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Sql Server Service

Bellevue, Washington, United States
October 25, 2016

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**** ***** *** **, *********, WA


Senior Database Administrator/ Developer with over 9 years of experience in mission critical operations, system administration and database engineering. Experience leading global programs and teams on both operational and strategic level. Proven decade long successful experience of implementing and guaranteeing SLA for mission critical and large data platform for Xbox, Exchange Online and


SQL Server Software Architecture, Design, Best Practices and troubleshooting

SQL Server Database Administration on multi-terabyte production databases

SQL Server and T-SQL: Performance analysis and delivering actionable insights

Benchmarking SQL Server implementation with TPC-DS, TPC-H, TPC-C.

OLTP: Architect, Design, Implement, and Optimize

Automation of administrative and operational processes through PowerShell and TSQL

Review existing processes and drive changes or institute new processes as necessary, including the areas of monitoring, upgrades, and tuning

Generate high-quality project documentation, such as architecture designs, implementation plans, design documents etc.

Provide technical escalation and be on call via pager during designated periods

Recommend, own and drive application changes to improve application performance

Design, implement, function test and load test packages, stored procedures, triggers and other database objects to support new and existing applications

Develop, enforce and maintain appropriate database change control procedures for the database objects

Develop and maintain expert-level knowledge in SQL Server internals and best practices for database architecture and physical data modeling

C# Code debugging

Database Migration and consolidation maintaining SLA

Designing and implementing Disaster Recovery solution

Implementing SQL Server security best practices

Proven proficiency in maintaining strict SLA / supporting /troubleshooting for large scale enterprise level highly available RDBMS system

Designing /implementing / supporting SQL Server Storage

Working knowledge on MongoDB and Oracle.


10 years of DBA experience designing and administering multiple Microsoft SQL Server databases in a 24/7 mission critical environment.

Over 9 years of experience Windows/SQL Server and TSql performance troubleshooting /benchmarking.

Over 9 years of experience in SQL Server /Windows DR design/ implementation/ troubleshooting and supporting.

Over 5 Years database development using TSQL procedures, functions, views etc..

Strong knowledge of T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, views and other objects.

Creating/ Designing and Implementing ETL packages using SSIS.

Ability to data mine and develop reports using a variety of reporting software packages with a high aptitude for learning new reporting software packages.

Deep understanding of source code control and versioning methodologies, such as Team Foundation Server and Product studio.

Good understanding of various TPC benchmarking standards/tools.

Manage /upload and maintain source code versioning using TFS/GIT.

SQL Server Always ON Solution, Replication, Mirroring, Log shipping, Windows and SQL Server Failover Clustering, Windows NLB

Working knowledge on SQL Server Integration Service, SQL Server Analysis Service, SQL Server Reporting Service

Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 / 2014 / 2016 RTM

Working knowledge on System Center Operations Manager

Familiarity with ITIL processes and ER diagram, SYSINTERNALS, WINDBG and several others performance tuning and test tools

Stay current with technology trends and developments in the industry and participate in service development

References and Certification Transcripts available upon request.


03/2016– Current

04/2014 – 12/2015

Sr. SQL Server DBA(V-), SharePoint Online, Microsoft

Develop, design and maintain highly available and scalable databases using MSSQL Server 2012/2014/2016.

Resolve production database issues including database tuning, optimization and database recovery.

Perform Database installation, upgrades, data migration across multiple data centers and multiple database server architectures/systems.

Monitor the performance of databases, identify areas where performance needs to be improved and provide fixes/solutions for the performance issues.

Use/Develop database automation tools to automate existing database tasks.

Respond appropriately to emergency support situations and produce quick and effective solutions to database technical problems under high pressure.

Sr. SQL Server DBA(V-), XBOX Game Studios and XBOX BI, Microsoft

Supporting/ Managing/ Take ownership and maintaining strict uptime SLA for Studios BI a and Studios multi terabytes OLTP a and OLAP SQL Server 2012/ 2014 database environment.

Design/Document and implement SQL Server 2014 failover clustering solution for Studios BIenvironment for geo redundancy.

Create /Automate several operations processes to improve Capacity Planning/ monitoring / actively reducing number of incidents and overall service health.

Developing Backend table schema and SQL Server objects as needed.

TSQL performance tuning.

Developing Backend table schema and SQL Server objects as needed.

TSQL performance tuning.

Evaluating MongoDB for a potential replacement of existing SQL Server scale out architecture and provide recommendations.

Collaborate and Design/ Evaluate different DR Solution to meet business goal.

Resolve complex system issues and incidents escalated from lower support tiers.

Continuously improve system and database performance, automation, operations and processes.

Participating in 24/7 on call rotation.

Take ownership and execute planning/ documenting and Deploying several database environments /Automating tasks for Xbox Game Studios and BI backend infrastructure running on SQL Server 2008R2/2012/2014, maintaining SLA for uptime.

