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Salesforce and Marketing

Fremont, California, United States
June 12, 2018

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Swapna Kanduri

Salesforce & Marketing Sr. Business Analyst /Product Manager


Ph. #: 954-***-****


Over 9 years of experience with 7 yrs of Salesforce Senior analyst Lead,Marketing Analyst and Product Owner for various business domains and CRM systems in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, infrastructure and Social Media.

Experienced in Administration setup -Manage Users, security controls, data Management, validation, customization and configuration. Good Technical/Functional Knowledge of SFDC CRM/PRM.

Fine-tuned multi-tasking capabilities with excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills. Leadership capabilities with exceptional presentation and client/customer relations. Remarkable experience in product life cycle management, excellent configuration skills, familiarity with administration and security controls, and amazing ability to aid technical team members, developers and support teams, outstanding troubleshoot workflow issues and superior communication skills.

Working on Eloqua and Marketo (Marketing tool) in relation to SFDC for marketing automation and various other purposes to drive the lead revenue improved by 70%.

Eloqua 9 and Eloqua end to end process Integration.

Knowledge on customer operations to understand the sales, payment systems as the billing system was included under opportunity object (DART), improved 90% of the sales.

Experience in CPQ for better Sales and close deals.

Faced Challenges in improving sales, getting qualified leads, understanding criteria based on user experience to 100% improved.

Data Manipulation for converting the files to load in the data by scoring them where we use excels to csv and other file conversions, cleaning data helped improved issues.

Extensive experience working on custom objects, custom fields, Pick list, role based page layouts, Workflow Alerts and Actions, and Approval Workflow, Validation Rules, Approval Processes, custom Tabs, custom reports, report folders, report extractions to various formats, Snapshots, Dashboards, and Email generation according to application requirements.

Analyzing bugs, interacting with team members in fixing errors and UAT and also assisted in Post–Production support that resolved all high priority issues in a faster mode.

Creating Test Procedures, Test plans, Test Scenario, defining System, Test Data reviewing and maintaining and executing detailed Test scripts for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Ensured consistency between requirements, design documents and applications under development.

Excellent written and Verbal communication & interpersonal skills.

Req.Gathering Tools

Rational Requisite Pro, Enterprise Architect

Modeling & Designing Tools

MS Visio, Rational Rose 6.


Salesforce Admin, Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot etc.

Salesforce/Cloud Computing

Salesforce, Data Loader, Eloqua, Jitter bit, Pardot, Marketo etc.


RUP, Waterfall, Agile, UML


Oracle9i, MS Access, Salesforce

Config. Management

Rational Clear Case.

Defect Tracking

Clear Quest,,

MS Office

Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Client: Google, Mountain View June 2017 Currently Working

Project: Salesforce with Marketing Internal Google Tools of Ad words Team.

Role: Salesforce with Marketing Operations Lead with Google Ad words.

Salesforce Global Administration and User end Support.

Huge Data Management and cleaning data using Data Loader.

Enhancement Projects and working with Business for requirements.

Documentation and Project scope.

Campaign, Lead Scoring and Analytics Management

Daily Meeting with Global User like Spain, UK, India and across USA.

Creating Fields, Objects, Sharing rules, Role of Hierarchy, Page Layouts, Validations etc.

Working on Custom Objects like Customer Management, Feedback Questions, Source Details (Lead Management), Offers, Google Products and Google Geography etc.

Working with Integrated systems of Google Internal Tools like Green Tea.

Implementing enhancements, designing requirements, working with engineers to build the requirements based on size of the requirement.

Attending the events, project meetings, customer designs and analyzing the project length is part of the project and support.

Working on QA and Prod for data support.

Worked on Steel Brick CPQ process and quote to cash process Implementation.

CPQ Speeds Proposal for Quote generation and creates estimate proposal for orders that look great.

Solving bugs, Issues and training users as per the need.

Working at different time zones and being flexible.

Working with different teams like Google Search, You tube, Google Premier Support and Nest.

Client: Facebook. Inc. Menlo Park, CA Sep 2015 June 2017

Project: Salesforce with Internal CRM Tools of Facebook.

Role: Salesforce with Marketing Operations Lead with People Products.

Working with Internal Tools of Facebook that are integrated with Salesforce and Marketing tools.

Huge Data Management and cleaning data using Data Loader.

Enhancement Projects and working with engineers to make the enhancement at deadlines.

Project included Recruiting world of 950 recruiters who recruit only for Facebook globally.

