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Engineer Construction

Peshawar, N.W.F.P, Pakistan
January 10, 2018

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Name: Asif Iqbal

FATHER: Karim Dad.

Permanent Address. Village Chungai, Zarakhella Tehsil Barikot

District.- SWAT

Present Address;- House #101, Street # 02, Sector # K3,

Hayath Abad Peshawar.

Qualification;- MS GEO-Technical. Pakistan Engineering Council Registration # Civil/ 4586.

Award of Professional Engineer card-#0012573

Email Address: & National NIC#: 15602-0426687-7

Passport # A4336801 Expiry 2025

Industry;- Construction Administration

Role In Industry;- Postgraduate Civil Engineer.

Total experience as Bsc. Civil Engineer’- 24 Years

Experience as Postgraduate Engineer: 03 Years.

Languages – English, Urdu, Pushto, Punjabi and Dari.

I Have Worked Private Contractor, Private Consultant And Public 2-(Corporate) Services

923*********& +923********* & +929********

My work visa expired in passport





Ms GEO-Technical

IQRA University



Civil Engineering Peshawar University



Peshawar University





PowerPoint Presentation.


Road Research and Material Testing Laboratory C&W use the laboratories machines for soil, concrete and bitumen. The works in field were improved

Completed a book in the technical aid of the then chief engineer, relating Construction of High-Way and its QUALITY CONTROL AND IS asset on the subject, material, and testing, design on CBR as layer thickness and quality, the book explain problematic soil and Marshal test.

Presented Research paper on the uses of naturally available gravel instead of Crush in asphalt concrete 1st ever used in the history of Pakistan during construction Peshawar-Attock Highway and was successfully used with all engineering requirements.



Period served


Work-executed during the period

Skills involved



Designation: Chief Engineer.

Feb 2014 to August 2017

Construction MOTER-WAY around north of Peshawar

Complete construction from Sub grade to asphaltic base course WITH structures. The land acquisition for construction of sub grade and its compaction, construction of sub base of approved quarries and compacted levels. The base course of crush stone with bitumen quality and compaction. Taking the finished level and use of asphaltic base course of 120mm and wearing course of 25mm. The scheme included two fly over’s and other drainage structures.

My main responsibility was to have quality of work and administration of contract agreement clauses. Since the client could not acquire the land in time, therefore a claim was prepared and processed .The same was matured in Feb 2017, since the work in first portion of the scheme was completed in July 2017.due to preparation of claim of contractor was delayed, I check that after any remarks from competent Authority need explanation. Since the project was designed by consultant, hence any omission and short comings are reported and resolved. Shop drawings, steel adjustment, il problem and contractor bill to keep the Cash Flow.



Designation: Director Works.


Distract Mansehra, earth quacked hit, Swat, hit by high Intensity flood, lakki murwath, Timergara

Buneer. Shangla, Batagram

Tank, South Waziristan and Bajawar

Work in all social public sectors, commerce college,Saudi hospital,19 damaged colleges 1132 primary school, 756 middle schools,26 BHUs, 9 tehsil hospitals, district hospitals, Bridges, culverts, causeways,roads, highways, animal husbandries’ rest houses, public residential colonies, restoration of services, Army Public Collages, the scope of work was diverse and on need base.

The scope of work was diverse and need special techniques, resources and skills, worked with National and International organizations,

Attended meeting to contribute and take out- put. The resources problems were pointed to keep consistency of works It was decided to work on light construction structures however it was decided on high level that due to non-availability of its required Material the works will be delayed. Hence a new specification code was prepared to have earth quake to cater for earth quack forces in design and the work was to completion. The district swat flood damages were devastating and such floodways highest with in 4decades and was unprecedented and as such all bridges, houses and other structures on River swat were wash-away. The communication system was inundated and need re-construction as was herby heavily charge flood. The communication system was intended but due to high cost the other sectors were rehabilitated and two trusses bridges were install in 80 km length with help of Pak Army. The situation was declared as national disaster emergency The reaming district were constructed on ADP and fernier added schemes and other provincial and Federal funds. In most of the cases the standard drawings were followed and constructed. The integral parts were designed. The maintenance was also provided. In the above commencing of works the standard and special skills were employed. The buildings, highways and all allied structures were reconstructed on its site. The inquiries arbitration, claim, specifications, QA/QC planning in site map with optimum use of land, where as the landscaping had to be made. The required services were designed and implemented.

