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SharePoint SME

Vienna, Virginia, United States
June 12, 2019

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Summary: Seasoned Office *** E*/*, SharePoint ****, 2013 SME-Jr. Architect delivering scalable solutions: SharePoint Framework/Modern Pages-WebParts (SPFx: node.js, npm, yeoman, gulp), TEAMS, Workflows/ Designer, InfoPath, Excel Web Services, SSRS, Data Governance-taxonomy/security, custom branding, etc. Client-side data access methods: SQL Server 2016/14/12/08, SOAP, RESt API, CSOM, ECMA, JavaScript, CAML, XML/XSL/XSLT. Exposure to SharePoint w/angular 2, PowerApps, Flow, and Azure AD + Services.

SC2013 - Building Business Solutions with SharePoint 2013 – Critical Path Training16 CPE Credits

Microsoft Office Specialist: SharePoint 2013 (Exam 77-419) (ID: 8978275) Certification#: F645-0556

Microsoft Office Specialist: SharePoint 2010 (Exam 77-886) (ID: 8978275) Certification#: D684-1384

Federal Government Clearances: ADP-II Level 5-6, NACL/GSA, OPM valid through 09/2021 (JPAS), IRS MBI (valid through 07/2020); DHS EOD. Citizenship: United States


04/2019 – Present SharePoint SME/Migration Lead, F1 Health/F1 IT, Orlando, FL

Leading the assessment, planning, and pre-migration processes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online ecosystem - ~ 6000 users, 1.5 TB of content, ~ 1000 sites: 80 % out of the box, 20% medium-highly customized.

Utilizing ShareGate 11.0, PowerShell (SPO/PnP), open-source assessment tool, et al to analyze environment

Executed proof of concepts for content migration to TEAMS, Hub/Communication/Modern sites, et al

Created supporting errata, environment architecture, migration framework documents/decks, and migration framework components for source inventory, management, and execution per agile/sprint schedule within Version 1; PowerShell for query/update within the framework per ShareGate permission matrix reports (site collection admins/owners, web apps, site collections/sites), SPD 2013 workflows for migration management

Provided expertise for O365 architecture migration paths to SharePoint Online for TEAMS, Modern, Classic

11/2018 – 03/2019 SharePoint Team Lead, Copper River Shared Services, Arlington, VA

Led several SharePoint dependent workstreams (SharePoint on-premise/Office 365) for DHS/Cyber Security Infrastructure Agency (CISA). Providing SME/Architecture consultation and solutions for the following:

MyPoint Project - LinkedIn UI/UX/functionality SP2010 to 2016 conversion - MS legacy JavaScript, HMTL/css

oLed UI/UX Designer in structural design/look-feel using Axure and Adobe XD – overseeing comps and responsive design (HTML div tables)/JavaScript dynamic panels within DHS’s SharePoint platform

oInterface and consultation with CISA Chief Web Developer for product delivery

Website refresh – led UIX/UX designer with DHS approved artwork, site re-design, incorporating best practice design/delivery for a SharePoint publishing site collection

Cyber Dashboard – consulted with data scientists and program leadership in the recommendation of PowerBI, Embedded PowerBI, and other technologies available within the DHS SharePoint on-prem and Microsoft U.S. Government Community Cloud (GCC) environments (O365 E3 via the FedRAMP, ATO) i.e. the Office 365 U.S. Federal Government computing platform

Consulted with prime vendor in the use of Office 365/SPO-MS TEAMS in place of Slack collaboration tool

04/2018 – 10/2018 SharePoint Engineer/Consultant, Unisys/TSGi, US Patent and Trademark Office, Alex, VA

Core team member of a large legacy (7500+ sites; 10TB) SharePoint 2007 migration effort to SharePoint Online hosted in the Microsoft U.S. Government Community Cloud (GCC) environment. Executed project via Metalogix Essentials 2.x/Migrator, SPO-PnP PowerShell, SharePoint Designer, JavaScript