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting SQL Server and Windows OS issues.

Documenting Storage Architecture /help implementing appropriate RAID level for Data warehouse servers.

Setting up clustering /AG environment in SQL Server 2012/2014

Driving several change management processes improving existing monitoring and change management processes.

Documenting several operational processes, help reducing number of incidents and overall service health.

Help improving proactive monitoring /auditing of database environment, automation of Monitoring and alert notification.

Implementing DR using SQL Server 2012/2014 Always On and other features in Production.

Creating /Troubleshooting backup and other automation scripts using TSQL and PowerShell

Help implementing code review process using code flow.

Reviewing/Improving and implementing TSQL code best practices.

Writing code design spec/ TSQL script for SQL maintenance tasks.

Troubleshooting OLTP /OLAP production Server issues.

Mentoring team members and customers as required.

Participating in on call rotation and training as required.

Evaluating /using different reporting tools such as SSRS to implement reporting on System/SQL Server processes and health.

10/2012 – 4/2014

Service Engineer 2, Exchange Online Protection, Microsoft

Take ownership to automate backup / Index and other maintenance DB scripts to deploy on 200+ SQL servers running on SQL Server 2008R2 /Widows 2008.

TSQL Code review and Performance tuning.

Design /Implement SQL Server 2012 DR solutions.

Participating in 24/7 on call rotation.

Taking ownership and Collaborating with HP and different teams to plan and successfully execute time sensitive project maintaining strict SLA: Replace HP Adaptec Controller on 101 production servers running on Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 maintaining SLA

Review and improve/automate SQL Server /Windows monitoring

Updating/ debugging existing PowerShell and C# scripts to manage the big infrastructure.

Designing and Developing backend table schema, creating and implementing Stored procedure/Views etc.

Supporting/ Managing/ Capacity Planning/ Improving monitoring /Automating tasks for Exchange Online Protection backend infrastructure running on SQL Server 2008 R2 and Web store, maintaining SLA for uptime

Testing /Implementing SQL Server 2012 Always On and other features in test and Production.

Taking part in TSQL and PowerShell code review/ debugging.

Reviewing/Improving and implementing SQL Server Security best practices

Writing design spec/ TSQL script for SQL maintenance tasks, working with development team to implement it

Working with monitoring team to help improve/ update SQL and overall environment monitoring

Driving and accomplishing the project to replace Adaptec controllers on 100 DB servers maintaining SLA

Troubleshooting Web store / SQL Server and DB issue

Participating in C# and other training by Microsoft Engineering Excellence

Participating in security training

Mentoring team members.

05/2012 – 10/2012

SQL BI Developer /Sr. SQL Server DBA(V-), Microsoft Retail Group, Microsoft

TSQL Code performance tuning and review, preparing performance Metrix using SSRS.

Implementing TPC-C and TPC-DS benchmark.

Design, Create and Implement ETL packages using SSIS.

Design and Implement SSRS reports.

Designing and implementing backend objects.

TSQL performance tuning.

Taking ownership of backend infrastructure and providing operational support.

Troubleshooting retail CMDB, SCOM OLAP test and production on SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012 environment including VMs.

Planning /implementing Retail OLTP physical and logical database. Designing/implementing database object schema based on business needs.

Meeting SLA and implementing SQL Server 2008 DR strategies SQL Server failover clustering on VMS/Replication for production environment running SQL Server 2008 R2.

Implementing /Managing /Supporting and troubleshooting Windows/SQL Server 2008 R2 clustering environment.

Proactive capacity planning for SCOM and CMDB database.

Taking ownership and provide solution for SQL Server OLTP performance methodology.

Implementing SQL configuration and security best practices.

Automate SQL admin tasks using TSQL, upgrading SQL Server environment.

Auditing and Documenting all environments, processes and storage best practices.

09/2011 – 05/2012

Sr. SQL Server DBA/ DEV, Cardiac Science

Taking ownership of SQL Server OLTP test and production SQL Server 2005 / 2008 R2 environment

Design, document and create monitoring tool replacing existing monitoring system to reduce / minimize monitoring cost

Meeting SLA and designing/ implementing/ creating / testing SQL Server 2005/ 2008 DR strategies including backup/ restore, Mirroring, Log Shipping and Failover Clustering for production environment running SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2005.

Supporting and troubleshooting Windows/SQL Server 2008 R2 clustering environment

Planning downtime and patching all production SQL Servers.

Capacity planning and guiding system admin for the appropriate storage and RAID LEVEL for SQL Server and SQL Server Clustering environment.

Troubleshooting any SQL Server related issues, work with MS CSS team to resolve SQL crash issues in production.

Create ad hoc SSIS packages to migrate and transform retail data.

Designing and implementing multi-site clustering environment in 2008 R2.

