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Engineer Civil Engineering

Kumhari, Chhattisgarh, India
January 31, 2019

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Seeking challenges in Survey,Investigation,Planning,Design,Costing,Tendering,Construction

and Solutions of Water, Power, Urban, Rural, Tourism Infrastructure Developments

Core Competency

Associated in Survey, Investigation, Planning, Research for innovative /unique projects with inventions of new designs/concepts/solutions for The Best Use of Water Wealth & met the challenges of Water Crises/ Short fillings/flooding with auto gated/inter basin/sidelong diversions & Infrastructure developments of Urban/ Rural/Watershed/ Tourism/Hydel

A team player with a notable analytical proficiency to achieve target in schedule time/cost & design/ innovative technique/ concepts for the best performance / uses of projects.

Experienced Civil Engineer with strong record of sound and safe public works construction projects. Adept at coordinating with engineering professionals for every project stage. Strong multitasker with exceptional skill in functioning well in a high-pressure work environment.

Key Areas of Performance

- Investigation of Water Resources - Innovative Water Supply Techniques

- Planning Investigation Designs - Quality Assurance & Operation Maint.

- Urban and, Rural development -Sewage, Drainage, Treatment projects

- Tourist, Garden, landscaping -Estimating, Tendering, Execution, Monitor

Technical Skill - Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Bhopal University in 1973

Experiences :- 40 yrs in Water, Power, Urban, Rural, Tourism Infrastructure Developments

1. Survey, Investigation, Planning, Design Costing, Execution of Major, Medium, Minor Water Resources Projects like,Reservoirs, Diversions, Canals,Structures for water supply to Industries,Irrigation, Urban, Rural Drinking, Power generation, Tourism,Recreations, Recharge, Fisharies developments.

2.Planning and Developments of Roads,Bridges,Drains,Drainages,Parks & Parkings with water

Supply sanitation, electrification & beautification in River /Lake/Temple & Dam site Tourist

developments .

3.Operation,Maintanances of Dams,Canals,Structures of Major,Medium, Minor Irrigation

Multipurpose Projects.

4.Planning & Developments of Urban, Rural Roads, Link Roads, Fly Overs,Hilly Roads & Dam

side River sideTourism developments with Ghats, Beautification, Stop Dam, Ammusament

Parks, Parking, Pagodas, Pathways Laxman Jhula, Fountains, Adventure games,, Water

channels. Water Springs/Falls,with light, music, Resturents

5.Total Water Resources planning for ultimate utiliasation of water for water

drainages resources,Irrigation,Industries,Hydel,Thermal,Pisciculture,Recreations,recharges,


6.Survey,planning,mapping & Awards of Land & Forest acquisition cases & preparation of

Drawing, Designs, Estimation, DPR and Tender schedule, planning, monitoring, execution in

scheduled time & cost .

7. Preparation of State Level Projects for World Bank Assistance,Asian Development Bank,

Nabard,World Dam Safety Organiasation,Central Flood Protection Projects,,National Projects

for Repair Renovation & Restoration

of Old water Bodies,State Water Shed Development Master Plan,Proposal of Drainages

Sewerages Systemin 8 Municipal Corporations.

8.Conducted survey investigation planning designs of Capital development projects for

widening of roads, river, ponds, with beautification of Parks, Path ways,,Tourist resort,Model

Toilets, Storm Water Managements to solve Water Logging problems in 11 wards,Ring Roads

& several colonies

Post held :-

(1) 10/2016-10/2017 – C.E.O.,SMG Water & Power Consultancy Co. Raipur

Empanelled Expert Consultant by CG Govt. Water resources Department

to solve the problem of shortfalls in Irrigation & Reservoir fillings .

Conducted Challenging survey, investigation, research of faults & planning

of Innovative concepts & Unique Designs concepts Of Projects to fulfill the

the shortfall of Irrigation and Reservoir filling in schemes. Accordingly

planed for Kodar,Kumari,Kelo,Mungeli,Jashpur,Bastar,Tandula etc .

(2)12/2012 - 3/2013 -State Level Monitoring Officer,SLNA,for IWMP Projects,Raipur

Preparation of Water shed maps, design,drawing & water uses for Village

Ponds,Recharge, Farms, Irrigation, Recreations, Fisharies,Plantation etc.