Detailed out the framework for migration execution:

oArchitecture consisting of siloed site collections for each site per Microsoft recommendations

oManaged original site architecture via SharePoint list – parent: child relationships; JavaScript for rendering and traversing global navigation per the migrated on-premise look/feel

oPermission capture/backup and removal on sites older than 2 years; access requests to migration email box

oPost site migration permissions to read-only with notification banner/redirects to SPO site

Developed/maintained migration sprint activities via:

oList(s) to manage source sites – migrate (currently used (less than 2 years)), do not migrate, empty sites, special exceptions (archive), site content consolidation, etc.

oSite migration request/approval process for site owner/content owner confirmations

Developed solutions to override the threshold limitation within Active Server Pages (aspx) forms and their list column lookup controls for 5000+ item list/libs

Developed and executed PowerShell scripts to address tool limitations (incomplete content data/metadata conversion, meeting workspaces in source (deprecated), deprecated templates (FAB 40), lookup mapping…)

Transition to modern view from classic view – case-by-case per user requirements, web part functionality, etc.

Post migration (pending): Modern/SharePoint Framework (SPFx) roll-out within the SharePoint Online platform; PowerApps, Flow

09/2016 – 03/2018 SharePoint SME/Consultant, KGS, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Washington, DC

Core lead architect/developer implementing a highly complex HTML5/CSS3 design into a sleek custom branded SharePoint 2016 Publishing content management system replacing the outdated HTML based portal. Managed Publishing Test and Production environments with heavy use of the ShareGate 7.1.x enterprise application.

Master Page (Design Manager and SPD) – via Design Manager import, modification, snippets (hide ribbon for general user audience, custom search branding), HTML 5 constructs/JavaScript DOM manipulation on Managed Navigation implementation

Page Layouts (7-10) (Design Manager and SPD) – via Design Manager implemented page tagging with Term Store group; HTML 5 structures – data definitions, roles, etc. w/CSS 3

JavaScript – TinyMCE, SPServices, jQuery: tab out custom navigation/containers; implement selective styling options for content textual columns; developed pseudo connections to Content Search Web Parts via filters

Content Search Web Parts – customized all html/JavaScript search templates – control and display, customized for display site columns (term store terms) and customized query search with KQL and result sets

Workflows – item level permissions, expire content items, content approval, etc.

Data View Web Parts - Branded new/edit forms for content contributors; Filtered connections from page field controls, query parameters, etc.

Document Management project – Architect/developer leading the effort for the 12 reserve banks that will manage the working papers and official bank examiner review work product focusing on their banking practices, risk, etc.

Managing and executing the development effort for the site collection, sub-sites, document management, content types (upcoming content hub/FISMA Board Records impact), metadata services, RESt api’s in SharePoint workflows, branding, publishing, app permissions; stewarded the SP 2016 post conversion effort production conversion of web applications/site collections under Division business ownership.

05/2016 – 09/2016 SharePoint Consultant, Computer Generated Solutions (remote) & iORMYX (DC)

For CGS, the principal tech lead instrumental in the identification and remediation of a highly branded, public facing web site for Kingsborough Community College (CUNY). Restaged custom user controls, master pages, layout pages, content pages, and css for a migration effort from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013

For iORMYX, the core SharePoint Architect/Developer that delivered the migration of all web applications from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. Created required web applications and attached associated content databases to their respective web applications; performed farm level enterprise installations on Windows 2012 r2 servers with SQL Server 2014 backend. Installed Nintex Enterprise Workflow, Forms, and Live Connect to SharePoint development and test environments. Developed an Employee Onboarding/Off Boarding Nintex Workflow that leveraged the automated creation of Active Directory accounts for the incoming and decommissioning of AD accounts for off-boarding employees. In addition, created several Nintex forms to augment the effort.

