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Project Manager Management

Ottawa, ON, Canada
December 13, 2019

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Lise Verdon Senior HR Management Consultant/Project Management


Excellent Senior HR Management Consultant is searching for innovative, challenging positions in a fast paste working environment searching for a high-skilled HR professional to direct, manage and/or lead corporate management and opertional projects to meet the new vision and mission or their organization and/or are facing new challenges impacted by change management, organization transition or requires organizational redressing with their programs, services for the general public.

Skills and Competencies

Project Management HR Strategic Workforce Planning Organization/design/implementation

Change Management HR Modernisation/implementation Performance Management

HR Policy Writer HR Process and Program Development Research/ Analysis/Reporting

Classification/Evaluation Staffing/Tool Design & Recruiting Direct HR & Operations

Finance & HR Management Statistical, quantitative Analysis Property/Condo Management Strategic Thinking/Innovative Visionary Accountability/Integrity Employee Engagement Facilitator/Negotiator Risk Assessment & Mitigation Presentation/delivery Audit/Assessment Contracting Management Coaching/Leadership Focuses on excellence Excellent references

Departments – Government Bodies: Department of National Defence (DND), Canadian Space Agency, Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Department of Justice, Canadian Human Rights Commission, PWGSC, Treasury Board of Canada, Canadian International Development, School of the Public Service, Agri-Food Canada, Health Canada, Public Health Agency, Heritage Canada, Communication Canada, Immigration and Refugee Board, Department of Finance, Passport Office and more.

School of the Public Service: Completed - Management Courses – Accreditation


Management Courses Succession Planning Workforce Adjustment

HR Management Professional Change Management Job Descriptions white/évaluation

HR Modernization, Governance HR Strategic Planning Leadership/Competencies

HR Modernization & New Governance Training & Development Workforce/Adjustment

Awards & Recognition

Total E&P: Joslyn North Mine Project Awarded 1,000.00 for the excellent result of this contract

Treasury Board of Canada: Project Manager: Salary Information Management System design and implementation government wide. Saved 2 million dollars the first year. The project management template used for this project was designed by me and its success was publicized in the Government IT Magazine as a role model for future other IT projects.

Project Manager: Lead the development of a common design of the Salary Information Management System for implementation across the public services. Success and compensation which resulted in the Government High Tech magazine and her model was used as the future concept for future common projects. She was called back as the Project Manager to complete the design of the administration system for implementation across the public service.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal: Received excellent feed-back from the Chairperson of CHRT including excellent remarks and references from Hon. John Simms – current position was the Attorney General of Canada.

Reports- Writing:

Corporate Master Road-Map Process Report ; HR & Financial Reporting; Study on: Feasibility to design ‘Common” Finance & Administration Organization Report; HR Workforce Adjustment Report; Labor Relations Study & Recommendation Report; Business Case Strategy Report; Human Resources Annual Report; Finance/Budget Annual Report; HR Business Plans (5 year plan) Report; Succession Planning/Retention Report; Training & Development Report/Costs/expenditures Report Treasury Board Submission Report/Forecasted finance budgets; Performance Management Report.

Computer Literacy: Visio, Microsoft Suite, Excel, PowerPoint, PeopleSoft, HRIS, SAP, OPEM System; ADP; Salary Information Finance Management System, SharePoint, RDIMS

Non-Profit Organization: Current position: Director, Human Resources & Operations

NGO’s – 2014-2018 (volunteer) - Evenings

Women in Need: Calgary Community Resource Center: worked as a volunteer coaching, supporting indigenous women with job research/provided coaching how to represent yourself at an interview (2 years)

YWCA: Volunteer: Accompany indigenous women as a support at Court Hearings

Employment Services: Preparing new immigrants into the workforce /provide interview coaching to professionals

Jesus Loves You: Community Worked in a collaborative approach to alleviate poorness in the community Delivered over Worked as a volunteer in the kitchen, the food\ bank and the clothing store for 3 years.

