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Technical Support Engineer

Derry, New Hampshire, 03038, United States
February 08, 2018

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Bryan S. Pulley

*** ******** ****, ******, ** *3051

Phone: 603-***-**** Cell: 603-***-****


Professional Summary:

Accomplished Senior Systems Consultant possessing excellent communication skills and extensive technical knowledge who enjoys the challenges involved with providing solutions for complex data centers.

Developed an ACE Load Balancer solution as a Redirection Engine for the Cisco Wide Area Acceleration System.

Developed and successfully implemented in the Boxborough MA lab :

Unified Computing System Challenge Lab

Unified Computing System Deploying VMware Lab

Unified Computing System Deploying Bare Metal Windows 7 Lab

Nexus 1000V Basic Lab,

UCS Director Basic Lab

Worked on the Application Centric Infrastructure Basic Lab

Well versed in design, troubleshooting, maintenance and training at all levels on the latest technologies.


Provided advanced network consulting for several large organizations in USA, Europe, and Asia.

British Gas Corporation – UK (Network Design and Deployment)

South African Post Office – SA (Network Design and Deployment)

Eskom Corp – South Africa (Network Design and Deployment)

Best Buy Corporation - Minneapolis MN (Load Balancing and Troubleshooting)

Sony Corporation - San Diego CA (Load Balancing and Troubleshooting)

United Nations - New York NY ( Geographic Load Balancing DNS)

Collaborated with various engineering groups and field engineers to design training lab solutions (2010 – 2015)

Administered and delivered the BXB Platinum labs throughout Cisco worldwide to both customers and system engineers (2010 – 2015)

Used Cisco Process Orchestrator and UCS Director to automate the setup/reset of the Platinum Labs (2010 – 2015)

Provided technical support on Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Microsoft Key Management Service (KMS) (2010 – 2015)

Configured the Cisco ASA firewalls for Internet Access for the Platinum Labs

The following are a sample of the types of training labs I have developed and deployed:

ACE Load Balancer as a Redirection Engine for Wide Area Acceleration System solution encompassed:

Web Cache Control Protocol Version 2 (WCCP) has been the traditional mechanism used in the Data Center to intercept relevant traffic for WAAS to optimize. While WCCP is a very capable interception engine, combining WAAS with ACE creates a solution architecture that provides an even more robust and flexible solution than is possible using WCCP. There are situations where WCCP may not be the optimal technology to perform this interception such as IOS version requirements, configuration complexity, varying degrees of WCCP support in IOS products or the customer does not have any products that support WCCP.

The ACE provides an alternative means for transparently intercepting traffic transiting between sites and intelligently directing it to a group of WAAS Wide Area Application Engines (WAE). Not only are the dependencies noted above mitigated, scalability of the number of WAE devices is also increased from a maximum of 32 to a number in excess of any practical design yet encountered. The virtualization functionality within the ACE allows it to be securely used as a server load balancer as well, combining multiple application functions within a single platform.

UCS: Boot Camp Challenge Lab

The Challenge Lab is designed to provide the student with enough expertise to deploy a UCS B-Series cluster. The scope of the lab is from out of the box, to a fully redundant system with associated blades running operating systems. (The lab assumes the UCS has been cabled and that the upstream Network/Fiber Channel infrastructures have been provisioned.)

The goal of the lab is to increase the student’s knowledge and hands-on experience successfully deploying a new UCS B-Series in a Proof of Concept.

The exercise is divided into two major components: Planning and Deployment. The Planning section covers how to design pools and policies before starting the installation. The Deployment section takes the information established in the Planning session and deploys it on a bare metal UCS B-Series.

UCS: Deploying VMware Lab

In this lab, you will be creating two service profiles that demonstrate the fully stateless capabilities of the UCS servers. You will specify virtualized identity information (MAC, UUID, WWNN, and WWPN) that will allow the entire personality of your server’s definition (Service Profile) to move from physical server to another physical server.

You will:

Create identity pools

Specify common elements for a farm of service profiles in a template, and finally

Instantiate multiple service profiles from the template.

For each service profile, you will install VMware ESXi on a unique SAN LUN. The SAN connectivity and masking is specified by World Wide Names (WWNs) that are associated with the service profile. When your service profile moves from one blade to the next, you will be booting the exact same SAN based OS image. No re-configuration outside of UCS will be required.

UCS: Introduction to UCS Director Lab

Familiarize the student with features and characteristics the UCS Director (UCSD) GUI. Create Virtual machines in a virtual data center (VDC) and perform a bare metal install of an ESXi Host in a selected Organization.

Explored and Monitored components of the UCS Director GUI

Created a QAxx Pod to provide a view of your slice of the data center

Created a Service Catalog Offering to deploy Virtual Machines from the UCS Director end-user portal

Leveraged Orchestration to deploy a new ESXi Host on your second server and register it with your VCenter

Explored Reports you can create in UCS Director

Customized the User Interface Settings to match the branding of a specific company


Consistently provided in-depth pre-sales technical support for data center networking products in the US and EMEA Regions.

Comprehensive understanding of L4-7 networking products and systems enabled me to provide network-consulting services and pre-sales technical support addressing:

Content Networking and Switching - CSS, ACE, CSM

DNS, Global Site Selection(GSS), Security – Firewall Load balancing (CSS, ACE); and Wide Area Acceleration Technologies (WAAS)

Specialized in Layer 3 (Switching and Routing), Nexus Family of switches (Nexus1000v, Nexus 5000, Nexus 6000 and Nexus 9000), Security Systems (Cisco ASA and Lucent Brick), VPNs, and Optical Networking products.

Mentored System Engineers in existing and new technology globally throughout my career.

Career History:

Cisco Systems, Boxborough, MA 2000 – 2015

Consulting Systems Engineer, Advanced Networking Technologies

Senior Network Consulting Engineer, Advanced Services – New Technologies

Senior Corporate System Engineer, Corporate System Engineering

Lucent Technologies, Concord, MA 1998 – 2000

Senior Systems Consultant, Data Networking Systems

Bay Networks (UK), Maidenhead, BERKS, England 1996-1998

Senior Network Consultant, EMEA Professional Services

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