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RPGIV Programmer Analyst Project

Dallas, Texas, United States
January 18, 2017

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Michael Nitka



Innovative ISeries AS/400 I5 RPGIV ILE RPG-FREE RPG/400 Programmer Analyst seeks a challenging position where creative ideas can be fully developed into software products and solutions.

Background Summary:

24 plus years of RPGIV programming encompassing RPGII,RPG400,RPG4 ILE, RPG-FREE, DB2/400 Embedded SQL, Sub files, CLLE, CLP and OCL.

Expert in software development and major modifications of in-house software systems, as well as integration/interfacing, conversion or customization of proprietary vendor software packages.

Development and Analysis of software within Multiple industries:

Retail, Mortgage/Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing Oil & Gas as well as Health Care.


Avatar Consultative Services - 1998 to 2016

Senior ISeries RPGIV RPG-FREE Programmer Analyst

List of Projects worked in over 17 years of AS400 ISeries RPG development.

GM Financial Services - Arlington, Tx

Senior ISeries RPGIV RPG-FREE Programmer Analyst

Payment Incentive Project – Modify FISERV application to incorporate a module to calculate an incentive amount for enrolled customers.

Production support problem solving in LSAMS Loan Servicing environment.

Conversion project to migrate SSP FISERV database from to Oracle platform.

Analyze database and Create Mapping documents to be used in directing data across systems.

Develop RPGIV RPG FREE solutions to cleans/mask sensitive client information during conversion testing activities.

Develop RPGIV RPG FREE solutions to perform data modeling and migration activities.

IBM Db2 SQL Optimization of RPGSQL programs and scripting.

Testing & Validation of Results.

GDC General Data - Chambersburg, PA

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer Analyst

Conversion project to Migrate HCS (Health Care systems) ISeries data to Non ISeries platform Allscripts.

Analyze database and Create Mapping documents to be used in directing data across systems.

Develop RPGIV RPG FREE solutions to perform migration activities.

Testing & Validation of Results.

TIAA-CREF – Charlotte, NC - ID3 Insurance Software

AS400 Decommission and ID3 Sunset Project

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer Analyst

Project to identify applications and components to be sunset as part of an overall project to decommission an existing AS/400 Iseries attached to large network infrastructure. And subsequently provide data archive and retention plan going forward as well as functional programming to achieve end result for client.

Gather application/component documentation and technical knowledge.

Create application/component decommissioning requirements specification.

Validate application/component technical decommissioning solution.

Develop technical programming specifications.

Develop data conversion programs and archive solutions in RPGIV RPG-FREE format.

Prepare implementation schedule / transfer knowledge.

Apply any defect remediation post implementation.

Delete data and source code.

Citizen/Frontier – Allen, Tx

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer Analyst

Analyzed and designed RPGIV and RPG-FREE programs & modules to meet

requirements for Plant Field Operations in break fix environment.

Modify RPGIV, Embedded SQL per LLD utilizing ILE Binding techniques.

Created CDM Data Scrubs to correct various problems in database.

Part of the BAU team to resolve Heat Tickets, REMEDY tickets for various Defects.

Part of PR/QC team to check the integrity of the new or modified programs.

Provide system documentation and testing.

Assist users in testing and implementation of enhanced programs and modules.

FEDEX Ground – Pittsburgh, PA

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer Analyst

Utilizing RPG IV RPG ILE SQL RPG-FREE Changed the NB delivery system to comply with mandatory eManifest requirements.

The new US Regulation called ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) mandates the carriers provide all shipment truck and driver data in electronic format in advance of arrival of the goods at International borders.

Bank of America – Addison, TX

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer Analyst

Analyze existing job streams for the occurrence of programming that hard coded Directives between primary system and the other systems on IBM network with attention to Load balancing servers and Backup Secondary server(s).

Create and distribute LLD (low level designs) as technical documents to detail the actual changes required to accomplish project goals.

Documenting and preparing Test case Scripts for assigned project.

Modify RPGIV, Embedded SQL per LLD utilizing ILE Binding techniques.

Implement projects results thru Turnover change management software.

Defect tracking from initiation to completion

Stored procedures accessing service layer between .NET Java and System –I

Convert Countrywide Loan database to B of A formats.

Enhance and modify MERS / BOA Mortgage Electronic Registry system.

utilizing RPGIV ILE and RPG-FREE.