Director, Human Resources and Operations:

Native Women’s Association of Canada

Non-Profit Organisation – direct reports : 44 employees

1.IT/IM; HR, Fin & Admin; Communication, Travel and Special Events; Executive and Scheduling Assistant to the CEO Jun 2019/Au 2019

developed, planned and designed the Clinical organization for implementation within the next year supporting indigenous women with drug addiction and mental health problems;

oversaw, directed, managed and led various HR corporate portfolios across the organizations;

reviewed, assessed administrative systems and HR processes and recommended various changes to enhance the delivery of programs and services;

oversaw the review of the organizations and implemented strategies for wellness, retention, recruitment and performance management;

conducted risks assessments analysis, report results and recommended mitigation solutions to enhance the wellness of workforce and performance

developed, implemented and executed short-term and long-term strategic plans and solutions;

facilitated training and development meetings across the organizations to determine areas strength and weaknesses of staff and their Units and training solutions to overcome those barriers;

facilitated meetings to redesign effective and more rigorous processes and implemented communication strategies and information to enhance program service delivery within and outside stakeholders;

developed and recommended in consultation with stakeholders’ best practices and solutions to enhance organization`s wellness and the Total Rewards’ program’

proposed the design of a wellness program model as a priority and solutions to manage and support employees faced with uncertainties impacted by the lay-off of 22 employees the current months;

redesigned selection processed tools; developed a common recruitment framework and established an internal recruitment program;

member of a senior executive committee to provide guidance and recommendations to the CEO;

developed and delivered presentations to senior executives and the CEO on the new direction of the organization

managed a team of 45 employees

developed, planned and executed operational projects for special projects

completed the review of employees’ performance evaluation and promoted/increased their salary according to government compensation policy;

responsible for the termination of employees

Senior HR Consultant – Health Canada May 2018 - Jun 6th, 2019

launched an external collective selection process across Canada to fill 40 Policy Analyst positions for the Drug Addiction Substances and the Alcohol Abuse sector;

established a working group committee composed of senior management and distributed workloads and responsibilities within the process and monitored their work performance with the screening of application and reported matters/issues/problem resolutions with application and written exam assessments;

developed and monitored the corrections of written exams;

participated at various senior management meetings;

developed collaborative approaches with organizations within the sector to seek their participation at interviews; completed the screening of applications; ensured members of the jury completed their training on-line program;

developed succession planning strategies/program and design HR tools and strategies to support the sector with various steps supporting recruitment and selectin processes EC-5 EC-6 – Policy Analyst/Lead; developed succession planning and employment equity framework


Human Capital Talent Group Inc. - Calgary, AB Aug 2015– Feb 2018

Major Challenges Shelved 2017 •Was the owner of a Professional Management Consultation firm established to support the oil and gas sector with their delivery of their major human capital projects nationally and internationally. Challenges: Launched HCTGI in the Spring 2015 and re-launched in 2016. At the end of November 2014, oil price shifted which impacted a major workforce downsizing of 33,000 employees across Alberta Region. Billions of dollars of oil and gas and oil sand projects were shelved indefinitely. Role as the CEO: 6 Senior Executives/3 professionals/2 administrative support

directed the design and implementation of the HCTGI Corporate plans;

hired senior executives such as Director, HR, Director; Marketing Strategies/Execution; Director; Training and Development and assigned responsibilities in line with their role HCTG;

monitored performances of senior executives, established corporate business plans and marketing strategies for implementation;

participated with the development of diversified talented pools composed of technical and engineering workforce

established recruitment partnership with colleges and universities;

reviewed, assessed and transition and oil and gas Training & Development Center under HCTG umbrella;

developed and delivered presentations to various oil and gas sector and worked on contracts for the Middle East;

developed and implemented the Occupational Health and Safety Program

developed and implemented selection/recruitment strategic plans designed selection process tools for: Engineers, Project Management, Senior Management, Directors and other occupational groups for the oil and gas sectors and responsible for the recruitment of staff abroad for the Middle East positions;

developed and executed business development and marketing strategies nationally and internationally;

reviewed, assessed strategic business plan and make changes as required;

managed finance, development and management of budget plans and contracting services;

delivered presentations to President, VP and CEO of major oil and gas company

travelled to Fort McMurray and met with President and VPs to develop workforce planning strategies

established a robust, diversified and excellent talent pool

developed all communications related to HCTG

market and participated at major recruitment events such as Oil & Gas major events, recruitment events at colleges and universities;

successful in opening markets in the Middle East and Egypt

Managed: 11 employees

HCTGI was shelved in the Spring 2018

Project Manager – Strategic Workforce Planning for an 8-billion-dollar Oil sands Project & JNMP TRANSITION FROM CORPORATE SERVICES to a stand-alone resource center, Master-Road Map Design Process Model and workforce strategic planning – Design a Human Resource Center – from bottom-up.

