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Redfield, Arkansas, United States
July 02, 2018

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Michael C. Sanford

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General Manager (GM)

(06/04/2017 – 05/04/2018)

Controlled Automation Bauxite, Ar.

General Manager (GM)

As GM I manage a staff that I set up of 7 Managers who managed hundreds of employees from Sales/Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Production, Materials, Service, Safety, Facilities, and HR Departments. I created the strategical planning, strategical map, action registers to meet the 3-5 year plan and budgets, and KPIs to measure the progress. I led continuous improvement initiatives including Kaizen events, Gemba walks, Process Improvement Teams, and Leadership training. I setup root cause analysis for any process failures and databases for premium freight and ECOs. I chose and began implementing a new ERP, Employee benefit and payroll system, and expense software. I promoted safety as the number one responsibility and initiated a safety team and walks. I problem solved Marketing/Sales to increase sales on high profit margin items that were repeatable. Then worked on level loading the manufacturing to remain lean and have as little disruption at the floor level as possible. I built a Materials Team that ensured the Production Team could stay productive in their work cells. I initiated kick off meetings so that the Production teams knew what they were to accomplish and could go straight to work after clock in. I started the creation of standards for cost accounting and Production measurement using predetermined time measurement. I worked with the Finance team to close weeks and months for timely financials (cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheet). I tied the 3-5 year strategical planning to budgets and tracked expense and revenue proportionally with continuous improvement measures built in to challenge and reach the company potential. I created a list of core values that were important to the company and then began shaping the culture within the plant. I delivered the vision of the future for the company by communicating that as the company grows so will the associate that buys in to the vision. Investment by the employee daily would ensure investment by the company in the associate. I setup daily staff meetings where we would go over the GM report which had many KPIs that could be tracked daily. I started the suggestion box and answered it weekly every suggestion regardless of its relevance. I started the employee satisfaction survey and also the state of the culture report to foster the much needed change of culture. Within the first 3 months the changes made were beating the 3 year plan and employees are excited about working within the new company.

Sr. Business Analyst

(09/06/2016 – 06/04/2017)

Global Resources

Sr. Business Analyst

As a Sr. Business Analyst I traveled to two businesses per week and analyzed their financials, interviewed employees, and met with the owners to discover their goals for the company. I left each company with a solid plan for the future to make them profitable, create their culture, and achieve and measure their KPIs to meet their goals.

ERP Implementation Consultant

(09/12/2016 – 06/04/2017)


ERP Implementation Consultant

Worked on all phases of ERP implementation for 3 distribution centers. Trained subject matter experts (SMEs) and associates. Setup all variables of settings needed to fit the business. Managed the implementation project to meet all milestones. Held meetings with leadership to report progress and ensure compliance with the needed actions within each department.

Materials Manager / Master Scheduler / Production Planner / Packaging Supervisor

(04/06/2010 – 08/19/2016)

STANT Pine Bluff, Ar.

Materials Manager

As a Materials Manager all Production/Materials Planners, Shipping, Receiving, Data Integrity and Production Control report to me. The materials manager oversees the intake and distribution of all components and materials used by organizations. They are responsible for delegating tasks to subordinates and overseeing the completion of these tasks. The materials manager also maintains inventory levels to meet demand, as well as oversees purchasing and the shipping and receiving process. The materials manager must create and maintain relationships with suppliers. This includes scheduling regular audits of the approved suppliers and materials. The materials manager also oversees employee training and the documenting training performance.

Materials Manager Tasks

Maintain inventory accuracy and turnover to allow production.

Ensure that inventory is available and distributed across the organization to meet performance goals.

Document and analyze all materials quality, movement, and use.

Manage supplier relationships, lead negotiations, and track quality, price, and delivery metrics.

Modify processes and procedures for shipping, receiving, transport, and inventory control to reduce waste and increase throughput.

Oversee all cycle counts and variances.

Daily run through all transactions that affect inventory.

Setup and maintain queries and views in current ERP.

Proposed launch Manager of new ERP.

Meet sales goals as forecasted by sales.

Maintain forecast customer planning via communication with sales.

Develop scorecards to provide up to date data on special orders.

Master Scheduler

As a Master Scheduler all Production Planners and Material Planners report to me. I ensure that production schedules are met by moving materials and resources through departments. I work with the production department, purchasing and shipping to move finished products to customers. I monitor the progress of the work and resolve issues that may delay shipment. I create a work schedule for the production department using inventory information and production rates. I use capacity planning to create the production schedule. Capacity planning determines if the resources available in the organization are sufficient to meet demand. Resources such as labor and space are some of the areas factored into capacity planning.

