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Acquisition Manager

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
January 31, 2017

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Former U.S. Government Employee / DOD Contractor

Patricia V. Wood

*** **** ***** ** ****, DC 20010 PH: 202-***-**** PH: 202-***-**** E-mail:



Discipline: Economics Degree,

Baculuarate of Art (BA)

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To become a member of an organization within the government, private industry or a non profit business concern where upon my comprehensive talent and expertise in leadersnhip, acquisition management, problem resolution, customer service, communi- cation and professional ability is paramount in the achievement of an organization's excellence in operations.

Job-Related Skills: I am a seasoned professional with expert skill in business operation and problem resolution. I have demonstrated my management skill, professional presentation and work standard through out my career. I am skilled at team leadership and cross-function coordination, project management, acquisition management financial managementt, program accountability and leading teams in system development, life cycle development and program reso!ution.

My Dominant Transferable Skills: I have demonstrated project management, program evaluation analysis, qualative and quanative analysis, team coordination and leadership skills throughout my career. I’ve enjoyed having mentoring abilities along with an aptitude for problem-solving and employee development. I work to a standard of excellence as a leader, a manager and a professional.

My Self-Management Skills: I posess a high degree of uncompromised ethics and loyalty to the customer and the organization; the mission and vision is always foremost and of great importance. I have well-developed leadership, supervisory, time-management, coordination and organizational skills, of which I have an established record of achievement and excellence.


2012 - 2016 Held various position in administration and retail customer service.

2011 ORQID CONSULTANTS & ASSOCIATES, Arlington, Virginia

Position held: Senior Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Specialist, (Secret Clearance)

Classification: Contractor Employee

Position Overview: Provide subject matter expert direction.

Policy development within the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Export and Cooperation, included coordination within the security assistance and the international cooperative community.

Observed and followed the established protocol format as required as a senior level representatve in security assistance, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and international cooperation policy development. The responsibilities involved coordination of the dissemination of information among (internal) and (external) personnel, policy evaluation, development and revision within the department of defense's security assistance community.

Analysis of department’s acquisition process, included procedure, regulation and price evaluation.

2008 – 2009 ACQUISITIONS SOLUTIONS, Arlington, Virginia

Position held: Program Management Consultant

Classification: Contractor Employee

Position Overview: Provide subject matter expert direction.

Assessment and review of acquisition management administration and guidance for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense.

Program management subject matter expert board member, to conduct analysis of the acquisition processes.


Evaluated a web-based management acquisition course curriculum, program management web-base tool and system development process created for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.



Office Of International Programs Warfare Systems Engineering Directorate

NAVSEA Operation SUP (FLDGRP), Washington DC

Position held: Supervisor Program Analyst, Int'l Information Management Systems Branch Head, (Secret Clearance)

Classification: Government Employee

Position Overview: Brach Head of the International Information Systems Management Branch.

The Branch Head and agency representative for international matters pertaining to information technology. system management, policy, and direction for the NAVSEA International Programs Chief of Information Office.


Received recognition and accomondation from the agency’s Chief Executive for the coordination and direction of the agency"s first "International Information Technology System Forum and Conference.”


Served as the agency’s International (CIO) Representative, provided expert advice on technological changes and

variances discovered in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment.

Participated as a panel member in discussions and coordination of international systems developments.

Managed and supervised staff, established workload priorities and developed work plans and schedules.

Surface Ship Directorate, Security Assistance Program Office

NAVSEA Program Management Office, Washington DC

Position held: Supervisor Program Analyst, Financial Execution Branch Head, (Secret Clearance)

Classification: Government Employee

Position Overview: Branch Head of the Financial Execution Security Assistance and Funding Branch

Provided financial management leadership to 15 budget analysis and 35 support contractors for over 700 active foreign military sales cases valued at over $9 billion dollars.


Recognized for leading the development and implementation of the Activity Base Management System.

Developed a platform for managing the financial execution of security assistance cases, which increased

accountability in financial reporting.

Led the branch in a “best practice” department study of the efficiency of the Navy’s business financial management process for security assistance.


Directed the development of a more progressive and cost-effective workload improvements.

Served as chairperson of a board established to implement an organizational change initiative(s).

Managed the user's education and training of the change inititive for the agency’s international community..

1997– 2001 PROGRAM EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF TACTICAL AIRCRAFT, Electronic Warfare Program Office,

Patuxent River, Maryland

Position held: Program Analyst, Deputy Program Manager, (Secret Clearance)

Classification: Government Employee

Position Overview: Deputy Program Manager for both U.S. and the Foreign Military Sales aspects of the program.

Electronic Warfare Program Manager, Country Coordinator and foreign liaison representative to multiple international customer countries.



Established and improved foreign customer relationships built on integrity, trust and superior work ethic.

Led the successful investigation of an equitable adjustment contractor claim, resulting in $1.8 Million in savings for the government.

Navigated full life cycle program management requirements, workload analysis and program evaluation to establish program goals, significant cost savings, increased productivity and improved business operation.


Managed nationwide Integrated Program Team-(IPT), combined and restructured a team of U.S. and international

assigned personnel in three different regions of the U.S., into one cross functioning integrated program team.

Developed financial monitoring tools to capture labor, materials, and operational costs.

Served as country coordinator and U.S. liaison for Finland, Switzerland, Korea, Canada, Japan, Spain, Egypt, Kuwait, and various countries that elected to have program support.

Followed the agency’s guidelines to administer Equal Employment Opportunity-(EEOC) practices and principles.

1993 - 1997 PROGRAM EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF TACTICAL AIRCRAFT, Air To Air Missile Office, Arlington, Virginia

Position held: Program Analyst, Foreign Military Sales Financial Manager, (Secret Clearance)

Classification: Government Employee

Position Overview: Financial analysis, reorganization and revision of the complete financial management process.


Leadership of a cross functional team in the development, implementation and training of a new Financial Tracking Data System (FDTS). FDTS was developed to improve financial management and accuracy.


Project Management and coordination of a team of financial managers and system software engineers.

1992 - 1993 NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND, Arlington, Virginia

Position held: Program Analyst Foreign Military Sales Specialist (Secret Clearance)

Classification: Government Employee

1989 - 1992. NAVAL AIR Systems Command Logistcs Intern Program

Position held Logistics Management Specialist (Secret Clearance)

Classification: Government Employee

Position Overview: Logistics, Acquisition Management, Security Assistance on the job and classroom training program.


First African American female to complete and graduate the Department of the Navy's Logistics Intern Program.


Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act - (DAWIA) Certifications:

Program Management Level III

Business Financial Management level II and III

Employee Development Education and Programs

Navel Senior Executive Management Development Program, Graduate.

Defense Systems Management College-(DSMC), Graduate.

Naval Senior Executive Management Developmental Program Detail Assignments:

>. Naval weapons Systems Command, China Lake, (Acquisition Manager)

>. Program Executive Office for Tactical Aircraft, (Budget/Cost Control Specialist)

Certified Member – Acquisition Professionals - since 1983.

Naval Air Systems Command (Intern) Program, Graduate, 1992.

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