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Washington, DC
October 08, 2019

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A. Nadira Sellers Page *




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Core Skills

Strategic Planning

Change & Transition


Stakeholder Engagement

Leadership Development

Program Management


English (native)

French (intermediate)




The Director o f the Civil Division se rves at the plea sure o f the Executive Officer and work s under the general supe rvision of the Clerk o f the Court for the Superio r Cour t. The incumbent operate s with full administ rative an d technical authority fo r di recting the day -to- day o peration s of the Division, including administ ration, case man agement, courtroom suppo rt, and quality control.

Responsibilitie s

The position has general l atitude to m ake policy management, bu dget management, and people management decisions for the Division within esta blished and p rescribe d pa ramete rs BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:

Manages overall o peration s of the Division b y defining clear lines o f pro tocol, authority, r espon sibility and accountability for all Division sta ff Directly re sponsible for timely accomplishment of the strat egies and objectives o f the division to meet division man agement action plan (MAP ) objectives an d court st rate gic plan goal s Asse sse s ef ficacy of ope rations; identifie s needs and initiate s enhancements while keeping the Clerk of the Cou rt informe d Tracks per formance and prep are s, submits and p resent s narrative an d st atistical re port s of the division's activities to the Chief Judge, Executive Of ficer, Cle rk of the Court, Judicial Of ficers and Pe rformance St andards Committee Prepa res annual budget requests f or the Division to request resou rces and ensures procurement o f of fice logistics Reviews and maintains current business p rocesses, st andard ope rating procedure s, fo rms and other writ ten materi als fo r conformity with exi sting rule s and guidelines Reviews, analyzes an d interprets pertinent Dist rict of Columbia Co des, United St ates Code s, decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Dist rict of Columbia Cou rt of Ap peals, and all applicable Fe deral Rule s Perform s all re sponsi bilities o f a Division Dir ector including sta ff supervision, perfo rmance management an d pa rticipation in leade rship trainings and meetings Collaborates with judges, court e xecutives and managers, atto rneys, justice p artner agencies, othe r government and non-p rofit agencies, and membe rs o f the pu blic in an on-going e ffo rt to improve ope rations and identify and resolve p roblems Ensures the f air, ex peditious and ef ficient administration of justice to Division custome rs The incumbent should be an enthusiastic and engag ed p rofe ssional who enjoys working with a dive rse g roup o f Cou rt pe rsonnel and customers and lives the DC Court s’ values o f Accountability, Excellence, Fairness, Integrity, Re spect, and Transparency. Travel Required

Occasional travel - Conf erences and training s

Supervisory statu s Ye s

Promotion Potential

98 Job f amily (Series)

Requirements Conditions o f Employment Background check is re quired. This position is an Excepted Service app ointment (at will). To qualify fo r this po sition, you must submit the following: 1. Resume 2. Complete d Vacancy Questionnaire

3. Documentation /Proo f of E ducation (e.g. copy o f college tr anscript o r de gree) 4. List of p rofe ssional refe rences 5. Re sponse s to the Court Executive Service Core Qualifications ( CESCQ) All require d documentation must be received b y the closing d ate of the announcement. Qualifications Minimum Qualifications A bachelor's deg ree f rom an accredited university o r college in bu siness o r public a dministration, court man agement, criminal justice, human resources management, or relat ed fiel d; six (6) ye ars of ex perience leading, developing, pl anning, and/or evaluating p rogr ams and at le ast th ree (3) year s of experience managing and supervising people in a public service a gency, court system o r legal environment. An a dvanced deg ree in the a bove subjects or related field s is p refe rre d. To qualify you must p rovide evidence of pro gres sively re sponsible leade rship ex perience that i s indicative of senior executive level leadership and management capability and di rectly rela ted to the skills an d abilities outlined unde r Cou rt Executive Service Co re Qualifications (CES CQ) list ed below and the dutie s a ssociated with this posi tion. Typically, experience of this nature will have been g ained at or a bove the GS/JS-15 g rad e level in the fed eral/ DC Court service or its e quivalent in the public/private sector. Candidates experience must h ave been at a high level of difficulty to show clearly that the candi date posse sse s the p rofe ssional and executive, as well a s p rogr am knowledge, skills, and a bilities outlined unde r the five CESCQ. F ailure to meet the ba sic qualifications and ad dre ss the CESCQ factors automatically disquali fies an applicant. Please note th at authorization for the relea se o f your adult criminal record revealing any convictions and for feiture s, and any criminal cases currently pending befo re the court s is r equired. I f you a re selecte d fo r the po sition, a criminal histo ry records check will be conducted. Education To qualify b ased on education, upload a copy o f your college transcri pt or deg ree. The tr anscript must show the name o f the college or university, your name, list o f courses with credit hours, major( s), and gra de-point average or class ranking. Only education or de gree s recognized by the U.S. De partment o f Education f rom accredited college s, universitie s, schools, or institutions may be use d to qu alify f or District o f Columbia Courts employment. Y ou can verify you r education here: Fo reign Education: If you are u sing fo reign education to mee t qualification requirements, you must upload a Certi ficate of Foreign Equivalency with your tran script at time of application to receive credit f or that education. For further information, visit: A. Nadira Sellers, MALS, CPM, LSS

