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Software engineer

Longmont, Colorado, United States
January 31, 2017

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Michael T. Hall

Phone: 303-***-**** (c) email:


Over twenty years of experience in all facets of computer software design, development and implementation including technical, system and personnel management. Expertise includes:

Application Architecture, Design & Implementation. Concept to Completion….

N Tier Applications - Architecture, Design, Implementation

Object Oriented Design & Implementation

.Net, C#, VB, Web Services, ADODB, SQL, SQL Reporting Services, IIS, Intranet/Internet, COM+

Client/Server Applications - Architecture, Design, Implementation

ERP support

Roles have included Technical Team Lead, System Architect, Developer, Business Analyst

Strong interpersonal communications skills; ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people to accomplish goals, meet deadlines and deliver tasks on time. Ability to handle multiple priorities.

Ability to work solo or in a group environment


Software Development

Designer/Developer Freelance – Jan 2016 to current

Created/Modified/Enhanced MVC3 Web Apps. Small individual projects using C#, MVC3, nUnit, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL Server. Direct Customer facing interaction. Requirements analysis, design, implementation. Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server 2012

C#.Net Tech Lead & Developer Harris, Florida – Dec 2009 to Apr 2015

Created/Modified/Enhanced MVC3 web Application. Lead developer using C#, MVC3, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL Server. Designer and architect of the Web App I was working. Lead a team of 3 developers and an SE. Direct Customer facing interaction. Requirements analysis, reports design, task assignment. This application is used as a Basis of Estimate generation tool. Application consists of MVC3 Visual Studio 2010 project including C#.Net, HTML, JQuery, CSS, SQL Server 2008, nHibernate. Agile Development

Modified/Enhanced Custom web Application. Requirements analysis, reports design, customer interface. This application is used as a Proposal generation tool. Application consists of SSRS Reporting Services, WEB Service middle Tier and an Oracle backend: Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2008, ASP, C#.Net, HTML, C# Web Service, JScript, CSS, Oracle 10g, nHibernate, SQL Reporting Services. Agile/Scrum Development methodology using Test driven development with NUnit.

C#.Net Team Lead & Developer TraceGains, Colorado - Jan 2006 to November 2009

Created/Modified/Enhanced Custom web Application. Requirements gathering, design, data flow diagrams and use case scenarios. This application is used in the tracking, tracing and maintenance of Fruit and Livestock products. Application consists of wireless PDA data, Dashboard display of tracked item data, Front end UI development, Sitemap Menu Navigation, WEB Service middle Tier: Visual Studio 2005, ASP, C#.Net, HTML, C# Web Service, JScript, CSS, IIS, SQL, SQL Reporting Services. Iterative Development methodology

Sr. Programmer/Architect EDS/StorageTek, Louisville, Colorado - April 2002 to Jan 2006

Requirements gathering, design and development of a corporate .Net SharePoint Portal framework. Orchestrated JAD Sessions between multiple teams. This Framework will be the structure used by a large corporation in their web Portal presence. Technologies used: Visual Studio 6 and 2005, .Net C#, ASP.Net, DHTML, IIS, SharePoint & SharePoint Web Parts, CMS, SQL

Developed a web service through .Net that interfaced with a Primus Knowledgebase API. This web service accessed the Primus COM+ components, retrieved search results, formated search results and displayed the results via a web browser: ASP.Net, VB.Net, HTML, DHTM, XML, CSS, JavaScript, COM+, SQL, IIS

Sr. Programmer EDS/StorageTek, Louisville, Colorado - January 1999 to April 2002

Requirements gathering, design and development of an International Order Entry Web site. Orchestrated JAD sessions along with Use Case scenario definitions, data flow diagrams and Functional Requirements. The web site supplies Product Catalog, Order Entry and Order Status data from SAP to the Front End. This is an e-Commerce site with complete Order Entry, Configuration validation and customer specific Pricing. Technologies used: Visual Studio 6, CS2K, ASP, JavaScript, VB Script, HTML, XML, ADODB, SAP DCOM Connector, and SQL Server

Developed a middle-tier DCOM object that interfaces with SAP and the web. DCOM object submits/retrieves data between SAP and the Web - in real time. Technologies used: Visual Basic, CSS, COM+, C++, SAP RFC and SQL Server. Platform: Windows 2000 Server & IIS

Developed an Intranet Web Site that connects to the above SQL database. The web site displays Reporting and Project status information. The user views the information either on the ASP page itself in table format or the information can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet directly from the ASP page. Technologies used: ASP, COM, JavaScript, VB Script, HTML, ADODB

Technical Lead Aurum, Inc., Golden, Colorado. October 1995 to December 1998.

