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Cerner Analyst /Trainer

Houston, Texas, United States
February 20, 2018

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“Chris” Columbus Bruner- Resume

Skills Summary

• Consultant with 14 years of Cerner Millennium implementation experience

o 22 years of experience working with Physicians

o 15 years of experience working with Cerner Millennium in the Clinical

o 7 years of experience working with PowerChart “CPM” aka Cerner Practice Management-PowerChart Ambulatory (design, build, test, train)

o 22 years of Microsoft, MS Office 2016, MS Project, VISIO, MS Windows 2016

• Program execution of project communications, planning, analysis, process and go-live implementation.

• Oncology Practice Management, CPM AKA Cerner Practice Management, Health Maintenance, Ambulatory Summary Clinical Documentation Implementation: PowerNotes/DCP TOOLS, Clover ETL, Open Text Integration, PowerCenter, Informatics, Cerner Dynamic Documents, CPDI, Content 360, CPOE Build/Implementations, Cerner PowerChart and PowerChart Ambulatory, PowerInsight Explorer/PIE Reports,Cerner Esig

• Cerner Trainer: Registration, Scheduling, EMR, EHR, ECW Best Practices Workflow Analysis- Change from HCFA – (CMS) to HIPAA, Life, IEP, IIP, Measure Codes, Cerner CareAware IBUS

• Full Cycle Build: PowerChart Ambulatory- Maternity and IPOCSs

• Application support and maintenance team member for Cerner Foreign System Interfaces.

• Experience with Scheduling and Registration, PathNet, FirstNet, PharmNet, SurgiNet, CareAware IBUS, Cerner Patient Care, Profit and Charge Services, Power Notes, Case Mix Indexes, Train The Trainer, Cerner Practice Management, EHR Ambulatory Patients Portal, Cerner Billing and Revenue Management, Imformatica, Med-Reconciliation, E-Perscribe Cerner BCMA, PowerOrders, Powernote, Powerplans,

• Responsible for redesigning the environment of care delivery, including streamlined workflows and standardized care processes and protocols.

• Used innovative technology to support front-line workflows, enable easy access to current legacy applications to include patient information, support academic research, improvements on the registration processes and workflows while promoting application functionality.

• Led the registration team through design and integrated sessions.

• Worked with various departments to include the HIM department as it applies to Revenue Cycle Management i.e. patient registration, billing, claims processing, and payers.

• Interfaced with Cerner core team members’, HO, SME’s and consultants to perform problem solving and issues resolution.

• Facilitated design and integrated design sessions workshops with end users, SME’s, coordinators and Team Leads that reviewed workflows, current and future state objectives, while documenting nuances, variations and offering suggestions for improvements.

• Worked within the engagement teams and was responsible for identifying business requirements, requirements management, functional design, prototyping, process design (including DCW scenario design, flow mapping), testing, training, defining support procedures and supporting implementations. This information was documented/disseminated in (Industry Print) during design and integrated sessions.

• Solid technical aptitude and proven analytical skills across a range of technologies.

• Experience with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and risk based testing methodologies.

• Facilitated the development of Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and drafting project plans; set up project tools and infrastructure; conducted initial meetings with governance groups; created project controls for issue, risk and financial management; beginning project reporting and task management/measurement.

Facilitated the work of teams in defining concepts and principles for “as-is” (current) and “to-be” (future) states; conducted gap, process and workflow analysis.

Career Highlights:

• SurgiNet Anesthesia, successfully implemented at a number of ORs of mixed sizes and complexity including an academic medical center.

• Participated in a workflow study by observation and then documented the current state.

• Worked with the end-user community to design a future state and then designs/built the proposed future state and validated design through a test methodology.

• Worked directly with the end-user community to assist in the design decision, assisted with builder knowledge of what is, and was not feasible for the workflow.

• Designed/customized the training materials for a surgical case-tracking module, trained in both the functionality and the process, assisted in configuration of the training domain.

