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Engineering Data

Newington, CT
June 08, 2019

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William Bowman


Professional Summary

Greetings, Recruiter.

As a technical support assistant and database analyst, I have been providing technical documentation and database analysis to support quality and manufacturing/engineering protocols, including data collection, and project management support; this shows that a basic aptitude as a strategist (meter-to-cash). Skills are transferrable for business analyst’s tasks and technical editing.

For Engineering and IT, this means participating in alpha and beta testing, documenting, troubleshooting, analyzing database info, and improving software applications by offering suggestions on how to use tools efficiently. I furnish user-friendly manuals by:

(1) Experimenting, hands-on, during software development

(2) Reviewing existing documentation for similar applications

(3) Including illustrations, screenshots, and eye-catching graphics Accustomed to handling multiple writing assignments at once, I can work independently or as part of a team. Note that documentation and database analysis require extensive research and logical techniques. I produce user- friendly software and hardware manuals within deadlines and budgets. Summing up, here’s what I do:

Assess technical data and prepare non-conformance reports and specs by coordinating with engineering/quality staff, produce step-by-step documentation and flow-maps, solve troubleshooting problems, and update or revise existing manuals.

Write Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), technical reports, ITSM website content: for example, installation and repair manuals derived from service bulletins, data bases, and technical staff interviews.

Research, analyze, select, and write product information for both technical and general audiences: for example, software manuals with simple steps to guide users through screens, menus, and submenus.

Validate documentation by testing, verifying, and from discussions with appropriate personnel: for example, specification sheets that coordinate marketing strategies with IT developers and JAVA script writers.

Coordinate reviews, development, and electronic distribution of all technical documents.

Draft and update data for oral presentations using graphics, charts, and attractive layouts.

Review accuracy of generated data by consulting subject matter experts during review cycles.

Update SOPS and put together training manuals for new hires and to enhance employee skill sets. Develop quick-reference guides and coordinate testing procedures and validations.

Possess above average grasp and working knowledge of computer technology. Excellent interpersonal skills in researching and interfacing with technical experts.

Import data for report software, spreadsheets, graphs, and flowcharts.

Operate and analyze relational database software and familiar with data retrieval systems.

Have strong math skills for doing technical research and analysis, and robust written and oral communication talents.

Explore and extract data from databases to be used for documentation.

Writing style applied to documentation: ASD simplified technical English (ASD AeroSpace and Defense Industries Association of Europe)

Wm Bowman 860-***-****

William Bowman


Work Experience

Mathematics Tutoring and Piano Teaching (P/T 2018 to Present)

Instructing students how to improve their math skills (algebra, trigonometry, advanced algebra, calculus, and statistics, and probability). Teaching piano lessons to adults and children. Documentation Specialist (5/2018 to 8/2018)

IDEX Health & Science, Bristol, CT

Project: Quality Assurance ISO 9001: 2015 Compliance—Tasks:

Pending external and internal audits required an urgent need for this writer to collect, interview personnel, edit, and rewrite existing documentation so that written procedures and technical data were up to date and conformed to current ISO 9001 standards.

Documentation met exigent ISO mandates within a tight deadline.

Quality manual and operations’ procedures reflected effective writing skills pertaining to regulatory requirements, first-piece and final-piece inspection, shipping and receiving, defects and non-conformances, quotes, responsibilities, customer satisfaction, scrap, software and product controls, quality management system processes, evaluation, testing, monitoring, planning, resource, root cause, and so forth.

Major achievement: meeting deadlines for pending audits and freeing up time for engineers and quality personnel! Mathematics Tutoring and Piano Teaching (P/T 2017 to 2018)

Instructed students how to improve their math skills (algebra, trigonometry, advanced algebra, calculus, and statistics, and probability). Taught piano lessons to adults and children. Technical Writer/Research and Engineering QA (2013 to 2017) Cyient (Outsource for International Aero Engines), East Hartford, CT Projects:

(1) Accessed Corena database for jet-engine data pertaining to DMC (Data Module Code) and Air Transport Association

(ATA). Information was searched and extracted to effectively update assembly and disassembly manuals related to hydraulic power, consumables, power plant engine lubrication, fuel and critical ignition controls, and so forth.

(2) Aerospace Operations & Manufacturing: converted computer-database, aided process-planning to Solumina database for efficient and comprehensive accessing tool specifications to be used in manufacturing.

(3) Aerospace Engineering: Used Solumina data-mining techniques to search and provide information (engine parts, procedures, measurements) so that repair and inspection manuals for P&W engines can be updated.

Submitted cost-savings suggestion to make Solumina more efficient in providing military and commercial engine data.

