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Engineer Manufacturing

Wildomar, California, United States
June 19, 2019

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Good Morning Gentlemen, Ladies


I am a well experienced Manufacturing and Design Engineer. I've been in the commercial, Industrial, Government, Private and Public industries. Products related to Consumer products such as high-volume Household shower, bath products, computer related market, and the Defense Government products. I've lead teams of engineers, technicians, assemblers, "go-fer employees and supervised production lines. Also worked as a Manufacturing Engineer, non-supervisory roles, I’m a hands on type. I have also designed manufacturing assembly lines for low volume to high volume products. Each has involved robotics down to basic assembly tools. What I have most enjoyed is being able to work with different people to reach the goal of successful projects. Either as Project Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, or Working with other Engineering/nonEngineering groups. I've worked simple low-cost budgets to million-dollar budgets. I'm not the type for high profile for attention. Rather the merits I have received have been very successful projects. And profitable. I attribute the success not to "my wonderful" brains and abilities, but rather to incorporate my talents to enable the people I work with to perform. I will admit that many times, the engineers I have managed were 'smarter' and more talented than myself. What my role is to allow those individuals to accomplish the success with my help. No egos involved. And in each project, been able to keep my team working well together. Of course, always some headaches, but been good outcomes.

My most prized memories are the successful projects. But along with it, has been being humbled many times by several individuals requesting to be on my projects. So, I bring the experience in Manufacturing, R&D, Design, Project Management. I truly enjoy the environment and the individuals. From the technical teams to the hands-on assemblers. I'm a hands-on type engineer.

Please consider this introduction letter and I will supply my resume history and references. Some names of businesses have been General Dynamics, Charleton Associates (later Xidex) an early Dysan funded computer product company, Seagate, Medical Devices companies, Consumer products, and most recent, Teledyne Instruments, and Real Sensors Inc.. -a company involved with Homeland Security protection at Airports- a variety of businesses. I myself worked Mills and Lathes, and other equipment in the shop. But I am Not a machinist. Leave that to the guys who are. I recommend and survey vendors for company needs. Have brought in many vendors to places of employment. This is a brief history what I can do. I am available to relocate, temporary or permanent.

John Medici

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