05/2015 – 01/2016 SharePoint SME, FutureNet Group, IRS, Taxpayer Advocacy Service, Ocala, FL (remote)

As a SharePoint subject matter expert, fully delivered several 508 compliant SharePoint advanced web portals; InfoPath browser forms (Web Services, SQL Server/BCS), SSRS/Report Builder, SP Designer Workflows (site/reusable), Data View Web Parts; leveraging jQuery/SPServices, AJAX, XSLT, XML, CAML, SQL, BCS/ECTs and External Lists (to SQL Server). Developed several Single Page Apps (SPAs) for User Profiles, Security Groups, etc.

01/2015 – 05/2015 SharePoint Lead Consultant/Jr. Architect, Regional Bank, Evolvers Group, Ocala, FL

Post support ended 4/2015; Change order support ended 6/22/15

Technical principal that ushered in a cutting-edge SharePoint 2013 portal for a 60+ branch multi-state bank. Ramp-up conceptualized and prototyped in an Office 365 E4/SharePoint Online setting.

Campaigned the to-be architecture to support the development and production infrastructure

Executed general farm administration tasks including Web App settings, Service Application management – Search Service, Usage logging, etc.; 3rd party solutions deployment included Team Improver Organizational Charting, AD Sync with pseudo user profile, and CodePlex/GitHub authored solutions.

Orchestrated the analysis, design and development of numerous pages including SQL Server Database table designs that became the data source for Employee Directory data views and Organization Chart web parts

Architected and delivered the custom master page, site pages (100+), jQuery/AJAX, css and XSLT in SP Designer

08/2014 – 12/2014 SharePoint Lead Consultant/Jr. Architect, Federal Reserve Board (FRB), Evolvers Group, Washington, DC (2nd engagement 10/2013 – 02/2014 + 04/2014-05/2014, initial engagement 09/2012 – 05/2013)

Analysis and resolution of break-fixes on a 2010 branded site for 2013 upgrade/migration

For 2nd portal site, addressed 2013 upgrade/migration issues with custom master page and JavaScript fixes

SSRS Reporting via SS Rpt Mgr w/XML file sources and mock-ups using Office 365 E4/SharePoint Online platform

Late 10/2013 – 02/2014 & 04/2014 – 05/2014 SharePoint Lead Consultant/Jr. Architect, Federal Reserve Board (FRB), Evolvers Group, Washington, DC (2nd engagement, initial engagement 09/2012 – 05/2013)

Performed content media branding on the MGT division’s SharePoint 2013 publishing site collection; site included custom master pages, custom css, custom data view web parts, and content pages. Initial design mockups performed with Adobe Photoshop, MS Expression Designer; media video feeds/web parts, SharePoint Designer 2013, JavaScript, ECMA, jQuery; Created/enhanced entry forms with InfoPath 2013/2010

In a separate effort, delivered a total redesign of an upgraded/migrated SharePoint 2013 portal featuring email library processing of XML generated data (via PeopleTools) with corresponding XSLT views, Excel Services, pivot table data/chart data via REST. Rendered iframe Web Browser Office documents.

05/2015 (3rd), 06/2014, 03/2014 & 10/2013 (2nd); SharePoint Lead Consultant, Darden/RSC, Randstad Technical, Orlando, FL (3rd/2nd Engagement)

Provided senior level SharePoint 2010 consulting to the Restaurant Service Center’s Human Resources primarily InfoPath 2010 with web services, InfoPath content types, custom global workflows, etc.; also delivered a Consumer Insights (CI) project with InfoPath, Designer Workflows; site re-architecture of portal operations (consumer focus groups, promotions, dashboard metrics, etc.) – built/leveraged the Taxonomy Term Store access via InfoPath SOAP web services and event driven code behinds with VSTA

08/2013 – 09/2013 SharePoint 2013 Online Training – Installed and configured a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise environment under Hyper-V, Windows 2012 Server, SQL Server 2012 that included 3 Web Applications – Intranet, Host Named Site Collections (HSNC) and My Sites in preparation of upcoming SharePoint 2013 certifications. Configured requisite User Application Services, Search Service and Reporting Services.