• Trained and mentored support staff to obtain maximum efficiency of medical practice, identifying problems, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks in billing/collection systems and office procedures and conveying process improvements to the medical office administration.

• Documented both current state and future state process flows

• Utilized HL7 messages for troubleshooting purposes

• Support of information systems in a medical environment

• Assisted and facilitated teams in developing solution transition plans and training; conducted organizational change management activities.

• Executed project implementation activities to install; monitor and manage solution in whole or in phases.

• Facilitated the work of teams in monitoring and correcting the solution to create a stable operational system for ongoing use.

• Conducting lessons learned workshops; archived project artifacts and documentation; measured business objectives to compare with project outcomes; turned over solution to operational management.

• Interfaced with Directors, Physicians, Vendors and the Ministry Of Health Alliance

• Conducted and Mapped out strategic business planning, design sessions, addressed current state and future state requirements as it applies to the enterprise software and legacy applications.

• Utilized DCW’s, Life Cycle Methodologies, systems planning, design, development, implementation, testing and possible sun setting non-required applications.

• Acted as team lead during design sessions.

• Deployed MS Windows 2016, MS Office 2016, Outpatient Clinic, CPM, Cerner Bridge, Cerner Helix!

LakeLand Health Systems, Florida Feb-2017 August -2017

Sr. Systems Analysts

Developed, implemented,support, and maintained my station patient engagement solution

Built/ configure; Cerner Core Services, Powerforms, orders/tasks, Clindoc, iView, MPages, in millennium, FirstNet and Surginet Applications

Developed Test Scripts and validated ICD-10 and PTE Implementations Maintain core and security Team of six consultants.

LHSC Ministry of Health Alliance May -2014 January-2017

Victoria, University Hospital, Childrens Hospital

Project Lead-Functional/Clinical Applications Analyst/Sr.Trainer

• Team Lead for SurgiNet Perioperative Documentation, My team provided assistance to the

Clinicians, Anesthesiologist and Surgeons who needed assistance with

SurgiNet,PowerChart and FirstNet

• Facilities consisted of 5 OR’S, multiple Ambulatory Clinics, and limited inpatient stay for some special Ophthalmological Surgeries, Pain Management Procedures, and Orthopedic Cases

• Performed clinical and business workflow and optimization for FirstNet, SurgiNet and PowerChart for the emergency rooms and Trained Physicians on FirstNet, SurgiNet

• Configured Medication ordersets and PowerPlans. Supported staff on best practices in the configuration and usage of Cerner PowerChart for Clinical Documentation, Reporting, CPOE, EMAR, QuickOrders, ClinDoc,1&II, IVIEW, MPages, FirstNet and Surginet modules including Depart, Scheduling, MedRec, Discern Explorer, Restraint and other Advanced Clinical Documentation configurations. Mpages in millennium FirstNet, and SurgiNet applications

Project Manager-Functional/Clinical Applications Analyst/Sr.Trainer

• Assessed the issues in the outpatient clinics and the Emergency Room, Life-Sciences, and PathNet.

• Utilized PowerInsight along with Discern Expert Rules to clear up workflow problems

• Fixed build code errors in several applications including PowerChart Ambulatory. Esig

• Utilized iView documentation to mark and improve physician ability to access live data.

• Utilized IEP, IIP and Daily Scrum in the behavior department we

• Retrained ER Physicians and nurses on FirstNet and PowerChart for two months.

• Created FirstNet, SurgiNet, and SurgiNet Anesthesia training manual.

• Oversaw for changes and updates to test, train, and production pathways.

• Experience working with clinical and executive leadership to understand workflow and develop processes to increase efficiency and better patient outcomes

• Facilitated Team materials management interface between Lawson and SurgiNet.

• Team Lead for Design/build/maintained SurgiNet Perioperative Documentation.

• Team Lead for Design/build/maintained Surgical Charges.

• Team Lead for Design/build/maintained Powerforms.

• Team Lead for Design/build/maintained Iview.

• Team Lead for Design/build/maintained Mpages.

• Team Lead for Design/build/maintained FirstNet.

