development and expand manufacturing capabilities.

Developed capital investment plan to raise $22M.

Redesigned project reporting to improve operational control and reduce contract performance variances.

Provided ad hoc planning and response to various management crises – government licensing, DOT compliance, and cash management planning and forecasting.

DSI Underground Systems –

U.S. affiliate of Dywidag Systems International Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CVC the Private Equity Group. Engineered steel and polymer product manufacturing and distribution from multiple facilities located throughout the U.S. serving the coal, precious metal, and mineral mining and excavation industry.

U.S. Operations Controller 2008-2010

Hired to reduce financial management overhead expense and improve planning processes and management reporting systems.

Designed a new credit approval and collections system to reduce third-party costs by $300k annually.

Designed a procurement authorization system - annual corporate savings of >$2M annually achieved.

Designed a capital asset budgeting model - payback periods were reduced from >2 years to <6 mos.

Identified insurance program changes to save $300k and reduce exposure by >$2M.

Shared service AP processing implemented to save >$200k annually in staffing expense.

Improved management reporting and close procedures to reduce closing from 6 days to 3 days.

Implemented MS-Dynamics as the standard ERP System, converting from 5 other systems.

Established centralized shared-services for AP, AR, General Accounting, Fixed Asset Management, and risk management services.

Improved product costing data capture and reporting processes to improve product margin analysis and pricing strategies.

Analysis of past tax filings led to reporting error discovery and recovery of $1.7M in tax over-payments.

Relish Real Foods – Wolf Creek Bakery – Fleur de Lis Patisserie / Trajectory Ltd – Trajectory Ltd

A venture capital investment initiative supported by foreign investors and managed by Trajectory Ltd. Multiple food processing, wholesaling, and retail sites planned and operated throughout the U.S.

Chief Executive Officer 2003-2008

Researched and developed proprietary concept combining food trends being established by Whole Foods and Trader Joes (grocers) and Starbucks, Panera Bread, and many independently-owned and operated concepts such as Zingerman’s, and Dean and DeLuca’s. Established investor group and launched initiatives to secure food suppliers, develop commissaries, and began negotiating for retail locations in high profile locations situated in affluent demographic areas of several SE U.S. metropolitan areas.

Commissary facilities acquired to offer fresh baked goods to regional stores.

Retail site demographic profile modeling was created to identify and assess potential of store locations.

Negotiations with retail property developers typically afforded >70% build-out allowance and long term discounts from market rates of up to 50%.

Supplier sources researched and evaluated for quality, competitiveness, and volume capacities.

Key management staff for food production identified and hired.

BBK Ltd – BBK Ltd

An internationally recognized turnaround consulting firm located in Southfield, MI, now operated as a part of KPMG.

Senior Management Consultant – National Distribution Change Leader 2000-2003

Hired to provide strategic financial modeling to achieve effective execution of a General Motors’ Service Parts Operations’ plan to restructure and reposition its ACDelco division.

Designed a fully-integrated Dynamic Planning Model to facilitate restructuring of the U.S. Aftermarket Parts distribution.

Revenue lift from $1.3B to $3.5B achieved within 2.5 years.

Pricing Optimization modeling improved distributor operating Incomes typically by >100%.

Partner funding facility of $550M arranged.

Designed and provided due diligence and risk assessment audit programming for field service teams.

BGI Consulting Group – BGI Consulting Group

Operational and financial systems and process performance improvement consulting servicing Fortune 1000 manufacturing organizations.

Managing Partner / Principal / Fortune 1000 Client Practice Lead 1998-2000

Services sought out to assist in corporate planning and review; serve as project manager to lead execution across multiple functions of the organization; and, provide interim senior management services – appointments included placement as a COO, VP of Operations, and Treasurer.

Client Goals/Results—

GE Capital Corp Subsidiary TeleSource Cellular – hired to turnaround the rapidly growing but increasingly unprofitable division that hadn’t realized a profit for 4 consecutive years. Appointed Interim COO.

Re-engineered production processes to increase production efficiency by 67%.

Designed new receiving and product stocking processes to increase efficiency by >300%.

Cooper Tire & Rubber / Cooper Standard Automotive – International auto parts manufacturer formed through the acquisition of three independent companies and integrated with its own manufacturing facilities. Hired to identify integration opportunities and lead operational and financial process re-engineering initiatives.

Planned and implemented a new banking structure facilitating >14% faster cash consolidation.