07/2013 – 09/2013 SharePoint Lead Consultant, PwC/Aitheras, Washington, DC

SharePoint 2010 Configuration, Document Management System, CFPB/FRB, Dept. of Treasury

(Pilot Project (as-is to Proof of Concept)). As the technical lead on the Legal/Litigation General Counsels Office’s architected the migration of file shares to SharePoint 2010.

Developed the site, document libraries and other reusable templates per specific case types e.g. Amicus, Appellate, District Court, Supreme Court, etc. Utilized various document management features including Term Stores, Content Types, Site Columns’ Metadata Content Types, etc.

Created custom web parts in SharePoint Designer and CSOM/REST/JavaScript to support effort

Lead Site Collection Administrator for the CFPB Sites

Mentored and executed knowledge transfer to CFPB Technical Staff and PwC staff

Evaluated migration tools principally ShareGate, Metalogix, AvePoint DocAve, etc.

05/2013 – 7/2013 SharePoint Consultant, Darden/RSC, Randstad Technical, Orlando, FL

As a senior level SharePoint 2010 consultant to the Restaurant Service Center’s Human Resources Business Excellence section, I delivered services in support of the organizations data/reporting needs – PeopleSoft, Oracle Datawarehouse, BI, etc. Reported directly to the Senior Vice President of HRBE.

Advanced InfoPath solutions – SOAP web services, Administrator Approved forms with multi-content types, custom site columns, SharePoint browser based forms; complex rules, events and views; Reuse/utilization of external data across various forms.

In-depth SharePoint Designer reusable workflows (content types) coupled with out-of-the-box Enterprise workflows (global) further customized in Designer and then published globally

Advanced security both within InfoPath (buttons/controls/views) and SharePoint leveraging security group, custom permissions e.g. Contributor/Add without View (via PowerShell command)

Consulted/mentored one of the SharePoint Farm Administrators regarding governance, best-practices, low/mid-code development, workflows, forms, web applications/site collections, architecture, taxonomy, etc.

08/2012 – 05/2013 SharePoint Lead Consultant, Federal Reserve Board (FRB), Evolvers Group, Washington, DC

Sr. SharePoint 2010 engagement consultant providing support on the following Enterprise features: My Sites, InfoPath, SSRS Integration, PowerPoint Broadcast Site Collections, ControlPoint, Branding-Custom Themes/Master Pages, Excel Services, KPIs, SharePoint Designer, jQuery, etc. Technically facilitated the SharePoint governance post-roll out, proof of concept (PoC), and solution demo/realization/deployment.

The key technical resource for SharePoint governance and official roll-out of the Management Division site collection including ongoing consultation with IT, FRB best practices/policies, site creation requests/review, wireframes, etc.; Led and participated in SP Governance/Steering Committees

Developed/deployed a SharePoint jquery/Ajax flat panel screen solution that broadcast rotating image slides to various locations based on the start/end date/time and multi-location of each slide (SharePoint custom master page/custom content pages in explorer kiosk mode/full screen)

Developed several complex InfoPath solutions (web services, user roles, user profile context) both in form libraries and lists with approvals/versioning. In addition, intermediate SharePoint Designer workflows were incorporated to operate against form/list data during the form lifecycle

Developed a series of SSRS traditional tabular reports in addition to pure charting components that were staged with the SSRS web part, CAML Query

Developed a series of calendaring solutions/functionality with approval, complex color coding, auto expand (3+ items), redirects/url pass-through, email reception, event export via workflow in the form of hyperlinked .ics files included in email notifications, etc

Developed functionality that expands/supersedes out-of-the-box functionality, such as securitized views, multiple InfoPath modal forms tied to specific SharePoint security groups (users) e.g. certain group(s) only can edit/update specific columns in a document library/list, etc.