Total E&P Canada - Calgary, AB 8-billion-dollar project Jul 2014 - Nov 2015

directed, developed, implemented HR workforce planning model designed to support the livelihood of a 7-year oil sand project

responsible for the transition of the oil sand project from Corporate Services to a stand-alone resource center to which I built from bottom-up;

developed a master road-map process model designed to support future HR and senior-middle management with the delivery of various HR programs;

completed labour market researches and workforce analysis to assess labour market burdens impacted by the phased out of various labour/technical positions as a solution in risk mitigation and to implement inside strategies and effective training plans to ensure workforce are trained according to project`s requirements for all phases of the project;

developed HR Strategic plan model designed training and development plans to support all phases of the Joselyn North Mine Project (life cycle 7 years);

conducted financial analysis; completed statistical studies and compilation of data from various sources supporting the various phases of workforce planning and to bring forward effective decision making processes designed to support, managed and mitigate risks management solutions to fill future positions that are being phased out or impacted by the labour market situation across Canada;

defined reviewed, assessed and recommended effective recruitment strategies, identified where to recruit the right people across Canada and different existing recruitment hubs across Alberta and other different strategies to fill recruitment gaps;

designed and planned workforce budgets for each phase of the JNMP project;

developed and delivered presentations to senior executives and provided recommendations;

worked directly with the Commissioner of the project with the workforce planning of 2500 employees required for all phases of the project and designed and implemented effective occupational and health and safety program which compromised of health hazard training for the future workforce;

conducted, forecasted workforce costs’ analysis, developed strategic directions and solutions to enhance workforce capacity

delivered by-weekly presentations to the President and other executive management and participated at senior executive meetings to provide consultation and recommendations to support their decision- making process.

Reporting – 3 employees

Moved to Calgary on Jul 2014 to May 2018


SPI CONSULTING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES; Change Management/Organizational Design: May 2013 –Jun 2014

Department of National Defense - Ottawa, ON - Reported directly to the Controller and the Assistant Deputy Minister. Department of Infrastructure and Environment Construction. Mandated to develop a feasibility report supporting the development of ‘common’ Finance and Administration organizations for 75 Canadian Army Bases located across Canada.

established, led and engaged a national working group committee across Canada in support with the design of the Feasibility Report for the development and implementation of the Common Finance and Administration organizational structures across 75 army bases;

developed and implemented working group planning strategies and distributed assignments to leaders of each working groups

reviewed, assessed information received from leaders prior to meetings and follow-up for clarifications;

reviewed, assessed and compile crucial data information from a variety of sources to provide the full picture of workforce being affected by changes with the new structure of organizations;

developed training strategies for positions being affected by change management to enhance their management competencies such as leadership and accountability and additional training to ensure they have the necessary competencies in line with changes in competencies and skills’ requirements;

developed effective communication channels with senior executives as part of this initiative and responsible to provide explicit information on workforce expressing early retirements;

reviewed, assessed and provided recommendations on workforce impacted by transitional changes and how to manage those changes with their workforce resilient to new changes;

answered questions from leaders of working groups and managed the coordination of working groups committee meetings

reviewed, assessed large, middle-sized army bases organizational Units

conducted desk audit and mapping processes;

completed the review with the working group committee to develop HR strategic planning to support recommendations in areas where workforce would be affected with changes;

completed a thorough demographic analysis, identified positions being affected by changes; employees qualifying under the ‘Workforce Adjustment Program” those qualifying under the pre-retirement program;

identified workforce deploying strategies; developed training and development plans;

assessed and designed competency profiles for Finance/Accountability & Leadership capacity (senior and middle-management positions);

reviewed and developed generic work descriptions;

conducted process analysis to identify and maximize information flow across the two proposed new organizations: Finance Branch, Administration Services Branch;

reviewed Treasury Board various policies and directives in line with major change management changes;

developed and delivered weekly presentations to senior management on the change management feasibility project. Managed and executed financial budget for contracting services for the hiring of consultants; assessed, conducted and completed a financial report identifying financial costs incurred with change management and new organizational structures;

reviewed, assessed and wrote new generic finance job descriptions and proposed new job descriptions to increase financial accountabilities and leadership capacity and was responsible to lead presentations and communication strategies including and meetings across Canada and within the organization which comprised senior executive committees

Monitored the work assigned to 12 working group established across Canada and 3 reporting staff.