Developed new Maintenance Inventory Planning and Control Systems for North American plants to achieve >$60M in annual savings.

MMI Plastics – Quote turnaround time and customer realization rates were far below expectations and costs for engineering quote to design and sales were far in excess of industry benchmark standards. Hired as Interim President, COO, to analyze and implement changes to improve performance in these areas.

Developed pricing methods to increase margins by >22%.

Re-engineered quoting methods for pre-design to improve quote turnover from 5 days to same day.

Galco Industrial Electronics –

A national B2B industrial electronics distributor with engineering and repair service divisions serving over 16,000 U.S. manufacturing customers via E-commerce and Call-Center Sales. Operating from facilities located in Madison Heights, MI.

Chief Operating Officer 1992-1997

I was hired to initiate efficient growth and profit expansion.

Delivered 32% compound annual growth, or total growth of >300% over 5 years.

Increased ROE from 4% prior to arrival to delivery >60% per annum forward.

GMROI was doubled within the first 18 months to top industry benchmark performance levels.

Led end-to-end operational implementation and financial system configuration of Infor ERP over initial 6 months.

The active customer based was increased from 2,200 to over 16,000.

Led development of franchise product lines from 55 to 182 – offering access to over 250k SKUs.

H&H Tube & Manufacturing Company –

A privately-held, family owned and operated 50-year old business operating a redraw mill for copper and brass tubing, multiple fabrication facilities producing ferrous and non-ferrous tubular parts.

CFO 1986 – 1991

Corporate Controller 1984 – 1985

Systems and Cost Manager 1982 – 1983

Hired to be a part of the third-generation management team to turnaround the business and renew development of its business prospects.

Within 24 months the turnaround restructuring of the companies was completed.

Growth of >300% over next 8 years ensued. >34% annual ROE was achieved.

Targeted efforts to develop several key business segments was successful as domestic market share for brass kitchen faucet spouts was increased from 15% to over 72%, specialized production capabilities brought about 85% market share for computer disk drive wave tubes, and >40% of nonferrous automotive tubular parts was achieved.

Design and development of cost systems, improved management reporting, capital investment budgeting, and pricing optimization systems.

Led development of a custom end-to-end, PC-based, distributed database multiple plant ERP system.

Guardian Industries –

International manufacturer of automotive and architectural glass, HQ in Auburn Hills, MI.

Regional Controller 1981

Cost Analyst 1980

Plante & Moran CPAs –

11th largest U.S. public accounting firm operating offices throughout Eastern-half of U.S., HQ in Southfield, MI

Consultant 1980

Staff Accountant 1979

Academic and Professional Credentials

BA, Albion College – Business Economics/Accounting

MBA, University of Detroit – Strategic Policy and Management

Special Student Status, Michigan State University - Economics

CPA, State of Michigan


PC Network Design and Administration, Washington University

Pricing Analytics, Strategies/Special Studies, Chicago University

M&A Financial Planning and Integration Strategies, Michigan State University

BBK Advanced Financial Turn-Around Planning Curriculum

Karrass Advanced Negotiation Strategies Certification

Becker CPA Exam Preparation Course Lecturer

Technical Competencies

ERP Systems – MS-Dynamics, SAP, Infor, QAD, MAS, Activant, Interprise, ProSystems, WorkDay

HRIS & Payroll Systems – ADP, Paychex, SuccessFactors

Investment Management and Research Systems – Barchart, MotleyFool, Zacks, Yahoo, SmartTrend

Internet and Office Productivity Tools – MS-Office (Power Excel User), Google, WebEx, Citrix Go-To-Meeting

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Gerson Lehman Group, High Table, Maven, Cognos Link – SME Management Consulting Network

Big Think – Education and Current Issues Forum – contributing writer

Coyle Hospitality Group, Bare International, Sentry Marketing, SeeLevel, Confero, CustomerImpact, BestMark – Resort, Hotel, Restaurant, and miscellaneous consumer services quality and capability assessment evaluation

Linked In Professional Groups – networking and current event insight

Consulting Method / Process Knowledge

Lean (TPS) / Six Sigma (DMAIC/DFSS) / TQM


Kotter 8-Steps / ADKAR Method

Theory U / Profound Innovation


Value Stream Mapping

Strategy Maps & Matrix Analysis / Balanced Scorecard

Rummler / Systems Thinking

Dynamic Drivers Design Theory

Velocity Analytic Algorithm Design

Agile PM Methodology

Game Theory

Capacity Planning / Theory of Constraints Modeling

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