• Team Lead for Design/build/maintained SurgiNet Anesthesia.

• Served as sole SME experience; managed the Team FirstNet/SurgiNet/SurgiNet Anesthesia projects and participated in organization-wide IT planning activities: service delivery, downtime recovery, and project planning.

• Experience with build applications in Cerner such as: bedrock, corecodebuilder, dcptools, discern analytics, fbdesigner, hnauser, itembuild, itemlocbuild, location, manufmaintenance, mmdbtool, opsview monitor, opsview scheduler, prefmaint, Privmnt, schapptbook, schtools, snctdbbuild, sndbprocmgr, sndocmnt, snpcmnt, and trackingdbtool. PMOffice, InBoxconfigtool, Orderresultviewer TrackingDBtools, EKS, CCL,ESH HTML/XML/DHTML, Java,SNreportbuilder, SNreportmanager, Flash, C/C+,VB,SQL

• Responsible for production support of trouble calls for Cerner SurgiNet and SurgiNet Anesthesia.

• Experience with:

• Cerner SurgiNet Anesthesia application

• Cerner SurgiNet Case Tracking application

• Cerner SurgiNet Scheduling application

• Reviewed SurgiNet testing scripts for evaluation of proposed changes and corrections for system/process.

• Designed/built/maintained SurgiNet Case Tracking for many facilities used in the daily function of ancillary and surgery departments.

• Designed/built/maintained SurgiNet scheduling templates for many facilities used in the daily function of ancillary and surgery departments.

• Experience SurgiNet changes and updates to test, train and production pathways

• Experience with system testing of SurgiNet and SurgiNet Anesthesia Perptual Inventory

Via Christi Healthcare-Wichita KS January 2014 – June 2014

Cerner Millennium Clinical Coordinator

• Trained 1400 Physicians in a classroom setting which included Surgeons, Anesthesia-managed, Internal Medicine, Residents on Cerner Millennium One Chart.

• Resolved overall integration problems and optimized workflows for Cerner One Chart which involved The Cerner Millennium Core Modules, FirstNet, SurgiNet, Oncology, Multi-Phase Chemo

Power-Plans, Registration, Scheduling, CareNet, Provision, CareWare IBUS, Revenue Cycle,Financial ERP, Dragon

Saint John’s Hospital- MI May 2013 – May 2014Clinical Applications Analyst

• Responsible for managing, the build, and Training for the Ambulatory Clinical Department which began with Scheduling, Registration, PowerChart, Profile and Profit.

• Trained nurses and physicians on Cerner Ambulatory Build with CareNet, Radnet, CPOE, PowerChart, Scheduling and IVIEW.

• At Children’s Hospital, managed the HPF implementation Team for Physician use including the EMR viewer Document View.

• Responsible for building/training/implementing FirstNet, SurgiNet, and SurgiNet Anesthesia. Collaborating with customers to define needs and implementing solutions to those needs. Also responsible for creating SurgiNet testing scripts for evaluation of proposed changes and corrections for system/process.

• Worked with USC and Cerner to streamline USC files and folders to an electronic system, resulting in increased efficiency and time savings.

• Built new surgical locations in order to build and implement SurgiNet scheduling.


20+ years' experience in the healthcare provider environment

15+ years, Project Manager: Sr.Trainer Sr.Clinical Applications Analyst

Project Life Cycle (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, Closing)

Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) Competencies (Integration, Scope,

Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risk, & Procurement



• HIS/CIS Implementation

• Laboratory Systems Upgrade & EMR Interface Implementation

• Radiology Information Systems Selection

• Revenue Cycle (Access & Receivables) Systems implement]\


• Bed & Patient Tracking Systems implementation

• Cancer Registry development, implementation, maintenance, & support

• EMR Implementation (Inpatient, Outpatient, Ambulatory, Practice Management)

• 6+ Years, BAConsultant

Project Life Cycle (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, Closing)

