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Manager Quality Assurance

Frisco, TX
April 28, 2014

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Nat Rocha III

**** ***** ***** **. ******, Texas, 75034. 214-***-****,


A highly motivated, team oriented executive with a successful background in

management. More than 15 years progressive experience in revenue cycle management

and development. Educational experience includes a Masters in Business Administration

completed in 2001, and a Masters in Accounting completed in August 2009.


GLOBAL ACCTOUNTING SERVICES, Dallas, Texas 10/2012 – Present


Provide numerous services for local individual and small business companies.

Specializing in general accounting services.

• Provide general booking utilizing either the clients accounting software or

companies software.

• Provide month end financial statements

• Conducted annual budgets for various companies that incorporated multi million

dollar budgets.

• Provided financial forecast for companies in the following intervals six month,

one, five, and ten-year plans.

Provide tax services to customers for both personal and business taxes.

• Also perform international tax services

• Specializing in Mexico, France, and Italy taxes.

Oversaw several audits that were conducted to affirm financial solubility of the


Provide financial Advise to clients.

• Conduct investment risk assessments

• Financial Planning

• Personal financial advice

BAYLOR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM, Dallas, Texas 11/2008 – 04/2014

Regional Director, Access Service 06/2010 – 04/2014

Report directly to the Corporate Director of Access Services. Currently responsible for

four facilities.

• Developed policy and procedures, which are used to standardize the processes

across the system.

• Reviewed procedures at each facility to ensure that they follow standardize


• Collected data to ensure the quality of information was correct. If discrepancy

was determined met with facility leadership to discuss plans for improvement.

• Conduct review of department procedures and recommended processes to

improve efficiency in the department.

• Implemented cost reduction processes to ensure that the department stayed within

their financial goals.

Responsible for developing goals for the Directors at each facility and their staff. Each

Director’s goals were developed in concert with corporate and facilities goals.

• Worked with each Director to develop their goals for their department. Ensured

that the goals aligned with Baylor’s pillars.

Developed goals that could be slightly altered and given to the front line staff.

Each Director was given a personal goal to help with their development and future


• Strategic planning was incorporated into the goal process. Allowing the

department to position itself for the upcoming changes in healthcare.

• Performed continuous review of goals to ensure that Directors were on track to

achieve goals for the year.

Communicated to facility leadership and corporate leadership on progress of region.

• Conducted monthly meetings with facility senior leadership to review

developments within the department.

• Informed HFO’s of current projects and initiatives that were being implemented

across the region.

• Discussed process changes within the department and possible impact on other

departments within the facility.

• Regularly met with direct reports to discuss department performance.

• Gave presentations to staff in the department to update them on new initiatives

that were being implemented.

• When requested would present to the facility boards on certain topics.

Performed financial guidance for Access Service Directors to ensure that they have an

understanding of the financial metrics for the department.

• Reviewed monthly budgets and expense reports with the department leadership

for possible reductions in expenses.

• Guided directors through the budgeting process, ensuring that the budgets were a

true reflection of expenses for the upcoming year. Offered support for capital

budget proposals for the department.

• Conducted assessments to determine if the department was functioning efficiently

and utilizing its resources appropriately.

• Analyzed expenses reports from the department to determine if they were

following department expectations.

• Established financial goals for the department to surpass previous years


BAYLOR MEDICAL CENTER AT IRVING, Irving, Texas 11/2008 – Present

Director, Access Service

Responsible for the department’s financial process, to include the development of policies

and procedures to ensure financial responsibility.

• Maintained cash receipt general ledgers, to include balance and reconcile all cash


• Prepare the annual department budget to include for the expansion of the


• Created department goals, giving direction to the department.

• Oversaw the departmental budget of $3.4 million.

• Instituted a cash collection policy, which involved re-training of the staff.

• Worked with financial counselor in streamlining the process for the patient in the

financial assistance program.

• Reviewed patient’s accounts to ensure that insurance paid correctly according to

contract and resolved any patient concerns that they may have.

• Reviewed procedure to ensure reimbursement is appropriate for the facility.


Lead department in duties that included the gathering of demographic data to include

insurance verification from pre-registration to billing cycle.

• Developed and implemented a strategic plan for the department.

• Developed and implemented a new process that allowed for efficiency of the

patient registration

• Developed multiply programs for the development of the staff.

• Prepared weekly and monthly reports to supervisor.

• Ensure department projects followed charter and timeline.

• Served as liaison between corporate access service and facility.

• Implemented policy and procedure to deter fraud.

Developed and initiated programs for the development of management staff as part of the

succession process planning.

• Developed team members to help them in their career advancement.

• Initiated a mentor program for the department that paired employees with a desire

to move into a management position with a manager or coordinator.

• Sent the staff to the appropriate education classes in preparation to advancement

in the department. Developed a career outline that allowed the employee to see

what was needed to obtain the position that they aspiring too.

TENET HEALTHCARE, Dallas, Texas 04/2006-07/2008

Corporate Director Implementation and Service 01/2007 – 07/


Performed financial functions in the development of the initiative and at other facilities to

ensure that financial metrics were met.