Aug 2012 – Apr 2013

Senior HR Management Consultant: Modernisation of the Compensation/Benefit System – across the Public Service

Project Leader & Development of Succession Planning Framework and designed training and development framework

The hiring of a HR/System Consulting Firm to modernize the Compensation/Benefit System across the Public Service was completed when I started. Phoenix System

developed contracting terms of references HR compensation modules designed to support the development and implementation by the IT/technology consultants hired to implement all modules of the compensation systems and to ensure the planning and executions of all modules were executed according to project scope and timeframes;

participated at senior executive meetings to discuss any matters on issues requiring immediate attention to ensure the NEW MCBS projects were delivered on time;

planned and managed the project budget, developed terms of references and to review professional IT resumes and selected candidates;

reviewed, assessed and completed risks analysis and mitigating solutions;

assessed HR qualified pools to hire and select organization staff with experiences in quality control evaluation;

prepared various reports and briefing notes;

reviewed, assessed and updated compensation/benefits’ job descriptions where responsibilities were impacted by the modernized Compensation/benefit system and designed a workforce and training plans for implementation within the next 2 years across Canada;

reviewed, assessed and performed desk audits; proposed changes in organizational structures reviewed and made changes to Finance job descriptions at various levels and proposed generic job descriptions;

participated at senior executive meetings to provide updates on the project;

led leadership competency framework designed for EX positions;

oversaw the review of performance management initiatives and developed succession planning strategies;

participated at senior executive meetings and provide consultations and recommendations and project progress reports

developed terms of references and managed the competitive process for the hiring of IT Consultants – direct reporting 5

Senior Management Consultant

Human Development Professional Group (part-time) Canadian Human Rights Tribunal - Ottawa, ON Reported to the President CHRT TRIBUNAL Change Management Jan 2011 –Apr 2011 (part-time)

Reported to: President, Canadian Human Rights Tribunal: Responsible for the staffing of CHRT senior executive’s cabinet's positions;

participated in the redressing of CHRT organization and work closely with the Head of the Registrar’s Office to design effective plans, strategies, training plans and solutions/processes to enhance and increase the review of legal files in a reasonable timeframe and solutions to overcome barriers with workflows impacted by high volumes of files and public requests under review and proposed changes in process and administrative systems;

developed Strategic HR Plan for execution:

restructure the Registrars’ Office and make various changes in process and administrative systems;

designed and delivered PowerPoint presentations to shared services outlining short-term and long-term staffing and classification needs & priorities;

reviewed job descriptions, staffing and selection tools used for the Registrar's Office and recommended changes to maximize accountability and leadership capacity & reviewed the RO processes and administrative systems and provided solutions to enhance the service delivery of rejection or approval of human rights court hearing files and responses to external clients;

liaised and worked in collaboration with the Department of Justice to fill critical vacancies by secondments or deployment;

worked in collaboration with PSC to staff EX positions; reviewed overall staffing and selection processes,

completed reference checks and participated as a member of the jury panel; developed a 3 Year Performance Agreement and the design of a 3 Year Strategic Plan for execution signed-off by the Chairperson and new senior executives;

staff and developed HR Strategic Plan/Business Case for implementation immediately and for the next 3 years;

reviewed Staffing Tribunal Report and recommended changes.

developed job descriptions for EX3 & EX4 and staffed both positions; developed rating guide assessment tools, participated at interview panel, completed reference checks and developed a three-year performance agreement between the Chairperson and both senior executives.

delivered and facilitated workshops with Shared Services to discuss new recruitment strategic and classification processes designed to facilitate effectively the flow of documentation across both organizations to maximize the service delivery process to eliminate process gaps, the loss of documents and to increase effectively production activities to be able to meet staffing and classification short and high priority deadlines;

reviewed assessed the project completed by HR Consultant related to the changes of process of applications for the public for Human Rights Hearings and completed an overview organizational assessment of the information flow across the Registrar Unit and proposed process solutions to enhance and to eliminate process gaps which in impact delays and volumes of HR Court hearings and work in collaborative approach with IT to make sure processes changes has been implemented and executed according to specifications

Senior HR Management Consultant Canadian Human Rights Commission: Reported to the Director General

Part-time June 2011 - Jan 2012

Mandated to design a HR Plan Business Case for implementation within the next two years and to develop recommendations and solutions to increase workforce capacity with the delivery of program services within HR operations and stakeholders outside the box and through the organization.

completed audits across HR operations and designed new operational information flow and processes and effective communication channels to ensure program delivery and services were delivered on time;

conducted researches and analysis on various programs and modernized their service delivery processes;

assessed staff delivering programs, conducted interviews, reported findings and recommended training plans;

reviewed, assessed the delivery of compensation/benefits Units and recommended effective communication strategies to resume conflicts between both Units with the delivery of their responsibilities impacted by Finance and Administration new policies, regulations and administrative systems directed by Treasury Board of Canada;

proposed 3 new designed organizations and promoted succession planning and retention strategies;

provided guidance with the help of new training and development and recognition award programs`

facilitated various workshops with HR staff to engaged them identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their programs