(4) Aerospace Engineering: Supported technical data migration project for International Aero Engines. Examined and inspected technical accuracy of IAE V2500 engine manuals and illustrated parts lists. Provided quality assurance and quality control by focusing on engineering details and verifying that converted documents match original technical data

(IPC, illustrations, part numbers and descriptions, assembly levels, and models configurations). Proficient with Nuance PDF Writer, ArborText, and Corena as tools. Participated in P&W ACE training: continuous improvement, time-frame deliverables, SOW, and minimal turn-backs to exceed customer expectations.

Awarded Certification of Completion UTC ACE Training, Associate Level. Technical Writer/Document Specialist for Engineering Projects (2010 to 2013) Proton Energy Systems (On-Site Gas Generation), Wallingford, CT Tasks: Prepared, developed, and published several users’ manuals (new and revised) for operating, installing, and maintaining hydrogen, nitrogen, and zero-air generators. Writer’s concise and accurate documentation provided user-friendly technical info for producing N2 and H

2 gases in laboratories, power plants, and renewable energy systems. Writer’s manuals served two purposes:

(1) displayed technical data (electrical and plumbing connections) for end users, and

(2) served as marketing tools for potential customers. Moreover, writer assisted engineering by preparing data sheets on electrical components to comply with industry standards and certification. William Bowman


Coburn Technologies (Gerber), South Windsor, CT

Tasks: Produced user’s guides and owner’s manuals for both the Cobalt DS

polisher and Cobalt


lens generator within an

ambitious time schedule. Documentation covered equipment that manufactures and polishes eyeglass lenses for international and domestic markets. Presented clear and detailed step-by-step procedures, adding easy-to-follow illustrations, photos, engineering drawings, and tables for setting up, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the lens generator and polisher machines. Included many cross-references and links for convenient, on-line navigation. Was responsible for making sure that manuals reflected ETL and certification standards. Additional task: complying with Canadian commerce regulations, translated technical specifications, warnings, cautions, and notes into French and converted English units into French.

Alstom Power, Inc., South Windsor, CT

Tasks: Provided interim help by reducing backlog of condition assessment reports. Reports, submitted from field inspectors, result from observing conditions of fossil-fuel/steam boilers. Met urgent need to clear report backlog and assist boiler engineering by meeting customer deliverables. Provided assistance to engineers by assembling narratives, photographs, and internal engineering analysis and recommendations into clear unit-focused reports. General Electric Energy, Industrial Solutions, Plainville, CT Tasks: Provided documentation for replacing legacy circuit breakers with retrofill, low-voltage circuit breakers in existing switchgear. Authored manuals that direct service engineers and customers on how to install, maintain, and operate retrofill AKD-5, 6, and 8 circuit breakers. Was responsible for furnishing accessory manuals showing how to install retrofill doors, door interlocking systems, finger clusters (primary disconnects), neutral-disconnects (Rogowski CTs), position switches, and secondary disconnects. This included writing the application guide and guideform which are retrofill CB marketing tools. Covidien, North Haven, CT

Tasks: Authored qualification protocols, oversaw installation, commissioned, and validated freezers and annealing walk-in ovens for polymer surgical products. Supported quality engineer and the manufacturing to develop approved test protocols: VMP, IQ, CQ, PQ. Verified that machines are installed correctly and assembled, and observed their commissioning. Verified operation before executing test protocols.

Consolidated, researched, and coordinated data pertaining to suturing materials and consumables by accessing Agile; and collected and verified Certifications of Analysis for each chemical. Used statistical methods and engineering studies to determine quality of surgical products (absorbable sutures and extruded plastic films).

Technical Writer/Software User Tester for Aerospace (2006 to 2010) International Aero Engines, East Hartford, CT

Tasks: Developed a series of software manuals (user-friendly) for accessing aircraft engine data for the after-market. This included testing software, assuring its accuracy, reliability, and quality. Published monthly statistical data, general information, and technical articles for field distribution.

Collected and tracked monthly usage (hours and cycles flown) pertaining to aircraft engines, using Access and Excel, for the flight data management system. Analyzed numerical data for consistencies and accuracies of submitted monthly engine data. Successfully provided written procedures for tracking and analyzing monthly engine data submitted by field reps. Updated and formatted use cases pertaining to collecting, verifying, and examining all aircraft engine information. Hamilton Sundstrand, Windsor Locks, CT

Tasks: Revised component maintenance manuals on jet fuel and aircraft control systems. Thoroughly examined accuracy and completeness of illustrated parts breakdown, text, and illustrations for all aircraft assemblies. Methodically researched technical databases and engineering sources (such as engineering change documents, drawings, service bulletins, spec sheets).

