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Manager Project

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
October 06, 2019

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Mohammed Shafeeq ur-Rahman

Mobile No.: - +966-**-***-****

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Information technology professional with experience in managing enterprise implementations of healthcare information and EMR systems. Trend chats and other decision-making tools; expert in gathering, analyzing and defining business and functional requirements; creating global metrics, with all phases of Database Development maintenance & Software Lifecycle in various Business application, packaged services and Infrastructure & Security Services with diversified experience spanning Global Delivery, Account Management, IT Consulting, Program Management, Business Development, Presales, PMO and Operations.

Objective: -

Seeking a challenging position as a Project Manager/Solution or Integration Architect/Oracle Database Administrator /Technology Consultant (Back End/Front End).

Experienced in high-volume HealthCare-IT/Medical-IT (HCIT) workflows with Project Management, Database Administration, Systems Integrator & System Administration capabilities of clinical and financial applications, demonstrated successfully in planning, delivering and supporting clinical and financial systems to support large integrated health systems.

Implementation of in-patient, ambulatory electronic health records, revenue cycle solutions, and business applications that meet the needs of the healthcare enterprise.

Medical Device Integration (MDI): Integrated medical devices with Hospital Information Systems for KKUH and KAUH hospitals to send or reflect laboratory results automatically, configure terminal servers with IP and port to be compatible with Medical devices and installation of 25 pins and 9 pins connectors with standard way or with special jumpers to complete circle send to all devices.

Foreign System Integration (FSI): Designed, developed and implemented interface with HL7 and DICOM standard. Make connection between any clinical systems with HIS and send results to HIS.


Experienced in healthcare IT software solutions delivery and deployment, performing administration and maintenance of multiple Healthcare Integrated System’s (HIS), Reality from MDIS and eSiHi from Cerner in an organized HealthCare organization of Middle East region.

Experienced in Oracle (9i, 10g (RAC), and 11g) Database Administration and UNIX Administration on heterogeneous and complex data center environments.

Middleware administration (Oracle Application Servers, Web Logic Sever, and Web Sphere).

Experienced in setup and maintaining individually, Oracle Database on any UNIX (SUN/HP/Linux) environments, by ensuring 100% uptime for DB with a great performance, having control over UNIX environment, performance tuning and proactive measures to encounter DB related problems.

Experienced in working on high end servers for UNIX/Windows, Blade and RAC Servers.

Citrix Administration, experienced in virtualization environments. (VMware ESXi/vSphere).

Experienced in working on LAN, WAN, Wireless and VPN for remote administration.

Working knowledge of HIS integration engines/tools (HL7, DICOM, and Rhapsody).

Professional Experience:-

1)Project Manager, Health Informatics (KKUH) - Nov 2013 – Till Date.

Org. Summary: KKUH is a multispecialty and multisite Healthcare Provider with two facilities (KKUH & KAUH) and five remote clinics, consisting of around 900 in-patient beds and 3500 physicians, who are using this single Health integrated system with multiple HealthCare IT solution.

2)Oracle DBA & System Administrator, Health Informatics (KKUH) Dec 2005 – Nov 2013.

3)Worked as an Oracle Database Administrator for Waseel Application Service Provider, Riyadh, and KSA. From May 2003 to Nov 2005.

Org. Summary: Waseel is a region’s major Insurance sister company which is having a Business to Business (B2B) portal, dealing with Payers as insurance companies and providers a HealthCare organization.


Master’s Degree (MCA), Master of Computer Applications from India in Sep 2002.

Bachelor’s Degree B.Sc (Electronics & Computer Science) from India in April 1997.

Long term diploma in Medical Electronics from ATI-EPI in June 1997 – May 1998.


Oracle Certified Associate from Oracle Corporation - Feb 2003

Having Diploma in Oracle Database Administration (DBA) - Jan 2003

Having Diploma in UNIX system Administration - Oct 2002

Training of Information and Network Security from MS Certified Center - Jun 2005


Performing Responsibilities as Technical Project Manager:

Leading the IT technical team as a Technical Project Manager for successful implementation and deployment of the project/solution.

Handling end to end healthcare IT projects and ensuring delivery of projects in compliance to the quality, scope risk, time and cost parameters.

Calculating risk factors through careful analysis of financial and statistical data. Anticipated and managed change effectively in rapidly evolving global business environments.

Compiling RFPs for different healthcare IT Solutions/Projects.

Analyzing quotations from different companies and compiling the QA report for purchasing the solutions.

Complying technical requirements and writing medical supplies response letters for FSI and MDI integration.

Communication with Medical Supplies response letters for integration with HIS and PACS.

Follow up of Purchase requests with Medical Supplies and different companies (if required).

Managing project execution and providing day to day support for our clients.

Managing multiple technical projects in accordance with healthcare/clinical product roadmap.

Serves as intermediary between technical teams and Products Owners.

Serves as intermediary between technical teams and outsourcing teams.

Directs projects from initiation through implementation and delivery.

