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Management Analyst

Fredericksburg, VA
October 29, 2018

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William Lee

Fredericksburg, VA - 540-***-****


Military Service: Veteran: United States NAVY/US Naval Reserve; Yeoman 3rd Class (Petty Officer 3rd Class); Honorable Discharge/Awarded: 5 Point Veterans Preference. National Defense Service Medal (NDSM). Former Federal Employee and Eligible Veteran with Reinstatement Eligibility.

Active Secret Clearance with ability to be cleared for Top Secret (TS)/Security Background Investigation (SBI).

Committed and dedicated US military veteran with extensive knowledge in Resource and Manpower Management for Army and Naval Intelligence Programs. Lead Analyst for managing Internal Control Management Programs (ICMPs) (Army Regulation 11-2. Combines an analytical approach, leadership abilities, and relationship building skills to achieve timely goals. Performance-driven, and strong communication, automation, and soft people skills.

Professional Experience :

Nov 16, 2015 –Nov 15, 2017 –Program Analyst

Term Position Not To Exceed 2 Years)- Department of the Navy, Naval District Washington (NDW), Regional Public Safety Department, 1411 Parsons Ave, SE, Building 101, Suite 238, Washington Navy Yard (WNY), Washington DC 20734, GS-0343, Supervisor: Dominic Deviito,,301-***-****, Email: GS-0343-12/Step 06, $93,000.00, 40 Hours per week.,

Provide timely and informative Program and Management Analyst support to the Resource Protection Program Manager and other senior DON leadership; Develop, disseminate and collect data to support program management objectives, and assess organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Assemble and prepare briefings and presentations, conduct administrative and analytical tasks, and other duties; Achievements: Completed multiple DON Courses with Certification.

10 Aug 2015 –Nov 10, 2015: Program Specialist

(3) Month Temporary Position- Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration, Long Island National Cemetery, 2040 Well Wood Avenue, Farmingdale NY 11735, Supervisor: Mr. Roderick Thomas, Director, 631-***-****, extension 2103, Email: Hours Per Week: 40. Program Specialist: Grade: GS-301-11, Salary: $85,841.00, 40 Hours per week...

Program Specialist, provided technical, administrative assistance and guidance for performance of contracts for the VA National Cemeteries, Use Micro Soft MS Office Suite to prepare briefings, charts, graphs, & narratives, by providing quantitative and qualitative analysis between costs, outputs, savings, and updated Director Leadership.

Achievements: Successfully completed Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Courses: online with completion certifications: - COR Training: 80 hours; CLM031/ Section 890, Improved Statement of Work/ 08/31/2015/ CLE 028 Market Research for Technical Personnel, Section 889 /08/31/2015; and CLC222 Online training for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), Section 895, 09/23/2015.

2008 – 2013: Program and Management Analyst

a. FDI, G-8, Force Development Intelligence, DAPR-FD, Room 2A322, 700 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0700, Washington, DC, Supervisor: Al Moore, Deputy Chief, 703-***-****. Email:; GS-0343-14, Salary: $115,000.00. 40 Hours per Week.

Managed assigned systems to ensure manpower, funding, and material resources were properly allocated to support timely development, procurement, and fielding of new items.

Worked closely with the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology) and program managers to determine equipment requirements and fielding.

a.Received the HDQA G-8 Coin for Excellence award in 2012 for recognition of supporting the Combat Identification (CID) and Executive Steering Committee (ESC) program. Achievements: Successfully responded to over 25 HQDA Taskers in a timely and effective manner.

2011 – 2012, Program and Management Analyst/ Loan Executive (LE):

Voluntary Campaign Management Office, Washington Headquarters Service, Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) 1550 Crystal Drive, Suite 1003, Arlington, VA, 22202-3538; GS-0343-14, Supervisor: Christiana Jones (Williams), 571-***-****, Email:,, Salary: $115,000.00. 40 Hours per Week.

Briefed and advised senior Department of Navy (DON) flag officers, senior executive service staff, program officials, and other senior leadership supporting the 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Supported the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) 2011 goal, by helping to train 35,000 key federal workers, and facilitating cooperation and teamwork, in a timely and effective manner.

Managed accounts for several Department of Defense (DOD) agencies: Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Office of Naval Research, Naval Information Operations, Command Navy Engineering Logistics, and Commander, and Naval Intelligence Center. Summarized key decisions made during weekly CFC National Capital Area Headquarters meetings, prepared minutes, issued bulletins for the weekly DOD Goal Board and DOD INFONET Centers.

Achievement: Exceeded annual goal by achieving $ 15.9M for National Capital Region (NCR). Awarded for excellent job performance and work supporting CFC in 2011 from the Office of the Secretary Defense.

