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Active Directory Technical Support

Kosli, Haryana, India
February 19, 2018

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(CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNP TShoot, CCNP Routing and CCNP Switching, MCSE)

# *** * ***** ******* *****, Ludhiana.

( 081********; *; Date Of Birth: 21/02/1987

Seeking a challenging and rewarding opportunity with an organization of repute which recognizes my true potential and effectively utilizes/ nurtures my excellent analytical and technical skills

Core skills lies in Exchange Server, Active Directory, Routing, Switching, Office 365,VMWare, Lync Server, Basics of Security


Resolution-oriented Network Professional with experience in latest Microsoft Technologies, Cisco Technologies and Products. Demonstrated ability to acquire technical knowledge and skills rapidly. Innovative and able to see the business and technical sides of a problem. Reliable and nice natured. Skills like commitment and dedication. Resounding Communication Skills to communicate with the client. Preferred locations are Chandigarh,Gurgaon,Noida and Mumbai.


B.E in Information Technology from Neptune Institute of Management and Technology (November 2007-December 2011).

National Diploma in Computing from New Zealand School of Education.

Diploma in Computer Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic Ludhiana

Matriculation passed from Govt. Model Sr. Secondary School, Ludhiana (PSEB) in May, 2002.





Convergys Corporation


Technical Support


HCL Comnet Limited


Senior Analyst

Marfic Software Solutions


System Administrator


Skills Set related to Cisco Routing/Switching

Practical work on devices like IAD 2400,2600, 2800, 3600, 2500, 2950, 2960, 3550, 3560. Practical’s done on EIGRP Variance multiplier to load balance the unequal cost links. Practical’s done on OSPF Stub so that LSA 5 does not come into backbone area for scaling of the networks. Configured Totally Stubby Area so that LSA 3, 4, 5 do not inject into Area 0. Configuring them on Area Border Router and on next configured area. Multilayer Switching configuration with VLAN interfaces like Int Vlan 20 and with no switchport and IP routing commands, OSPF Virtual Links on transit areas with router-ids on transit area. Routing Manipulation through distribution lists.

Troubleshooting ability through show commands,configured OSPF NSSA which converts the LSA 7 into LSA 5 to inject them into area 0 with external routes through ABR, basic knowledge of HSRP by configuring them with ip standby group-id ip address and Virtual ip. Aware of HSRP standby ip group-id preempt so that to make one router active intentionally if it goes down on HSRP Link and then also HSRP standby ip group id priority number to prioritize the particular router.

Ability to configure the Route Maps by creating route map sequences and matching the access-list and then setting the desired result like metric implementation on particular set of IP addresses which are present in the ACL subnets or like next-hop or like setting the tag for redistribution.

Practicals done on STP, RSTP for loop avoidance and disabling the port if loop occurs.VTP Modes so that VLANs can be in single domain and those VLANs can propagate on other switches also by making them server and client, Spanning tree Port-fast, BPDU Guard to stop particular BPDUs for security purposes, know how to bring back the port from disable status. Setting the particular root bridge through command spanning tree native vlan 1 priority higher mac-address or value.

Basic knowledge of traceroute to find out which router is dropping the packets and checking out which router is having issue like If router is completely down or router interface has gone down or If it has gone into rommon mode by getting rebooted and bringing it back through giving 0x2102 register configuration. Can establish the BGP States with one router to other.

Knowledge of bringing the router back from rommon mode by using the boot flash option or using the usb for booting the IOS or booting the IOS from TFTP server.

I have studied Hardware troubleshooting index where I have the ability to rectify the hardware issues in the router by analyzing the hardware errors with commands like show power, show diag, show environment etc. I can fix errors related to IOS bugs by analyzing the IOS errors with the cisco software bug tool and fixing the IOS without upgrading.

I can upgrade the IOS by using the command archive download-sw.

Knowledge of Border Gateway Protocol and it’s attributes like Local Preference, MED and Weight. Has the ability to set the local preference by giving value of 200 and giving value on other router below or more to make the traffic flow from one router’s end by issuing commands like set local preference 200 into route-map.

Knowledge of Port Security and If any of the interface goes down then finding out why by giving show interface fx/x commands and configuring them again by toggling the interfaces up and down stage. Figuring out if interface is in not connected stage, disabled, Error-disabled or what is wrong with the interface.