Human Capital Strategy Capacity Building Strategic Communications CAREER PROFILE

Strategic business partner, experienced Certified Public Manager(CPM), and communications practitioner with demonstrated ability to lead functional work streams for enterprise-wide projects, while driving integration, directing robust stakeholder engagement, and leveraging performance analysis to inform senior-level decision making; core capabilities include organizational change management, workforce & leadership development, program management, strategic planning, and intercultural communications


Managed project resources and collaborated with cross-functional human capital teams to develop aligned strategic plans for a $140 million enterprise-wide change effort to include program control, audit, and evaluation

Developed and implemented integrated engagement strategies for 350,000 virtual stakeholders to support high-level program planning and address key dependencies across business units

Applied six sigma methodology to conduct a program analysis of a critical government support function that yielded more than five million dollars in cost savings for the District

Conceptualized, launched, and directed a stand-up training academy that served the professional development needs of approximately 400 employees and increased workforce capacity, workplace safety, and compliance with policies and procedures

Guest lectured for Georgetown University, Department of Sociology and Camden College, departments of English and Paralegal Studies


Dynamic Human Capital, LLC - Washington, DC

Director, Strategy & Human Capital Development, 2012 – Present

Lead strategic advisory services that provide clear direction, methodology, and action planning to support contract engagements for small businesses, C-level executives, government clients, and international companies

Direct communications strategy for internal/external stakeholders, and oversee development of aligned strategic plans to detail project contingencies, best practices, key dependencies, and risk mitigation

Liaise with client business partners to develop integrated approaches and marketing collateral to expand service opportunities, and promote alignment with regional and international growth objectives

Manage client relationships and drive enterprise communications to convey organizational narratives across business units; engage users, suppliers, partners, and executive sponsors with relevant and unified messaging at all tiers of the organization

Drive organizational change management activities and transition leadership to amplify vision and facilitate future-state goals

Evaluate and audit programs and project activities to shape strategy, improve project maturity, and minimize learning curves

American Migration Technologies - Washington, DC

Director of Business Development Communications, 2015 – 2017

Provided strategic communications support to CEO as part of monthly retainer package to align messaging efforts with existing and proposed information technology contract engagements

Led communications strategy and developed branded presentations, talking points, deliverables, and other work products to position CEO to interface effectively with international business partners in sub-Saharan Africa

Liaised with regional business partners in Washington, DC and Florida to develop integrated approaches and marketing content to expand service delivery and acquire new business Oban Corporation - Vienna, VA

Strategic Communications Adviser, 2014

CLIENT: United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Washington, DC PROJECT: Medical Product Safety Network

ROLE: Subject Matter Expert (SME)/Trainer for Strategic Communications, Marketing, and Branding

Developed targeted communications framework and identified strategies to market and brand a voluntary federal program to targeted medical community

Executed training to support FDA change network/brand champions in development of integrated stakeholder engagement plan

