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Lab Tech

Charleston, WV
40,000.00 yr
April 30, 2014

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Rita Goodall

** ******* ******

St. Albans, WV **177

Ph: 304-***-****


• Objective: Seeking position supporting QC or R&D Biotech company

• Education: Bachelors of Chemistry, West Virginia State University still in progress

• Courses taken:

Chemistry 105 Biochem 1/331 with lab 333

Chemistry 106 Organic Chemistry 1/205 with lab 208

Chemistry 108 lab Organic Chemistry 2/206 with lab 207

Chemistry 107 lab Physical Chemistry( Quantum mechanics)

Analytical chemistry with lab 1/302 with lab 304

Computer chemistry with lab Physical Chemistry 2/305 (Thermodynamics)

Inorganic Chemistry with lab lab 306

Environmental Microbiology with lab 208

Geology 106 with lab

Physical Science 103 with lab

General Physics 1/201 with lab 203

Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2/232 with lab 204

Introduction to Modern Physics with lab 134

Biology 120 with lab 121

Astronomy with lab121

Instrumentation 416 with lab 418

Calculus 1

Calculus 2

Plane Trigonometry


Linear Algebra

Lab Skills:

PCR Ph testing Gas Chromatography

NMR Chemical Oxygen Demand testing XRF x-ray

Nano-drop Biological oxygen Demand testing Xylene Soluble

Centrifuge Tissue culturing Axios XRF Spec.

Microscopes Bead beater Titrations

Telescopes DNA gel box Buret

Distillates Volatile solids testing Graduated Cylinders

Columns Total solids testing Pipet

Fourier Transform Infrared Specrometer. Nicolet Model 20DXC or Magna Series.

Polypropylene Composition by FTIR.

Reflux Condenser

Nitrogen purge vacuum oven

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Tinius Olsen Extrusion Plastometer with Model MP 993 Microproccoer-based


Riffler-Retsch PT100 Model 14214-628

Laboratory Roll Mill Polymix

Hydraulic Bench Top Platen Press

GRADEX 2000 Particle Size Analyzers

PI data system


Preparing and examination of cytology and pathology samples for dispersion onto sample slides. Entering and storing specimens into Lab Information System

Technical Skills:

Excel, power point, chem draw, lab touch, PI data entry system


Physics Lab Assistant

Assembling experiments for students and ensuring they work properly

August 2008 – present

Dr. Jack Magan

Chair of Physics Dept.

West Virginia State University

Chemist research under NASA scholarship

Synthesis and Purification of Succinimides and Halogenated Anilines.

A microwave-assisted organic synthesis (MAOS) of N-phenylsuccinimide and N-phenylmaleimide are being developed for the second-semester organic teaching laboratory and research purposes. These compounds are in pesticides and these derivatives will be studied at Marshall University.

January 2009 – May 2009

Dr. Tom Guetzloff

Chair of Chemistry Dept.

West Virginia State University

Field geology research under NASA space grant

Investigation into possible meteor impact at Jeptha Knob in Kentucky that included

taking rock and dirt samples from the impact site for analysis.

June 2008 – June 2009

Dr Andrew Schedll

West Virginia State University

Research in the Role of Meteorite Impacts in Flooding on Mars that included

estimating the impact energy of meteorites in comparison to seismic magnitudes to

express relating crater diameter to maximum distance to landslides. This also included

gathering and estimating the overall age of craters.

June 2009 - January 2011

Abstract published in January 2011

Dr Andrew Schedll

West Virginia State University

Enhancing Stability in a Thermophilic Anaerobic Digester

Lab analysis that included biological oxygen demand (BOD),

chemical oxygen demand (COD), Ph levels, volatile solids, and

total solids.

May 2010 – Nov 2011

Dr David Huber

West Virginia State University

Utilizing Feed Overload in a Thermophilic Anaerobic Digester

Lab analysis that included biological oxygen demand (BOD),

chemical oxygen demand (COD), Ph levels, volatile solids, and

total solids

Poster presentation at 16th Biennial Research Symposium 2011

August 2010 – Nov 2011

Dr Amy Smith

West Virginia State University

Substituent Effects of Anilines in the Microwave Induced

Cyclization with Maleic Anhydride

Lab Analysis for a technique reduces the reaction time for the traditional synthesis of several hours, which allows the preparation to be achieved in a single organic chemistry laboratory period. This reaction is performed in the absence of solvent; therefore, it represents a ‘greener’ preparation than the traditional synthesis of N-phenylsuccinimide and N-phenylmaleimide because it avoids the waste associated with using organic solvents.

August 22, 2011 - 2012

Dr. Tom Guetzloff and Dr. Michael Fultz

West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University HBCU-UP Planning Grant

18 month review of the institution’s STEM programs

Board Person for Chemistry Department

Dr Michael Fultz

West Virginia State University

Lab Corporation of America

March 2012 - present

Rita Affolter


Accessioning that includes receiving, sorting, and entering specimen information

into the Laboratory Information System. . Preparing, examining cytology and pathology samples. Running T2000 for preparation for dispersion, collection, and transfer of diagnostic cells from the sample to the slide.

Dow Chemical

Quality Control Lab Analyst

November 2013-April 2014

David Gaines


Involved in procedures that include sample prep and methods for XRF x-ray analysis of granular resin plaques. Reforming Xylene solubles for the determination of the amount of non-crystalline, or atactic, polymer in polyproplyene . Bulk density procedure to provide and determine the bulk density of granular polypropylene and polyethylene.

Particle size analyzer for PE/PP to determine the weight average particle size of granular resin as part of the gas phase process. Polypropylene Composition by FTIR to analyze Copolymer composition. Densimeter to determine granular resin plaque density.

Riffler procedure to obtain a uniform and consistent sample from a reactor sample. Melt flow indexer procedure to determine and measure the rate of extrusion of molten polymers through a die of specified length and diameter. Axios XRF spectrometer procedure used to determine the "additive concentrations of polyolefins" and "metals in catalyst" such as Titanium and Aluminum by x-ray fluorescence. Hardness titrations procedure to measure amount of hardness in boiler water. Ph analysis procedure on boiler water. Alkalinity Titrations to determine the amount of alkalinity in boiler water. Maintaining and documenting information into specified lab journals. Extrusion and palletizing granular resin samples. Laboratory Roll Mill procedure intended for discontinuation of mixing, kneading and plasticizing of plastics and elastomers


West Virginia State University

In progess

Major – Chemistry

Deans List 2011


NASA Space Grant for geology research on the flooding of Mars

NASA Scholarship for synthesis and purification of succinimides and halogenated anilines

NASA Scholarship for meteorite impact research at Jeptha Knob in Kentucky

Treasurer for and member of the American Chemical Society at West Virginia State University

• New You Champion at Lab Corporation of American to make positive healthy changes with the work environment

Professional References:

Dr. Jack Magan

315 Hamblin Hall

West Virginia State University


Marek Krasnansky

319 Hamblin Hall

West Virginia State University


Chuck Reed

Academic Specialist

Sullivan Hall

West Virginia State University


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