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Software Engineer

North Royalton, Ohio, United States
November 06, 2018

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Cell: 614-***-****


Youngstown State University

Youngstown, Ohio

Bachelor of Science degree

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics

Minor: Management Information Systems


Software Engineering Competencies:

Solution Types: Web Applications, Web Services, Windows Applications WPF, Windows Services,

DLLs’, Embedded Systems, Authentication & Authorization, Design Patterns


Packages: Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Code, Razor, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, SignalIR, Splunk

Knockout, Modernizer, Web Profile Builder, Epic MyChart, NopCommerce, LabVIEW

Infragistics Telerik Rad Controls, IdentityServer3, Serilog, ReSharper

Programming: C#, C, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, Generics, LINQ, WCF, Angular2v6, TypeScript, MVC, Node.JS, React.js, AJAX, Entity Framework, Dependency Injection, Unity,, VBScript, PowerShell, ASP, XQuery, XPath, XSL, XSLT, HTML, CSS, XML, SOAP, DTD, SVG, WPF, Pascal, FORTRAN, PL1, RPG

Test, Build & Deploy: Nunit, Machine Specifications, ShiPro, TFS, BuildMaster, Harvest, Git,

Stash, Jenkins, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, JIRA

Databases: SQL Server (All), Oracle

Administration (SOL Server installation and management)

Tuning (Profiler, Query Analyzer)

Stored Procedures (dynamic)

SSRS – Reporting Services

SSIS - DTS Packages (also dynamic .pdf creation)

Oracle Packages with piping, Toad


Time Magazine 2006 - “Person of the Year”


MCP - .net XML Web Services Developer (Microsoft Certified Professional)

MCP - .net Web Application Developer (Microsoft Certified Professional)

MCP - .net Windows Application Developer (Microsoft Certified Professional)

MCAD – Microsoft Certified Application Developer (Includes all of the above)

NOTE: All of the above were obtained in C#; I am equally proficient with Visual Basic


Domain creation and management. (I host my own virtual domain server)

Exchange Server (I host my own virtual email server)

Database Server (I host my own virtual database server including Git & TFS)

Understanding of LAN and WAN design and implementations

PC hardware installation and maintenance

Web site hosting – Site hosting

Embedded systems communication protocol design - TCP/IP


C#,MVC, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, LINQ, Razor, Bootstrap:

Additional Interest

Sudoku Board


Unified System Solutions Ltd. (USS) - North Royalton, Ohio

2001 - Current

Unified System Solutions (Employee) (North Royalton, OH)

Developing web based, Entity framework backend, drop-in software package for clubs including management and membership interfaces. Implementing through MVC, node.js and angularJS.

Developing NopCommerce websites for several clients.

Design and implementation of a remote system of monitoring and adjusting electronic measurement equipment for research laboratories using VISA.

Relearning Linux using VirtualBox-Kali Linux focusing on penetration analysis and prevention.

Developing Windows desktop WPF application for glucose monitoring devices which communicate via Bluetooth and USB through HMI libraries.

Environment: C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, MVC, JavaScript, angularJS, node.js, Bootstrap,

NopCommerce, Kali Linux, Entity Framework, Razor, JSON, Ajax, LINQ, VISA,

VirtualBox, Dynamic Linked Libraries, Dependency Injection(Unity), WPF

Communication Types: GPIB, RS232, RJ45(TCP/IP), USB, HMI

Equipment Types: function generators, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, multi-meters, etc... .

5-17 to 8-17

PoleZero Corp. (Contract – Embedded Systems) (West Chester, OH)

Designed and created Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA) communications capabilities for legacy General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) library (DLL) stack employing SCPI commands.

Implemented automated discovery of electronic test equipment like: function generators, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc... .

Developed automated discovery for classification and implementation of IVI driver controlled PXI electronic test equipment.

oThis work was directed to fulfilling a DOD contract designated to sonobuoy anti-submarine warfare devices and other Department of the Navy narrow band communications interfaces.

oThese high risk tasks were expected to be delivered after an initial six month term. I was able to deliver these solutions well before the client expected; hence the short term of this engagement.