I have to ability to configure VLANs, VTPs and have also worked on it.

Skills Set related to Exchange Server and Office 365

Knowledge of Eseutil to repair the database on the Exchange servers.

I have to potential to upgrade the Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange 2016 or upgrade from 2013 to 2016.

Can troubleshoot if mail is not getting sent.

Can troubleshoot if mail is not getting received.

Hybrid Configuration is not working.

Issues related to transport rules, issues related to the spams.

User is not getting synced to the cloud.

Have the potential to troubleshoot the issues related to OWA like user is not able to login into the OWA by changing the Authentication.

Knowledge if the outlook is blocking the users and making the emails as spam.

Fixing the issues related to the NDRs.

Knowledge of Information Store Service if it is not getting started, likely issue will be antivirus. If topology service is not starting then something is wrong with the active directory or the issue seems to be with the database.

Knowledge of troubleshooting issues with the Active Sync.

Knowledge troubleshooting issues related to Outlook.

Issues with the MX record, SPF record and if emails are coming as junk emails.

Ability to read message trace, message tracking and extended message trace.

Ability to troubleshoot issues related to connectors or configuring connectors.

Registering the domain by registering the DNS records.

Exporting/Importing the PST.

Issues related to free busy/calendars.

Configuring new outlook accounts.

Configuring virtual directories if that has got removed.

Issues related to DirSync like soft match etc.

Skills Set related to Active Directory

Creating the Users in Active Directory, Assigning the Mailboxes to them in Exchange Management Console in 2010 and 2007 whereas straight configuring them in Exchange 2003.

Sharing the folders and assigning the required permissions by creating the security groups and by separately assigning the permissions according to the requirement of the managers of the employees.

Monitoring the networks and maintaining them to the full efficiency of devices.

Reliability on Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Domain Name Server

Knowledge of Active Directory FSMO Roles, Trusts, knows how to transfer them by going into Operations Masters and transferring the 3 forest roles and 2 domain level roles on selected servers and making them Primary Domain Controller. Issuing VPN dial in access through user properties tab. Fixing the VPN if it is not logging in. Largely antivirus blocks the access and firewall is also sometimes reason for blocking the particular user an access or VPN client gets corrupted.

Ability how to add the Group Policies in Windows 2003 server and Windows 2008 server by adding Group Policy Objects and then linking them to the Group Policy which is present in the domain and linking them with tree in Windows Server 2008.

Knowledge about DNS, primary zones, secondary zones, stub zones which caches the records of Domains and adding the host and deleting them. Aware how to create a pointer record in secondary domain. Aware about nslookup to check if computer is connected to the domain and receiving domain services. If not then checking what is wrong at the desktop end or checking if something is wrong at Active directory level like administrator settings or checking the health of the active directory and then fixing the active directory or the user.

Know how to configure the Active Directory domain controllers like Additional or Child domains for network load balancing.

Possess the knowledge of File Transfer protocol server or file transfer client software.

Knowledge of troubleshooting tools like dnslint to troubleshoot the DNS server issues, DCDIAG to check the status of the health of the active directory. Repadmin command to troubleshoot the issues related to the replication of the active directory. After getting the errors through DCDIAG and then fixing them according to the requirement or the status of error.

Skill Set related to Desktop Troubleshooting

I have the knowledge to troubleshoot the startup problems with the operating system.

I have the ability to check if the RAM or motherboard is not working.

Knowledge about issues related to Power supply.

Knowledge about issues related to hardware and almost all the devices in the CPU.

Have the ability to assemble the computer from the start.

Have the ability to troubleshoot the issues related to operating system when it is running like files are not showing in the pen drive and if any of the error is coming in the operating system then checking with the event viewer for more diagnosis and then troubleshooting it according to the requirement and getting into the details of

Skillset related to VMWare

I can deploy the virtual machines and ESXi hypervisor on bare metal and hosted environment.

Can configure snapshots before performing anything on the Virtual Servers.

Have the knowledge of data stores in local storage and network storage like NFS, iSCSI or SAN. Can configure VMFS, storage and storage adapters.

I have the potential to deploy the VCenter by installing VCenter Single Sign On, VCenter Web Client, VCenter Inventory Server and VCenter Server.

Can setup data centers in VCenter and can add hosts and virtual machines into it.