Corporate Job Of District Government Parts Of NWFP





Designation Deputy Director

1991 to 2001

All skills required for the mention works. The internal and external water supply, electrification-ion, sanitation and technical audit. Ihad to handle the administration of contract, arrangement of required funds though re-appropriation, inquiries, Decision and specification along with contractors payments.. The proper form work and scaffolding to both for building and bridges were made for quality achievement. These were high complexity works. The skills used were 1-Procurement 2-contract administration 3-QC/QA 4-arbitration. 5-claim and processing 6-Bar-Bending Schedule and placement 7-slope stabilization. 8-time EXT. 9- MS wall, anchor system 10 -improvement of ground.11-improvement of the foundation 12-PCC. Modification of cement 13-geotechnical survey14Escalation per sop 15-tunneling with rock strength supports 17-monitring and evaluation 18- Off-shore construction and strength improvement 19-contracts and claims, 20- Extension of time and revise cost and work plan 21-Analitical,project management, road construction FIDIC agreement, Planning, Technical Feasibility, stability of structure, column and its length loading, beams and dimensions. Rock with structure number, tunneling and nailing with faults and folds, Anchors and its system, MS walls, road design and improvement, and inventory were made. he building of MEDICAL College and teaching HOSPITAL of 1300 bedded was constructed with sub ground +5 Preparation of pc-1, quality control, Bar bending schedule, site preparation and construction planning, Design of gravity walls slope stabilization, masonry with in specification, mobilization of contractor, Admin of contract, Providing missing rates. Highway Specification proper grading, pilling for bridge, pile loading, rehabilitation of Swat airport, PC-2, PC-3 and PC-4, amendments of end users soil and rock cutting/ Excavation. The complex project were designed from consultants, where as the others were dealt locally due to change in foods and its intensity and the infra structures was not available most of the bridges were designed by Consultant., where as the roads projects were designed locally but the donors projects were mandatory to be handled by consultant. This was higher complexity works. Tube wells and distribution sys-tem designed for more than 30 major works.



Designation: Assistant Engineer

November 1981to1990

Do including post flood repairs. The drawings of Medical college and Teaching Hospital were perused for drawings with A-A consultant with top super-vision. Anchor walls towards swat river, benching to break the vertical heights, Tourism facilities with Austrian Government. Construction of tourist academy. Construction of gravity walls, slope stabilization, removal of hill slide slips. R.C.C walls and MS Wall In restricted land to flyovers. Improvement of bearing capacity. While from CBR of sub grade, and traffic data, the same can be withdrawn to structure number and the different thickness can be ascertained. All public water supplies of more than 20 tub wells and gravity resources, and their maintenance.



Designation: (ARE) Assistant Resident Engineer.

May, 1980 tov, 1981 =1.75Year

Construction of Northern By-Pass 26KMs in Peshawar-Islamabad Motor-Way M1.

Contract administration

Checking of pc-1, and RDS, implementation and Guiding contractor staff, for quality assurance. Monitoring, DESIGN PC-3 monthly. With the passage of time a new demarcation were constructed were constructed on the provided drawing land survey was conducted and new drawings prepared. The finishing line levels were achieved

The alignment physical survey,the required tests of different road layers, proper gradation, CBR and test for the quarries were carried out personally





Engineer 1981 to



District Chitral area consist of high mountains and river Chiral in the middle consisting of large open land lush green with water stream and falls. Due to specific topography the construction and making infrastructures are almost difficult. However the suspension and wooden bridges and construction with stones locally available, 1o briges,17 schools and 2 BHUs, one commerce college and two colleges

Its geology consists of hilly areas mostly shingles gravel and other hard rocks with open valleys as lush green, water streams with majestic falls having no economic activities, The infrastructures in public sectors Health, education,communication, ADP of the district, SDP, Donor works, building and payment to contractor, Administration road coolies, mollies, mats, road inspectors etc. Two small tunnels.

District Swat, construction of Medical college, and teaching Hospital. 12 bridges, higher secondary school =16 Nos Public colony of 200 units, repair of existing infrastructure, roads with allied structures = 19 no repair of airport all public sectors infrastructures construction and repairs. Motor way to Kalam. & Mallum Jaba.


I have some of special skills/domains for project, all of these skills can be operated d

When the professional inbuilt fear. These specialties are more deep-rooted, mature and easily applied to get the required results and overcome professional inbuilt fears. To constitute skill in the field is

Analytical/couple with problem of construction, where the general prudence are overlapped with professional inbuilt fear. Hence these domains are:

1. Procurement. 2. Contract administration. 3. QC/QA. 4. Arbitration. 5. Claim. 6. Bar Bending Schedule. 7. Slope stabilization. 8. Time EXT. 9. MS wall, anchor system. 10. Improvement of ground.11. Improved the foundation. 12. PCC Modification with type of /cement/water.13. Geotechnical survey. 14. Escalation per. 15. Tunneling with rock strength sup-ports and fault and folds. 16. Consolidation off shore soils17 Monitoring and evaluation.18. Off-shore construction and BC improvement. 19. Contracts and claims. 20. Extension of time and new work plan. Retrofitting, asset management and other maintenance. And restoration and rehabilitation with crisis management Protection against erosion. Construction of tunnel, services design, road design, R/wall for maintenance of slope. Anchors and walls system. bridge construction, suspension and RCC. Water supply and tub well construction.

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