Interview and test prospective Iseries developers before allowing them to join team.

CVS CaremarK– Richardson, TX

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer Analyst

Technical RPG Lead between Off Shore team.

Advised Off shore team with code reviews, database design, and technical documents.

Obtain project and document approvals from on shore Application Dev manager.

Complete production support tickets for the RxClaim application. Involved coding in RPGLE and CL.

Major modifications to the complicated drug adjudication and pricing using Synon..

Jack Henry and Associates– Allen, TX

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer Analyst

Implement passport release to via remote communications to JHA customers

Consulting responsibilities included assisting in-house team with all phases of the Regulation-E project to the Passport ATM system. This included preparation and implementation of the modifications to the client base software. This included the design, maintenance, testing and implementation of RPG ILE, RPG -FREE, binding, embedded SQL, CL, and DDS program changes utilizing DB2 databases on the Jack Henry and Associates 20/20 banking software.

Victory Packaging Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer Analyst– Houston, TX

Convert UNIX based Accounting, Warehouse Distribution system to IBS-ASW V5.

Responsible for ETL, Mapping, conversions & data load into Sales Order system.

Implement customized RPG programming to client specific requirements.

EDI invoice outbound and inbound EDI to pay creation.

Reporting directly to CIO/Director, independently developed and completed three key projects, in conjunction with scheduled on-site meetings for project coordination, requirements gathering, and technical documentation. On-going support is still being provided on an as needed basis.

Create new RPGIV RPG/400 RPG/FREE SQL programs to Migrate and Convert ETL Financial and Sales data in Manufacturing Retail environment from UNIX file system to AS/400 I-Series Native DDS and DB2/400 and third party vendor software.

Create new Retail Sales Commission system on I-Series written in RPGIV RPG/400 RPG/FREE SQL.

Customize/Expand in-house software package for sales order and EDI system.

Created inbound 860 PO change, inbound and outbound 856 ASN, inbound 864, 942 and 810, and outbound 940 EDI maps and interface with Trusted link.

IBM International Business Machines IT Specialist

Technical Project Manager for Perot Systems Plano TX.

I provided several key functions to the Perot systems management and staff.

Weekly Health Check report that analyzed the Tenet Health Care’s IBM I-Series Network. The report included installed PTF levels as well as the current PTF levels available from IBM for HYPER CUM and Firmware.

This report also kept track of scheduled completed Hardware/Software maintenance

and this was the catalyst for getting all the 25 machines to stable Firmware levels.

Deliver HA Availability Assessment for all Tenet i570 complexes

Advise I5 system programmers on mission specific tasks.

Onsite resource to research Technical questions for Perot systems in a timely manner and assist other consultant team members with the work they were enlisted to do here during the course of my tenure.

Perot and Tenet Health Care system specialists were provided an approximate age of internal disk drives report for 10 of the systems.

Project Manager lead programmer Rent conversion/increase project for NYCHA, the City Of New York Housing Authority as well as lead programmer and technical writer.

Responsible for creating detailed technical documentation of existing systems based on analysis of existing systems written in RPGII RPG II RPG/400 RPGIV CL OCL

Responsible for creating flow charts and user manuals for both business users and technical staff of client's legacy systems.

Dicks Sporting Goods - Pittsburgh PA

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer analyst

Analyze Design Program and Implement JDA software conversion.

Provide level 1 and level 2 software support for a highly complex proprietary continuous system including diagnosing software issues and writing up defects to facilitate triage.

Provide implementation assistance, application training and problem resolution to customers as well as operating system and hardware support for the IBM power system I platform.

Maintain Break/Fix issue list by application and ensure all are forwarded to the appropriate personnel for resolution.

Responsible for maintenance and administration of pre-production code environments and regression testing.

Interact with Quality Assurance personnel during system testing phases of application development.

FEDEX Ground - Pittsburgh PA

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer analyst

Analyze FEDEX in-house HA / Fail over Primary VS a Secondary system.

Primary located in Memphis TN. and the Secondary in Pittsburgh PA.

The keystone to this was to have a remote data area indicating the current primary system.

The second key was to have the Secondary perform exactly like the primary at a flip of the switch,

Both systems must have identical databases and they must be kept in sync at 24/7 for this Solution to work.

Kronos TimeKeeper - Cleburne Tx.

Create in RPGIV – ILE RPG-FREE a Bio Metric interface from Kronos time clock to AS400

Develop software interface between System I and biometric device utilizing sockets programming for use in Kronos Timekeeper software.