Environment: C#, Visual Studio, Dynamic Linked Libraries, Class Interfaces, SCPI Commands,

Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA) Interface, Dependency Injection

Communication Types: GPIB, RS232, RJ45(TCP/IP), USB

Equipment Types: function generators, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, multi-meters, etc... .

8-16 to 10-16

Personal Time Off

Attending Sailing Classes & Celestial Navigation (self-taught)

oObtained Captains Certification for sailing vessels over 40 feet.

Environment: Sun, rain, great lakes, stars, wind, sails, sheets (ropes), knots, sextant, charts

6-16 to 8-16

MRI Software Corp. (Contract – Authorization & Authentication Web Apps.) (Solon, OH)

Designed and created several potential IdentityServer3 API systems as potential candidates for several in house, real estate related software products.

Created interfaces for MVC, ASP.Net Identity, angularJS interface as well.

oMRI, being a global enterprise, ultimately decided to deploy RSA, an “off-the-shelf” “pay-per-use” solution, which was more globally acceptable for their API security.

Environment: MVC 5, razor, JavaScript, angularJS, JSON, JQuery, Entity Framework,

SQL Server 2008R2, Tokens, Bearer Tokens, IdentityServer3, OWEN,

Katana Middleware, OAuth, Serilog, Dependency Injection, SSL, X509Certificates,

Visual Studio, C#

12-15 to 6-16

Marathon Petroleum Corp. (Contract - Web Services & Web/Windows Applications) (Findlay, OH)

Augmentation of and creation of various systems for data consumption and presentation of petroleum pipeline “pig run” (pigs are instrument clusters sent through pipelines) data captures.

Augmentation of and creation of various systems associated with the inspection and maintenance of pipeline infrastructure and architecture.

Google Earth pipeline mapping.

Environment: MVC 5, razor, javaScript, Knockout JS, WPF, JSON, JQuery, Entity Framework,

SQL Server 2008 R2, SMTP Mail, Google Earth, C#, Visual Studio, VB.Net

Infragistics Rad Controls

8-15 to 12-15

Southern Cuyahoga County Sportsman’s Assn. (Contract - Web Services & Web App.) (Medina, OH)

Designed and created member web site.

Designed and created management interface for site configuration controls all aspects of the club.

Environment: MVC 5, Razor, bootstrap, JSON, JQuery, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2008 R2

SMTP Mail, C#, Visual Studio, Dependency Injection,

12-14 to 8-15

Cardinal Health (Contract - Web Services & Web Applications) (Twinsburg, OH)

Assisted in recovery from IT disaster.

oExisting project was 1.5 years late.

oCode was being released to production without QA.


oTroubleshooting existing production problems and designing work arounds

oTracking issues associated with above problems

oRemediation of issues associated with above problems,

oCoding enhancements and remediation of Replacement of K2 product

oSuggesting alternate infrastructure processes.

Environment: MVC 5, AngularJS, Knockout JS, Ajax, Razor, JSON, LINQ, SignalIR,

Dependency Injection K2, Chrome Debugger, Splunk, ShiPro, Visual Studio, C#,

Thin Clients

2-14 to 10-14

Safeguard Properties (Contract – Build & Release Management) (Brookpark, OH)

Designed and implemented an automated build and deployment system using BuildMaster with PowerShell scripting.

Established and managed deployment system environments.

Designed next generation of deployment system.

Maintained and modified mobile gateway system using JSON communications for Safeguard Mobile App. Backend DB communications.

Mentored intern.

Built and deployed Oracle packages.

Environment: Ajax, Razor, JSON, LINQ, PowerShell Scripting, BuildMaster, TFS, GIT, SQL

Server, Oracle, DOS Scripting, Visual Studio, C#, VB.Net, Web Services,

6-13 to 1-14

Stonegate Mortgage (Contract – Build & Release Architecture, Creation, Administration) (Carmel, IN)

Served as Lead Architect and Offshore Integrator and interface to Stonegate Mortgage.

