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Engineer Customer

Columbus, OH
February 26, 2015

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Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Home 614-***-**** Cell 614-***-****


IT specialist able to solve problems and create solutions to support complex units/modules/products

meeting functional and business requirements on schedule and within budget. A proven record of

success working with development teams, coordinating efforts with support teams, and troubleshooting

problems with customers directly to resolve problems.


Over 17 years experience in development and support. Skills and experience include:

• • •

Production Support Quality Assurance Bug fixing

• • •

Agile development Technical documentation Time management

• •

methodology Unit testing Dump analysis

• • •

Test system creation and Problem analysis Product installation

• •

configuration Product documentation Customer Support


• Operating Systems & Platforms: z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, CMS, CICS, Linux, Windows, TSO

• Software Solutions: Batch & Online Security, Tape & Disk Management,

System Automation, Scheduling,

Resource & Performance Monitoring

• Programming Languages: High Level Assembler, Rexx, Cobol, Perl, VBA, VBS,

CICS System & Application Programming

• Software Development Tools: Xedit, Abend-aid, File-aid, ISPF, Infoana,Vsedump, Eclipse SDK


• Ascertained the readiness of security, tape, and disk management solutions on new operating

system releases. Collaborated with IBM in the development of new OS releases to affirm that all

solutions would be fully functional when released to the public.

• Created upwards of 900 published fixes and 50 documentation updates for mainframe system

products that manage disk and tape usage, provide batch and online security, batch reporting, and

common services modules for all operating system software sold for the z/VSE platform.

• Corrected 300+ source updates to successfully re-compile the flagship security product consisting

of over 500 modules that had not been compiled in 14 years. This generated a set of source that

was used as a basis for a new release saving the company tens of thousands in development dollars.


• Successfully analyzed over 5600 macros that were called by the product to determine the correct

version required to generate code that matched the GA modules. This information was

instrumental in cutting the time needed to fix bugs and develop new features.


JP Morgan Chase, Columbus, Ohio 2014 to Present

JP Morgan Chase is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company. It is the largest

bank in the United States, with total assets of US$2.5 trillion.

Application Support Analyst - Centralized Transaction Organization

Responsibilities include supporting 38 mainframe and distributed applications that process all aspects

of bank operations.

• Maintained a 100% success rate in meeting lines of business service level agreements when

resolving production abends to not disrupt downstream processes and complete all bank

functions on time to meet customer needs and comply with federal requirements.

• Developed VBA macros and VBS scripts to automate the formatting and transfer of data to

mainframe applications. This cut out several hours of manually done processes every week.

• Automated several other manual processes handled by the team through jcl that exploited in-

house programs and resources that were not being utilized.

• Worked with multiple mainframe development and distributed platform support teams to debug

recurring production abends and other problems to ensure that applications were able to meet

required service level agreements without intervention.

Libra Consultants, Columbus, Ohio 2013 to 2014

Independent consulting services supporting the Z series IBM mainframe operating systems.

Independent contractor

Provided a variety of support, training, systems analysis, cost justification, and problem analysis on-

site or telework.

• Analyzed mainframe datacenter operations and developed plan for over the weekend relocation

• Created operations documents and trained new operators at new site.

• Deconstructed cross platform check writing process to create operator instructions and training

sessions. Approximately $400,000 in paper checks were generated weekly with no alternative

method. Project completed on schedule with no disruption to accounting processes.

CA TECHNOLOGIES, Columbus, Ohio 1997 to 2013

CA Technologies, formerly CA and Computer Associates, is a Fortune 500 company and one of the

largest independent software corporations in the world. “CA” is an American, multinational, publicly

held company headquartered in Islandia, New York. The company creates systems and application

software that runs in mainframe, distributed computing, virtual machine and cloud computing



Software Engineer (2010 – 2013)

Responsibilities included day one support of new operating system releases, developing new features,

creating new releases and internal documentation to assist in the future support of the code.

• Built automated tools used to evaluate trace outputs, analyze dump data, assemble and

compile modules; drastically reducing the time needed to fix bugs and develop new features.

• Created an internal guide detailing operating system intercept hooks and their execution

in detail to reduce the investment needed for future support of the product.

• Developed new functionality to the security product user interface streamlining its

administration to enhance customer value.

Sustaining Engineer (2003 – 2009)

Responsibilities included fixing bugs reported internally or by customers, assisting software engineers

in the development and testing of new code. Collaborate with Quality Assurance in the building of test

cases. Instruct colleagues about the utilization of products and their internal design.

• Maintained a <1% re-open rate for all customer incidents by providing fixes that were

thoroughly tested to resolve the original problem without introducing new ones.

• Built a set of test machines for level 1 support technicians. Drew upon the best aspects

of several development systems to create a system that maximized resources.

• Commended for detailed documentation of over 300 published code fixes with internal

problem explanations and procedures to duplicate, including cataloged test cases.

Support Technician (1997 – 2002)

Responsibilities included learning how to install, configure and administer assigned z/VSE products.

Use product knowledge to strengthen customer relationships by optimizing configuration, improve

understanding, and exploit features. Reproduce customer problems internally and provide diagnostic

data to engineers. Testing engineer fixes before releasing them to customers. Follow up with

customers to ensure that problems are resolved.

• Maintained an 85% closure rate of all customer incidents within 7 days.

• Completed Y2K testing and certification of security, disk and tape management,

resource utilization monitor, and system automation products six months ahead of schedule.

• Installed and configured all mainframe products on test systems in addition to assigned

products to provide complete support to customers at point of contact.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio


Fluent in the Spanish language

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