• Discussed the impact of ROI and cost allocation to initiative with each facility.

• Ensured the timely billing of accounts.

• Monitored and acted upon denials with team

• Reviewed accounts in the processing of month end procedures.

• Reviewed performance metrics to ensure they were on target.

• Created analytical and statistical reports for the finance department.

• Analysis data to ensure that reimbursement was correct in regards to the contract.

• Conducted periodic review of budget to assess compliance.

• Forecasted the cost of the initiative and related programs

Reported directly to senior leadership of the corporation by reporting to the National

Director. Oversaw multiple corporate facilities throughout the United States.

• Developed policy and procedures, which are currently in, use.

• Reviewed procedures and processes to ensure correct data obtained.

• Developed process to streamline and improve function of department.

• Data was analyzed to ensure correct information was processed

• Devised action plans for areas of concern.

• Conducted Assessments of department to determine if department is functioning

correctly, effectively.

Experienced in effectively communicating to all levels of employees within the

corporation from corporate leadership to departmental employees to ensure that all

information is communicated accordingly.

• Presented to Facility Administration to gain support for initiative.

• Discussed with each CFO the service level agreement.

• Created several forms of presentation materials that were used.


Presentations were made to both external and internal customers of the program

that would be affected.

• Monthly meetings were scheduled to discuss the impact of the program.

• Developed marketing materials that are currently in use for the project.

• Discussed in detail the benefits of the program initiative.

Responsible for the implementation and development of the corporate initiative to reduce

cost and increase collections.

• Part of project teams that developed central call center.

• Worked on the workflow for department that moved accounts to the individual

work desk.

• Developed project plan to keep the initiative on track to meet corporate goals.

• Initiated several tracking procedures to ensure proper documentation.

• Continuous support to each implementation site from pre-planning to after


• Followed each site to ensure that all aspects of initiative were upheld on both


Responsible for the development of strategic plans to ensure that department was viable

in the current market.

• Research, developed, and implemented strategic goals.

• Worked with leadership to ensure new lines of business and strategic plans were


• Ensured training was completed.

• Ensured that all affected employees had the necessary information and tools


Director, Admission Services – RHD Memorial Medical Center 04/2006 -01/2007

Responsible for the department’s financial process, to include the development of policies

and procedures to ensure financial responsibility.

• Maintained cash receipt general ledgers, to include balance and reconcile all cash


• Prepare deposit of all receipts.

• Develop department budget, able to reduce overall budget due to effective


• Created department goals, giving direction to the department.

• Developed financial reports that were given to CFO on the progress of the


• Achievement of financial goals that were established for them.

Supervised a diverse department that encompassed several areas of operation within the


• Assist in the development of the staff, by providing education to meet goals.

• Communicate with physicians and their staff on the changes of the department.

• Developed several communication tools that were used both internally and


• Lead the department in reaching their goals set for the department.

• Developed a departmental handbook.

• Assessed and identified individuals within the department that best suited for

particular duties.

CHRISTUS SANTA ROSA, San Antonio, Texas 01/1994 – 09/2005

Manager, Admission Services 07/2002 to 09/2005


Responsible for the financial planning and implementation of financial goals for the


• Developed and maintained the annual budget.

• Decreased expenses by 29%.

• Developed report that tracked the collections for the department.

• Overall goals were established for the department to focus on the financial

responsibility of the department.

• Prepared reports on a quarterly basis on the financial health of the department.

• Analysis of procedures and contracts to determine if they were cost effective to

perform at the facility.

• Created reports to track measurements that were established by administration.

Oversaw department that was responsible for the gathering of demographic data to

include insurance verification from pre-registration to billing cycle.

• Developed and implemented a strategic plan for the department.

• Developed and implemented a new admission process that allowed for efficiency

and advancement.

• Conducted assessment of department to an individual level.

• Streamlined the process that was used in the department by eliminating rework.

• Created training program that focused on the uniformed processes and


• Developed a departmental handbook.

• Developed relationships that were instrumental in the development of the goals

for the department.

• Seen as contact person for external parties when needing information or

resolution to a problem within the facility.

Accomplished many task while managing department, which lead to the department in

winning the Touch Stone Award. The award was given to the department which show

improvement and which had methods which could be replicated in other facilities.

• Accepted into the CHRISTUS Academy for leadership development.

• Held leadership role while in academy in a project to help support facility


• 9% increase in physician satisfaction.

• Developed aggressive collection strategy which increased collections 230%

• Increased quality assurance to a rate of .85% from an initial rate of 21%.

• Decreased denials for the department by 85%

Lead, Admission Services 12/2000 to 07/2002

Responsible for overseeing the department on a daily basis, to ensure all processes was


• Registered patients into the computer system.

• Developed schedule for the department that utilized all associates.

• Managed a daily log of admissions.

• Conflict Resolution.

• Time Management of the departmental associates.

• Daily monitoring of registration activity.


Masters of Science, Accounting

University of Dallas, August 2009


Master of Business Administration, General Management

Our Lady of the Lake University, December 2001

Bachelors of Science, Biology

University of Texas at San Antonio, August 1999


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