Business.Analysis Body Of Knowledge (BABOK) Competencies (Enterprise Analysis,

Requirements Planning & Management, Requirements Elicitation, Requirements

Analysis & Documentation, Requirements Communication, & Solution Assessment &



• Clinical Information Systems & EMR Implementation (Inpatient, Outpatient,

Ambulatory, Practice Management)

• Revenue Cycle Management design, development, & implementation

• EMR Interface development & implementation

• Document Imaging & EMR implementation

• Occupational Health Information Systems Implementation

• 5+ Years, Health Information Management Department

HIM Director

Supervisor (HIM Transcription, Coding & Abstracting)

• Health Care Standards, Compliance, Regulations, Agencies









Greenville Memorial Hospital - Greenville SC March 2013 – April 2013

Senior Trainer - CPOE

• Trained nurses in Intensive Care ICU and Thoracic ICU on Orders, Power Plans, Cerner CareAware IBUS, PowerNotes, BCMA, IVIEW, PowerChart, SurgiNet, and Citrix for Go-Live.

• Helped to plan and execute training on Oncology EMR, Scheduling, Registration, PACS and SurgiNet for the Physicians.

• Performed maintenance modifications on PowerPlans and PathNet orders as requested within both inpatient and ambulatory PowerChart.

• Changed order sentences within PowerChart that affect patient care to include Careset, Powerplans and lab orders within both inpatient and ambulatory PowerChart.

• Acted as the primary point of contact when on-call. (Service Now) ticket tracking.

• Aliased order codes for new or modified orders within PathNet.

• Performed usability, regressio00n and integrated testing.

• Created new acute and ancillary000000000 location as required.

Saint Mary’s Children’s Hospital-Decatur IL May 2012 – February 2013

Project Manager - HSHS

• Project Manager for Physicians who were implementing the CPOE/PDOC Implementation for St. Mary’s Hospital in Decatur Illinois.

• Promoted to a Tier 1 Project Manager to finish the Meditech conversion from 5.6.4 to 6.0.

• Later promoted to Project Manager supervising 32 Meditech Consultants to finish training all the Physicians within both Facilities Saint John’s and Saint Mary’s Consultants for the final 3 Months of the Project.

• Build the Meditech Emergency Module dictionaries and changing some of the templates in the

PDOC Module and the settings on the RXM Module.

• Supervised two trainers on my Surgical Floor, including OR, ICU, Life-Sciences, and Care.

• Provided training on the EDM Module, ORM, PHA, and PDOC Module for Physicians and Nurses.

Laporte Hospital, Memorial Pediatric & Health Services ACE January 2011 – January 2012

Cerner Project Manager

• Project Managed the Training and Implementation for Physicians and Nurses on CPOE, PowerChart, Cerner CareAware, IBUS Interface, iView, eMAR.

• Used my training on CPOE and Ace Conversion Training to train the staff on the Nursing Home Floor.

• Helped build and assisted with testing with CareNet, iView, PowerNotes, and PowerPlans, SurgiNet and Anesthesia

• Performed training and Go-Live on multiple modules.

• Performed build for Scheduling and Registration.

Doctors Hospital of Edinburg TX June 2010 – December 2010

Cerner Trainer

• Cerner Conversion-Training for Nurses was Enhanced View, PAL, EMAR, Inet, IView and O2G, Cerner and BCMA, Orders, ePrescribe, and Depart Process.

• Built/Modified Single and Multi-Phase Power Plans using DCP Tools.

• Performed Testing in the PROD and Non-PROD domains.

• Created Powerplans from Careset for CCU and NICU and Ambulatory Care Units.

• Assisted staff during Go-lives (Clinical rounder and Command Center support).

• Assisted in functional testing for the Upgrade from Cerner 2012.1.5 to 2012.10.

• Demonstrated application of industry-standards, methodology, and terminology relating to software quality assurance and an understanding of test design techniques.

• Executed Security Builds (Alias), when creating user accounts from Active Directory.

• Utilized software packages or tools for processing and/or extracting data.