Led team through functional design, use case definitions, development and deployment of multiple Product Configuration solutions…using rapid application development and OO architecture. Designed, architected and documented the system. On-site customer requirements gathering. This product was developed an Object Oriented IDE complete with class hierarchy modeling, entity relationship diagramming and ODBC connectivity.

Programmer Aurum/Baan, Inc., Golden, Colorado. August 1993 to October 1995.

Developed a Front Office business application using Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, SQL Server and custom ActiveX components. This application focuses on Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Forecasting, Reporting, Product Sales and Proposal Generation. The GUI layer consists of Visual Basic 6.0 User Documents running in IE 4.01 with the custom ActiveX controls referenced by the User Docs. Data is provided to the User Docs via an MS Access database using our underlying COM Dlls to implement specific rules in the business layer.

Developed a Proposal Generation tool using Visual Basic and COM Dlls. This application has a thin VB client that uses COM to import and export data to and from MS Word and Excel via OLE/COM.

Developed MS Access 97 Database for Time Tracking, Invoice Creation, Consulting Cost Reporting, Expense Reporting for external Sales Reps. This Access database uses the VBA, Multiple Query, Reports and Form utilities. The App uses COM to import and export data to and from Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word

Developed a user configurable check printing application. This application interfaces Third Party Communications code with a national Host system. Focusing on GUI design, security system development and the implementation of an automated Event Scheduler, this product has been developed using Borland's 3.01 C++ IDE, XVT's Design GUI development tool, MKS' RCS source control/UNIX look-alike toolkit, MS-DOS and Windows.

Technical - Skills

Software: .Net C#, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, C++, CSS, Pascal, ADA, Scheme,

Database: SQL. T-Sql, Oracle/PLSQL, MS Access, FoxPro

Tools: .Net, CMS, CS2K, SharePoint, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Interdev 6.0, Visual Source Safe, Visio, MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel, SAP, Baan Front Office

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT4.0 & 95/98/XP/Vista, UNIX, DOS

Communications: Serial line communications, modem communications on PC-based platforms.


Sr. Programmer/Web Analyst Harris, Palm Bay, Florida – Dec 2009 to April 2015

Sr. Programmer/Web Analyst TraceGains (was AgInfoLink), Longmont, Colorado – Jan 2006 to Nov 2009

Sr. Programmer/Architect (transitioned). EDS/StorageTek, Louisville, Colorado April 2002 to Feb 2005

Sr. Programmer. EDS/StorageTek, Louisville, Colorado - January 1999 to April 2002

Programmer/Tech Lead. Aurum, Inc., Golden, Colorado. August 1993 to December 1998.

Teacher Assistant; Programmer/Analyst. University of Colorado, Boulder. Sept 1991 to June 1993.


Bachelor of Arts, Math/Comp Sci: University of Colorado, Boulder, 1993

Microsoft Class 1016 Mastering Enterprise Development Using VB 6.0 Boulder, CO 1999

Microsoft Class 1017 Mastering WEB Application Development Denver, CO 1999

WebMethods 6.1 Enterprise Application Integration Server Lakewood, CO 2003

Microsoft C# Development Concepts Denver, CO 2004

Microsoft .Net/SharePoint Custom Course Denver, CO 2004

Microsoft .Net/MVC4 HTML 5 Custom Course Denver, CO 2015


John Haines PM, Harris Corp Palm Bay, FL 321-***-****

Mary Ehrhard PM/Project Lead, Harris Corp Palm Bay, FL

Doug McAlister SME, Harris Corp Palm Bay, FL 321-***-****

AJ Dolan CTO TraceGains, Inc CO 303-***-****

Brian Sunde Owner Scorpio Multimedia CO 303-***-****

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