Previous Technical Writing, Short-Term Projects (CT Before 2006): Kaman Aerospace, Bloomfield; General DataComm, Middlebury; and Travelers, Hartford; Coherent/DEOS, Bloomfield; Computer Science Corporation, Rocky Hill; JENFAB (industrial cleaning systems), Berlin; Allied Resources, E. Hartford; Open Solutions, Glastonbury (banking software); PCC Technology Group, Bloomfield; Proton Energy Systems, Wallingford, Goodrich Pump and Engine Division, West Hartford

William Bowman



Documentation Tools:

Access Basic user: Accessed tables to support a variety of standard field types, indices, and referential integrity including cascading updates and deletes for jet engines. Applied query interface to display and enter data.

Agile 123


documentation control

and archive access)

Basic user: Released documentation to end users.

Arbor Text Intermediate user: Authored structured content applied to illustrated parts lists, overhaul, and aircraft engines, observing S1000D standards.


Aided Process


Basic user: Familiar with computer technology to aid in the process planning of a part or product. Corena Intermediate user: Applied to technical publications and exchanged transfer packages in accordance with S1000D requirements, pertaining to aircraft engines. C-Programming Self-taught: Used C-interpreter and textbooks to learn C on my own. Produced an algorithm to generate integers common to all prime numbers and the Fibonacci sequence! DOORS Familiar with Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements Management System or Solution. Excel Intermediate-to-advanced user—refer to education. FrameMaker Intermediate user: Used FrameMaker for developing large, multipage documents, and users’ manuals.

HTML Familiar with Hypertext Markup Language for creating web pages and web applications for a CO2 laser.

Lotus Notes Normal user: Email application only.

Microsoft Office Suite


Intermediate user: Very experienced using Word to provide documentation for installing, operating, and troubleshooting equipment and software applications. Nuance PDF Writer Basic user: Experienced in creating, converting, and assembling industry-standard PDF files for searching, editing, and redacting text, pertaining to aircraft engines. Outlook Normal user: Email application only.

Paint Intermediate user: Experienced using Paintbrush and Windows Paint for image-editing and for drawing objects.

Photo Shop Basic user: Used to modify engineering drawings or prints for figure references in FrameMaker. Power Point. Normal user: Change or added slide presentations. PS COMM Introduced to process status command to provide information about the currently running processes, including their process identification numbers (PIDs). SAS User (1.5 years) Before becoming a technical writer, had 18 months experience using SAS for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics. Snag-It Intermediate user: Captured screen images for illustrations and figures to go along with text. Snip-It Similar experience as with Snag-It.

Solumina Intermediate user: Applied operations process management software suite for the manufacturing and maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft engines. Visio Advanced user: Used drawing tool to provide diagrams and layouts, as well as connecting diagrams to data sources and to display data graphically. William Bowman



Software Tester Training Program (Skillsoft, Patrick’s Academy, Newington, CT) ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level. Familiar with dynamic and static testing for finding and preventing defects, gained confidence about quality level, and providing information for decision-making. Acquired basic IT skills through a software testing program (theoretical and hands-on debugging of C# code): foundations (testing throughout the software life cycle), selenium-automated, web-testing fundamentals, visual studio (creating and configuring test plans), debugging, JUnit fundamentals, and advanced techniques (test planning—management—tool support); and creating software testing strategies and analysis. During software life cycles, writer can apply technical writing skills experience while using dynamic analysis and monitoring tools.

Excel Certification Training Program (Metrix Learning Program, Capital Workforce, New Britain, CT) (P/T) Preparing for certification in Excel’s advanced features through eTraining. As an intermediate-level Excel user, familiar with pivot tables, advanced formulas, if-then and conditional statements, transposing, Vlookup, concatenating, applying array formulas and constants, finding longest text string in range of cells, counting number of error values in a range, counting one- dimensional and two-dimensional constants, charts, and filtering. Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT: Masters in Math (Statistical Analysis) Masters in Math required researching a probability phenomenon and to present a 90-minute lecture for CCSU faculty members. Topic was Random Walk, known as a stochastic or random process. This study described a path consisting of a succession of random steps on some mathematical space such as the integers. Iowa State University (sponsored by ASA and ASQ), ITBD, New Britain, CT: Seminar The seminar introduced statistical methods for reliability testing and test planning for industrial products. Course demonstrated how to apply the new graphical, numerical, or simulation-based methods to a broad range of models encountered in reliability data analysis.

Boston University, Boston, MA: Bachelors in Communications A bachelor's degree in communications included areas of concentration such as in journalism, technical documentation, public relations, emerging media, marketing, and business and organizational communication. Special Award

Rachel Carson Landmark Alliance Intergenerational Sense of Wonder, Sense of the Wild Contest (2018) First Place – Sense of Wonder/Sense of the Wild Theme, Essay Category:

“The American Robin: Life’s Paramount Companion”

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