Key consultant that provided SharePoint solutions (KPIs, charting, management reporting) for the Legendary Service Steering Committee that was comprised of key high level officers within the FRB

In lieu of ShareGate, utilized ControlPoint as a site owner for file transitions/transforms, imports and other administrative SharePoint functions

06/2011 – 06/2012 SharePoint Lead Consultant, PwC/Aitheras, Tampa, FL/McLean, VA National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), National Navy Medical Center - NNMC

SharePoint Technical Lead for the rebranding and redevelopment of both an existing Intranet portal and the proposed public facing Internet SharePoint farm . The initial effort included wireframe concepts, taxonomy, custom navigation, design/development of custom master pages, Google maps, YouTube video integration, myriad of custom content pages, crisp look/feel, custom css, JavaScript and Flash-Shockwave. Additional tasks: architecture/best-practices for Internet SharePoint Farm content, and Performance Point.

Designed, developed and customized the SharePoint template “Attendance/Reporting” for base personnel using the Absence Vacation Schedule Application template with heavy customization; developed SP Designer Workflows that consisted of companion workflows and temp list /item that automates daily email message generation to specific SharePoint Groups e.g. Absentee Administrators; Modified/developed many .aspx pages for the list forms to filter the pull downs based on key columns in secondary lists; applied JavaScript coding to date picker fields to prevent user from entering Federal Holiday dates via hover messaging, css background changes and inactivating commit controls until start/end dates passed Federal Holiday validation checks

For Aitheras/PwC/Newsgator, served as the SharePoint lead in the scenario development and live demonstration. A SharePoint 2010 portal with Newsgator Social Sites 2.0 was demonstrated for VA Emerging Health Technologies as solution presentation that exhibited the EC 2.0 capabilities inherent in their Social Sites offering for Communities, Idea Campaigns, micro-blogging, etc.

SharePoint Designer 2010/2007, controls, JavaScript, Flash, XML, XSLT, CAML

04/2011 – 06/2011 SharePoint Lead Consultant, Infinity Software Development, Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), Tallahassee, FL

Conversion completed 6/27/2011. Principal consultant for the SharePoint 2010 intranet conversion of the SharePoint 2007/MOSS Web Application - site collections, features, master pages, page layouts, content pages, content types, workflows, forms, 3rd party solutions, etc.

Functioned in an advisory role within the Enterprise Collaboration team and was a key contract resource working alongside the Architect/Integrator. Identification and resolution of conversion based symptoms with the Visual Upgrade/Db-attach scenario specifically resetting to the v4.master page with various page payouts/welcome content pages/web part/workflow/InfoPath/Search service/Crawl rules errors/issues identification and correction.

Principal designer/developer of upgraded Performance Point 2010 platform relating to new KPI definitions, objective KPIs, Scorecards and Dashboards; Utilization of Dashboard Designer, Excel Web Services/(EWA) and Microsoft Charting, Excel Charts and Performance Point web parts for Dashboard construction: FHP Safety Crash Data/Call Response and DMV Service Measures

Led the development of the custom SP 2010 Master pages from the Wireframe to a Web 2.0 look feel including substantial use of SharePoint Designer 2010, JavaScript/jquery/add-ins/v4 css.

Incorporated new ribbon feature with corresponding controls and removed ribbon in some cases

Provided associated mentoring and knowledge transfer of requisite best-practices in 2010 infrastructure/governance, analysis, design, development and implementation.

07/2010 – 04/2011 SharePoint Lead Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)/Aitheras, McLean, VA

(02/2011 to 04/2011) For the PwC Washington Federal Practice provided SharePoint MOSS consulting services to Veterans Administration Central Office’s (VACO) Corporate Senior Executive Management Office (CSEMO), Washington, DC

Mentored an Associate and Deputy Project Manager on SharePoint Best Practices in several areas including Master Page Development/Deployment, Page Layouts, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery add-ins, Pages, Web Part Development; Design and constructed several MOSS sites utilizing a substantial amount of Web 2.0 look/feel including blogs/wikis, hotspots, Visio page navigation to linked sub-webs (Org Charts), etc.

