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Electrical Engineer Project Manager

Houston, Texas, United States
May 26, 2018

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Tai-Monet Gaines, P.E., LEED AP

PO Box **** • Houston, Texas 77288

832-***-**** •

Over fifteen (15) successful years of experience in MEP Design, Electrical and Power System Design & Education


• “Knowledge exceeds our expectation of someone with her years of experience.” –Bill Chalmers, VP, Director of Engineering

• “Takes the time to gather information, organize herself, plan her design and methodically prepare documents Tai took the initiative to develop department electrical standards.” –Darrell Widner, VP, Lead Electrical Engineer

• Perform work in a “truly professional manner”. – Aaron Jones, Architect Project Manager

• “Thanks for the excellent support [that] you provide for [the] MEPT team. You once again were a tremendous asset for SSR. Your attention to detail and ‘non-tunnel vision’ approach discernibly impacted [the project’s] success.” – Rod Shoemaker, Project Manager EDUCATION: B.S.E.E., University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 2003 Coursework: Electro Magnetism (EM); Digital Logic Design, Advanced Digital Design, Electronics TECHNOLOGY: AutoCAD 2016, C, Pascal, FORTRAN, Assembly (Motorola 68HC11, Intel X-86 Series, MIPS), Verilog HDL, Microsoft Office INVENTION: Awarded scholarship from patent attorney for invention to conserve water utilized to water lawns. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ChevronTexaco, Bakersfield, California Summer 2002 Information Technology Analyst

• Adapted software assisting field engineers in analyzing steam data

• Flow-charted complex data collection process; identified key processes, which needed to be replaced

• Framed a preliminary plan for completing a system upgrade Smith Seckman Reid, Inc., Houston, Texas 2011-2018 Registered Electrical Engineer

• Coordinates project designs with other disciplines to determine equipment needs, implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions, and provide technical information

• Evaluate the work of technical staff and provide feedback and/or corrections based on client needs

• Produce written specifications for project equipment and construction methods

• Attends meetings with owners, clients and architects

• Conduct project job site visits during construction to monitor progress and ensure conformance to design specifications, owner expectations, building codes

• Develop proposal for acquisition of projects

• Establish and manage budgets, cost estimates, and project schedules

• Assist management in the execution of technical training for less experienced staff members

• Utilize and assist less experienced staff in understanding company technical policies and procedures during the execution of projects for clients

• Perform activities inside and outside the office in a manner consistent with ethical engineering standards

• Produced 11 projects with no RFIs; Over 75% RFIs returned within 3 days; More than half submittals returned within 5 days. PROJECTS

• The Methodist Hospital: B5 IT Server Rm, Machine Shop, N7 PACs, Campus Wide Bed Management & Med Prep Rooms, Dialysis Mixer; Methodist West Hospital: Birthing Center & NICU; Texas Children’s Hospital: L5 Radiology; SSR Office Renovation Page Southerland Page, Houston, Texas 2008-2010

Electrical Engineer

• Perform power system analysis, i.e. short-circuit calculations.

• Develop detailed document on how to size conduit and wire & checklists to train designers. Develop design standards for electrical department.

• Control quality of electrical design package for Methodist West Hospital, MWHH. Coordinate equipment locations with M & P. CA.

• Develop database query to process over 5,000 pieces of hospital equipment to determine electrical equipment that has been deleted, added and/or modified. Query prevented inaccurate orders, re-stock fees and delays in hospital construction timeline.

• Analyze contractor submittals for MD Anderson Kitchen to determine if electrical drawings, kitchen consultant drawings and vendor equipment specifications matched. Provide written report of findings. PROJECTS

• MD Anderson Kitchen, MWHH Urology and Reconstructive, Exxon Mobil Office Building, Shell Renovation, HISD Cunningham Elementary, Exxon Mobil Credit Union, Exxon Mobil Chemical Plant Lab, EMPR, Art Institute Redding Linden Burr Consulting Engineers, Houston, Texas 2005-2008 Engineer-in-Training

• Design, develop and support electrical systems, including MEP design plans for buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, restaurants

• Oversee permit issuance, load analysis, lighting, power and fire alarm plans

• Collaborate with power companies in deciphering what type of service is needed–pole mounted/pad mounted transformers, overhead/underground service, ensuring placement, meeting city requirements

• Produce site plans, coordinate with power companies, ensure they meet NEC, Life Safety, IECC, ASHRAE 90.1, TDH and IBC codes and specifications, local codes and amendments and departmental and institutional standards for facility projects

• Coordinate projects from conception to completion, interfacing with project managers, customer and engineers

• Integrate change orders and coordinate for on-time competition

• Coordinate resolution of quality assurance and quality control issues

• Demonstrate effectiveness of utilization of analyzing dilemmas prior to start time from design-ins and test programs PROJECTS

• Icon Hospital, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Alief Clinic, Dental Office, Embassy Suites Hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Kelly Village Apartments, Kratz Highrise Condo–A $1M project, Good Company BBQ Restaurants, Office Renovation 1-2-3 Allen Centers, 1-5 Houston Centers, Wells Fargo Plaza, Smithsonian Club, Wells Fargo Bank, Houston Center Building and Fulbright Towers Furr High School/Sanchez Alternative School, Houston, Texas 2003-2005 Math Teacher

• Taught Calculus, Pre-Calculus and Algebra I&II

Texaco, Bellaire, Texas 1998-2001

Engineering Technical Assistant, Intern (Offshore Engineering Department)

• Analyzed different products, which would read offshore readings accurately throughout pitches and rows–resulted with the purchase of a ball and sensor product, which properly detected the amount of oil/fluid when the offshore rig shifted

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