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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

Richardson, Texas, United States
January 23, 2017

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Mechanical Engineer


I envision myself as a researcher and an engineer

actively seeking solutions of new engineering

problems with focus on expanding the expanse of

knowledge and development of new products. I have

experience in medical devices, designing, in addition to the experience in reliability engineering.

MS- Mechanical Engineering '15

University of Texas at Dallas, USA

B.TechMechanical Engineering '11

College of Engineering Roorkee, India

Software Packages: Ansys-Fluent, Ansys-ICEM CFD,

SolidWorks, AutoCad, Pro-E/Creo 2.0

Cleanroom Experience: Photolithography

ano/microfabrication, MEMS (Micro-Electro-

Mechanical Systems, SEM, AFM,

Computer Skills: C,MATLAB, MS Office Suite

Machine Shop: Sand Blaster, Shear machine, cutting tools etc.

Research: Superhydrophobic Surfaces,, Drag

Reduction, Simulations

Certificaons: edX-

A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering


2013 - 2015 Research/Teaching Assistant

University of Texas at Dallas

Developed super/ultra-hydrophobic turbulent drag reducing surfaces (~32 %). Lead a team of 5 and successfully implemented the ideas and available skills in Nano/microfabrication, MEMS to develop patterns for fabricated water repelling surfaces. Worked on MURI: Multi University Research Project

Studied the dynamic behavior of drop on the inclined superhydrophobic surfaces. MEMS, SEM, Pholithography and AutoCAD tools are used for the fabrication and designing of the mask and superhydrophobic surfaces.

Studied the growth formation of micro droplets on the micro-patterned surfaces. Submitted a paper (Under review)

Co-authored 3 papers in reputed journals and co-authored 4 papers in conference proceedings.

Taught Experimental Fluid Mechanics lab to UG students. TA to MEMS and Fluid Mechanics courses

2010 - 2010 Internship

Ashoka Leyland, India

“Maynard Operation Sequence Technique and Problems in Rear, Front Hub Sub-Assembly” Implementation of MOST in rear, front hub-sub-assembly. Successfully reduce the cycle time in the hub assemble line from 5 mins from 8.9-9.5 mins. 2009 - 2009 Internship

Bajaj Auto Limited, India

Implemented and studied the application of Kaizen technology in the assembly line.

"Comet Pod: SpaceX Hyperloop Competition: Levitation Subsystem" (Oct 15 – Jan 16) Designed a levitation subsystem for the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition, based on airfoil and Magnus Effect. Performed comprehensive fluid simulations using CFD tools.

"Robustness of superhydrophobic surface against pressure perturbations" (Sept 12 - Aug 15) Developed multiple superhydrophobic surfaces giving turbulent drag reduction ranging form 11- 32 %.

"Slanted Impact of Water Drops on a superhydrophobic surfaces" (Sept 14 - July 15) Dynamic behavior of water drops making slanted impact using Weber number is studied.

"Study of reattachment length of a fluid flows through backward facing step" (Jan 15- May 15) Flow analysis of a turbulent fluid flowing through a backward facing step. (CFD, Fluent) Effect on reattachment length with different grid sensitivity and varying boundary conditions.

"Lid Driven Cavity Flow" (Jan 13 - May 13)

Numerical solution of a 2-D lid-driven cavity problem for different Reynolds no. Ansys-Fluent (CFD, CFX)

“Study of Laminar Flow over a Rotating Cylinder” (Aug 12 - Dec 12) Study of vortices, velocity, pressure curves of the steady laminar flow over a rotating cylinder to examine drag and lift forces. (CFD, Ansys-Fluent, CFX).

“Design and Simulation of a Centrifugal Pump” (Oct 12 - Dec 12) Solid works is used to design, assemble, animate and simulate the centrifugal pump

“Power Generation through Municipal Solid Waste of College Mess” (July 10 - Mar 11) Biomethanation process is suggested for power generation based on proximity analysis and energy triangle process. TGA analysis was conducted on food samples.

Abhijeet, V. Pillutla, W. Choi, Drag-reducing superhydrophobic surfaces with high robustness against pressure perturbations, (in preparaation)

S.S. Kadlaskar, J.H. Yoo, Abhijeet, J.B. Lee, W. Choi, Cost-Effective Surface Modification for Galinstan® Lyophobicity, J. Colloid Interf., Sci.

M. Garimella, S. Kopu, S. Kadlaskar, V. Pillutla, Abhijeet, W. Choi, Difference in growth of drops on bi-philic surfaces with varying special distributions, (under review) LeClear, J.LeClear, Abhijeet, K.C.Park, W.Choi, Drop impact on inclined superhydrophobic surfaces. J. Colloid Interf., Sci. v461, 114-121,2016 (published online)

C. Park, Abhijeet, W. Choi, Energy-Efficient Applications Using Surfaces with Special Wettabilities, J. Nanotech. Smart Mater. 1, 1:9, 2014

Pillutla, Abhijeet, S. LeClear, H. Ling, L. Rodriguez, D. B. C. Rodrigues, J. Katz, W. Choi, Robust drag reducing superhydrophobic surfaces with large slip lengths, 31st symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Accepted Ling, S. Sriniasan, K. Golovin, V. Pillutla, Abhijeet, G. Mckinley, A. Tuteja, W. Choi and J. Katz, Flow Structure and Turbulence in the Inner Part of Turbulent Boundary Layers over Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces, 31st symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Accepted

LeClear, J. LeClear, Abhijeet, K. C. Park, W. Choi, Drop impact on inclined superhydrophobic surfaces, APS March meeting, Accepted

Abhijeet, N. Jain, B. Chandani, M. Gupta, Power Generation through Municipal Solid Waste of College Mess. Inter. Conf. Renewable Energy. 2011



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