(08/2010 to 01/2011) For the PwC Washington Federal Practice, provided MOSS/Proposed 2010 consulting services to DoD National Navy Medical Center campus in Bethesda, MD @

The National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE) Warrior Care that opened June 2010

Led/Mentored PwC and NNMC SharePoint Analysts/Developers and Administrators

Produced a vast series of Dashboards using Dundas Charts from multi-site collections of KPI Lists

Developed several workflows via SharePoint Designer including a companion WF for an OOTB 3 state WF

Architected/Authored an Extranet Schema of a proposed SharePoint environment for additional non-VPN users e.g. NIH, Researchers, VA, CDC, additional DoD Agencies, etc. Followed effort with NNMC key technical personnel, NICoE Command Level and PwC PMO

Designed/developed several Content Types and Site Columns for custom lists’ Newform.aspx’s

Provided approaches to SP Search strategies (crawl rules and scopes) to secure web/sub-web results

Promoting best-practices across SharePoint environments – Sandbox, Development and Production

Analyzed and implemented solutions per the Business Requirements established via NICoE

Analyzed a documented process flow via vendor database i.e. Processes, Steps, Requirements, Staff Allocation/Count for the Case Management upcoming solution (MOSS w/InfoPath) that will serve affected military personnel enabling effective clinical and other required mental health treatment

04/2010 – 07/2010 SharePoint Consultant, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools, Charlotte, NC

Provided SharePoint inception activities on the MOSS Intranet solution and, as requested, the support of the existing MOSS Internet infrastructure - 3 stage MOSS authoring, staging, production public facing sites along with extranet/internal project, team and other sites. Participated in the redesign/redevelopment of the current intranet environment - (IFRAME/inline HTML, JavaScript) that served as a port to their current ASP classic web applications. The new MOSS Intranet deployment targets internal resources (administrators/teachers/ etc.) to create their own customizable sites/sub sites against a custom, structured web part selection palate.

Performed several development box SharePoint 2010 Server installs on Vista x64 OS’s development boxes in lieu of VMware 2008 R2 environments; Assisted with Performance-Point install on MOSS server; Restored several authoring sites to SQL Server and created all requisite web applications/pools via Central Administration

Setup VMware virtual development environments to begin inception work within a Windows 2008 Server, IIS 7.0, MOSS, stsadm, PowerShell v.2, SharePoint solution packages (.wsp), SQL Server 2008/2005, SharePoint Designer 2007, Vb.Net, jquery and Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005 environment.

Consulted on the review/implementation of a large InfoPath form using 6+ web service calls/custom code that was wrapped in a Content type via InfoPath Form Services in the SSP Service Architecture

Participated in the wire frame mock-ups and the design and development of Out-of-the-Box data web part components via SharePoint Designer and customized-coded web parts required in accomplishing the school system’s intranet requirements: native SP (CAML/SOAP/WSDL/ASMX, web services), custom code with some Silverlight exposure.

07/2008 – 04/2010 SharePoint Consultant, SQL Server Development DBA, State of Florida, DOH/DHAT, Tallahassee, FL

SharePoint Architect, Administrator, and Development specialist in CDC, State Governmental Health Care - Tobacco related cessation, surveillance, evaluation and chronic diseases disciplines

Expertise in SharePoint 2010 Beta, MOSS 2007, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0/2.0)

Expertise in implementing Extranet/Edge, Intranet and public facing portals using the OOTB functionality in MOSS 2007, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0/2.0 and SharePoint Designer 2007 on server.

Expertise in the configuration and management of Collaboration, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management, Business Data Catalog, Shared Services Provider and Farm Topology. Conducted the analysis of transition from WSS 2.0 to 3.0 platform

Experience/research of SharePoint Security – AD, FBA (forms Based Authentication), DAV, SSO (Single Sign-on) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Configured Forms Based Authentication successfully on development server and production server using LDAP data stores. Utilized AD on another Web Server for Tobacco Site Collection

Deployed OOTB (out-of-the-box)/custom web parts in SharePoint, SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio

Managed SharePoint end user accounts, permissions, access rights, and storage allocations in accordance with best-practices regarding privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.