A. Nadira Sellers Page 2



The George Washington

University, Program for

Excellence in Municipal

Management - Washington, DC

Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Certified Public Manager


University of the District of

Columbia - Washington, DC

Certified Associate in Project

Management (CAPM)

pending November 2019

Intellectual Point - Reston, VA

Project Management

Professional (PMP)

pending December 2019


Georgetown University

Liberal Studies Degree


Washington, DC

Master of Arts, Liberal Studies

International Affairs

Georgetown University

Robert Emmett McDonough

School of Business

Washington, DC

Bachelor of Science, Business


Majors: International Business &


Minor: English

The LDM Group, Inc. - Bethesda, MD

Senior Communications Manager, 2012 – 2015

CLIENT: United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC PROJECT: Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Implementation ROLE: Task Lead for Strategic Communications, Performance Management, and Evaluation & Audit

Provided strategic advisory services and functional expertise to support a multi-year $140 million enterprise system migration for more than 350,000 employees

Developed adapted engagement strategies for virtual stakeholder community, using an integrated Organizational Change Management (OCM) approach, to address real-time changes for schedule shifts and key project dependencies

Provided direct communications support to Project Management Office (PMO) to include workshop facilitation for eleven integrated project teams (IPTs), executive sponsorship briefings, and just-in- time (JIT) stakeholder messaging

Performed verification/validation activities and developed related tools on behalf of PMO; conducted reviews of prime contractor deliverables/work products to isolate gaps, propose recommendations, and identify mitigation strategies for unaccounted risks

Led development, delivery, and execution of OCM-aligned Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Plan, Performance Management Plan, and Evaluation & Audit Report; leveraged findings and recommendations to inform overarching change management strategy

Supported development of project plans for Business Systems Implementation, Risk Management, and Data Management in order to provide client with a structured and coordinated approach for managing nine technical and functional work streams

Developed targeted stakeholder messaging and communications schedule to convey clear value propositions for system migration and promote user adoption for two pilot releases and six deployment cycles

Akande International Corporation - Ibadan, Nigeria Strategy & Brand Consultant, 2012 – 2013

Designed a corporate branding structure for international program operations, including real- estate development, petrochemical strategy, management consulting, and seven core engineering/ infrastructure capability areas

Developed marketing collateral tailored for multiple audiences, including subsidiary partners in the United Kingdom as well as federal and state-level clients in emerging markets throughout western, eastern, and southern Africa and the Caribbean

Wrote/edited technical and strategic content to detail 40-plus year project portfolio history to include joint ventures, high-level engineering engagements, and internationalization of the firm Booz Allen Hamilton - Washington, DC

Human Capital Associate, 2011 – 2012

Supported marketing efforts and expansion of a proprietary client-facing leadership development simulation through immersive demonstrations and input into training facilitation

Developed methodology to analyze and build intellectual capital for Workforce Planning and High Performance Human Resources communities of practice; managed content for SharePoint sites to foster greater collaboration for Human Capital service offerings and market capabilities for business development, proposals, methodologies, training, and key deliverables

Created structured voice-narrated training presentations designed for online use by Human Capital practitioners

Managed federal government contract proposal content to ensure that firm’s technical approach, management plan, past performance, subject matter expertise, key staff, and price estimate aligned with Request for Task Order Proposal (RFTOP) requirements Government of the District of Columbia - Washington, DC Workforce Development Officer, Office of Training & Workforce Development, 2007 – 2011

Managed workforce development academy and a team of professionals responsible for facilitating leadership training, JIT training, onboarding, and Department-mandated courses for 400 managers, supervisors, front-line workers, and other career-series staff

Provided strategic advisory support to agency Administrator, associate administrators, and senior management staff

Worked collaboratively with senior management team to expand infrastructure; develop effective business processes; support strategic planning efforts; manage strategic communications; and provide analytic support to six program operations

Established and maintained inter-agency and intra-agency partnerships to encourage increased information sharing; adopt progressive and environmentally friendly mitigation strategies; and more closely align policies and procedures with best practices for enforcement professionals

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