(3)10/2009—10/2012- S.E.,Raipur Municipal Corporation,Raipur

Technical head of Municipal corporation for planning, design,costing

Tender, Execution, Q/C, Monitoring of Road widening, Drainage

remodeling, cleaning Polluated Pond, Kharun river in CSR system

Storm water managements,Solved water logging problem of 11wards,

Ring road,Colonies,Planned City Drainage,Under ground Drainage,

Plans With Parks,Parkings,Mahadeo Ghat,Laxman Jhula recreation

Parks, Model Toilets for markets,Gardens,Busstands/station,hospitals

& Time bound Completion of Municipal Building, Stadium,Ring road

drainages,Storm water drains in 13 Fin.Beautification of Tanks,

Gardens,Road side paths etc Water supply Project,Electrification etc.

(4)10/2008-10/2009- Consultant, Asian Development Bank,Raipur

Conducted Survey,investigation, planning, design costing & solved

the problems and demands of user groups for obtaining approvals

and to commence the delayed ADB Projects of State.

(5)9/2008-10/2008-- S,E, Bureau of Design Hydel & Irrigation Raipur

Prepared & submitted State level Dam Safety Projects of 7 Major

Multipurpose Projects for obtaining loan from World bank assistance .

(6)7/2007-9/2008-- E,E., BODHI,Engineer in Chief office, Raipur

Submitted maximum Flood Protection Schemes, Repair Renovation &

Restoration of Water Bodies Projects & Forest Clearances for const

of Reservoirs & obtained sanctions of Central Government in year.

(7)5/1998-7/2007 -- E.E, Water Resources Division Kawardha,Bemetara,Durg,Dindori

Conducted survey,investigation,planning,design,drawing estimation &

Running maintanances,Quality control,Monitoring & tendering

executio & completion of 7 Medium 220 Minor Irrigation projects with

obtaining clearances of LA, Forest, Govt, Coll, PIM, WUA, AA,T.S. etc.

for providing Irrigation,water supply for industries,Urban,Rural

Tanks, Power plant, Fisharies, Recreations, Recharge .

(8) 1/1980—5/1998-- A.E,/SDO, MRP,Bargi,Mongra,Gurur,Dhamdha,Durg,Raipur.

Survey,investigation,planning of Major Medium,Minor Irrigation

Project With Tendering execution,completion,& running of major canals

For water supply to Bhilai Steel Plant Raipur/Durg/Bhilai Nagar Nigam,

& obtained sanction of Canal lining from World bank & Micro hydel Scheme.

(9)4/1975-12/1979-- J.E./Liasoning officer –o/o C.E -7 major Multipurpose Projects Raipur

Served as Liasoning Offcer between Design Cell of Chief Engineer & field

Engineers for preparation of Design drawinf Estimates & Technical

Sanctions of Mahanadi Reservoir Project,Hasdeo Projhect,Bango Project,

Bodhghat Project,Abhanpur & Pairy LIS Projects

PAPERS :- (1) 1977 –Foundation treatment in B.C.Soil for water Retaining Structures

(2)1980-82-Search & Research for design, execution,Cost & performance

Of Lining & framing Design Specifications for obtaining loans for World

Bank in different types of soils,,kinds of lining,in various canals and

Distributories,Minors of Raipur.,Bilaspur,Raigarh,Janjgir Districts.

(3) Prepared & Planned Total Development of Begha Projects for Tribal

District Dindori -1999-2000 & Kawardha -2003-2004

(4)2001-2002-Drafted first assessment of Rain Shed area in Chhattisgarh.

(5)Planned first Augmentation of dry reservoir by inter basin transfer

Of balance yields.

(6)Framed first Water Resources Master Plan of Kawardha district to

Catch the catchments of district and utilize in shortfall regions by

Inter basin transfer of surplus yields & best use of total water

Wealth of district .

(7)Propsed direct charging ground water from stop dams storages.

(8)Proposed series of Micro hydel projects in the hilly regions of rivers.


1.First in Asia developed Autometic tilting gated weir in 1999

2.First Hydel Project in canal was planned & designed in Mahanadi

Major Project Feeder canal & developed in 1980-82.