Interfaced with Stonegate departments: Network, DB Admin, and System Admins etc... To facilitate change management and team efficiencies.

Mapped (documented) entire Stonegate IT systems, interfaces and infrastructure. with off-shore BA. (Initial off-shore Company had nothing which we were allowed to trust) ~ 4- 5 weeks

Migrated version control from offshore Source Safe to in-house Git, Stash interface (Creation & Administration). ~ 3 weeks

Designed, Created and Administered 10 branched deployment network through environments: Dev, Test, UAT, TRN, PRD. Using dynamic deployment branching pathways. ~ 4-5 weeks

Administered and trained on-site and off-shore personnel on version control system and deployment processes.(effectively replacing myself)

Acted as Gate Keeper to deployment environment.

Established automated migration approval system for Hotfix and Regular deployments;

oThis nearly eliminated normal stakeholder communication through a web based GUI which displayed projects and deployment progress through deployment environments.

Participated in monthly releases (originally 3 hours, cut and paste) reduced to 45 minutes (automated) at the time my contract ended.

Environment: IIS 7, Git, Stash, Jenkins, TeamCity, PowerShell and Octopus Deploy,

Configuration transforms, SMTP Mail, Web Application, Web Services

8-12 to 4 - 13

Diebold Inc. (Contract – Embedded Systems) (North Canton, OH)

Casino ATM software development.

Legacy software update,

User interface augmentation.

Environment: Clear Case, Rational, Build Forge. Visual Studio, C#, network diagnostics,

embedded systems interfaces, VB.Net, Web Services, Web Applications,

11-11 to 4 - 12

Speedway Inc. (Contract – Web Application & Web Services) (Enon, OH)

Speedy Rewards development system development.

Environment: Oracle PL SQL package creation including: tables, views, stored procedures and

functions, Visual Studio, C#

8-11 to 11-11

Lancaster General Hospital. (Contract – Authorization & Authentication, Web) (Lancaster, PA)

Designed, created and implemented Knowledge Based Authentication with Epic interface involving RSA...

Environment: Web Services, Web Application, Visual Studio, RSA, Epic, C#, SQL Server 2008

08-10 to 08-11

North American Title Group. (Contract - Web Services & Web Applications) (Cleveland, OH)

Design and development of title insurance software packages.

Test writing with Machine Specifications 4.0.

Environment: Web Services, Web Applications, Visual Studio, MVC 3, C#, SQL Server 2008,

Machine Specifications 4.0, Razor, JavaScript, JSON, Ajax, Bootstrap, Generics,

Dependency Injection

02-10 to 7-10

Investigo – Broadridge Subsidiary. (Contract - Web Application & Web Services) (Ft. Wayne, IN)

Securities management software package design and development.

Upgrading and fiving to the Investigo software. web development.

Environment:, JavaScript, SQL Server, Source Safe, GIT

10-09 to 02-10

Private Concern (Pro Bono – Web Application & Web Services) (Cleveland, OH)

Google Map functionality integration into internet site.

oThis will aid members in the identification and scheduling of meetings they commonly attend.

Converted their database (MS Access) to SQL Express.

Their entire office has traditionally been run on an MS Access database with VBA code and MS Access GUI. I rewrote this entire application as a web application that integrates with the SQL Express database.

Rewrote legacy web site in .net.

Environment:, VBA, SQL Express, Google Maps, TFS

8-09 to 10-09

PartsSource Inc. (Contract – Windows Applications) (Arora, OH)

Designed and developed Windows based camera control photographic image archiving system for web based marketing and sales of medical equipment parts.

Environment: C#, SQL Server, WMA, N-Unit, Infragistics Rad Controls

01-07 to 12-08

Corning Inc. (R&D), (Contract- Embedded Systems) (Corning, NY)

Designed and created a GUI which would be used to interface with an embedded system.

Designed and created a secondary Windows Application as an access configuration tool.

oThis tool used custom AES encryption for authorization and authentication for access to functionality of embedded system.