Have the potential to perform VMotion when machines are powered on and can also migrate data stores while virtual servers are shut down.

Can perform cloning on the virtual servers in VCenter and can also convert the Virtual machines to templates. Can also configure exact clone template of the Virtual Machines.

Has the ability to setup the permissions on the virtual host by creating users in VCenter Server.

Can configure high availability and fault tolerance of the hosts and virtual machines.

Can perform migration from live bare metal machine to VMWare virtual machine or server through Vsphere Converter.

Skillset related to Lync

I have the ability to deploy the lync servers and then publish the topology to install the server roles into the network.

Have the ability to enable the users for the lync machines which are replicating from the active directory and then assigning them the phone numbers and can implement the powershell command to enable whole of the users at once.

Can assign the RBAC roles to the users and CsAdministrators according to the requirement of the organization and then can assign the client policy to the users.

I have the ability to configure the edge roles of the lync servers.

Can deploy the certificates according to the requirement of the role of the network.

Can configure the dial plan and then the voice policy and can add the phone number for the user and can assign the routes for the lync users to make the calls through the voice policies.

Can make the call parking possible through defining some of the extensions for call parking.

Can assign the unassigned numbers and then can make the voice announcement possible through that numbers.

Can configure the Polycom and Phalantronics phones for the lync users.

Can deploy the conference policies which can be assigned to the users.

Can implement the resource groups and assign the right IVR options for the customers who are making the calls.

Skillset related to Security

I can configure Zone based firewalls on the routers.

I can configure IPSec VPN on the routers.

I can configure layer 2 security on the switches. I can configure Root Guard, Port Security, DHCP Snooping, ARP Inspection.

I can configure static and default routing on ASA.

I can configure NAT on ASA with ASDM.I have the ability to configure ASDM on firewall.

I can configure Modular Policy Framework. Can allow or deny the traffic from ASDM.

I can configure DMZ on the firewall.

I can configure CBAC on Cisco Routers.

I can configure security-levels on ASA Firewall.

Skillset related to Business and Economics

Have strong understanding of business and economics. Knowledge about Central Bank and monetary policies like interest rates, CRR cut, SLR cut, repo cut when growth is less or not coming. I have studied case study of Goldman Sachs in which how they sold their general and preferred shares to manage the company by raising the money and bringing the money back to growth. Have the knowledge of what are the factors which effects the shares of the companies like key people resigning and providing bonus, operational factors, projects, geo political tensions, factors related to main 50 or 30 companies. Market confidence and trends. Inflation also plays the crucial role in the growth of the company. Arbitrations affecting the companies. Exports and other factors affecting the companies. I have knowledge of shares, debentures, equity, balanced funds and mutual funds. Knowledge of rate cuts and cuts made by banks on savings. Knowledge of CPI and WPI. Knowledge of dividends, share buyback. Understanding of trade deficit and have done case study of Great Recession. I have understanding of bulls and bears and EPS values provided by companies. I have knowledge of factors affecting the Indian indices BSE and Nifty. Knowledge of fiscal deficit. Knowledge of Word Trade Centre. I have done a case study of 1997 Asean crisis when Thai Bhat started to depreciate and other currencies also fell and IMF pulled out by giving South Korea package. What are the factors which affects the inflation and why inflation reduces when Goods Supply demand reduces. I have done a case study of 1997 crisis of Russian Economy when Central Bank of Russia regulated the Rouble for investors for inducing money and brought back the Economy. I have the knowledge of mergers, acquisitions affecting the shares. I can perform capex cycle for the IT in the new fiscal. Generally 4% to 6% is invested in the new fiscal for the IT whereas 2% to 4% is invested in the enterprise. I am aware how managers should react to the politics in the companies and how Managers should behave and build the confidence of teams. How learning skills should be increased. I know how to motivate the employees and achieve success and how to get the work from the employees. I have the knowledge of Balance Sheets and can compare the investment cycle of the organization for the growth with other years. Organizational behavior is very important in companies and how to successfully build the organizational behavior among the peers. How to track the progress. How to send email on the disputes to the employees. Leadership is all about taking the employees forward to achieve greater success and knows about that like applauding the employee or giving pat on the back to increase the confidence.

