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Manager Air Force

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States
January 02, 2018

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John L. Soliday

**** ********** **.

Marietta, GA 30066

Voice: 404-***-****


I am seeking a Sr Unix/Linux or Lead Administrator position where I can utilize my extensive knowledge and experience with multiple operating systems and applications to increase availability, efficiency and revenue. I have over 34 years professional experience in the information technology/information systems field including, computer operations, computer programming, systems administration, application support, ecommerce, storage, networking and management. I have experience within large homogeneous and heterogeneous computing environments, including multiple databases, Petabytes of storage, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, I am skilled in performance tuning and automating system and business processes. I have experience in key managerial positions including P&L responsibility of over 1.2MM.


Operating Systems: Solaris 2.3-11 Sun OS 4.1.x HP-UX 9-11i AIX 3.5 - 4.4.3 IRIX Ultrix SVR4

Redhat 4.2-9.0 Fedora core 1-15 FreeBSD BSDI Debian Ubuntu Mac OSX

SuSe 9-10 RHEL 4.2–7 CentOs 4.2-7 Windows 3.11 - XP

Protocols: Ethernet Token Ring FDDI TCP/IP SNMP BIND(DNS) DHCP NIS NFS



Databases: Oracle Sybase Informix MySQL PostgreSQL MariaDB

Languages: Php Perl awk sed bourne/bash/korn shells C COBOL Fortran Assembler Java

Applications: Veritas Volume Manager Logical Volume Manager Tivoli RAID (all levels)

XWindows CDE DCE Openwindows X11 Netscape Enterprise Server SunOne

Apache EDI (Harbinger/Peregrine) Spam Assassin ClamAV WebMethods Asterisk 11-13

Cyclone eRights Clear Commerce Cisco Fabric Manager Stornext ACSLS QIP


Hardware: Sun SPARCstations, servers NCR workstations IBM RS6000 DEC VAX

HP8000 & 9000 SGI workstations Intel Servers several mainframes various PCs

Storage Hardware: Auspex Network Appliance Sun SSAs IBM SSAs EMC StorageTek SAN

HP XP 24000 IBM DS 4700/4800 Sun StorageTek SL8500 and SL500 Xiotech Emprise 5000

Cisco 6509 Hitachi AMS 2500


COMMUNITY LOANS OF AMERICA: Lead Devops Engineer December 2014 – Present

Responsible for all aspects (full LAMP stack) of modifying and maintaining over 75 unique websites with multiple domain names associated with each, including html, javascript, php and database calls. Designed and deployed website for client which increased their number of hits by 800% and sales by 620%. Manage and maintain existing VOIP (Asterisk) installation and designed web interface to automate forwarding and unforwarding of numbers which reduced turn-around for clients an average of 11.5 hours per request. Designing new installation of Asterisk to reduce existing bottleneck and allow scalability to increase number of supported stores from 900 to over 1800. Ensure staff, systems and applications adhere to PCI and HIPAA requirements as necessary.

WELLCARE, INC./WINDSOR HEALTH GROUP: Unix Engineer August 2012 – December 2014

Responsible for all aspects of 50+ Linux (Redhat) and Solaris 10/11 servers as well as supporting SAN infrastructure including a Netapp 3140 and 3210. Tasks ranged from planning, designing and creating Solaris 11 zones; planning and installing new Linux servers; migration of data and databases from stand-alone servers to zones; planning and creating new filesystems in SAN; VLAN design and configuration for servers and storage hardware; supporting database and application support staff. Provided capacity planning/forecasting for new system installs. Ensured monitoring of systems, security and services to provide 99.99% uptime and HIPAA compliance.

TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM: Senior Systems Engineer November 2006 – August 2012

Managing a bind 9 environment supporting over 600 domains for external DNS. Also managing a QIP installation managing over 107000 hosts for internal DNS across a 16 DNS/DHCP server cluster supporting world wide infrastructure. Administer and manage Proofpoint Enterprise server cluster for spam and anti-virus protection. Principal technical engineer for migration of HSM architecture including SAN fabric configuration/management, upgrade to and partitioning of HP XP 24000 array and upgrade of Stornext from version 3.1.2 to 4.0. This architecture is used by all on air production teams in obtaining and editing video for broadcast and involved less than 10 hours downtime to upgrade or replace all aspects of the system. Consulted with and assisted development team in re-designing code to take advantage of new features and to improve efficiency of legacy applications. Responsible for all aspects of eCommerce application support including purchasing and member services. Designed and developed deployment tool which reduced time to deploy new versions of the java web application from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. Responsible for planning and implementation of LDAP to Oracle conversion for,, and for a total of over 6 million records. Upgraded 4 servers for Clear Commerce application servers while maintaining 99.8% uptime. Designed and developed custom monitors including a monitor which provided database connection information including attempts, active connections and failures. This information was imperative to solving database connection timeout failures. Designed and developed numerous scripts to automate processes and reduce both time and errors.

INTERNAP NETWORK SERVICES: Manager, IT Services May 2006 – October 2006

Responsible for all aspects of internal development and infrastructure support servers. Managed group of 6, including systems administrators, database administrators, network administrator and data analyst. Responsible for maintaining 99% uptime as well as planning for disaster recovery hardware; software and network infrastructure. Planned and purchased hardware needed to support DR capabilities and provide business continuity during power or system outage. Provided technical assistance to business continuity planning (BCP) project manager as well as being hand-picked to lead one of the BCP planning teams. Managed and maintained Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) controls for servers, applications and procedures within the group. Designed and developed new processes, procedures and scripts on Debian Linux and Solaris systems. Assisted with planning and system specifications for LDAP implementation and integration project.

GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORP.: Senior Technical Analyst - Commerce Services March 2002 – May 2006

Responsible for supporting and maintaining Commerce Services applications on HP-UX 11.0 and 11i systems which support divisions throughout the company. Responsibilities include support and administration of EDI translation software in excess of 1.5 million transactions per month, maintenance and improvement of FMC (internal) application, performance monitoring/tuning of Unix servers, capacity planning for integration of Fort James EDI traffic and writing custom scripts to improve data throughput or efficiency. Designed and developed numerous applications to migrate data from Gentran translator to Inovis (formerly Peregrine) translator. Planned move of HP-UX servers to Green Bay data center while maintaining 99.2% uptime by utilizing fail over servers. Designed and developed CVS tracking system on Redhat Linux server. Solely responsible for implementing mono server for HR pilot project on Redhat Linux server.

MATRIX RESOURCES, INC.: Senior Consultant November 2001 - March 2002

Assigned to McKesson, Inc. responsible for remote systems administration services. Responsibilities include reactive and proactive Unix systems administration for AIX 4.3 and 4.4.3; HP-UX 10.20 and 11.00 servers. Duties include monitoring server performance, performance tuning, patch administration, operating system upgrades, designing custom scripts, coordinating hardware replacements and effective communication to the customer. Designed and developed customer notification system on Redhat Linux server which reduced daily customer notifications from 4 hours to 15 minutes.

INTERLAND, INC.: Manager, Dedicated Hosting Service Delivery Group October 2000 - August 2001

Responsible for all aspects of 24x7 tier 2 support organization supporting both Windows and Unix (Redhat Linux, Solaris and Cobalt) based servers. Responsibilities included staff scheduling, prioritizing issues, training, customer issue resolution, system management, resource management and reporting metrics to senior management. The group improved from an 84% to a 98% solution rate while reducing mean time to resolution (MTR) by 25%. Increased revenue generated by department by 15% by clearly defining billable services. Designed and developed processes and procedures for group. Coordinated efforts to migrate over 400 customer servers to new data center. Designed process for shift logs to ensure communication and work flow between shifts. P&L responsibility of 1.2MM.

BMC SOFTWARE: Senior Systems Administrator April 2000 - October 2000

Responsible for installation, integration and performance tuning of Sun, HP and IBM UNIX servers. Supported all aspects of UNIX servers supporting internal and third party applications. Installed and configured Sun E450 and Sun SSA. Installed and configured HP L2000. Installed and configured IBM RS6000. Installed and integrated Storage Area Network(SAN) using fiber switches, hubs and bridges, EMC array, Sun SSA, IBM tape library and array.