Created bootable USB devices which will ultimately be used in production environments.

Designed and created a .net communications interface for electrical lab equipment using NI VISA.

Environment: C#, VB.Net Visual Studio, Dynamic Linked Libraries, Class Interfaces, SCPI Commands, Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA) Interface, TFS

Communication Types: GPIB, RS232, RJ45(TCP/IP), USB

Equipment Types: function generators, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, multi-meters, etc... .

07-06 to 12-06

The Cleveland Clinic (Contract – Web Services & Web/Windows Applications) (Cleveland, OH)

Designed and created a message transport system which would consume web services provided through Epic’s “MyChart” web application.

oThis system allowed physicians to target patients using dynamically generated SQL queries in an effort to notify patients of medical alerts.

Designed and created associated web services and associated database components.

Environment: C#, SQL Server, JavaScript, Epic, Infragistics Rad Controls

03-06 to 07-06

National City Bank (Contract – Web Services & Web/Windows Applications) (Cleveland, OH)

Worked on several C# and VB .NET and SQL Server projects.

oSome were related to project management; others covered areas of risk management and charge-off functionality.

Environment: C#, SQL Server, Infragistics Rad Controls

12-05 to 03-06

Predictive Service Corp., (Contract – Windows Application) (Cleveland, OH)

Created C# enhancements for a .net solution thermal mapping of buildings to locate leaks on roofs.

Environment: C#, nUnit, nHibernate, SQLBsae, SQL Server,

08-05 to 11-05

Xerox Global Services, (Contract – Solution Architecture (Web Based Design)) (Cleveland, OH)

Created a high level .NET design. This design represented a re-engineering of a legacy system which currently serves their clientele. The design was a services oriented architecture and a composite solution. It included Web Services, Web Applications, .NET Remoting and Windows Services.

Environment: SQL Server, VB.Net Oracle, iWay Adapter Manager, iWay PrintManager and iWay Prime

05-05 to 08-05

Ohio Savings Bank (Contract) (Cleveland, OH)

.NET conversion project of their Gemstone mortgage processing web application.The product was a mix between legacy ASP and ASP.NET. Java Script and XML were used extensively along with .NET Remoting.

Environment: Oracle, Toad, Harvest, JavaScript, XML, VB.Net XSLT,

03-04 to 04-05

Atlas World Group, (Contract – Solution Architecture & Team Lead) (Evansville, IN)

Designed and developed a financial data transfer process.

oThe data source was a mainframe computer.

oThe destination was Microsoft Great Plaines accounting software.

oThe process involved: a Windows service, a Web service, a Windows application, XML, and XSLT.

oThis was an intranet solution which would act as a data bridge during the process of reducing reliance on their mainframe.

After 6 months, Atlas requested my presence for an extended time in Evansville, IN.

A multitude of small projects.

oAll of these projects were .NET based; some were written in in conjunction with VBA, others were C#.

oSome of these applications supported the product I produced for Atlas prior to this engagement.

oSome were proof of concept designs and prototypes.

oSome involved converting existing COM components to .NET Dynamic Linked Libraries.

My duties also included mentoring their staff on .NET technologies, improving SQL performance and researching 3rd party geographical mapping products for inclusion into their composite business solution.

Environment: SQL Server, JavaScript, XML, XSLT,

01-04 to 03-04

ProQuest (Contract – Web Services & Web Application) (Richfield, OH)

Development of image recognition system for uniqueness of images for database duplicate elimination for the ProQuest PowerSport Dealer Management System product.

I also wrote extensive DTS packages within SQL Server 2000.

Environment: SQL Server, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, C#, SQL DTS

References: Upon request

Personal Interests: Photography, private pilot, scuba diving, fly-fishing, amateur radio, solving puzzles, beekeeping, gardening, celestial navigation, electronics, engineering, astronomy, physics, orienteering, navigation

Licenses: Pilot - Single Engine Land, Certified Scuba Diver (PADI), Amateur Radio - Technician Class, Sailing Vessel Captain

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