Worked with Integration / Integrated tools like Sourcing Tool, Scheduler, Feedback Tool, Recruiting Bot, Loops, Dashboards, Reports, Implementation support, Salesforce, Marketing Tools, Boot camp Tools etc. are used for day to day job.

Issues, Tickets on and Tasks are completely managed by me along with the team support.

High Pri, Mid and Low Pri are handled with age period and priority based.

Directly working with recruiters and their managers for their issue and client meetings as per the priority.

Issues, bugs are resolved by deeply analyzing them and working with end customers for better quality support.

Working with Directors and VP’s for enhancement requirements and finalizing the requirements with presentations and mock up’s.

Implementing enhancements, designing requirements, working with engineers to build the requirements based on size of the requirement.

Running reports via Tableau and analyzing the numbers for offers, applications, and requisitions as it included recruiting world projects. Working on Dashboards and Reports.

Product management, Project Analysis support provided along with team meetings and end customer presentations.

Attending the events, project meetings, customer designs and analyzing the project length is part of the project and support.

Sev levels are decided based on the criticality of the issue and time sensitivity.

Working with Berlin, Ireland, UK and Remaining Teams of USA on a daily basis.

Client: Alfresco. San Mateo, CA April 2014 Aug 2015 (Remote)

Project: Marketing Operations Manager with Salesforce.

Role: Marketing with Salesforce Manager / Budget Owner

Worked as Strong Analyst on Marketing Team working with Marketo (Tool) and Salesforce (CRM Tool).

Played a strong role of Salesforce and Marketing Operations Analyst.

Budgeting for the CMO and Sr. Director for entire marketing team.

Leading the 5 different agencies and working on Deliverables.

Working on Data Quality and Sales Reporting.

Working closely with VP/Director and Sales VP’s on project guidelines and deliverables along with presentations.

Reporting Needs, Budgeting Quarterly with CMO and higher Marketing needs.

Salesforce support and Marketo Integrations.

Hoot Suite, You tube Analytics, Google Analytics (60%) was one of the daily operations support.

Used Tableau for reporting and presentations.

Documentation, Visio, Use Cases, Prototypes are included in every detailed requirements.

Working with Finance team on Budgeting and open P.O’s and accruals.

Being strong lead analyst and supporting on other parts of the company needs flexibly.

Client: Robert Half Technology. San Ramon, CA April 2014 March 2015

Project: Salesforce Implementation and Data Migration.

Role: Product Manager / Sr Analyst. Working on QA01 sandbox/Full Sandbox/ MIG01 /Release Management Sandbox and total of 15 sandboxes. is used to clean up the leads and other duplicate records to 80%. Customization, configuration, data model and 100% implementation of Salesforce.

Working on all Standard and Custom objects including fields, page layouts, workflows, profiles etc.

Adapt is used in Netherlands / Switzerland / Austria and Germany and MJP Plus is used in Canada and Other Countries, working on Integration and implementation of Salesforce globally.

Over all 3000+ Users, strong User Interaction and keeping communications transparent within the project. Providing solutions to all the issues, solving bugs on the end user side.

Documentation includes Visio / Use Cases for every step of the Process of changes, change management control.

Strongly worked with both B2B and B2C teams and improved communications. Full Cycle of Salesforce Implementation to 100%.

Driving revenue through 95% qualified leads. Demonstrate value and accountability on marketing and sales.

Marketing: Worked on Eloqua / Marketo and Pardot, expertise Integration and Implementation with Salesforce. Building Campaigns, lead scoring criteria and loading leads in to the campaigns.

Supporting the “Case Management”, “User Management” and “Change Management” globally. Playing a role of “Lead Admin” and “Business Analyst”.

Data Migration: Data cleaning, fixing missing information by communicating with End Users and BTG Team (Business Technology Team). Mapping / Transformation / Data Loading, Testing UAT covered 90% of Data Migration.

Testing: Worked on UAT Scripts, Testing Documents, Worked with End Users for Bug Fixes and Errors.

Been to “Global Meetings” which included from all the countries and documented on daily requirements on the share point.

Environment:, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Data Migrating tools, excel, word, ppt, use cases, visio, test scripts, live link, share points access etc.

Client: HGST (Hitachi), Sanjose CA. October 2013 March 2014

Project: 3 Implementations/4 Integrations.

Role: Project Lead Salesforce Techno / Functional Consultant.

Hitachi is developing power generation systems, they have sophisticated intelligent water systems. We have major clients like Google, Oracle, Ingram, Net App, HCL, Office Max, Fujitsu, Apple etc.