TSQL Code review, code and server performance tuning.

Re design and implementing / automating SQL Server monitoring processes.

Implementing SQL configuration and security best practices.

Automate SQL admin tasks using TSQL, upgrading SQL Server environment.

Upgrading SSRS reports and SQL Server database engine to 2008 r2

Auditing and Documenting all environments, processes and storage best practices.

01/2011 – 09/2011

BI developer / DBA(V-), Microsoft Exchange Online Services, Microsoft

Develop/ Deploy / Update/ Troubleshoot SSRS report, TSQL code and SSIS packages.

Planning / implementing different SSRS reports out of SCOM DW for monitoring.

Generating SSRS report out of TFS data

Build Crystal Reports as required.

Working with program managers to gather data points for SSRS report development.

Planning /Migrating existing SharePoint and Excel based reports to SSRS platform.

Writing TSQL code, design indexing, test and tune all the codes for optimized performance.

Secure/ Administer SSRS lab servers.

Automate SQL admin tasks using TSQL, upgrading SQL Server environment.

Upgrading SSRS reports and SQL Server database engine to 2008 r2

Auditing and Documenting all environments, processes and storage best practices.

09/2010 – 01/2011

SQL Server DBA, (V-)Microsoft XBOX Live Services, Microsoft

TSQL and batch scripting to automate SQL admin tasks.

Performing logical and physical data modeling.

Supporting/patching large production environment; implementing and troubleshooting database mirroring, replication, web store, taking part in database modeling and documentation. Work as a release engineer.

Investigating and troubleshooting SQL Server performance issues. Troubleshooting SQL Server related issues filed as bugs in product studio, implement RFCS.

Review TSQL code and help product group optimizing TSQL applications for best performance.

Received training at XOC on escalation process and Xbox environment as a whole.

08/2006 – 06/2010

SQL Server DBA, (V-)MSCOM, Microsoft

Supporting and global customers Diagnose/troubleshoot/ configure SQL server Replication, Mirroring, Log Shipping, NLB, Clustering, H/W clustering or any other database related issues escalated by tier 2, tier 1 team 24/7 basis to meet the requirement of SLA.

Working with networking and web system engineer closely to resolve any application, server or network related issues as and when required.

Planning and implementing disaster recovery solutions.

Implementing additional monitoring system to meet SLA.

Building. Configuring new servers with Windows 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, Reporting Server 2008 RTM, SQL Server 2008 R2.

Communicating with customer; planning and migrating SQL 2000, SQL 2005 databases to Windows 2008R2/SQL 2008 environment as part of TAP commitment: ensuring to meet SLA during the migration. Troubleshooting any post migration issue.

Administering, troubleshooting issues running reporting servers 2008 RTM.

Troubleshooting customer issues for backend application hosted on MSCOM production environment, taking part in customer’s architecture review and evaluates them from backend perspective. Educating and guiding MSCOM customers to tune TSQL code, introduce best practices and to get started with new Database application etc.

Migrating SQL server 2000 and SQL server 2005 SSRS environments to SQL 2008 SSRS.

Administering, configuring and troubleshooting server instances participating in transactional and transactional peer to peer replication or Mirroring principal in transactional replication.

Supporting windows network load balancing for availability of database servers.

Administering, configuring and troubleshooting servers with databases in mirroring.

Troubleshooting, reviewing and tuning TSQL code.

Configuring, troubleshooting log shipping.

Planning and executing solutions based on customer requests.

06/2005 – 10/2005

SQL Server DBA, Schneider Electric, Bangalore

Taking ownership of automate routine administrative process.

Tuning/reviewing TSQL queries and store procedure.

Troubleshooting and analyzing deadlock on different production server.

Designed database schema with Entities, Attributes, and Relationships.

Designing, Creating, Monitoring SQL agent jobs and troubleshooting SQL Server job errors on production.

Helping Development team to create efficient Queries, Indexes, Views, and Stored Procedures

Designing, Configuring and Administering security on SQL Server

Designing/Testing DR processes to minimize downtime and data loss.

Configuring, Designing Log shipping and testing existing log shipping process in place.

Implementing/testing failover clustering in SQL Server on production servers.

Implementing table fragmentation, disk I/O report using SQL Server 2000 reporting services.

Analyzing the impact of Service pack on different production servers running Siebel and implementing service pack on those servers accordingly.

Executing SQL Server requests on day to day basis sent by clients in different environment.

Handling and troubleshooting client’s requests/issues on day to day basis.


Bachelor’s Degree

in Economics (University of Calcutta, India)

Diploma in Computer Application and Object Oriented Languages (NIIT, India)

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator


•Ability to own and drive issue to resolution, sense of urgency with strong troubleshooting skills.


•Great team members, mentor.

•Strong analytical skills.

•Excellent Customer handling skills.

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