2008 – 2011, Program & Management Analyst:

HQDA, G-8, Force Development, DAPR, FDT, Suite 600, 2530 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202-3538, Washington, DC, Supervisor: James Lee, 703-***-****. Email:; Salary: $115,000.00. 40 Hours per week.

Served as the lead G-8 Program Analyst for the International Standards and Cooperative Agreements Review and Analysis Studies.

Review and coordinate G-8 positions and comments, working closely with army staff, program managers, and Army Material Command (AMC).

Reviewed numerous International and Standard Agreements for programmatic impacts and interoperability, and provided status updates to the FDT Deputy Chief.

Attended the Joint Forces Command workgroup meetings in support of G-3/5, preparing documentation for Army Leadership, including executive summaries, information papers, facer sheets, and end-o\f-week updates.

Lead Action Officer for FDI for the 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

In accordance with (IAW) AR 6003, I prepared FDT/FDL Annual Suicide Prevention Training Briefing, by coordinating briefing and ensuring training for 57 personnel.

I assessed G-8 impacts and provided solid recommendations to G-3/5/7 and I provided careful analysis for G-8 budget impacts.

As a result of FDT BRAC requirement and future relocation process IAW AR 735-5 and DA Pam 710-2-1, I proactively documented an inventory of all G8 Information Technology (IT) sensitive and controlled automation equipment to ensure that equipment information had been properly documented IAW HQDA IT policy and the Army MICP (AR 11-2) to minimize any potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

03/2007 - 10/2008 Program Analyst:

Duty Station, USMC Marine Corps Combat Development center (MCCDC), General Davis Center, 3300 Russell Rd, Quantico, VA 22134 (K Force Government Solutions (KFGS). MCCDC, Salary: $92,000.00, 40 Hours per week. Supervisor: Jerry Burke, Deputy 703-***-****, email:; KFGS Program Manager: Michael R Johnston 703-***-****

Supported and advised senior staff leadership and prepared staff briefings.

Developed Resource Management presentations, and reviewed resource programs.

Prepared Unfinanced Funding Requirements (UFRs), PR&Cs, MIPRs, FADs, and program updates.

Strong leadership ability, and ensure that senior staff leadership and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are updated.

USMC Databases: MARCORSYSCOM; Total Information gateway for Enterprise Resources (TIGER), MCATS, Share-Point, and Marine Net.

1994 – 2007, Program and Management Analyst:

United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), 8825 Beulah Rd, Noland Bldg., Fort Belvoir, VA 22060, Deputy Chief of Staff, Measurement & Signature Intelligence, GS-0343-12, Supervisor: Karen B Basinger, Deputy Chief, 703-***-****, Email: ksbasin@hotmail, Salary: 67,563.00. 40 Hours per week.

Managed measurement and signature intelligence branch (MASINT) budgets and provided staff guidance.

Edited and submitted Army Management Decision Execution Package (MDEP) for Information Operations (I/O).

Served as Management Decision Inclement Package Manager and made critical contributions to the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) which was briefed to the Program Analysis Evaluation Directorate Training Program Evaluation Group (PEG).

Secured approval for 98% of validated requirement funds, totaling over $173M, and 89% of requested critical requirement funds totaling over $117M.

Developed mid - year and year-end UFR requirements, formulated, defended, executed resource programs, and identified and resolved problematic resourcing issues. I tracked and managed financial documents for commitment, obligation, and execution: PR+Cs, MIPRs, FADs, and UFR reports.

Managed and executed the MASINT Total Obligation Authority Budgets: Operations Management Army (OMA) $24.5 Million; Research, Development and Technology (RDT&E) #32.2 Million.

Lad Program Analyst for the MASINT INSCOM Manpower Survey: developed multiple individual task sheets us by MASINT Work Center (WC) including Base Line Submissions (OFFICER, WARRANT OFFICER, ENLISTED, and CIVILIAN), And provide workload requirements analysis, and carefully documented detailed the MASINT Manpower Survey Continuity Book. My contributions increased the MASINT Branch requirements by 5;

Achievements: Received numerous awards and certificates in recognition of high job performance including Army Staff Identification Badge, Army Staff Lapel pin, Certificate of Professional Resource Management Program, and Certificate of Appreciation for leadership and commitment in realizing Sustaining Base Leadership and Management Program goals, (1999) and for participating in the Professional Resource Management Program, (PRMC 02-11), (2002) Syracuse University, Army Programs; June 1997 – January 1998: Instrumental as the Group Leader for the INSCOM GDIP Investment Strategy (I2S) Group.