AmeriServe- Dallas TX – Consultant

Senior ISeries RPGIV Programmer analyst

JD Edward development/ Customization of Logistics system .

CCE Coca Cola Enterprises Atlanta GA.

Project Leader and lead programmer CCE Coca Cola Enterprises Atlanta for the Y2K/Native AS/400 Conversion Project, addressing full date expansion and converting legacy RPG II applications to ILE specifications

Solutions Technology Inc. - Camp Hill, Pa. 2/96 to 2/98

AS/400 Senior Programmer Analyst

RPG/400, RPGIV, ILE Application Software Development utilizing interactive sub files and batch processing methods.

Analyze, design, program and implement enhancements and modifications to MAPICS XA per client request

Analyze, design, program and implement optical storage solution for LAN attached 3995 data server.

Analyze, design, program and implement programming necessary to convert S/36 OCL, RPG to native AS/400 RPG/400 and ILE/400.

Analyze, design, program and implement advanced system 36 interface for transfer of international Banking information.

Analyze, design, program and implement programming necessary to convert S/36 and AS/400 source code to YEAR 2000 compliance.

Responsible for Project Management

YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, TX. 9/94 to 12/95

Technical Service Director, AS/400 - Senior Programmer Analyst RPG/400 RPG/ILE AS/400 RPGIII Application Software Development utilizing interactive subfiles and batch processing methods

Analyze, design, program and implement accounting software module that computerized manual Budgeting software and interface to the General Ledger, streamlining process that formerly took 4.5 months to 60 days.

Analyze, design, program and implement electronic mail system for use by 200 plus users at 26 remote sites.

Responsible for Project Management

Responsible for system resource management, security and database design.

Responsible for technical support to operations and users.

Install and maintain communications software and hardware at remote and local sites.

Design implement and manage AS/400 system workflow to facilitate problem solving and operations.

Implement and manage appropriate AS/400 security for system and applications at object and user level.

Utilize AS/400 Job Accounting to track jobs and system resources.

Effect upgrade of AS/400 OS to New version or release.

LXI Corporation Irving, TX. 6/93 to 9/94

Project Manager, AS/400 Senior Programmer Analyst RPG/400

AS/400 RPGIII - RPG400 System Software Development Analyze, design program and implement STARS optical storage product for the IBM AS/400 LAN attached or direct attached 3995 dataserver.

Analyze, design, program and implement disaster recovery product for the AS/400.

Responsible for Project Management and administration

Responsible for system resource management and database design.

Responsible for training and installation of LXI products.

USTI Inc., Dallas, TX. 1/89 to 6/93

AS/400 Programmer Analyst, RPG/400

AS/400 RPGIII - RPG400 Application Software Development Design program and implement Utility billing software for use in City government.

Design program and implement accounts receivable "generic report writer".

Develop and maintain EDI interface between AS/400 and Norand handheld devices.

Coordinate project specific tasks for other team members.

Responsible for general software maintenance.

Collaborate with clients on program analysis and enhancements

JDA Experience (MMS, RI, E3TRIM) 2 Years

JD Edwards Experience 1 year

Programming language/operating system and Skills knowledge base:

** Job Control: OCL Procedures and CL Programming (CLP)

** Language: RPG II, RPG IV, RPG ILE, RPG/FREE; Structured, Modular Design

** Arrays; Data Areas; Data Structures

** Relational Database Design and Normalization

** DB2/400: DDS-Physical Files, Logical Files, Join Files, Data Dictionaries

** Screen Design Aid (SDA): Menus, Display Files, Sub-file Programming

** File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

** Query/400 and Open Query File (OPNQRYF)

** System Administration-PTFs, System Values, Basic Configuration

** Security Administration-User Profiles, Authorization Lists, Object Authority

** Operations-Backup & Restore, Print Management, Job Scheduler

** UIM User Interface manager

** DDM Distributed Data DS, DDM, DDL HTML, XML,

** I Series Navigator

** IBM MQ Series API set

** DB2/400

** SDA Screen Design Aid

** RLU Report Layout Utility

** DBU Database Utility

** VISIO Flowcharting Software

** Microsoft Project 2005

** Hawkeye Data analysis Tool

** Turnover Change Management software

** Implementer Change Management software

** ROBOT Job Scheduler

** Abstract

** Clarity

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