HGST has more than 3000 users, sTec has 100 Users and Virident has 50 Users in

HGST (Hitachi) acquired 3 other small business companies, which have own instances. activities on 3 Salesforce instances where HGST (Hitachi) / Virident and sTec Production instances. The project is merging 3 Salesforce to 1 Salesforce and integrating it to the Marketo (Marketing Tool).

Connectors are built using Salesforce ID’s, customizations like creating fields, page layouts, workflows, pick lists, required fields etc are built on all the objects as per the implementation requirements (Lead/Accounts/Contacts / Campaign) to 100%.

Documentation on the “Bugs” and “Enhancements” cleaning up the system to is used to clean up the leads and part of accounts to 80%.

Marketing: Running over “Marketo” Lead Scoring / Campaign Management / Web URL’s / Landing Pages and Forms. Working with Marketo Support to build the required Forms and Landing Pages.

All the sales reps have the queries to the Case, working with the Business to close the cases with case comments.

Integration: HGST Salesforce has Integration with Informatica where SAP is the database provider for Informatica and Informatica is a data base provider for

Working with the premier support for the higher level issues and opening the tickets in Salesforce. Documenting the process and prepare the job aids for the users to make them remember the solutions.

Worked on various standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Opportunities, Products, Opportunity Line Items, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Dashboards.

Handling “Weekly SFDC Core Meeting” Calls with Integration team And Business teams.

Supporting the “Case Management” 90%, “User Management” 100% and “Change Management” 100% globally. Playing a role of “Lead Admin” and “Business Analyst” for documentation.

Testing: UAT Scripts, system testing, data validation and performing analysis on quality of the data including missing information. Use Cases, requirements gathering, change management, functional documentation and re-testing after deployment followed through the life cycle of the project.

Client: T-Mobile, Seattle (Bellevue), WA. Sep12- October 2013 Project: 4 Implementations/3 Integrations.

Role: Administrator / Lead Operations Owner.


Integration and Implementation: Integration with Eloqua was the first Integration where the complete Salesforce platform was built accordingly to get the plugin and form the connectors.

Salesforce: Worked on Lead management, flow of leads to respective queues using lead assignment rules sends the records to the right queue and to the right sales team.

Workflows /Validations are built on Accounts/Opportunities/ Case Management. Worked for Both Sales and Service cloud teams. Updating the Contracts (Nodes) updating from TCM (T-Mobile Contract Management)

Working CPQ and Opportunities for better Sales, Quotes and Discounts.

Speeds Proposal for Quote generation and creates estimate proposal for orders that look great.

Unit Price, Description, Product and Line charges along with business size helps in easy Close Deals.

Data loading using Data loader and other campaign uploader tools.

Marketing: Lead scoring program Implicit/Explicit criteria built as per business requirements, which filtered 90% quality leads and prospects on Marketo and Pardot.

Working with end users and the database related to them to close the cases.

Document the process and prepare the job aids for the users to make them remember the solutions.

Dupe Blocker Duplicate Warnings and documenting the process under it to avoid the duplicates from Salesforce.

Worked on UAT sandbox for testing and writing the test scripts.

Worked on QA / Full Copy and Dev sandboxes.

Client: Covidien. Boston, MA. Apr12 - Sep12

Project- Implementation Phase 1 Support and Phase 2

Role - Salesforce LEAD Administrator/ Sr. Analyst

Project Summary:


Supported the “Case Management” and “User Management” and “Change Management” globally. Played a role of “Lead Admin” and “Business Analyst” for documentation.

Worked for “Canada”, “Switzerland”, “Italy”, “EMEA” (UK) and USA.

Salesforce: Worked on both “sales” and “service” clouds and day to day activities.

Totally used 21 sandboxes (Out of 31 in total diversely)

Process followed is, development done in Coedev Dev 2 Rlsstaging using Change sets QA Production. Every sandbox “Test” was done once the development made or any enhancement changes to the data.

Service Max: Worked on Accounts, Contacts, Case Management, Solutions, Analytics and Production Support at Tier 1, 2 and 3 Levels.

Case Auto assign, Case escalation, Case auto response, Chatter, Email Templates, Contracts, Orders, Service entitlements, Knowledge articles, Partner Management and building standard solutions etc.

Field Service Business Process-We had an internal FTR Object which is called (Field Technical Report), usually global manufacturers of monitoring products had no easy way of tracking the repairs or say type of repairs / how often these repairs come. With the service cloud and field service partners, my company was tracking and managing entire field service operations giving better insights to Salesforce team on FTR Object which insights service level contracts and end user support. We had fields like Service Technician, Owner, Date of Service, Hours Worked, Service Performed, Cases, Contracts, and Service Notes etc.

