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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

Mountain View, California, United States
November 08, 2018

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Elias Yazdanshenas

US Citizen

Fremont, California



Creative and innovative professional with BSc, MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering/Thermo-fluids subfield. Experience in designing and running experimental and numerical projects such as microfluidic Kelvin water dropper (high voltage generators), electrowetting, thermal analysis, thermal behavior of solar heating systems including latent and sensible thermal storage tanks, geothermal heat pump, fuel cells, generating electricity by p-n junction diode electrostatics and photovoltaic, and transient heat flux on thermoelectric. Experience with MATLAB and COMSOL Multiphysics to model and solve complex mechanical engineering problems. Excellent leadership skills in directing a team towards completion of a project. Great interpersonal skills with the ability to clearly articulate information with all levels of an organization, as well as with outside clients. Solid analytical and problem solving skills. Great team building skills, but work equally well independently. Excellent oral and written communication and documentation skills. COMPUTER SKILLS

COMSOL MATLAB Mathematica SolidWorks GLD2010 Turbine Fortran Gambit Fluent AutoCAD Epanet Microsoft Office EDUCATION

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia GPA: 3.50, Dissertation-Microfluidic Kelvin water dropper for using electrowetting application 05/2018

MSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia GPA: 3.71, Thesis- Generating electricity by Triboelectric Solar Cell: A New Paradigm For Solar Energy Conversion


BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Azad University of Semnan Branch, Semnan GPA: 3.17, Thesis- Experimental investigation on a shell and tube heat exchanger for storing solar heat energy by Phase Change Material (PCM)



Old Dominion University

Research Assistantship 2013- 2018

Design and investigate about microfluidic Kelvin water dropper through experimental tests.

Optimize microfluidic Kelvin water dropper analytically by MATLAB.

Contact and contactless electrowetting to deform a water droplet using microfluidic Kelvin water dropper through experimental tests.

Simulate a contact and contactless electrode with water droplet electrowetting by COMSOL.

Investigate about generating electricity by Triboelectric Solar Cell: A New Paradigm for Solar Energy Conversion.

Design and simulate (by COMSOL) the transient heat flux (various types of pulse frequencies) on the hot side of the thermoelectric generator with different geometries of thermoelectric legs.

Simulate the effect of vibration on the void fraction and heat transfer in condoner by COMSOL.

Produce hydrogen experimentally via water splitting Tio2 on Zr pellet.

Investigate about Solid Oxide Fuel Cell.

Teaching Assistantship 2014-2018

Heat and Mass Transfer course

Engineering Mechanics course

Thermodynamics (I) course

Fluid Mechanics (I) course

Mechanical Engineering Design (I) course

Lab Assistant 2014

Assisted with establishing the Hydrogen Energy Laboratory in Old Dominion University. University of Maryland College Park

Research Assistantship


Elias Yazdanshenas (Page 2)

Conducted experimental investigation of different type of anode materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

(SOFC) under the supervision of the Director and Centennial Chair in the University of Maryland Energy Research Center.

Babol Noshirvani University of Technology

Research Assistantship 2011-2012

Designed and conducted experimental investigation of a geothermal heat pump.

Built the test rig and experimental investigations of a dehumidifier system with LiCl system under the supervision.

Designed portable air conditioning system.

Designed and conducted experimental investigation of a solar cooling system (Solar Refrigerator)


Azad University of Semnan Branch

Research Assistantship (2009- 2010)

Designed and conducted experimental investigation of the Phase Change Material (PCM) heat exchanger to store solar heat.

Conducted experimental investigation of the combined sensible and latent heat storage systems by changing different volume flow rates and different DHW loads. Mechanical Engineer (Intern) (2010)

Three month BSc internship for arranging and installation of the solar heating system with the PCM material.


Elias Yazdanshenas, Tang Qiang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Electrowetting Using a Microfluidic Kelvin Water Dropper, Micromachines journal, 25 February 2018, 9(3), p.92.

Elias Yazdanshenas, Xiaoyu Zhang, Contactless Electrowetting with the Use of microfluidic Kelvin Water Dropper, Journal of Electrostatic (Under the revision)

Hongxia Meng, Elias Yazdanshenas (co 1st author), Xiaoyu Zhang, Controlling and optimization of microfluidic Kelvin Water Dropper, Micromachines journal (Under the revision)

Elias Yazdanshenas, Alireza Rezaniakolaei, Meysam Karimi Rad, Lasse Rosendahl, Electrical Response of Thermoelectric Generator under Transient Thermal Boundary Condition, Journal of Power Sources (Submitted)

Elias Yazdanshenas, F. Asgari, Es. Yazdanshenas, Experimental investigation of a solar LiCl dryer system, 42nd Annual National Solar Conference – Solar 2013, Baltimore, Maryland, April 16-20, 2013

Elias Yazdanshenas, A. Khalesi Doost, Energy saving of a solar heating system with Phase Change Material (PCM) heat exchanger, ISES Solar World Congress, Kassel University, Germany, 28 Aug-2 Sep 2011

Elias Yazdanshenas, A. Khalesi Doost, Experimental investigation on a shell and tube heat exchanger for storing solar heat energy by Phase Change Material (PCM), Published in First Annual Clean Energy Conference on International Center for Science, High Technology & Environmental Sciences, Kerman, 2011


Selected as a recipient of the NSF Solar Engineering Academic Program (SoLEAP) Scholarship in 2014- 2015

Patent for "PCM Heat Exchanger for storing Solar Energy" registered in Iran Invention Organization in 2010 with enrolment Number of 67297, Oct 2010


Membership and Vice President of Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) at Old Dominion University 2014-2015

Membership at the International Solar Energy Society, young ISES member 2012-2015

Membership at America Solar Energy Society (ASES) member 2014-2015

President of ODU-Persia (Persian International Student Association) 2015-2016

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