SECURITY FIRST TECHNOLOGIES: Senior Systems Administrator / Manager October 1998 - March 2000

Managed and mentored group of 5 systems administrators supporting a development and QA staff of over 300 and responsible for over 120 servers. Responsible for budgeting, planning, acquisition and installation of new servers. Planned and implemented move to new facility with less than 16 hours downtime. Planned and coordinated space, electrical and cooling requirements for development lab. Performed capacity planning to prepare for 300% growth from merger. Installed and maintained software to support online banking application including web server and third party applications. Installed and implemented Network Appliance file server to eliminate multiple NFS cross mounts. P&L responsibility of 1.7MM. Purchased, designed and implemented Redhat Linux console server utilizing Cyclades console server cards and custom scripting.

COLLECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES: Senior Consultant April 1996 - July 1998

For HCMS/MMI Atlanta, responsible for performance tuning, installation and configuration of AIX 4.1 Servers and over 100 RedHat Linux workstations. Designed and developed custom scripts to configure and monitor over 200 workstations including Linux machines and Xterminals.

Headquarters. Selected from over 300 consultants to perform administration, planning and performance tuning for infrastructure servers including Sparc 5, Sparc 20 and Sparc Ultra servers. Responsible for troubleshooting and correcting connectivity and availability issues. Instrumental in coordinating and completion of move to new facility.

For IBM-GS, responsible for both project management and Tivoli planning/installation for a project to install and incorporate Tivoli, NetView, NetFinity in a large heterogeneous environment including RS6000s and AIX 4.1.4, HP9000s and HPUX 10.10, Novell Netware, NT and Windows 95 workstations. Wrote custom scripts to create, modify, and analyze Tivoli Sentry monitors in order to automate new Tivoli Managed Region (TMR) installation. Also wrote scripts in Perl and Bourne shell to allow for flexibility and designed them to run on both UNIX(AIX 4.1.3 and 4.1.4) and NT platforms.

For Bell South, installed, maintained, and upgraded Tivoli clients. Created scripts to use standard Tivoli events, diagnosed and repaired Tivoli database errors, and installed and configured upgrades to software. Also documented recommendations on how to allow for future growth without impacting client/server management.

For Johns Hopkins University, conducted performance monitoring and tuning for a SPARC server 1000. Created reports including performance statistics, analysis, and recommendations. Additionally, designed and implemented programs to detect and optionally remove zombie processes.

Other clients while a consultant for Collective Technologies: Lucent, SKC, Motorola/Iridium, Hughes Training and Transquest.

U.S. Air Force: Computer programmer/Unix Systems Administrator/Team Lead August 1982 - April 1996

Designed and developed programs and reports supporting the Under Secretary of Defense for Acqusitions and directly supporting the Presidential Budget Submission process. Systems administration for the 7th Communication Group supporting the secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force as well as several other key Air Force leadership groups.

Computer programmer (developer) - Designed, developed and maintained numerous programs at Osan AB Korea (classified) on IBM 360 mainframe and at Nellis AFB including Cobol, Fortran and Assembler on a Cyber mainframe, mini and PCs.

Computer operator - Computer operation, systems monitor and production control duties for both a Burroughs 4700 and a Unisys (Sperry) 1100/60. Designed and developed several programs, including an application used Air Force wide by the Air Traffic Controllers/Ground controllers.


dCAP – Digium Certified Asterisk Professional

Solaris 11 Advanced Systems Administration

Quantum Stornext & Sun ACSLS

Implementing Cisco SAN

Project management for IT - Georgia Tech.

Certified AIX systems administrator - IBM

Certified UNIX Systems Professional - Learning Tree, International

Pursuing Bachelors degree in Computer Science - 93 Semester hours

Virtual Vault OS - Hewlett Packard

TCP/IP, LAN troubleshooting, PC LANs - Learning Tree, International

Advanced Oracle for developers(Forms 3.0) - Oracle corporation

Data modeling and database design - Oracle corporation

Middle level management course - US Air Force (Honor graduate)

Entry level management course - US Air Force

Tivoli certified consultant - Tivoli corporation

Top Secret clearance - Inactive

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