1987 – 1994, Program and Management Analyst:

US Army Threat & Analysis’ Center (USAITAC), Bldg 213, WNY. Washington, DC 20374. Supervisor: Thomas Lord, 703-***-****, Email: Annual Salary: $49,742.00. Hours Per Week: 40,

Managed and executed DoD Internal Management Control Program (IMCP), which included training staff, and updating and conducting vulnerability risk assessments.

Coordinated manpower requirements, by updating USAITAC table of distribution and allowance.

Collaborated with Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC) to assess and update command strength and personnel distribution, and processed and authorized staffing for Recruitment for Personnel Actions (RPAs).

Identified Key Management Internal Control program IAW with Army Internal Management Control Program (Army Regulation 11-2), reported potential discrepancies, and provided recommendations to program managers and senior Army/joint leadership

1986 – 1987 Program and Management Analyst:

US Army, 24th INF Div, Directorate of Logistics/RM, Fort Stewart, GA, Bobby Mobley, 914-***-****. Annual Salary: $49,742.00. Hours Per Week: 40.

Provided quantitative and qualitative analysis between costs, output, savings, and derived benefits, analyzing labor workload distribution, including interviewing staff and collecting work measurement data.

Used analytical, statistical, and management engineering techniques to perform management studies.


2004 -2004, Detail Assignment: The George C. Marshall Center for International Studies (GCMC),CMR 409, Box 499, American Post Office, Army in Europe, 09053-0499, Federal Republic of Germany, Manpower and Program Analyst, GS-0343-12, Supervisor: Dr. William Latham, 760-***-****; Email:; Salary: 67,563.00. 40 Hours per week.

Updated GC Marshall Center Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA), Department of Army Standard Form (SF) 2028, maintained Manpower Requirements, allocations, and utilization requirements, and updated command strength and personnel distribution. Prepared quarterly civilian Manpower Reports by Category: Civilian, Enlisted, Officer, Warrant Officer, and Contract Personnel)

Collaborated and coordinated with Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) and Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC), and processed and authorized staffing for Request for Personnel Actions (RPAs).

Identified Key Management Internal Control program IAW with Army Internal Management Control Program (Army Regulation 11-2), and reported potential discrepancies and provided recommendations to program managers and senior Army and Joint leadership, updated and presented Commander’s Annual Assurance and Mid-Year Statement, and Designated Agency Program Coordinator (APC) for IMPACT Travel Program (EAGLS).

2002 – 2004, 36th Signal Battalion, Unit 15026, RMO, Box 78. APO, AP 96218-5026 (Taegu, Korea), GS-0343-12, Supervisor: MAJ Jean Gaiennie; Salary: $67,563.00, 40 Hours per Week, Resource Management Officer/ Program & Management Analyst,

Managed and supervised resource management staff by planning, organizing, tasking, directing, reviewing, evaluating work requirements, writing employee appraisals, processing promotions, recommending awards, and processing request for personnel actions.

Managed and executed DoD Internal Management Control Program (IMCP), which included training command staff, updating and conducting vulnerability risk assessments, and preparing briefings to update senior command.

Develop Mid-Year and Year End UFR requirements; formulate, defend, and execute resource programs and track and managed financial documents for commitment, obligation, and execution: PR+Cs, MIPRs, FADs, and UFR reports; Resource planning, analysis, formulation, justification, presentation, and prepare Program Objective Memorandum (POM) submission for command approval in a timely manner

Alerted senior army leadership and initiated contact with Civilian Personnel Advisory center and Center and Civilian Personnel Operations Center to resolve authorization discrepancies, and potential reduction in force and review of TDA. and managed the Management Internal Control Implementation Plan IAW AR 11-2.

Education, Awards & Training:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration – University of Maryland; Post Graduate work in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Program– University of Maryland


2013: Award for Excellence, Office of the Secretary of Defense, for recognizing my service efforts as a 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), Loan Executive (LE). My efforts helped contribute to DOD efforts that resulted in raising in excess of $15.9 Million Dollars for National Capital Region. Army not only met its goal but exceeded the 2011 goal. Awarded HQDA G-8 “Coin for Excellence

2005: Army Staff Identification Badge and Army Staff Lapel pin (DA Memo 672-1)

1998: I was instrumental as Group Leader for the General Defense Intelligence Program (GDIP) Investment Strategy INSCOM (I2S), from June 1997 thru Jan 1998. I was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for outstanding professional performance, by demonstrating exceptional initiative and innovative capabilities, 24 Apr 1998.

1991: USATIAC Certificate awarded for Operational Desert Shield/Storm, for recognition of outstanding contributions for providing essential intelligence information to senior US Army Leadership in support of key operational decisions and intelligence products under extremely short time constraints on Desert Shield/Storm.

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