3.First Water diversion tunnel was designed to fulfill the shortages

of Chhirpani Medium Reservoir with 0.2MW hydel generation in 2003

4.Solved water crises of BSP & BPCL Thermal Power by inter basin

transfer of yields from Mohar Dam to Kharkhara Dam in 2006-07

5.Planned & Developed First Brindawan Garden of Chhattisgarh

in the downstream valley of Saroda Medium Reservoir Project in 2007-08

6. Selected in 18states for National level Launching of “ Repair

Rehabilitation & Renovation Old Water Body Projects “

to regain lost storages/irrigation of Kabirdham District by The

Hon. Prime Minister Of India, from Bhoramdeo, Kawardha,

7. Achieved “No. 1 State of India” in 2005-06 & 2006-07 for

completion of projects in scheduled Time & Cost among 18 states .

8. Provided Highest Irrigation (107%) in first running of canals &

Irrigation system in Mahanadi feeder Canal in 1979.

9. Collected Highest Irrigation Revenue(105%) & first in state collected

Water Revenue for Water Royalty charges in district Durg in 1999

10. Solved obstruction/problems of Bargi Colony Jabalpur & Water

stagnation problems & construction of Colonies,Canals etc.

11. Planned, Designed & solved delayed problems of ADB Projects &

Commence the works /execution from 2008-09.

12. Framed consolidated plans of 159 Municipal Corp. in Chhattisgarh state to

solve Sewage, Drainage problems with Lake Protection& Recreation,City Forest

Link Road,Bypass, FlyOvers, Parkings Underpass, in the Capital City Raipur

13. Capital City planning of Traffic, Drainages, Water supply, Electrification Parks,

Parkings, Markets, Residences, FlyOvers .Amusement Park, Swimming Pool,

Mahadeo Ghat Tourist Resort & cleaning/widening/beautification

of 22Polluated Ponds & Kharun River in CSR of Industries,

& planed Kharun River Side Developments with Parks, Ghats, Laxman Jhula,

Stop Dam,Water fall,Pagoda, Pathways, STP, Restaurants, Recreation games etc.

14. Solved water logging problems of Raipur Capital Wards,Low laying

colonies,,Ring road No.1,Dharam Nagar, Santoshi Nagar, Kashiram Nagar,

DD Nagar Shankar Nagar,Shakti Nagar,Indrawati Colony,Bajaj Colony etc.

15. Conducted Detailed Survey Investigation,planning & Design of Storm Water

Drainage, Under ground sewerages,Link Roads,Bypass,Fly Over,Parks Parkings,

water supply & Municipal Building inguareted by Hon.President of India .

16. Solved short filling problems of 2 Major,4 Medium,8 Minor

Irrigation Projects by Unique investigation & Design of Innovations in

Chhattisgarh & empanelled as expert Consultant to solve the problems .

AWARDS 1. Chhattisgarh Manav Vighyan & Sewa Sansthan,Raipur has awarded as

ABHIYANTA KARMA RATAN 2003 in Abhiyanta Ratan Alankaran

Samaroh of Chhattisgarh State

2. Chhattisgarh Rajya Nirman Mahotsava Samitee has awarded Karma

Ratna Upalabhdhiyan in 2003-2004

3. Mohanlal Bakliwal Foundation awarded Karma Ratna Samman 2005

4. Best engineer award of 2000 in Abhiyanta Diwas Samaroh Dindori

5. Achieved First position in 18 states of India by achieving 100%

.targets of NATIONAL PROJECTS in the year 2005-06 & 2006-07

Personal Details

1.NAME :- Suresh Kumar Tiwari

2.QUALIFICATION :- B.E.(Civil) of 1973

3.DATE OF BIRTH :- 15-October-1948


5.PERSUING :- M.Sc.(Environment & Ecology)

6.LANGAUGE : - Hindi, English

7. COMPUTER SKILL :- M.S.Office, Window

8.CONTACTS :- 771-***-****(R), 942-***-****(W), 989-***-****(M)

9.Email Address :-,

10.Present address :- 21, Senior MIG, Avanti Vihar Housing Board Colony,

Opposite Anmol Apartment, Avanti Vihar Main Road

Raipur,Post: - ShankarNagar, Pin: -492007,

R A I P U R, (Chhattisgarh)

Dated: - Raipur 22/6/2018 ( S. K. T i w a r i )

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