Detailed the evaluation of best practices as it relates to HW/SW provisioning, SharePoint edge networks, load balancing and data center hosting scenarios

Versed in Creating, Configuring & Customizing Site Collections, Document libraries, Content Types, Master Pages, and Custom Lists

Experience developing sites with jQuery, SOAP/WSDL, CAML and other SharePoint application features

Experienced in Developing Custom Web parts in 3.0/2.0; Analysis/planning of WIKI Sites, Blogs

Experience in creating custom site templates and list templates in WSS 3.0/2.0

Experience with Web Technologies: Web Services, HTML, XML, XSL, XSD, XML Schemas, CSS and RSS feeds.

Branded SharePoint Portal Server customizing Master Page and provide consistent look-feel of a SharePoint Site layout structure.

Strong proficiency in designing and developing InfoPath Forms 2010/2007/2003

Expertise with Stored-Procedures, Triggers in SQL Server; Database design and development writing Stored Procedures, Cursors, Triggers and UDF’s(User Defined Functions)

SQL Server Administration with accomplished experience with SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) (pilots) and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

SharePoint 2010 Beta Release 2, MOSS 2007, Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) 3.0/2.0, MS InfoPath 2007/2003, WSDL/SOAP, CAML, Jquery, XML, Crystal Reports XI, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL via SSIS packages/VBScript, Stored Procs & UDF’s, XML Forms mapped w/.XSD schemas via InfoPath XML data into XML Schema Collections/XML Columns-Tables/XPath/Xquery, Visio

Developed the ETL strategy to import, transform and load data into the code and data tables to support effort in SharePoint document libraries w/SQL Server Agent, WMI, SSIS, VBScript, XML, XQuery

Developed leading-edge InfoPath solution to retrieve SQL Server data for each Quarter provided to collect metrics on actuals vs. target Annual Work Plan data for each CHD and CBO residing on external SharePoint sites.

Developed over 15+ of standard data and BI-metric reporting in Crystal Reports XI Enterprise/CMC (Crystal Management Console) against Annual target to Quarterly actuals data

SSRS Development in support of transition of current Crystal Reports; Aided in development of customized .net solution that utilizes either the Crystal Reports or SSRS engine

SQL Server 2005 (SSIS/T-SQL); XML, XSL, XSD, VBScript/WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), ACCESS 2003

SQL Server Management/BI Studio 2005, Red Gate - SQL Prompt, Windows SharePoint Server/WSS 3.0/2.0, Visual Studio 2005, Visual SourceSafe 2008, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Performance Monitor/Profiler, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Server Agent, XMLSpy,

SSRS-IIS, Crystal Reports XI Enterprise/CMC, MS InfoPath, Visio Professional, MS OFFICE (Project, EXCEL, WORD, OUTLOOK, PowerPoint, Publisher)

2008 – 07/2008 DBA/Technical Analyst, Consultant, BTS, Pinellas County, Clearwater, FL

Principal lead project team Database Analyst serving Pinellas County Health & Human Service (HHS) Stakeholders in a HIPAA compliant environment.

The project is a COTS (EPIC/RUP) driven HHS/Medical solution replacing the current legacy and client/server systems for HHS, Medicaid, RX America-Albertsons, 3rd Party Health Administrator – WELLCARE, Mobile Medical Units, Medicare Billing/Reimbursement and Financial transactions processed via the County Clerk and other ancillary support systems. Goal: SQL Server/Oracle implementation, Oracle Financials, HIPAA compliancy & projected HL7 model/messaging.


1Performed an in-depth review of all legacy RDBMS’s (SQL Server/Progress DB), Oracle 10g, Progress 4GL and MS-ACCESS RDBMS’s quantifying/qualifying all data

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