Director, Corporate Services (part-time - full-time) Gestation Immobiliere Versailles Reported to the CEO- Contract

June 2010 – June 2011

developed new Corporate policies; mentor staff, developed operational budget; managed real property budget plans for clients;

engaged the collaboration of staff to participate in the review of Corporate policies for various programs and services such as: HR IT/IM, Finance, Administration, Contracting Services; Support Staff; Facility Management

managed Finance & Administration Programs and reviewed, assessed various financial report and approved invoices and responded to condo management financial matters/issues and budget discrepancies;

developed and executed corporate and condo management and operational budgets. 10.5 million

reviewed, assessed major building projects; hire engineers and contractors; monitored work completion prior to invoice approval;

completed employee performance evaluation programs and take necessary measures to ensure and establish wellness of the organization;

participated at various administrative meetings to established condo fees yearly budget and identified financial costing and bidding companies for the management of property site;

managed building superintendent and ensured safety building measures and policies have been adhered too and implemented: Occupational Health & Safety policies;

Developed marketing and communication plans; strategies

Completed the review of condo owner’s insurance to cover incidents that had major impacts such as: water or fire

Managed: 22 employees – direct reporting

Senior HR Management Consultant - Reported to the Director General HR Operations

HR Business Transformation/Business Case Report EX 3 & 2 Leader/Staffing

Canadian Human Rights Commission - Ottawa, ON Jul 2009 - Jun 2010

reviewed, assessed, audited, recommended changes with the delivery of HR programs, services, administrative systems and processes to support HR Operations and stakeholders within and outside the box to maximize service delivery to the general public, across the organization and to maximize the effectiveness of ‘Onboarding Program:

designed Recognition and Awards, training and development and succession programs; developed effective communication and engagement strategies to support workforce in communicating problems and to identify what would benefit the organization as the new rules to provide effective services with the service delivery of their programs

assessed strengths and weaknesses of programs and workforce and recommended training plans;

developed 3 proposed new organizational structures, developed and resolved conflicting situations with payroll, compensation, Finance and Administration Branch;

developed succession planning and retention strategies and internal policy framework model designed to support management and HR with succession planning program, assessed and recommended new modules in the HRIS systems to meet HR daily competing demands; recommended training plans and completed the “Business Operational 3 Year Plan’s

Senior HR Management Consultant Apr 2008 - May 2009

Canadian Space Agency Laboratory in Ottawa and NHQ in Montreal – QC

HR STRATEGIC PLANNING – 3 YEAR PLAN - Reported to the Project Manager

The Public Service used an outside professional firm to staff 52 positions within the next 6 months.

My role was to support the staffing of those positions and to review, assess the HR Strategic Business Plan designed by scientists working at the CSA laboratory and to ensure all elements in their HRBP was designed and completed according to CSA plans and priorities for the next 3 year. The Laboratory report was to be reviewed and approved by the VP of the CSA.;

reviewed analyzed and recommended new administrative systems, processes across the laboratory and solutions to enhance retentions (proposed a training and development program);

reviewed classification matters, worked in collaborative approaches with HR at NHQ to resolve HR classification issues;

recommended effective succession planning, best practices and strategies to minimize staff turnover; drafted a proposed training plan to enhance leadership accountability; travelled to St-Hubert and led in collaborations with 5 other HR Consultants with the recruitment and staffing of 52 positions; this comprised the development of written and rating guide assessment tools, and the participation of members of the jury at interviews; conducted monitored and ensured all projects were delivered on time; conducted weekly meetings with HR Consultants. EX, EC, SC, CS, AS, EL.

reviewed, assessed, developed job descriptions for various groups and levels (ex: EX-1, 2, 3) and directed a team of HR Consultant responsible for recruiting and hiring employees for NHQ and the CSA Laboratory.

Managed 7 HR Consultants

Development Canadian International Agency: Reported directly to the Director General, Sustainable Development/Programs.

The organization was going through a major transition and was hired to support the DG by developing an HR Strategic Plan for short and long-term solutions supporting decision-making processes;

completed risk assessment and solutions to mitigate risks;

developed contingency plans and evaluated critical vacancies required immediate staffing;

worked in collaborated approach with HR and the Director HR Operations to fill critical vacancies;

reviewed, assessed and re-wrote EX 1, 2, 3 positions with supporting rationales and returned to classification for review;

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