Other important skills

I have the potential to thrive under the pressure and I have skills basics skills of security and voice. I have the skills related like Leadership, Team Player, Motivation, Cross Cultural Communications, and Organizational Behavior. I have great skills related to Customer care and Technical Support. I have very good communication skills and speaking is my strength.


Marfic Software Solutions Jan’10-June’10

System Administrator

Maintaining and monitoring the networks of US Based Clients. Performing activities on clients like VPN, Outlook, Printer Sharing. Creating the users, groups, Assigning the mailboxes to the users and sharing the files and folders for the convenience of the employees. Adding the users and making them mail enabled users, also troubleshooting the users who are not able to access the exchange server, outlook. Escalating to the upper level team if not possible to troubleshoot the problems. Troubleshooting the exchange databases with the Eseutil commands. Disconnecting the users from terminal server if they forgot to disconnect through qwinsta and rwinsta command.Fixing the users profile if the profile is corrupted. Troubleshooting the OWA authentication and login issues. Creating the profiles of the user and if user is not able to login to OWA, changing the authentication. Troubleshooting the Information Store service by checking database is corrupted or some issue with the active directory or issue is with the anti-virus. Connecting the computers to the wireless networks as per the requirements. Also performing the folder permissions on security groups and giving read/write permissions. Mapping the drives. Identify the problems related to network by looking into the event viewers in windows servers. Monitoring of ISR Routers like 2800,2500,3600,2600 etc, switches like 3500, 2900, 3700 and complete knowledge of Network Devices from Core layer to Access Layer. Troubleshooting the issues related to configuration issues of cisco switches and cisco routers. Configuring the VLANs, port-security on the switches. Troubleshooting the issues related to access-lists and also configuring them. Configuring the static and OSPF routes. Troubleshooting the Wifi routers for the clients. Rebooting them and changing the passwords.

HCL Comnet July’12-August’13

Senior Analyst

Finding out the issues related to BGP, HSRP, ARP, Interfaces, DSL, T1 lines, finding issues related to Frame Relays, port security and little bit of VPNs. Performing Level 1 activities in the enterprise. Working in the project of Toys ‘R’ Rus which was consisting of 800 stores and warehouses around the globe. Also finding out the fault at the Customer Premises Equipment and then troubleshooting them. Clearing the ARP Entries, troubleshooting the interfaces, issue exist with port security or there is a duplex mismatch between the speeds of the two properties or something is wrong with the interface property like disabled or not connected and rebooting the routers according to the requirement. Issues related to LMI Interface on service provider. Finding out the states are established or Idle. Finding if EIGRP neighbors are down or not. Creating the VLANs and assigning the computers to the particular VLANs. Basic configuration related to VTP and trunks. If something like domain name on particular switch is not working or need to be added again. Troubleshooting the exchange free/busy issues. Resolving the issues related to calendars, ActiveSync. Troubleshooting the outlook clients and reconfiguring them. Resetting the password. Creating the users. Troubleshooting DNS records issues with dnslint command. Checking the health of the active directory with the dcdiag command and performing the replications with the repadmin /syncall command.

Convergys Corporation, Gurgaon May’14-March’15

Technical Support Engineer 3

It was a dedicated troubleshooting profile and I was deployed into Exchange Online Protection team and DirSync. I was looking into the issues related to Accepted Domains. Email is not getting received for the particular user and if he also not able to send the email. Issues related to transport rules. IP address is getting blocked, hybrid connectors are not set properly. Issues with the MX record, SPF record and if emails are coming as junk emails. User is blocked or IP address is required to be delisted. Setting up SMTP Relay. Spams are coming into the outlook and it needs a look. Working with the NDRs. In DirSync, issues related to DirSync is not getting installed and requires a reinstallation. Distribution lists are not syncing. Hard match is required to be done. Users are not able to login and more issues related to the DirSync and Active Directory like creating another domain name for the users. Using the lidfde command to troubleshoot the soft match.


I strive to progress under all circumstances with a calm outlook and positive attitude.

I handle pressure well and do not stray away from the priorities and the bigger picture.

Able to communicate effectively and interact in a professional manner with customers and colleagues.

Problem solving and logical thinking skills, well organized and goal oriented.

Self-motivated, team worker and a continuous learner.


Date of Birth : 21th Feb, 1987

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single Language Proficiency : English, Hindi and Punjabi

Permanent Address : 289 A Block Rajguru Nagar Ludhiana.

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