We had “Discussion groups” where customers provide best solutions sometimes by “Forum”.

Support-Priority, Order Status, work order number and dispatch etc are the customized object. All the repairs, issues come under FTR (Field Technical Report) to 100%.

Extensive experience using SFDC Administration, Creating Roles, Profiles, Page Layouts, Workflow Alerts, Approval Workflow and Report generation.

The functions and modules were perfectly used to describe the use cases and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was functioned where real time information was gathered.

ITSM cases and COE Triage cases (COE-Center of Excellence).

Client: Standard and Poor’s, Manhattan, NY. Oct11 - Apr12

Project: CIQ Salesforce

Role: SFDC Admin Business Analyst

Project Summary:


Responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of a complex (8,000 user) (Unlimited Edition) implementation used by all of the company's key business units and end-users worldwide.

Used Data loader for data management in platform.

Totally used 9 sandboxes (3 sales cloud, 3 sevice cloud,2 elouqa and 1 marketing campaign)

Elicit requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, business analysis, and task and workflow analysis.

Working on Eloqua for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the requirement to reach the customers was the basic criteria.

Customer relationships and Team Management is always maintained according to the ethics of the organization.

Attend all the CRM sprint planning meetings and sizing meetings.

Planning, set up, driven through and improve to deploy to Salesforce was the main feature worked by me on Implementation CRM.

Working on given Tasks as stories assigned, using the respective story numbers.

The given tasks include the entire admin role that includes working on workflows, Validations needed, FLS, Page layouts and templates Email etc.

Worked on various Lead Assignments, Team roles on Accounts and Opportunities.

Client: Corning Cable Systems, Inc., HICKORY, NC. Mar11 - Sep11

Project: Mobile Administration / Salesforce Implementation.

Role: Administrator / Business Analyst.


Responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of a complex (3,000 user) (Unlimited Edition) implementation used by all of the company's key business units and end-users.

Resolve Tier 2 technical and functional support cases and issues, driving new opportunities for functionality, managing data loads and data quality to 100%.

Gathered information from various sources and evaluate them according to the client needs.

Strong analytical and product management skills required, including a thorough understanding of how to interpret customer business needs and translate them into application and operational requirements.

Handling bulk data migration and automate business processes, install and support App Exchange applications, translate business requirements into application functionality.

Serve as the Reporting SME for business questions and needs around Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Experience in configuring Chatter( in order to process secured data within the company.

Client: AT&T, Bedminster, NJ. Jan 09 - Feb 11

Project: Ticketing System.

Role: Salesforce CRM Analyst/Quality Analyst.


Facilitated JAD sessions with business users and project stakeholders to gather document needs and product requirements

Analyzed SQL reference tables to solve various production issues during data migration

Created Prototype Screens and Use Cases for the new system and modeled Use Case diagrams using RUP/UML approach.

Worked with Project manager to devise plans to accurately report project goals, objectives, constraints, risks, project status to business and stake holders

Prepared Software Requirement specification (SRS) and Training documents.

Prepared test plans, test cases to test the various functionalities of implementation

Performs system configuration and integration testing including the functionality, performance and fit to ensure original requirements are met and defined constraints are worked within

Worked on lead and case management (Web-to-Lead, Email-to-Case)

Quality and Efficiency, Decrease in overall costs, Decision Support, Enterprise Agility and Customer Attention.

Client: Omneon Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. Jan 08–Dec 08

Project: Salesforce Implementation /Maintenance

Role: Salesforce CRM Analyst / ADMIN


Analyzed requirements and documented use cases for integrating Quote to Order process between Salesforce and Microsoft Navision.

Worked on various standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Opportunities.

Customized the Dashboards to the track usage for productivity and performance of business centers and their sales teams.

Implemented and deployed the Custom objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs, Components, and S Control to suit to the needs of the application and enhancements to 100%

Documented technical architecture for integration process.

Configured security profiles and custom objects supporting integration and quote feature enhancement.

Established deployment strategy for implementing changes.

Conducted unit and integration testing, deployed and optimized orchestrations.

Extensively performed Unit, Integration, Regression and User Acceptance Testing.

Trained client in Salesforce configuration and development techniques.


MBA Management& Information Technology, North Western University CA. (USA)

MSC Masters in Science and Research.

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