I review production progress and work to eliminate delays by expediting materials shipments or revise the production schedule due to labor shortages or production issues.

Packaging Supervisor

Collaborate with workers and managers to solve work-related problems. Review work throughout the work process and at completion to ensure that it has been performed properly. Plan work schedules and assign duties to maintain adequate staff for effective performance of activities and response to fluctuating workloads. Resolve personnel problems, complaints, or formal grievances when possible, or refer them to higher-level supervisors for resolution. Inform designated employees or departments of items loaded or problems encountered. Recommend or initiate personnel actions, such as transfers, or disciplinary measures. Evaluate employee performance. Transmit and explain work orders to laborers. Assess training needs of staff and arrange for or provide appropriate instruction. Perform the same work duties as those supervised or perform more difficult or skilled tasks or assist in their performance. Conduct staff meetings to relay general information or to address specific topics, such as safety Inspect equipment for wear and for conformance to specifications. Check specifications of materials loaded or unloaded against information contained in work orders. Examine freight to determine loading sequences. Estimate material, time, and staffing requirements for a given project, based on work orders, job specifications, and experience. Inventory supplies and requisition or purchase additional items, as necessary. Participate in the hiring process by reviewing credentials, conducting interviews, or making hiring decisions or recommendations. Schedule times of shipment and modes of transportation for materials. Run KANBAN for OE and AM inventory. Received and initiated all ISLs between Stant Tijuana, Stant Connersville, and Stant Pine Bluff.


Matson Construction Little Rock, Ar.

The job of the construction foreman is to supervise, direct, coordinate, and plan building and construction projects of all types. I was responsible for coordinating activities, hiring new workers, ensuring supply delivery and managing subcontractors. I worked in conjunction with engineers, architects and owners to ensure the project is constructed properly and as intended. Well versed and knowledgeable in all the areas of operation required by a construction project. I led and motivated other construction workers in the performance of their duties. I established good working relationships with owners, suppliers, tradesmen and other workers.

Manager of Tech. Services

Tri-Link Technologies Pine Bluff, Ar.

Demonstrate machining know-how and people skills to provide hands-on supervision of the machinists, machine operators in the setup and operation of machine tools. Directly responsible for the performance of the CNC employees on all shifts, and for safely and effectively managing people, equipment and the facility to support production needs. Establish and maintain a safe working environment. Develop and plan jobs by setting priority and assigning appropriate skill levels to implement processes to produce a quality product on spec and on time. Communicate and implement company policies, procedures and objectives. Facilitate the flow of fact based information. Recommend and implement improvements in production methods, equipment, operating procedures, and working conditions. Assess employee performance, provide frequent constructive feedback to employees, and conduct performance reviews. Implement corrective and disciplinary action as warranted. Identify and implement necessary personnel coaching, training and development to upgrade and maintain employee skill levels to keep pace with current and future company requirements. Measure and manage productivity and the allocation of resources, including the control of overtime and hiring of personnel. Review CNC mill and lathe machine part programs, tooling aids, and machine set ups to ensure optimum output from resources. Maintain effective interface with other operations supervisors and other departments.

QC Inspector / Industrial Engineer

Central Moloney Pine Bluff, Ar.

Apply statistical methods and perform mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, staff requirements, and production standards. Coordinate quality control objectives and activities to resolve production problems, maximize product reliability, and minimize cost. Confer with vendors, staff, and management personnel regarding purchases, procedures, product specifications, manufacturing capabilities, and project status. Draft and design layout of equipment, materials, and workspace to illustrate maximum efficiency, using drafting tools and computer. Review production schedules, engineering specifications, orders, and related information to obtain knowledge of manufacturing methods, procedures, and activities. Communicate with management and user personnel to develop production and design standards.


M.O.S.T. certified

Calculate the time that a task or set of tasks should take to be performed.

Apply predetermined time values to activities from memory or from a data card according to the rules of Basic MOST work measurement system.

Observe operator activities and write accurate method descriptions using the work measurement system.

Analyze work on the basis of moving objects using the Basic MOST work measurement system.

Identify work measurement activities in terms of the basic sequence models for manual work: General Move, Controlled Move, Tool Use and Equipment Use.


Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Programmers write CNC programs which carefully control the motion of machines and tools used to cut and shape precision products, such as machine and automobile parts.

CNC Programming Certification provides the training needed to review computer-aided design (CAD) blueprints for a program, calculate the tool paths required to produce the item from a solid block of material or casting, select the appropriate tools for the job, and plan out the sequence of operations needed to complete the job, making sure that the product adheres to precise measurement requirements

Enrolled and pursuing APICS certification

20 years Microsoft Office experience

Ability to map the data hierarchy within any ERP and put together reports based on need.

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