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Mechanical Engineer Design

San Diego, CA
December 08, 2019

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Hamid R. Hosseini

Mechanical Engineer

P.O.Box: *41 Del Mar, CA 92014, Phone: 858-***-****, E-mail: Page 1 of 2

Extensive experience in:

• Mechanical engineer with more than 18 years of experience providing design for commercial, residential, industrial, and educational facilities. Familiar with all aspects of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Plumbing, and Fire Protection Design, including calculations and equipment selection.

• Review mechanical and plumbing plans for compliance with the applicable building codes standards and the city municipal code prior to approval.

• Research permits and property history for expired permits, plans relating to architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire, industrial, and solar system.

• Verification of local planning and zoning conformance at project site.

• Analysis of the pumps operation and select a pump as close as possible to the best efficiency point, to optimize life-cycle costs and maximize operating life with a minimum of maintenance.

• Strong background in designing and manufacturing high accuracy robotics systems. Qualification & Skills

• Outstanding proficiency with AutoCAD, REVIT MEP, Energy Pro, Inventor, SolidWorks

• Design of HVAC systems and performing load calculations: equipment sizing and duct work layout.

• Preparation of complete plumbing calculations including water supply, storm drainage, and equipment sizing.

• Design of plumbing systems including sanitary waste and vent, storm water, domestic water distribution systems, and natural gas distribution systems.

• Design, size, select, schedule, and specify basic plumbing system components to include fixtures, specialties, and equipment. Design and select fire protection systems and equipment.

• Industrial Design: Coordinating all the blueprint and manufacturing / production tasks / issues related to product design by Inventor software.

• Preparing plans, specifications, in both design/bid and design/build scenarios. Professional Experiences

Self-Employed, CA Jan 2015 – present

• Designing HVAC and Plumbing systems for residential buildings and development of mechanical systems using Revit MEP, AutoCAD, Home Design, and Energy Pro software. Designing pump station, plumbing and mechanical systems for water and wastewater treatment facilities. Reviewing building plans and related documents for compliance with Mechanical and Plumbing Codes, policies and jurisdiction requirements for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

• Industrial Design. Extensive experience developing medical equipment, vehicle equipment, interior design, and healthcare products.

City of Oceanside, CA (Engineering Division) Feb 2015 – present Civil Project Intern

• Reviewing commercial sewer / water lift station system design and plans

• Providing technical recommendations

• Updated city water sewer standard drawings using AutoCAD 2008

• Familiar with current codes and standards for building projects within the state of California including: California Mechanical Code, California Plumbing Code, California Energy Code. Hamid R. Hosseini

Mechanical Engineer

P.O.Box: 341 Del Mar, CA 92014, Phone: 858-***-****, E-mail: Page 2 of 2

• Compiled surveying data for centerline ties, corner records, FEMA Letters of Map Revision into the Geodatabase using ESRI Arc Editor.

• Organized, scanned, and indexed large format engineering drawings (Improvement, Grading, and landscaping) in to database.

Consulting Engineering Services, IR

Senior Mechanical Engineer 2006- 2012

• Project planning, schematic design and system selection.

• Energy load calculation, HVAC equipment selection, and air distribution system design.

• Preparation of construction documents, including project cost estimate, plans and specifications.

• Field investigation of existing facilities and preparing assessment reports.

• Construction management and inspection of mechanical systems. Water and Wastewater Consulting Engineers (WWCE)-Design and Research Mechanical MEP Designer 2000- 2006

• Prepared plans, specifications, cost estimate, bid package, and selection of mechanical equipment for various sewer and water capital improvement projects for local and federal government.

• Designed pump station and piping system for water and wastewater treatment projects.

• Collaborated in multi-disciplinary projects to develop drawing and specification documents for issuance to architects, contractors and building owners.

• Design plumbing and performance specification fire protection systems.

• Engineering calculations, equipment sizing and selection.

• Reviewed pipe sizing, equipment and piping layouts.

• Developed project specifications.

• Surveyed and evaluated existing conditions.

• Other tasks as needed to ensure timely and thorough support to clients. Infocell IR Co. (Consulting Engineering for Industrial automation & robotic) Assistant Mechanical Designer 1993 - 2000

• Designed conveyor for press machines, special gearbox and material handling system.

• Identified machinery design problems and provided redesign for Strapping machine, Bogie, Tandem mill, Gate car dumper, and Boom Reclaimed.

• Created new manufacturing fixtures and tested equipment by Inventor software.

• Developed and designed mechanical robots for all aspects of mechanical components, equipment, and machinery for manufacturing firms.

• Designed and developed multi spindle drilling head (Gearbox Multiple-spindle drilling machines are used for mass production, a great time saver where many pieces of jobs having many holes are to be drilled. Multi-spindle head machines are used in mechanical industry in order to increase the productivity of machinery systems.)


• HVAC DDC System Design / University of California San Diego Extension 2014 - 2017

• B.S Mechanical Engineering / Azad University (IAU) 1988 - 1993 References

References are available upon request.

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