Plans and direct schedules and monitors budget/spending.

Guiding projects through to completion on time, within scope and budget.

Solves project issues and identified risks (technical and non-technical) through identification, evaluation, tracking, communication and mediation.

Coordinates with development and IT teams responding to client issues and requests.

Conducts quarterly business reviews with enterprise accounts.

Produce a progress report monthly.

Review the risk register monthly.

Weekly communication meetings with team principals.

Approval of purchase order requisitions.

Approval of supplier invoices for payments

Weekly telephone updates to the sponsor.

Induct new team members into the project.

Market the project internally.

Produce a monthly project newsletter.

Maintaining a project blog.

Performed Responsibilities as Oracle DBA:

Installed Solaris on Sun SPARC Server, configured file system.

Installed Oracle created customized database on Solaris and windows.

Created general purpose database, table spaces, data files and segments for different applications keeping in view of available storage space and performance requirements for coming months.

Tuning and upgrading the system hardware resources (system controller) using different UNIX parameters and their effects like bdf, mstm, ioscan –fun, vgdisplay, swapinfo etc.

Configured SCSI controllers for SCSI disks, backup tape drive for nightly backups.

Installed x-windows (emulation) on windows using third party software's reflection and x-manager.

Created backups schedules for nightly backups, created indexes and triggers, write stored procedures, functions and perform daily maintenance through scheduler.

Implemented performance tuning of Oracle database on sun SPARC (which includes optimization of UNIX kernel parameters, Oracle init.ora, Oracle SGA, I/O balancing and memory tuning for business to business web based portal application.

Tuned shard pool and buffer cache to improve the issues, including performance, memory, I/O improperly tuned SWL and improper disk layout.

Implemented multiple archive log destinations to archive redologs, transportable tablespaces, and locally managed tablespaces for the production database for fail over situations to support immediate database recovery.

Designed and developed database structures using tables, views, triggers to implement business rules and procedures etc.

Managing the users approximately 2000 throughout the kingdom connecting locally, remotely through fiber channel, switches and converters, created and altered user’s profiles, roles with different privileges and assigning roles, privileges and profiles to different users.

Created database views to retrieve data by joining multiple tables for reports purpose.

Configured RMAN during practice on staging (test) machine for easier and well managed recovery procedures also configured backup routines using UNIX cron job which includes database exports, tape backups.

Resizing the SGA (System Global Area) and table spaces.

Transferring the files using FTP from windows machine to UNIX machine.

Track record of database integrity with minimal downtime and complete safeguarding of data taking backup of operating system level to database level.

Established Oracle database connectivity using SQL*Net for connecting different systems in network and for visual basic application using ODBC drivers based on TCP/IP.

Configured SQL*Loader for generating flat files.

Maintaining redo log files, control files and rollback segments.

Configured terminal servers and print servers with TCP/IP address.

Performed Hot and Cold backups without using RMAN (Incremental, Cumulative and full back up).

Reorganizing data using logical backup, export and import.

Tuned SGA and SP (server parameters file) keeping in view the replication requirements.

Performed Responsibilities in Cerner &Reality Database for HIS Application: -

Member of Core Team responsible for eSiHi user Administration.

Member of Clinical Reporting XR team, responsible for designing medical reports in eSiHi.

Primary Team Member for Ambulatory Team, responsible for outpatient workflow.

Member of Infrastructure Team for installing and building server side infrastructure in Datacenter with networking configurations.

Web Security Officer responsible for creating Cerner Care ID’s.

Monitoring Solaris 8 operating system on sunfire 3800, and 5000 server and configuration of different file systems.

Involved in installation of Reality-X software on Solaris.

Involved in installation and configuration of 32 and 16 port annex, done trouble shooting of annex ports.

Setup and configured line, queue, slave and jet printers and managing print queues through TCL (terminal control language).

Installed emulation software's for x-host (X-Manager, Reflection, X-Vision, and Humming).

Managing operating system user, database users, and application users by the concept of master and secondary user administration.

Created and altered users by granting different level of user access in database and application.

Performing backups and restore, TL (transaction logging) as timely backups and file safe as daily backups on tape drive.

Maintaining and troubleshooting the interface programs for different medical laboratory analyzers to reality database.

Monitoring the TIPHS.

Monitoring the interface programs for PACS (Picture Archiving Computer System) to HIS.

Install, upgrade and configure operating system.

Monitor local file system (space and sharing permission).

Manage users (Groups, Individual accounts and passwords).

Manage printer services (print queues on servers).

Maintain system security (monitoring system and monitoring process identify system bottlenecks and balance system loads).

Server administration (NFS administration, DNS administration, Database Administration, DHCP administration, NIS, NIS+ administration).

Performed system file backups and restores.

Personnel Details:

Father’s Name: Mohammed Masood Ali

Languages Known: English, Arabic and Urdu

Marital Status: Married

Address: Al Wazarat, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Visa Status: Transferrable.

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