Spectrum Healthcare & Helen July 2010 –September 2010

DEVOS Children’s Grand Rapids MI

Cerner Clinical Analyst

• Lead the CPOE Implementation, and HPF UTILIZATION.

• Responsible for support with the Patient Access Billing, Emergency Room, Admitting, Registration and scheduling to assist Spectrum Staff with End User Perceived Problem severity and Impact.

• Supervised Help Desk on the night shift and handled Physician Order Entry Issues and all Physician calls that came into the Help Desk.

• Developed CPOE Cerner Core Services,PowerForms, orders/tasks,ClinDoc, IVIEW, MPAGES in millennium, FirstNet and SurgiNet applications for patient engagement solution

• Trained nurses and super users on Scheduling and Registration prior to go-live for Cerner across the facility.

Beggs Living Center Beggs OK- November 2008 – May 2010

Administrator /MRDD

• Managed the nursing home and twenty-two staff members, 3 RN’S, 2 Case managers, Six LPNS.

• Utilization according to state Law of the DDSD/DHS in Oklahoma.

Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami FL August 2003 – October 2008

Cerner Analyst

• Functioned as Cerner PowerChart, CPOE, HPF and Zynx analyst

• Built the training databases in order to train the physicians, registered nurses, super-users and end-users on Cerner HNA Registration, FirstNet, Scheduling, and PowerChart.

• The project involved a migration from HBOC and Care to Cerner HNA Oracle, based with the use of the thin client, Citrix.

• Taught and performed daily maintenance of the Cerner HNA Millennium Modules.

• Supported Cerner, which was remote hosted, in the build process for the lab (PathNet), and CPOE Powerplans, Ambulatory Care units, CCU, NICU.

• Assisted the team in Unit, Functional, Integration, Regression and Systems testing.

• Interfaced with various vendors to ensure that task/milestones where met.

• Assisted other teams in formulating test scripts.

• Worked with test automation strategies and ability to apply them successfully to testing efforts.

• Worked with the development team on testing requirements and implementation details, i.e. hardware and software installs/upgrades

State of Alabama Medicaid, Montgomery AL July 2002 – July 2003

Senior HIPAA Privacy Policy Analyst

• Developed Policy, Procedures, Business Associates Agreements, Chain of Trust Agreements, Trading Partner Agreements, to meet the Federal Privacy and Security Requirements under 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164.

• Work Flow Analysis / Provisions, Clinical Documentation and Work Flow Analysis.

• Developed Privacy Training for Agency, Business Associate Contracts, Trust Agreements, Data Mapping July 1998 – July 2002

Cerner Consultant

• Team Lead during a Cerner Millennium Implementation for Metropolitan and Community-Base Hospitals, which included The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, the University of Illinois in Chicago, Mt. Sinai and the University of Pittsburg Medical Center.

• Team lead implementing Cerner PowerChart, Scheduling, CareNet, FirstNet, Life-Sciences, Physics, Registration, Profit and SurgiNet.

• Inpatient Psychiatric Department used Scrum Test Daily and IEP and IIP

• Used Core tools to integrate disparate legacy systems.

• Provided initial Gap and Conflict Analysis and helped with Solution Design Documentation at County Memorial Health.

• Developed HIPAA policy deployment and implementation.

Medical Business Associates March 1996 – June 1998

Project Manager

• Managed 35 Hospitals Accounts with Medicare QA Coding and Billing in six western states.

• Implemented on-site Medicare-reimbursement software and compliance management, which included training physicians, nurses, medical records supervisor, and any other designated technician via Oracle

• Project Manager for implementations in this geographic region (OK, MO, NE, North TX, NM and AZ) At Aurora Health Care the discussion of the Domains for development, training, EMR, OCD Verification and production issue resolution and CareNet with PowerChart, Life-Sciences, PowerForms and IView.


Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services Certification


Business Law Certification

University of Tulsa Business Law

Oklahoma State University

B.S. –Sociology / Journalism

Certified PMP


Chris”Columbus E Bruners

San Ramon Ca/Houston Tx

346-***-**** 925-***-****)

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